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  1. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/tamiya-1-48-f-4b-phantom-ii-plastic-model-kit-61121/ If you pre-ordered this item from Tiger Hobbies ( Register of interest do not count) we will have sent an email with instructions so you get it at the special pre-order price, so do not order off the website We have 24 for for casual sales listed at £79.99 including UK delivery, ebay for those who must £88.99
  2. HONG KONG MODELS 1/48 LANCASTER BOX DAMAGE MODEL FINE £99.99 We have had trade box of HKM Lancaster's took a bit of a knock, boxes creases or ripped in one corner but no model damage all sealed and fine For those who build models not collect boxes https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/hong-kong-models-148-avro-lancaster-b-mk-i-01f005-damaged-box-model-fine/
  3. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+NEW
  4. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=vulcan
  5. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING PROBLEM WILL BE WITH US UNTIL 2023 https://think.ing.com/articles/the-rise-and-rise-of-global-shipping-costs There as been a trend for model boxes, both Diecast and Plastic kits to get larger and larger, to give so called shelf presence. With the capacity needed to get as many products into a Cubic Meter on a Container, it is likely the boxes will get smaller. Example is the new Airfix 1/35 Cromwell which is a nice kit, but its box is 30/40% larger than the Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell, therefore Tamiya will fit 30/40% more in a Cubic Meter of shipping space. The main reason is the Hull on the Tamiya version is pre-molded and fits in the end of the box, the Airfix one is in a number of parts on its own sprue and thats is the largest sprue in the box. Both boxes are the same depth but the Airfix version is about 40% larger in is surface. Therefore Airifx will be paying 30/40% more for fresh air in the container. We are already asking suppliers to look at reduction in the size of their product boxes, on new release items, so we can maximize the amount of models we can shift for the cost of a cubic meter of space. Again HM boxes are no bigger than they need to be, this also helps the retailers when they ship to you. We have not long got the new Infinity Models 1/32 Sb2C Helldiver kit, which I expected to be in a massive box, but was surprised to see a deep box, but surface of no larger than a 1/48 Eduard 109 Box The depth of the Helldiver box is about 5mm deeper than the Eduard 109 box, but the surface size is not more than 5% larger, the Helldiver kit weights 900 grams and the Bf109 375 grams. The Eduard Box is 60% fresh air. The new Infinity 1/32 Helldiver is £99.99 which gives you a nice large kits to build with no extra parts left in the box other than the sprue trees. They then sell 7 accessory sets for the modeler, such as detailed bomb bay, Wing Folding set, i.e if you are building the Helldiver in Flight then the wing folding parts are a waste of time. Basically kits when you finish the model, have more left in the box than is on the model are at some point going to attract the Plastic waste Warriors, or regulations its only a matter of time. Logistics is often looked at as a necessary evil, and in the hobby trade, it is something that's normally well down the worry list, but its now something that needs to be looked at when they design products. The cost of shipping is massive compared to even 10 months ago, our annual spend on logistics was about ( container costs FCL ( Full Container loads) and LCL ( Less than Container Load) £35,000, the next 12 months we will have to budget poss £120,000 and we are a smallish company.
  6. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=hobby-2000
  7. There has been recent notification of an Hornby Price increase on most products after the 31 Jul 2021 For those few who have given us your pre-order for Airfix products, we will honor that price. We have pre-orders for the following items ( Register of Interest does not count only Pre-order) AIRFIX A04023 1/72 de Havilland Mosquito BXVI NEW 2021 AIRFIX A04105 1/48 de Havilland Chipmunk T.10 NEW 2021 AIRFIX A1375 1/35 Austin K2/Y Ambulance NEW 2021 AIRFIX A06107 1/48 de Havilland Vampire F.3 NEW 2021 All Airfix new release have been removed from our site for the time being, until we re-price, once the new price is known
  8. We have informed all our retail network that any products that we have released information for such as price will be will be kept at that price, with no increase up until approx October 2021, After that any new product or re-stocks ( not likely to be any re-stocks until this crisis is over) will be prices according to what we have to pay exchange rate and shipping rate. We expect when the price rise does come it will be approx 15%. Also until further notice on new released products, we will only import to order so we have to move the minimum so we don't have over priced stock in our warehouse. ( i.e we will order what our trade customers order and no more) So please take advantage of the following Tiger Hobbies far east brands from our retailers. So to re-instate any product that we have already released the price and is being promoted by our retail net work is price protected no matter what the shipping rate does. Price rise will be on new release information from now. Hobby Master Diecast Very Fire Ships Zoukie Mura Gecko Models Classy Hobby Vespid Models NUNU/Beemax Great Wall Hobby The exception is Pig Models the 1/1 Tank Shells, this range as been suspended until after the crisis is over. The goods come from Taiwan and they cannot be consolidated with other products, and shipping on these as gone up 400 to 500%
  9. We had our local MP up for chat ( grilling ) about this and the fact the Gov does not seem to be taking notice, or they seem to have bigger fish to fry Our problem is exactly the same, depending on products, Hobby Master Diecast small and expensive is not as effected as larger bulkier and overall cheaper Plastic kits. I suspect some plastic kits by some UK importers will be temp dropped as it has become not viable any more without huge price increase.
  10. We have received our Vulcans 12 out of the 24 so we were lucky, but we do not get our direct but from a sub distributor. Those we pre-ordered the Vulcan ( not register of interest) will be contacted via email and sent paypal payments or contact the office for the agreed Pre-order price Also in are the Beaufort's at last https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=airfix
  11. We have just been informed by our shipping company of further increases in far east shipping Prior to September 2020 a cost of a 20 foot container was all in about £2500 November container £5,000 January Container £6000 Our last 20 foot container cost ( landed at all in £7,000 We have just booked at Container to leave China in the next two weeks and that will cost us £11,000 with all charges. So what does this mean, at the moment we are holding our prices for all goods released to our Trade customers on pre-order, Tiger Hobbies Policy is once we priced something on release we will stick to it. Future we may have to increase all our prices about 15% poss early in 2022 or late 2021 on new items for release or re-stocks after that date. In the larger Hobby Picture we are seeing a problem for New Hobby products to find UK Distributors, and I expect there will be current brands that UK importers may have to dump as they are not viable to import when you take into account all cost involved with importing.
  12. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/gecko-models-1-35-british-scimitar-ii-cvrt-35gm0051/ Updated pictures of model renderings from three views Looks very detailed
  13. EBAY PLAYING SILLY BUGGERS AGAIN REMOVING ANYTHING WITH A BLADE We are starting to get ebay messages removing modeling tools from our listings any that contain any sort of blade The first item removed was Tmiya 74016 the basic tool set, turns out we were the first to have it removed, but are not going to be the last, Ebya sellers still selling Katana Sword which you can cut some ones head off
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