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  1. Thanks Ant, I know. I’m stopping for a while now......I’ve spent to much time and money (and bribing SWMBO with Bottles of Gin!!)
  2. My final Spitfire another Mk iX MH454 of 453 Sqn RAAF June 1944 piloted by F/O J. Boulton and painted in D Day invasion stripes. Not an exact model I know, but my representation of the aircraft from this period of the War and a tribute to all those brave men who flew this iconic plane
  3. Thanks Liam, my tip for you is to only put half the wheel onto the strut otherwise it won’t fit in the wheel well
  4. Another one finished....... Revell 1/32 scale Spitfire Mark IIA, P7665 YT-L, of No. 65 Squadron RAF . It was shot down by Messerschmitt Bf 109s on 5 February 1941. Yes I know the rear view mirror is missing, I dropped it on the floor and I think the dog ate it!!
  5. Thanks Joachim, yes it’s a new type of mirror......detects Messerschmitt 109s
  6. Thank you Noelh, it’s the Revell Mk lX 1/32 kit
  7. Another Spitfire Mk lX in Desert Colours 145 Sqdn North Africa 1943. Had quite a few problems with this one, mainly trying to adapt the undercarriage to flight mode, the canopy not fitting well (big gap between the fuselage) and the decals breaking I think I should have taken a bit more time and care with it. I made my own stand from 3mm brass rod and a wooden plinth.
  8. Thanks Chris, nothing else to do in lockdown......I just hope things change on Monday before we all go insane
  9. Wife suitably bribed.......now to order another model
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