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  1. Tiger Hobbies have a growing number of Haynes Manuals at well below RRP New Releases normal RRP £24.99 so these are about £17.99, plus older titles from £10.99 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=HAYNES Offer also below If you are interested please email me to sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk with the titles and we will send you a paypal invoice, Do not buy direct off the site as it will put £2.00 shipping on orders under £20.00, Haynes are shipping free if you email. There is a UK offer, if you buy one of the newer releases/Higher prices ones Below newer releases Spitfire Hurricane Tornado Vulcan Harrier Romans Model builder Panther You can then choose one of the below at £5.00 Or one of the below at the prices stated than another one of the below at £5.00 Older Titles HAYNES BOOK LOCKHEED F-117A NIGHTHAWK HAYNES MANUAL Battle of Britain Manual: RAF Operations Manual HAYNES MANUAL Boeing B-29 Superfortress 1942-60 Owners Workshop Manual HAYNES MANUAL Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank Manual H5815 HAYNES MANUAL Flak 88 Manual H6133 HAYNES MANUAL Focke Wulf Fw190 AIRCRAFT Manual H5789 HAYNES MANUAL Handley Page Halifax Manual H6067 HAYNES MANUAL M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Manual H6099 HAYNES MANUAL North American X-15 Haynes Manual Delta Wing USA Rocket Powered Aircraft HAYNES MANUAL RAF CHINOOK HEAVY LIFT HELICOPTER H6401 HAYNES MANUAL RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH QE2 HAYNES MANUAL Sopwith Camel 1916-1920 F.1/2 F.1 Owners Workshop Manual HAYNES MANUAL Star Trek USS Enterprise NX-01 NCC-1701-A NCC-1701-E Haynes Manual Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Agents Technical Manual HAYNES MANUAL Vickers/BAC VC10 Manual H5799 HAYNES MANUAL Westland SAR Sea King Manual H5055 Haynes Williams FW14B Manual by Steve Rendle (Hardback, 2016 Read more: http://modelhangar3.com/thread/11428/haynes-manuals-history-versions-stock#ixzz5wwgHoabC
  2. Tiger Hobbies have imported a few of the new Avis Bristol Scouts, we had this on open pre-order for £16.99 but got no takers, hence we imported just 10 of each. Next time we import them they will be £20.00 (SH*T Exchange rate) with the Euro expected to fall to parity. We have about 8 models across the three versions left after our trade customer orders. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=AVIS MODELS I took the opportunity to top up some Rodens, again we will be looking at a possible 20% increase on next re-stock. There are some fantastic prices, we only charge about £16.99 for a 1/72 Gotha, or £7.99 for a WW1 Fighter. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=roden
  3. If any of the shops out there fancy stepping up a gear and going into importing and distribution, well here is your chance. Problem is not just with Tiger Hobbies, Model Manufactures can make them and Modelers can build them , but in between, them you need a importer/distributor to take a chance on a brand. The established importers in the UK are trying to protect the brands they already have or like us consolidating, so it will be difficult for new manufactures to find a home, especially in these some what troubled times with the falling value of the GBP.
  4. Great Wall Hobby Platz Models fine molds latest to be dropped
  5. We have just taken in a good selection of Hasegawa Models from one of our European partners. Some items only ones in the UK listed on ebay https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=HASEGAWA
  6. Tiger Hobbies will import and distribute Border Models These will arrive sometime in late September 2019 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=BORDER MODELS BT-001 1/35 GERMAN PZ.KPFW.IV AUSF.G MID/LATE 2 IN 1 We have set the UK RRP at £41.99 BT-002 1/35 BT002 German MBT Leopard 2 A5/A6 We have set the UK RRP at £47.99
  7. The next Modelcollect delivery with the UA35 series of 1/35 tanks will be delayed coming to the UK by about 4 weeks. Delivery is expected middle of September 2019. We are not sure why we have the delay as the goods were paid for some time ago. Please be patient and you will get the new 1.35 tank series at a great price. Tiger Hobbies UK RRP is £29.99, and most of our retailers are out between £24.99 and £27.99.
  8. Most of what we buy is purchased in USD and we have a much larger facility for USD, hence all our imports for the following brands are protected from price increases up to arrivals end of November 2019. But it is not unlimited so you need to contact your retailers about any outstanding orders, Hobby Master Modelcollect Beemax Rye Field Amusing Hobby Galaxy Models T-Models Armies in Plastic Mission Model Paint. We have no control what so ever with other brands we distributed for other UK Agents The only positive thing about this is the back door boys who import our goods on the grey market, generally do not have the foreign exchange facilities that we do, so their prices will go up almost immediately. Currency History last few years. USD Summer 2016 1.51 to 1 GBP, almost after Brexit vote 1.19, but then recovered to about 1.36, since Mr May defeats in parliament it has gone back to 1.21 and is expects to loose anther 10% Euro Summer 2016 1.42 to 1 GBP Ditto 1.08 but recovered to about 1.17 but now 1.09 and again expected to loose another 10% Still most of you have got great stashes to keep you in your hobby,
  9. During Mid August we will get our Zoukie Mura re-stock delivery. We spent our last Japanese Yen which we managed to get for 150 to 1 GBP. We have been told to expect sub 120 to 1 GBP I thought your would be interested in the impact the falling GBP will have on future prices Next Models arriving at Tiger Hobbies Mid August current RRP Future RRP SWS48-021/48 Focke-Wulf Ta152H-1 £45.99 £54.99 SWS031/32 DOUGLAS A-1H Skyraider U.S.NAVY £119.99 £146.00 SWS041/32 P-51D Mustang £94.00 107.98 SWS051/32 Raiden £83.99 £99.99 SWS061/32 He 219 Uhu £149.99 £179.98 SWS071/32 DOUGLAS A-1J Skyraider U.S. AIR FORCE £131.94 £157.00 SWS081/32 Horten Ho 229 £131.99 £162.99 SWS091/32 P-51D/K Mustang IV £94.00 £107.98 SWS101/32 Dornier Do 335 A-0 £159.98 £189.99 SWS121`/32 DO 335 A12 TWO SEATER £171.99 £213.98 SWS131/32 Ki-45 Toryu £128.00 £156.99 SWS141/32 ki-45 toryu new version £156.99 This was priced recently hence it is already at the new price new item for October SWS48-051/48 F4S Phantom £70.00 £86.99 SWS48-071/48 F4D Phantom USAF £70.00 £86.99 SWS48-08F4J Phantom II USMC £76.00 £86.99 SWS72-144-011/72 horton and 1/144 horton £43.99 ditto as above The new price comes into effect on or about end of September in to October when the load with new release arrives So you will have about 2 months at the old price.
  10. AMUSING HOBBY 48A001 Triebflügel no original box cheaper Tiger Hobbies had about 50% of 48A001 Triebflugel damaged by water in the container. These are for sale for £18.99 (Normal £25.99), these will consist of the Kit in a sealed plastic bag, Decals in a seal bag, and Instructions (If damaged these will be a colour photocopy It will be sent to you in a transit box only. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=48a001a If you purchase off the website it will add £2.00 shipping. if you send an email to sales@tigerhobbies.co,uk please put in script Britmodeller. I will send you a paypal invoice for £18.99 including UK Shipping Ideal for those who do not want a box to sleep with along with their Teddy Bear.
  11. NEW Arrivals Rye Field Amusing Hobby and Galaxy/ T Model Rye Field and Amusing will be at our approved retailers over the next few days RYE FIELD RYE FIELD RM5025 1/35 Tiger 1 Tank early prod Wittmann Tiger Eastern Front 1943 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-RM5025-1:35-Tiger-1-Tank-early-prod-Wittmann-Tiger-Eastern-Front-1943?search=RM5025 RYE FIELD MODELS RM5028 1/35 SHERMAN M4A3E8 W/ WORKABLE TRACK LINKS NEW https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-MODELS-RM5028-1:35-SHERMAN-M4A3E8-W-WORKABLE-TRACK-LINKS?search=RM5028 RYE FIELD MODELS RM5023 1/35 GERMAN STAFF CAR TYPE 82E with full interior NEW https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/RYE-FIELD-MODELS-RM5023-1:35-GERMAN-STAFF-CAR-TYPE-82E-with-full-interior?search=RM5023 Rye Field Model RM5027 1/35 Workable Track Links for Tiger I Transport Mode https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/Rye-Field-Model-RM5027-1:35-Workable-Track-Links-for-Tiger-I-Transport-Mode?search=RM5027 AMUSING HOBBY AMUSING HOBBY 35A036 1/35 Rheintochter R-1 on Panther II chassis 1:35 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/AMUSING-HOBBY-35A036-1:35-Rheintochter-R-1-on-Panther-II-chassis-1:35?search=35A036 Amusing Hobby 48A001 Focke-Wulf Triebflügel 1/48 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/Amusing-Hobby-48A001-Focke-Wulf-Triebflügel-1:48?search=48A001 GALAXY / T-MODEL These are specialist Item and will only be at a few retailers and Tiger direct, some we have only imported as little as 6 for the UK T-MODEL GALAXY GH72A03 1/72 M1224 MaxxPro MRAP w/OGPK Turret with optional version to buy https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=GALAXY mrap T-MODEL 1/72 M1240 MRAP and optional versions to buy including double kits https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=T-MODEL M1240 T-Model 1/72 HMMWV with Various Models to buy https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=T-MODEL HMMWV 1/72 German Flak rail wagons 5 version for sale https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=T-MODEL FLAK 1/35 RAIL WAGONS AND TRACKS https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=T-MODEL 1%2F35
  12. The following model brands have been dropped by Tiger Hobbies Great Wall Hobby Platz Models Tiger Hobbies will no longer import these brands
  13. Tiger Hobbies work with Coastal Craft books to distribute their range of specialist books of Royal Navy MTB's. This is their first Aircraft book about The Central Flying School RAF Little Rissington. This book is aimed at modelers interested in RAF training aircraft upto the 1970's, RAF Little Rissington closed in 1976. It was home to the Central Flying School for many years. Just out today https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/COASTAL-CRAFT-AIRCRAFT-HISTORY-VOL-1-RAF-LITTLE-RISSINGTON ?search=RISSINGTON Other Coastal Craft products in stock https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=COASTAL CRAFT Books and specialist multimedia kits of MTB, MGB, RAF Rescue craft, from Vosper, British Power Boat company and Fairmile.
  14. ACE MODEL 72434 1/72 SALAMANDER RAF CRASH TRUCK IN STOCK NOW https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ACE-MODELS-72434-1:72-FV-651-Salamander-RAF-Crash-Tender ?search=ACE72434Insert image from URL
  15. NEW FROM AMUSING HOBBY 35A030 AND 35A025 At last we have an official price for the AMUSING HOBBY 35A030 1/35 SD.KFZ.184 Ferdinand with interior detial & 16 Ton Strabokran. RRP in the UK from Tiger Hobbies will be £69.99 Due in September https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=14699&search=35A030 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=35A025
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