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  1. "Feeling good" being the operative phrase, as I didn't even get travel sick, which I suffer very badly from. I was not so lucky during the return journey after Christmas, but that's another story.
  2. Is this one of the Tamiya 1/100 range from the late 1960s? Scalemates seems to be a bit confused about the origins of this kit.
  3. I spent a long car journey before Christmas* with one of my brothers listening to Steely Dan and Donald Fagen *The first time I'd seen my family in 9 months, because of you-know-what.
  4. Thanks, I already had reservations about a FAC aircraft carrying anti-radiation missiles. So when the time comes (hopefully in a week or so), I'll see what I can fit in their place. Now that I look at that picture, the vent is very clearly visible. Annoyingly, it is not mentioned or shown in the Wings of Fame A-4 version briefing article that is one of my main references for this GB, and that includes lots of detail about version differences. It would be tricky to accurately reproduce, but we shall see.
  5. Last week, I went into my local hobby shop to collect a First to Fight Hanomag Ausf. A that I ordered many months ago, but couldn't resist three Revell kits issued last year. To be fair, all were on my "want" list. The Ju 88A-1: The Hawk T.1: The ex-Toxso M109 A6 "Paladin". It looks as if Revell now owns the molds. No relation to the earlier Revell M109 kits. ... and I've also got two of a certain recently released Airfix kit:
  6. It's been a while since I've posted here. The latest lockdown hasn't stopped the stash from growing, although some of the infux is planned for use in upcoming GBs. All from Hobby 2000 (all ex-Hasegawa) Buffalo "Finnish Aces" (for the Nordic GB): MS 406 "Middle East" (for the French Fancy GB): Beaufighter IF/IC (for the Bristol GB): Heller Thunderjet w/new decal sheet (for the Nordic GB, as the Danish subject): Two Heller Ouragons with the new decals sheet, just because I felt like it (when I ordered
  7. Sigh ... I don't know what happened to the last few weeks, but I need to catch up. So I' m working on all four of my Skyhawks at once. The contrast between the various cockpits is marked. Even the two Italeri kits (A-4M and OA-4M) are quite different.
  8. I got me two of these last week, no Suez crisis here thankfully. Apart from the overly thick trailing edges (sigh - were they copied from the Beaufighter?) it seems a very nice kit.
  9. That would be telling ... ... OK: Heller Thunderjet, for both Danish and Norwegian AF Heller Saab Viggen, probably built as either the recce or trainer version Hobby 2000 (ex-Hasegawa) Brewster 239 (i.e., the Buffalo), "Finnish Aces" There may be room for second Swedish subject, we shall see.
  10. Oh, why not. I have about 15 Frog-tooled kits in the stash, including 5 I bought only last year. Frog was not a major part of my early modelling years, probably because the company had folded before I started modelling in earnest. So my limited early encounters with Frog models were mostly Novo reboxes, as well as some Revell reboxes that I didn't know at the time were from Frog. Since we already have two classic builds earmarked for 2022, I assume this can't take place until 2023.
  11. I have happy memories of building the Victor in the "summer"* of 1985, after I had finished school and was waiting/hoping to start university. "Vulcan 607" is a good read as well. *It rained a lot, as I recall.
  12. My current plan is for one kit each of a Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian-operated aircraft. I've even got them set aside already. Hell, I bought two of them only last week.
  13. I have been planning ahead for upcoming GBs, and for this one I've got the Hobby 2000 (ex-Hasegawa) Beaufighter IF/IC. All the other kits of the "Beau" that I have or have built are of later versions, although this kit seems to include a lot of unused parts for these. It should make for an interesting comparison with the Airfix kit. Now, which of the 4 subjects should I choose? I am also mulling the idea of an Airfix Bulldog in "exotic" markings, but that may or may not come to pass. And I have an old Airfix Blenheim that I had just started over Christmas, but tha
  14. That was so quick, I didn't even spot the thread until it had already made the cut! I am obviously in one this, not that my vote is needed. I have c. 40 eligible Matchbox kits in the stash, including Revell re-boxes. The Stranraer, Privateer, Heyford, Wellington, Wellesley, Meteor, Norseman, He 70/170 and Wessex are probably the picks of the bunch, along with a few of the 1/76 AFV kits.
  15. Well, the kit is physically built and fully decalled, but it still needs cleaning up, so I'll miss the gallery deadline. The upside is that the photos of the finished kit, when they do come, will be taken in natural light.
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