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  1. Count me in so! Plenty of war booty and other dodgy appropriations to choose from.
  2. Apologies if any of these have been asked already: Would continued post-war production of German aircraft in liberated countries count? For example, the Avia C-2 (formerly Arado 96) in Czechoslovakia, Ditto for the Fi 156 in both Czechoslovakia and France, and the Bf 108 in France. The reverse of course also happened - e.g., Panzer 35(t) and Panzer 38(t) (ex-LT vz. 35 and LT vz. 38 respectively). I suspect the answer to this is "yes". What about equipment that remained in service after a regime change that made the country an opponent of the country which or
  3. I don't have as many MiG-21s in the stash as I would like (only 5, and the "bis" kits are not of great quality), but I'm sure I could still find something to build.
  4. I'm using the kit decals as well! I might have a re-think though, since I'd like to build something no-one else is doing (as per my comment above). But since my choice of "unusual" African-related subject matter is limited, and since I've been looking for an excuse to build this kit since I bought it ... we shall see.
  5. It's the "free standing" stash, which occupies a lot of space in a spare room in the old family home. Removing the Airfix Flanker kit for inspection could be a delicate job. I had to rebuild parts of that stash over Christmas to guard against it just toppling over in my (long COVID-19 enforced) absences ...
  6. I have the Airfix single-seater kit of old - bought it way back in 1991! This Heller kit not only has different parts for the two-seater, it has recessed panel lines on both the "new" upper fuselage and existing airframe parts. I thought (assumed?) the Airfix kit had raised panel lines, but maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, and the Scalemates chronology for this tooling suggests likewise. I probably haven't looked at the Airfix kit in many years, it being buried at the bottom of a stash many miles from where I live. Anyway, I've already dry-fitted some of the airframe parts
  7. I've been scratching my head as to what I should attempt for this GB. I want to avoid "the usual suspects", as in subject matter that will likely be very well (and expertly) covered by others. I also want to avoid most of the subject matter that would qualify for some of the other upcoming GBs. Moreover, I don't have much (if anything) in the line of after-market decals for African subjects. So ... I'm thinking of the Heller Sukhoi 27UB with Eritrean markings, courtesy of an excellent decal sheet produced by Eduard: I'm also thinking I should get my head examined, but wh
  8. I've probably mentioned it before, but this is probably the very first kit I can remember seeing in a shop. I've since built it twice. IIRC, the main issues are those pesky rivets, and canopy framing that is very tricky to paint freehand ...
  9. Italeri (ESCI/ERTL) Jagdpanther 1/72 - the speed build to end all speed builds! Thread is here. Obviously, this is a very simple effort compared to the above submissions, but hey, a completed kit is a completed kit!
  10. ... and it's done (as much as it can be) with a few minutes to spare. Yet another testament to how buildable most of these old ESCI kits are: Now off to the gallery.
  11. So ,,, with my Zvezda Panther on long-term pause: ... I decided on Friday evening (yes, two nights ago!), that it would be wrong to to not complete a kit for this GB. To cut a long story short. I chose the Italeri Jagdpanther. I never got this ESCI original back in the day: Of course, back in the day, this would have had single-piece flexible tracks. The Italeri boxing is of the ESCI/ERTL version, with "upgraded" hard tracks: As time was of the essence, the tasks had to be done in the optimum order. So first up, paint the wheels Dunkelgelb 43, and then
  12. Unfortunately not, not in time for the GB "close of play" anyway. While the right-hand side looks OK, more or less: ... the left-hand side will require heroic reconstruction. Parts of the suspension arms have been sheared right off, and part of the outer sprocket wheel has been lost. These pictures don't fully convey the extent of the damage. While the kit can probably be salvaged, it's definitely not a straightforward task. As least we know the kit can be built, thanks to @PlaStix - see the build thread here: However, all is not lo
  13. Stunning job. The wheel/track/suspension assemblies defeated me (at least for now), but I think I know what to do next time, which will be when(ever) I build the Zvezda Jagdpanther.
  14. Sign me up. I am a devotee of all things 1/72, and also 1/76 for AFVs. I occasionally dabble in 1/144 aircraft, and 20th century warships across several "standard" scales. However, there are some very odd items in my stash, mostly ships: Smer Drakkar Oseberg (probably the ex-Heller/Aurora kit, although the scale - nominally 1/60 - is disputed) Revell HMS Victory (1/146) Airfix Cutty Sark (1/775) Revell N/S Savannah (1/380) - this would probably be top of the list HA Models Titanic (1/800) - bit of a mystery kit this, but I think it's from the late 19
  15. Thanks for the detailed response. My approach to this GB (which I probably outlined when I signed up last year) is along the lines of: Prove how much kit you could get for your money back in the day. This will probably involve one sizeable kit. As well as the ESCI kits I mentioned earlier, I've got a couple of Airfix Lancasters (1980 tooling), a Heller Transall 160, DC-6, "Super Connie", Canadair 215 and Nord 2501 Noratlas, all purchased during the 1990s. Some may have been discounted from their RRP at the time, but not excessively so. I rarely saw bargains until (say) 10 to 15 years a
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