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  1. good to see this one progressing!
  2. Lawzer

    Now look what you´ve done...

    Very nice @TonyW ! Almost looks like it's flying in formation with the box art!
  3. Lawzer

    Airfix typhoon thread save

    I've got this little blighter in the stash.... any pitfalls i should know about?......
  4. Lawzer

    Hannover CL111a

    Nice work! For ages when i looked at ww1 builds and i saw the term "lozenge" and i for a minute thought "what do folk get sore throats from building these"? face slap in order i think....
  5. I was about to say a re-issue of the pe-2 - but they've already done it!!!!
  6. Lawzer

    HO/OO Scammell Scarab

    Very nice work going on there!
  7. Lawzer

    Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    errr - yeah you may need to expand on your reason for not being at work! Dog is fine now. He's 9 1/2 and has had health issues since he was a pup so every time he does something to himself (which seems to be a LOT!) there is always the worry if that's it.......we perhaps over reacted (took him to the emergency vet on Monday night) but can't bear the thought of him being in pain. Anyways.....yeah this is a nice little kit. The only thing I should have thought about was the ejection ports but there were no indentations on the inside of the lower wing nor anything externally to show where they should be. Will cut up some scrap black decals I guess. It even has the black anti slip areas textured!! However the placing of the pilots step is a bit strange - in the centre of the fuselage - that's surely not right? Speaking about the 1/48 kits I was quite surprised to learn that the JU87 wasn't released till 1981 - just as well I didn't splash out on another one! (although a few fleabay bids came close ).
  8. looking pretty sweet there!!! I was having a look on fleabay and you can get an airwaves etch set for this!!
  9. Lawzer

    Mark's 1/72 MRCA Prototype

    really liking that!!!
  10. Lawzer

    Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    So an unexpected day off work today (dog hurt one of his front legs on Monday night and since he has a LOAD of health issues he needed "supervision" since mrs lawzer is working away today) and I had hoped to make a lot of progress but was blowing a hoolie (gale) up here today so I couldn't open the window for the extractor fan till about 6pm tonight... Anyways, it took a fair bit more filler than I had thought: (underside needed a lot more) but here we are: Will most likely have to wait till the weekend to do any more...(doesn't that hand made masking look horrific?....)
  11. Lawzer

    Bren Gun Carrier & 6lb AT Gun

    Top work! That REALLY must be tiny!