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  1. I'm not even going to be able to vote for all the GBs I signed up for, and then there are all those other GBs that got a bye from last year. Things are going to get very rough indeed ...
  2. You could get another one (they're cheap and readily available), and pretend this unfortunate incident never happened ...
  3. How am I supposed to pick just nine from that list? I'm going to disappoint even myself ...
  4. klr

    Saab J-21

    Well, you (as in I) learn something new every day! The Hu 123 I've used has always been very dark grey, with not a hint of green to my eyes. But then I've probably only being using it for the past 20 years or so.
  5. Am I a neat and tidy builder? No and No. I wish I was. To be honest, the only thing neat and tidy (relatively speaking) is The Stash. Maybe I need some motivation to clean things up*, but that's quite hard at the moment, living by myself, with no visitors for God knows how long due to You Know What-19. *And not just on the modelling front.
  6. I had to put everything else to one side while I built a second Airfix Westland Sea King in just 9 days (!!!) for the Helicopter GB. It was the sort of crazy impulsive decision the French are famous for . But now I'm back on track, although the Heller kits still need to compete with those in other GBs. So little time, so many kits.
  7. klr

    Saab J-21

    Many thanks, thread duly bookmarked! I use primarily Humbrol, and I have both Hu 116 and Hu 124. I can't say I've ever used the latter, but there's always a first time. Actually, it's been discontinued for years, so I'm lucky to have it all. It underlines once more the wisdom of buying every available shade while you can. Re that thread: At some point in the mid- to late-1980s, the good people at Heller decided that Hu 123 (Extra Dark Sea Grey) was a match for dark green/black green (RLM 70), and that mistake persisted for many years. I had put this and othe
  8. Some of the surface detail isn't bad for a 1963 kit. Actually, you were probably better off buying that boxing from the mid-1990s than the current "Vintage Classics" release. Who knows what state the mold is in by now? What is it with Airfix box art showing Panthers in a desert setting? Not just this, but they are also in the background of the the original (and "Vintage Classics") Storch box-art. And yes, I did build this kit, back in the mists of time.
  9. Another golden oldie I remember building once upon a time, about 40 years ago. Actually, I built it again some years later. Hopefully, the tracks are still OK. Over time, those old Matchbox tracks can quite literally go to pieces if not stored properly.
  10. Airfix 2015 Westland Sea King HAR.3, the 2015 kit (2016 starter kit version). Build thread here:
  11. As finished as she'll ever be. The pictures taken with flash are better than those without: More pics in the gallery in 5 minutes.
  12. Airfix 1983 Westland Sea King HAR.3, in turn based on the ancient Sikorsky Sea King kit. Build thread here: If and when I have the time, I'll straighten out the rotor blades, but I've got the newer Airfix kit to finish in the next couple of hours.
  13. And it's done: Gallery pics to follow in a minute. And yes, one of the main rotor blades needs a bit straightening out. I've still got the newer kit to finish this afternoon, no time for idle chit-chat.
  14. ... and here it is: Still a lot of work to do between now and tomorrow afternoon.
  15. New 1/72 Tiger I sprues here, showing both the "full" and simplified running gear options: From: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/smiley-spitfire-on-parade-and-a-clash-of-armour The Sherman Firefly Vc has the same options, but there's a separate thread for that.
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