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  1. Wow! That's brilliant information! I know absolutely nothing about Italian aircraft, so this is an absolute godsend. I'll make a point of posting some pictures when I eventually get it built. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi Giorgio, thank you- that seems a very good deduction. Unfortunately I don't have anything beyond the fact that it was around the 6th of October, and at or near Turin. The reference in his book "Luftwaffe Test Pilot" by Hans-Werner Lerche unfortunately doesn't give me more information, nor does the German version of the book. What he states is that he was performing a set of comparison tests on the G.55, as it has a German engine, to see if it offered any improvements over the standard German aircraft of the period (which it did not, according to his report). The Italian throttle system was
  3. I'm planning to build a model of a Fiat G.55, and need a little help with colour schemes. I'm looking for an aeroplane based at Turin in October 1943, as a specific pilot who's career I follow would have flown a G.55 from there as part of a series of test flights. Could anyone help with this?
  4. I used to use enamels, but switched to acrylics just after 2000. I find the ease of cleaning fantastic, so don't really want to go back to enamels. Yes, I know, I'm being difficult Determination? I don't know- I'm just too stubborn to quit. I wouldn't want to upset my guardian angel, who has preserved me from bites, bullets, blades, bombs and assorted other harm by not at least trying to get back to the hobby I love.
  5. Thank you for the comments- I'm not really that much into the whole 100% right thing. I'm building as therapy, so will progress at a definitely slow pace. Believe me, I have done my share of trying to perfect models, but know I won't get to that in a hurry. However, I want to improve, and each one I do will be slightly better. Please feel free to make suggestions; I might not immediately incorporate them, but eventually, as I retrain my hand, they will be used. No worries- nothing bothers me regarding that. The stroke was caused by high cholesterol and stress, and ha
  6. Jumping in a little late- here is my take on the HobbyCraft 1/48 FW 190 D-11. I found it to be a pleasant kit to assemble, but as I'm not counting rivets, I won't speak about accuracy. It looks like a long-nose 190 to me, so I'm happy.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for some help in locating appropriate decals. I plan to do a B-24D ("Blonde Bomber II") in Regia Aeronautica colours. I'm still debating whether to do her in the desert-sand or olive green uppers, but don't have a clue where i can find the decals I need- the fasces for the wings. Would anyone here be able to tell me where I can find some? Thanks Olaf
  8. 1:48? No way- that's 1:24th. You're just telling us it's 1:48th, right? Absolutely amazing work.
  9. Apologies- I don't usually post much, but I think I've fixed it.
  10. Straight from the box, brush-painted using Lifecolor paints. It's the first one I've completed in a long time, and maybe the fifth since getting back into model-building after a stroke a few years back. I'm quite pleased with it, although I think my RLM83 is perhaps a little off.
  11. No progress this weekend, as I've been doing 1:1 modelling on our new house (we only moved in 5 weeks ago), and my fingers are just not up to fine work. Monday, perhaps!
  12. I'll chip in too- any news on the 1/48th '86?
  13. Not a huge update today- I've added the landing gear, puttied the joins and assembled the engine cowl. As an aside, I have received a few in-progress pictures from the youngster that I have my little challenge with. I'd given him an 1/48th ICM P-51K, and he seems to be enjoying it. He has already completed assembly of all the major bits. I think I may have added new blood to the hobby!
  14. So a little more background- the Henschel Hs 123 was an interim dive bomber, used as a stop-gap measure before the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka was introduced. It was used in the Spanish Civil War, mainly as close support rather than as a dive-bomber, and continued to be used until mid-1944 on the Eastern Front, where its ease of maintenance and ruggedness was very handy on the rough fields used by the pilots. It was roughly equivalent to the Aichi D1A, Curtiss SBC, Hawker Hart and Polikarpov R-5. Last night and today's progress consists of getting the cockpit done, assembling the engine (it
  15. So I've finally decided to bite the bullet and post a WIP here. I've challenged a friend's son to a model build (we have a month), and I've decided to incorporate this aeroplane into my ongoing (so far not published) build. A while back (OK, a few years ago), I read a book by Hans-Werner Lerche (1914-1994). He was a Luftwaffe Test Pilot during WW2, and flew over 125 different aircraft types, including evaluation flights of many allied aircraft, most of them after only visual examinations of the aeroplane (so no training or handbooks!). He was the principal pilot of the Luftwaffe te
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