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  1. ARMORY-1:72-Mod-43114-Short-Base-Russian-Modern-Army-Cargo-Truck-72448 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Armory Models have now started to arrive at Tiger Hobbies mainly 1/72 vehicles and 1/144 Aircraft Some of our retailers have the 1/48 Aircraft and those will be arriving at the stores in the next few days
  2. After thick end of 90 days on the High Seas the long awaited 1/35 British Army Scimitar II will finally arrive at Tiger Towers next week The Container has finally arrived at UK port
  3. Andy Hobby Headquarters will release October 2022 a brand new 1.16th tooling in alliance with Takom of a Sherman M4A3E8. At last a nice US Subject to go against all these large German Tanks No price as yet but it will be very well priced On our site it state £499.99 this is only so we can list the model the RRP should be sub £200.00
  4. There will be soon two Ukraine Air Force Mig 29 in 1.72 to choose from ICM Due soon RRP £18.99 ICM-1:72-The-Ghost-of-Kyiv-MiG-29-of-Ukrainian-Air-Forces-72140 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) IBG ( Trumpeter) RRP £23.99 IBG-MODELS-1:72-Mig-29-in-Ukrainian-Air-Force-Markings-72901 (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  5. Tiger Hobbies have contacted our retailer network both Diecast and Plastic kits and suspended all pre-orders ( Items in the Ordering and Shipping System) from them until further notice. Any current orders received from our retailers will be honored but no extra orders until we have assessed the situation and re-prices all remaining stock. Information on new release's received from our suppliers including HM will also not be released to our retailer network for at least one month may be more. Reasons The Ukraine situation is a cherry on a large cream cake of problems mainly to do with the continuing shipping crisis and over the last 10 days or so the fall in the value of the GBP from 1.36 to today 1.22. The shipping container prices were starting to fall a little but as these are rented in USD the fall in the GBP will force the price up again. We still have good stocks in our warehouse and containers about to land. Hopefully the GBP will get back above 1.25 but who know where this is going. Ps do not be surprised if other distributors or Manufactures within our hobby are forced to look at their prices as well.
  6. Fujimi and Aoshima added to our stock clear out approx 25% off our Fujimi and Aoshima stocks
  7. Sorry Forum regulation we cannot post links other than our Britmodeler vendor page Go to my vendor page on this forum and all the retailers are listed Or send me a PM and I will send you a list of Vendors we have so far
  8. All you have to do is google DM Modelkits Ford Sierra Cosworth UK For those who don't want to google go to my page under vendors and there will be a list of UK retailer who have currently ordered the model through Tiger Hobbies distribution There are about 30 Stores who have so far ordered this model.
  9. UK RRP is £55.99 including all Taxes, check our retailer for their discounted prices
  10. DM MODELKITS 1/24 FORD SIERRA COSWORTH 4X4 COMING TO TIGER HOBBIES IMPORTS Due Sept 2022 DM-MODELKITS-1:24-Toyota-Celica-GT-Four-S205-Rally-Portugal-1995-DMK-004 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) Tiger Hobbies retailers so far who have ordered the models West Kent Models Plastic Hobbies Antics Mona Models Active Scale Models Buffers Models Hobbies on Line Grand Prix Models Jumblies Models PM Models MJR Jadlam Mainly Military Models E Models North Star Models Model Shop Leeds North East Models Frome Model Centre The Hereford Model Centre Wonderlands Ashtons Widness Tornado Models and Books Jaybee Models Scoonie Models Wargames Emporium Stockton Models Harrogate Model Centre Pyester Models Modelers United Model Workshop
  11. Further updates on our sales section Airfix the lot of it to be got rid of at only admin profits so some good value items. Larger Tamiya Models also to be cleared out plus many other items. STOCK CLEAROUT (tigerhobbies.co.uk)
  12. We are removing items as they sell out and including more items STOCK CLEAROUT (tigerhobbies.co.uk) If this link does not work go to my website and look under products/Plastic kits/Clearout
  13. Tiger Hobbies have added a Stock Clear out in our categories. If this link does not work go to my website and look under products/Plastic kits/Clearout STOCK CLEAROUT (tigerhobbies.co.uk) There are some good deals on large Trumpeter and a good few others.
  14. Tamiya-RC-1:16-British-Centurion-MKIII-Full-Option-Tank-Assembly-Kit-56045 (tigerhobbies.co.uk) RRP £1299.99 Tiger Hobbies price £1124.99 save £175.00
  15. Sometimes the link is not working from this forum not sure why poss blocked Check our website www.tigerhobbies.co.uk search Special Hobby
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