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  1. Thanks, I think I've only ever seen the 50 gallon (imperial?) tanks before, on the Tamiya, 1973 Airfix and (possibly) Matchbox kits.
  2. I took the plunge today and bought not one but two of these, despite all the commentary. The strangest thing: One of the kits has the Beaufort transparency sprue, although the label on the sprue bag (ATML-572) is for the Mosquito. So blame whoever (or whatever) bagged the sprues, not whoever boxed the bags. I've emailed the Airfix spare parts people, and sent on all that they asked for. I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but was there more than one size of underwing tank? The tanks in this kit are much deeper (vertically) than those in the 1973 kit, or in the Tamiya kits. The cover artwork clearly shows this.
  3. These two are definitely going to get built, but I might have time for a third. The Italeri F-4S is the most likely candidate. However, I will need to check that all the parts (at least all that matter) are present and correct, and that won't happen for a few weeks. No problem, as I won't be starting any Phantoms until mid-September.
  4. Finally, with just a few weeks to go, my projected build list, all The One True Scale: Airfix Tiger I ("new" kit, placeholder thread already started) Italeri A-10 Revell (ex-Trumpeter) An-2 Revell (ex-Lindberg) He 162 Airfix Hawker Hunter FGA.9 Airfix Tiger Moth ("new" kit, "starter pack" boxing) There is a reasoning behind each choice, other than them just being cheap, which will be explained in each build thread. And there's also the Bf 109 GB to contend with over the next few weeks. Sheesh ...
  5. Ah, so this is the Heller rebox of the old Airfix 1/76 M4 ... from the title, I thought it was the new (2014) Heller kit. It's been a long, long time since I built this.
  6. I'll join this GB in early September, once the decks have cleared on other GBs. I'm not sure what to build though, as there are already (and predictably) many Bulldogs, Blenheims, Beauforts and Beaufighters. I have a Valom Bombay, but I am too wary of starting that. I will build a Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) Beaufighter I, as I bought it specifically for this GB. I'm not sure if there'll be a second kit though, especially as I might not have the time.
  7. I have my first kit lined up for this (Heller Mirage 2000N), but won't start it until four weeks from now, until some other GBs have finished. By then, I should have a better idea of what the most popular subjects are (which I would prefer to avoid). The Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) MS 406 is short-listed though, as I bought it for this GB. Also the Heller Gazelle (Airfix tooling with extra sprue for anti-tank version). I am contemplating the Academy MS 502 (Storch with a French radial engine), the Hobby Boss Jaguar E, the Heller Sherman M4A2, and many other kits besides.
  8. I won't be wading into this GB until early September, until a couple of other GBs have finished. My current plans are to build two, hopefully three kits. Currently on the short list are: IBG Models RWD-8 PWS (I also have a much older PZW kit of this aircraft) Revell Dornier 228 KP Piper L-4H Cub ("Grasshopper") However, I also have many other candidates, although for some reason, I'm drawn towards piston- and turobprop-powered aircraft.
  9. I bought this kit second-hand in early 2020, and it has been lying around almost built (but not painted or decalled) for over a year. Like you, I added some bulkheads, and I am also wary of the kit decals, which is probably the main reason why I've not finished it yet. I also have the Revell F-16A with the Daco-designed decal sheet that you've mentioned (04363). However, that too has a "censored" Diana. In these politically correct times, that's not surprising.
  10. Well, I got 3 kits completed(ish) on time, wonders will never cease. Just checking the gallery, the Canberra seems to have been very popular.
  11. Last one from me, the Airfix U-2C, as used by NASA. Hand-painting all that white gloss on a near-featureless surface . Build thread here:
  12. I sorted out the nose stripes by grabbing bits of spare decals from the U-2A option (the rudder logo has the exact same base colour), and a dab of Humbrol 104 Oxford blue right on the nose. The kit is as finished as it's ever going to be. Gallery pics to follow ASAP.
  13. An even older kit (much older!) - the venerable Airfix Westland Whirlwind HAS.22, in the unarmed kit configuration. Build thread here:
  14. ... and it's done, except for the winch, which (as this is an anti-submarine variant), I decided not to attach for now. If I find evidence that it was used, I can always add it later. More pictures in the gallery in a jiffy.
  15. Mistercraft (KP) Arado Ar 96 B-1, build thread here: Not bad for a 40-year old Czech tooling.
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