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  1. HAYNES CHALLENGER II TANK BOOK AND COMBO Latest book to join our offer line up is Challenger II Tank https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/HAYNES-MANUAL-6190-Challenger-2-Main-Battle-Tank-Manual?search=CHALLENGER Or do a combo with either Challenger 1 tank or MI Abrams for £21.00 including UK Delivery https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=16394&search=CHALLENGER Or buy the three tank books Challenger 1 and II plus M1 Abrams for £27.00 including delivery in the UK https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/HAYNES-MANUAL-M1-Abrams-Main-Battle-Tank-Manual-H6099?search=ABRAMS If you want the three tank books just send an email to sales@tigerhobbies.co.uk and we will send a paypal invoice
  2. With what they are asking distributor price in this the UK price could be close to £60.00. But we dropped GWH end of last year.
  3. New Arma Hobby Hurricane MK IIC now for pre-order https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ARMA-HOBBY-70035-1:72-Hawker-Hurricane-MK-IIC-Coming-soon?search=ah70035
  4. If i was pitching I would link direct to our sales site and not a site in Canada which is a general information site for all HM collectors world wide, nothing to do with Tiger Hobbies.
  5. NEW ZOUKIE MURA SWS17 HS 129 Due UK Late JAN 2020 Zoukie Mura will release to the general trade on the 23 rd of November the new SWS17 1/32 Hs 129, this will ship out from Osaka about Mid Dec once we have manage to get a shipping space, and then about 6 weeks on the Big Blue Sea, https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ZOUKIE-MURA-SWS17-1:32-Hs-129-B-2-RIII-DUE-END-OF-JAN-2020?search=sws17 This will be for sale at many of our retailers and we will do a list as soon as we know which will be stocking the Model. UK (Tiger Hobbies) RRP will be £134.99 including all UK Taxes and Delivery and some of our retailer may offer a little discount. For those who may be tempted to go overseas just to get it quicker our RRP breaks down before UK Taxes, but still including shipping to the following amount, ext vat and import duty £108.00 or Yen 14580 including shipping ZM RRP is Yen 13,000 so shipping is Yen 1580 or divided by current exchange rate of 135 £11.70 is the shipping difference between their price and our price ex vat. The figures above are so you can make an informed choice, if you can get it cheaper than Yen 14580 including shipping but not including UK Import charges then you have got a good deal, if you are paying more then its not a good deal.
  6. We were not pitching, the link was not to any of our sites but the Hobby Master collector site, the link was just to show the diecat collectors have had versions and levels of detail on this model in many case before the kit manus. Also many of the kits were based on prototypes of the F-35 and some of the prototypes seem tp have thicker RAM lines, when they were playing about finding the best solution to increase its stealth. Evidence of this is on almost every early F-35 kit and the early Diecast models, the F-35C from HM has thinner RAM lines from the earlier F-35A and F-35B.
  7. HOBBY 2000 MODELS FROM TIGER HOBBIES LIMITED IN STOCK NOW https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=HOBBY 2000 Price range £15.99 to £43.99
  8. Hornby covering both Airfix and Corgi have completely ignored the F-35 in all its versions. If they release one well it is very late to the party. Hobby Master which we import have followed the F-35 from the start and sold thousands worldwide since the first release into the UK in 2014 We have also on our 4th RAF/RN releases F-35A Version 19 Releases https://www.hobbymastercollector.com/1-72F-35A.html F-35B 10 Releases https://www.hobbymastercollector.com/1-72F-35B.html F-35C new tooling 4 Releases https://www.hobbymastercollector.com/1-72F-35C.html
  9. In the Diecast World the F-35B has had Weapon Bays and optional Weapons for a few years now https://www.hobbymastercollector.com/HA4608.html
  10. There are only 5 sellers left on ebay cheapest £57.99 to £100.00 There were one or two that panicked and sold theirs off cheaper as the B version was announced, Price have firmed back up again,
  11. Airfix Control the production not the factory in India, my point is you make sure you have enough information before you pull the trigger in the first place on production. Basically who ask for a production run of 2000 based on guess work
  12. Prices stated to dip once the B version was announced, but have started to go up again once they have seen the B version is the B version and no self respecting collector will be seen with one. We have taken ours off sale and will keep them for the IPMS nationals, where we will take advantage of this situation, but I would have been happier to be selling them for £27.95 if we have had chance for the stock in the first place. Bottom Line is, all the UK Hobby Trade wants is a fair crack of the whip and a chance to sell the product esp a well known brand like AIrfix.
  13. In the Hobby Trade all the time, and you modelers are always doing pre-orders, remember you are part of the supply chain. This is how it works Step 1. Pre Production Manufacture or Import Agent or whom want the project, will come up with the idea and the price (possibly already known if it is a existing tooling as in the HE111) Step 2. Get it out to Market in the way of pre-selling and pre-orders, the way this works is the Hobby Trade is given time to build up orders may be 3 or 4 months sometimes a lot longer. The retailers want to know a release date, a trade price,( so they can work out what to sell to you for) and a order cut off date for first batch. Step 3. Once the order cut off date is known, the Sales Reps and Wholesalers will start to take pre-orders form the trade( retail Hobby shops), these will possibly based on pre-orders from their retail customers, (many of you will do pre-orders for new kits not yet released) Step 4. Once the order cut of date is reached, the company will now have a fair idea of the number needed to be produced, if pre-orders from trade are strong, let say 6,000, then you would look to produce let say 9,000. There is going to be a lag time from production to delivery and often in that time more order will come in, so the extra item will be eaten up by late orders On the other hand if pre-orders for the new product are very poor then you can take another route. Yes there are occasions where you have to poke in the dark if you are a retailer, but the successful retailers in the Hobby trade and the others in the supply chain, do not go poking in the dark, your success is based on data and that data is gathered from you the end user customers. From a Hobby Trade point of view the Airfix Motorhead Bomber was a foul, only on the grounds than some of the steps above were not taken, basically the UK Hobby Trade was not given the time to canvas their customers ( Airfix had already made the decision to produce a number, possibly based on what some have stated over stock). We are only a small Airfix seller, I keep Airfix for retail out of fondness for the brand, and pre-orders for this model were very strong even for us. We had 6 confirmed and 18 points of interest during the first 24 hours, but were told by our supplier to take it off order as they could not guarantee any supply say 12 to 24 models.
  14. AMUSING HOBBY ELEPHANT AND CRANE JUST ARRIVED The new Amusing Hobby Elephant with Interior detail and 16 ton crane has now arrived and will be at our retailers this week. Tiger Hobbies agent RRP is £69.99 which is great value for what you get. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=35A030
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