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  1. It's their first day. In all seriousness I hadn't thought of that until you mentioned it, I just followed the instructions. I have various scraps of thread and string from all the rigging on previous builds to cobble some straps together.
  2. Good Afternoon Having fancied a tank for a while I got myself a AFV Club Churchill III (The springs! The springs!) while my Dad got me the Tamiya Sherman for my Birthday after many many subtle hints such as "I quite fancy doing a Sherman". Whilst waiting for a delivery of more dark yellow for the Churchill I decided to have a look at the Sherman and one thing led to another and it's now sat on my bookcase as complete as I feel I can get it. Since it was the first Armour I've done other than the Airfix Warrior many years ago I'm quite chuffed with how it turned out. All brush painted with Tamiya Acrylics (glutton for punishment). The weathering is a mix of normal pencil and a metallic one I had in an art set, a dark wash for the water stains which may not be too clear in the photo and then I tried using a selection of oil paints to break the green slabs up first blues and yellows to tone it then a brown/ocre mix to simulate mud. The gear is weathered mainly with Ammo Mig's Metallic Steel which arrived yesterday with the yellow for the Churchill (The Springs! The Springs!). Truth be told though I may just get the Tamiya weathering sets next, I've used the sand stick on the churchill and it's a lot easier and cleaner. "I should have joined the Navy"
  3. Absolutely fantastic, miles better than my attempt with the old Revell one. Chris Parry's twitter account has been fantastic over the last few weeks going over what they were doing.
  4. The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 - Rick Atkinson (Living room) The French Revolution and What Went Wrong -Stephen Clarke (Bedroom) Where have all the bullets gone - Spike Milligan (The "library") I've gone a bit mad the last few weeks so now have James Holland's "Italy's Sorrow' and 'Big Week' and a signed copy of John Nichol's 'Lancaster' on the "to read" pile.
  5. Oh this is a blast from Childhood, certainly following this one. I wouldn't be surprised if I have a few of the comics still sat somewhere.
  6. I'm up for this, any excuse to buy the Big Boy loco.
  7. We've got this slowly falling apart (eroding I suppose) on the River here http://www.durhamatwar.org.uk/story/12714/
  8. Great photos, we went to the Friday night launch event and despite the sub zero temperatures (Why did I wear shorts!) it was fantastic as usual. Saturday I walked over (I live pretty much slap bang in the middle of the city so it's only 15 minute walk to the sea front) saw the Air Ambulance and the Typhoon but when he rattled off a list of what had cancelled it was everything I wanted to see. Sunday I just stood at the back and watched the Spitfire do a lazy circle over the house. That photo of the Typhoon climbing with the darkened skies though
  9. It's really coming together, It's always been a kit I've wanted to take a swing at, however I'd probably find myself sleeping out in the streets in the box it came in.
  10. A very happy new year, may your brushes be clean and your panel lines sharp

  11. I was thinking of buying the kit at the weekend and came across the build thread. It's an absolutely superb ship you've got there, you could mistake it for the shipbuilders model.
  12. What a cracking build, it's making me want to go out and get one
  13. Loving the Matilda, I always did like that scheme.
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