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  1. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/?s=HOBBY+2000+NEW Having too many fantasies about the new 1/32 Kotare Spitfire MK I all getting a bit too much for you, then what you need is a quick fix, Hobby 2000 have taken Revell 1/32 Spitfire's MK I/IIa and Va and added Resin Parts and their lovely touch and will be ready in a few week. Plus they have chucked into the mix for your pleasure the ex Hasegawa 1/48 HS.129
  2. Sorry my mistake, but the correct one for our models is found under the general heading of Electric trains and then sub heading of scale models, the other one is for plastic construction toys. So 9503003500 is plastic toys i.e Lego type of thing 9503003000 is our code found under the general heading, We have a claim going in for a few bob to claim back over paid Duty as it was noticed that some imports were coming in under 9503003500 and some under 9503003000 As stated by other posters it is sometimes clear as mud, as many of these tariff go back when kids played on little bikes and scooters made of rusty metal, For Diecast is slightly clearer at 9503008500 Scale Miniature Model of metal which is subject to Duty.
  3. MBK have cancelled all UK trade order for this model (New post EU trade exclusivity) but buying retail for your personal use if a different matter difficult to enforce, As previous poster states if you can buy from the UK from£550.00 ish its pointless buying this huge kit from overseas. If you do buy from overseas here some free info from me from me, (Get your overseas supplier to use the HF Traiff code of 9503003500 this is Scale Models that cannot be disassembled after assembly) this is zero rated for kits. You still have to pay UK Vat at 20% but no import duty. If you do get clobbered for import duty of about 5% if due to the fact your supplier as used 9503003000 which is plastic construction toys that can be disassembled after assembly I.E Lego Us trade cannot hide.
  4. I think the penny has dropped with quite a few UK sellers as the trade price is almost double that of the HKM version 3 in 1 kit, and if they sold it at £558 or there is one out there at £540 after their discount code, are basically making not a lot. Based on what is the UK trade price the actual UK retail if they worked with normal Kit Margins would be £719.99 compared to the UK RRP for the HKM at £399.99.
  5. After Vat is removed to the actual price those quoting £558.00 will be £465.00 (£465.00 plus 20% vat is £558.00) still it will hack off those who have ordered from Overseas trying for a saving.
  6. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=gecko-models
  7. A small part of it yes, but not the major part. Most importers set the RRP based on the FOB or Ex Work price from the Manufactures, plus exchange rate, plus shipping rate plus import duties and finally your profit margin. If this had been our import, the first thing I would have asked is not the price, but how big is it and how much does it weigh, this would help me work out the Cubic Capacity within our logistic system. On this model we would have purchased may be 250 ( based on previous imports of more expensive models) Then I would have hedged my USD to cover the basic cost of 250 Lancaster's if we sold more than 250 the fluctuations in the currency would have not been a bigger issue with a few extra sales as the lions share would have been covered. From the FOB Cost, USD Cost and shipping cost, I would have given our trade customers a RRP within 72 hours of me finding out the price. We sold 24 of these Lancaster's within one day to may be 4 out of our 200 or so plastic kit trade customers, before we cancelled them
  8. We and others were going to get this model from a European Supplier, but recently we were told that since leaving the EU, that supplier as no right to sell to UK trade customers. or even retail customer if push came to shove. (Territorial exclusive agreements now back in force) these were basically illegal while we were in the EU. Hence the Lancaster by Border models was cancelled to UK traders from their EU supplier, (Expect this to happen across all Hobby Brands in future) we were not the only ones and before 31 Jan 2021, there was nothing wrong or illegal with the practice of buying from which ever supplier you wanted as long as they were in the EU. If we had got this model then based on what we were buying it at the retail would have been close to £699.99 including all UK Taxes and Duty and delivery) and it would have been up to the retailer to what discount they offered, hence some were on or about £600.00 This was our retail not the RRP to be set by the UK Distributor, they are free to set the RRP at what ever they want.
  9. The 1/72 Mosquito B.XVI has finally arrived over 2 months after the rest of the trade got their product, Tiger Hobbies and a number of other sellers were in the same boat. Stock shortage my rear, our supplier is also none too happy and was willing to cancel the order, but we honored our order with them, which was over 50 models. Still if any one want a cheap one or two we just want to move them on, £17.95 each ( RRP £21.99 ) buy two and that will take you over free shipping in the UK We have 16 listed and more arriving in 1 or two days. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/airfix-1-72-de-havilland-mosquito-b-xvi-model-kit-a04023/
  10. Tiger Hobbies Limited will be attending Scale Model World IPMS and on Saturday about 11.30am we will reveal a Tiger Hobbies Exclusive Hobby 2000 Model. This model will be for sale from Tiger Hobbies and our approved retail network. The model is a UK Subject kindly sorted out for us by Hobby 2000. The actual model will arrive before Xmas 2021
  11. GECKO MODELS 1/35 BRITISH SCIMITAR II CVRT 35GM0051 The first issue of this model due early 2022 will come with extra parts and decal options for Tiger Hobbies distribution only, if you get this model in the UK and it does not come with the extra it has not been purchased through our retail net work. Parts include two stretchers folded and unfolded and extra decal options, As this will be the largest ever Tiger Hobbies Import purchase Gecko have given us extra value, https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/gecko-models-1-35-british-scimitar-ii-cvrt-35gm0051/
  12. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/shop/?filter_brand=hobby-2000
  13. The UK RRP as not yet been released, one of the UK seller who does quite good discount normally is still out at £600ish
  14. The RRP for the new Ex Wing Nut model in Europe as just been released 699.99 Euro or there about's, also to muddy the waters Hong Kong Models have released a 3 in 1 version of theIr 1/32 Lancaster B1/BIII/Dambusters all for £399.99 RRP
  15. The UP RRP is £41.99 including Vat and all import taxes and including UK Delivery Due into the UK late November or early December 2021 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/product/gecko-models-1-35-british-ww2-daimler-armored-car-mk-i-35gm0011/
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