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  1. Lawzer

    B17 assembly ships

    yeah that's the photo I saw that gave me the idea!
  2. Lawzer

    B17 assembly ships

    Folks, picked up a 1/48 revell Memphis belle for £10 off Facebook marketplace- had basically been built and is now in bits and as such nearly all the kit guns are broken which led me to the possibility of a formation ship (no guns). a few questions. would an f have survived long enough (or indeed be used) to become a formation ship? pics I’ve seen show all armament removed with the exception for the top turret? Tia! ian
  3. I built one a few years back and was surprised how well it turned out. Undercarriage didn’t look quite right mind you. had the ju87 too but stupidly sold it…..
  4. Folks, since I was a nipper I’ve always had a fascination with the Titanic (wife says I might have been on it in a previous life…). built a 1/350 (cannot remember kit maker) years ago and have a hankering to do another. I know there’s a fair few kits in various scales but I’m looking at one of the 1/400 ones. As far as I can tell they are all the same mould? I know there’s the Uber 1/200 but it’s a lot of money and to be fair I’d have nowhere to put it. anyone built the 1/400 and if so any major pitfalls I should be aware of? tia! ian
  5. I'd have said N1 and N2 are oil tank level indicators (might be wrong - happens a lot!) however on pictures of war time airframes then don't really appear to be visible.....
  6. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    thanks for that @Troy Smith ! I ended up doing the machine as SF-J (as I had spares to do that code) with a "fictional" serial number..... BTW I've finally got all your bits together - will try and get them off to you this week.
  7. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    I may get lucky if I can find what some of the actual serials for 137 squadron were as I have a fair few serials that just maybe I can cobble the right one together
  8. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    I don’t have the luxury of different tail planes. Tbh I’ve never actually looked to see if the monogram kit has the larger or small ones...... I have a 4 blade prop that’s currently on an FR ib so more believable that an “unarmed” (sort of) aircraft would have a 3 blade prop and one that had to lug around ordnance would have a 4 blade?
  9. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    So, I’ll be able to mash together the squadron codes from my spares. next question(s): spinner colour. There’s a few photos which appear to show a black spinner but the hasegawa (and if memory serves correct) I *think* the old 1/72 airfix kit had SF codes but they would have you do the spinner in sky..... and 3 or 4 blade prop? I’m aiming for an airframe around the time of bodenplatte (there’s a photo of a partially burned out aircraft (sf-z). I’m in the happy position I have both a 3 and 4 blade prop. I’m not overly concerned about the serial number - no one’s ever going to see it but me
  10. There’s a photo on Flickr originally titled as the creep 42-5560 but someone commented it should have been 42-5550. Guess that doesn’t help too much!
  11. Hi all, had an airbrush for about 4 years now but always shy away from using it because I seem to get the same problem whenever I use it. Well, more so AFTER I've used it. After use I wipe out the cup as much as I can with blue roll then shoot some tamiya x20a thinner (i use tamiya acrylics) through to get rid of the worst of the paint followed by vallejo airbrush cleaner but I ALWAYS seem to end up with paint that has run backwards from the cup up the needle leading to what I assume is paint drying on the seal behind the cup then requiring a partial strip down. I've got 2 airbrushes (neither "top drawer" - one is from the Revell set and the other a chinese cheapo knockoff) and it happens with both. I am doing something REALLY obvious and stupid or is this just the way things are? When I say REALLY obvious I recently watched a youtube video by the guy who owns badger and something that although blatantly clear now showed me how basic an error I was making. If i was covering the nozzle and pulling the trigger to back flush the airbrush I then proceeded to spray the (then contaminated) cleaner back through the airbursh (d'oh!!).... TIA Ian
  12. Yeah the picture of painting and decals on the link I posted show a different head than I’ve ever seen.
  13. My money would be on fragmentation https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-weapon-underwing-master-models-am-24-013?zenid=8f69ae02e554c46f911789d701ce233e
  14. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    Thanks @Troy Smith ! I had a look and I have Storms in the Sky part 1 and Aviaeology 143 wing (RCAF) typhoon sheets. I'll see if I can dig up any info for those subjects to see if they'll fit the bill....
  15. Lawzer

    137 squadron

    Folks, wasn’t sure where to post this but here goes. does anyone make 1/48 137 squadron typhoon decals? mashing a monogram kit/hurricane wing tanks/ airfix rp3’s together and I’ve just realised I have no decals... come across a few photos but can’t make out the serials. I know hasegawa did a boxing for 137 but I’ve never even seen it for sale let alone wonder if anyone has the decals......
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