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  1. Tiger Hobbies will import and distribute the AMK AVANTGARDE 1/48 MI-17 HIP We have set the UK RRP at £59.99 Max please see your local retailer, information was sent to them today
  2. TAMIYA 1/35 A34 COMET TANK BACK IN STOCK www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for TAM35380
  3. AIRFIX 1/24 SPITFIRE MK IXC A17001 NOW IN STOCK £84.99 INC UK DELIVERY www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for A17001 Ebay for those who must £99.99
  4. Tiger Hobbies recommended retail price of £189.99 has been set by Tiger Hobbies as a guide to the absolute maximum price you should pay in the UK including delivery to your door. For the studiers of Maths, the pre-order price of $149.99 direct from Andy Hobby HQ is the raw retail price in the US before any shipping or tax So this is a very large model so shipping is going to be at least £35.00 Cost of Model $149.99 Exchange rate crap tourist rate 1.13 £132.74 Plus shipping £ 35.00 plus courier handling charge £ 10.00 Plus Vat on the £132.74 of 20% due at port £ 26.55 more if they have to guess the price. Total to your door of approx £204.29 So Tiger Hobbies £189.99 less our dealer discount so not that bad.
  5. Actually, there are very few Tiger 1 in 1/16, Hobbygoss the cheap version about £90.00 but very very basic, and the Tamiya one which is thick end of a £800. There are 1 or 2 RC 1/16th Tigers but again as model are a bit basic. So the AHHQ003 is nicely in between.
  6. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS 1/16 TIGER 1 TANK AUSF E EARLY PRODUCTION QTR 1 2023 PRICE £189.99 This could end up a little cheaper nearer the date, but our RRP including all UK Taxes and delivery to your door in the UK www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for AHHQ003
  7. Oddly we have just had for the first time communication from our Airfix Suppliers and the Spitfire will arrive late this week or early next week. Not sure how many we are getting but there will be enough to cover any pre-orders for those who followed the instructions and sent an email to sales@tigerhobbies.co,uk to confirm their order.
  8. Some time ago we removed all Airfix from Pre-order due to the simple fact we were either getting cut back dramatically or not even getting them. As most of you know the new Airfix 1/24 Spitfire MK IX is now hitting a select bunch of retailers, while others are been left behind, with no actual ETA from our suppliers, This is leading to chancers on ebay asking upwards of £130.00 for a new release item at £94.99 We ordered 48 but I am not expecting much more than 4 to 6, before Xmas, if we are lucky. We only have three confirmed pre-orders and we will inform you as soon as we have any further information.
  9. Christmas tree You will be l.ucky to get it for Xmas, well some may and some may not. See my main page.
  10. The UK RRP for this is is just £45.99 before dealer discount, so good value, but if the wings are that bad it is a shame, the rest can almost be forgiven.
  11. Tiger Hobbies will be at IPMS Telford We will have the following main stocks at Telford SWS18 1/32 BF109 G-14 Hartmann last 25 S4817 1/48 Ukraine Air Force Flanker £99.99 show special £79.99 H2K48019 1/48 Tiger Hobbies Harrier GR7/9 AHHQ001 1/16 Sherman M4A3E8 TAK1016 1/16 Jeep ICM48310 Bristol Beaufort £53.99 Show Special £44.99 XPLUS 1.8 Metropolis Maschinenmensch
  12. Oddly this only works, if its on the main channels, such as BB1, 2, Channel 4 and 5, if it appears on channels like Dave, you don't get a response. The best money spinner ever on TV was Band of Brothers, even now anything 101st Airborne still sells on the back of this series. The next one worth note will be the third Hanks/Spielberg WW2 Trilogy, Masters of the Air about the exploits of the Mighty 8th Air Force, currently filming now. Once this is shown every man and his dog will want a model of a B17, P51, and P47s.
  13. ANDYS HOBBY HEADQUARTERS 1/16 SHERMAN M4A3E8 UK RRP £159.99 NOW IN STOCK These will be sent to our retailers over the next 48 hours so all should be at sales points by Friday www.tigerhobbies.co.uk look for AHHQ001
  14. Some days ago, I posted on the Kotare thread, about how Tiger Hobbies were official Kotare distributors in the UK, and how we set Tiger Hobbies RRP at £99.99, and given our traders a reasonable margin to work with. This post was removed, and there have been some uninformed post about how you can order this model at below £99.99 when another dealer is doing them at £109.99. Tiger Hobbies have given Kotare models a very reasonable first order, to make sure we could sell this model in the UK. We are not exclusive just have been authorized to orders these models from Kotare. But the most important factor is Tiger Hobbies believe in a free and competitive market, and these models will be for sale from a good number of our approved Tiger Hobbies retailers, The retailers are also free to sell as they wish, so you will be able to shop for a competitive purchase.
  15. Some months ago, I saw a trailer for the new BBC Rogue Heroes, and having read the book and seen the Documentary, I thought I will take a chance on this. I cleared out the Hobby Company (UK Tamiya Importers) of their Tamiya 1/35 LRDG Trucks and SAS Jeeps, plus as many of the Dragon special set of Stirling and three fully equipped Jeeps. left them in the back of our warehouse until the release date last week of the series on BBC, and listed them, and they are going out like hot cakes, as every man and his dog wants a little SAS Jeep.
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