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  1. Folks, what would the correct interior colours be for a tiger 1 from June ‘44? instructions call for dark gray on the lower hull and “light interior” (9 parts flat white to 1 part flat green). on a quick search I believe the light interior is called elfenbein? And from some sources the lower hull should be a dark red? and another quick,search seems to indicate the elfenbein is not available as a ready colour (I hate mixing paint as I never mix enough!!). so, what would the experten recommend? tia! ian
  2. Thanks @badger Ben! just as well I have eyesight being tested next week - looked at the instructions again and indeed they show the crosses on Front side of the hull as you said......d’oh! well that was the quickest and easiest decalling session I’ve ever done.......
  3. So painted and gloss coat on. a question on markings. according to the instructions the only markings are “413” on either side and at the rear of the turret, what I assume is the squadron (is that the right word when it comes to tanks?) on the front of the hull and a single cross on the rear. Crosses are supplied in addition to the smallish one on the rear so would there also be a cross on either side of the turret? Google shows some had and some didn’t.... tia ian
  4. Thanks Ben. I *almost* managed to sand the seam on the barrel.... I painted some card gun metal to place under the massive holes which as you know have sweet FA under them. Improves things a bit. @Ozzy I had a look at a review of the G online and at least the front grills/voluminous empty spaces are different ahhh it’s all really just to dip my toe in the water. I have an academy tiger with interior coming thanks to @trickydicky210 so I may just treat this one as a “play”. must admit I didn’t think it would such a different kettle of fish to aircraft modelling.....HAD to avoid going to the model shop yesterday (cash burning a hole in my pocket) so I didn’t buy another tank....still, haven’t felt this happy with modelling for a long time so happy days! Thanks @BIG X mate! I’ll have a rake around and see if I have something suitable! ps. Thanks to all who have replied!
  5. It's this one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-mm165-panzerkampfwagen-v-panther--132515 I see you can get etch for the "D" which may fit?
  6. Hi all, for some unknown reason I’ve decided to try my hand at some ww2 armour (apart from a few 1/72 tanks I’ve just built ww2 eto aircraft till now) so I was in the local model shop last week (I’m still lucky enough to have one!) I couldn’t resist the old tamiya 1/35 panther (think it’s an “A”?) and without cockpits to do and no canopy masking progress has been rapid. however I have a couple of questions. your starter for 10..... the hole shown here: the instructions show no part to be fitted above/below. My good chum @BIG X sent me a pic of a kit he’s doing that has a part over the top. Now progress has gone well beyond this picture but not to the extent I can’t do something with it if someone can tell me if it should have a cover on the top or as I’ve done just put a disc of card below it? And your follow on questions..... I’ve already painted everything xf60 and I have xf61 and whatever the other tamiya colour is (looked up the camo colours) so my question is does the camo extend to the road wheels and well, for want of a better description (please some one tell me! ) the “back” where the exhausts are attached? and your 2 supplemental questions..... the radio antenna- (to scale) how long (or rather tall) should it be? the tracks - rubber 1 part things. Someone said to soak them in warm water to “extend” them a few mm’s and also to make them more flexible. Is there any point priming then painting them with anything as I can just see it flaking off.... oh, and I see you can get etch for the “D” but not this kit - those vents are screaming out for some grills.... afv newbie so please excuse the ignorance! cheers. ian
  7. Gawd this one is a blast from the past!! I tend to delete photos from Flickr every so often and especially "completed" photos as I can always retake those.....
  8. I’m sure someone a LOT more in the know than me will give a definitive answer but it would seem the tracks changed between early and late versions. now I don’t know if the tracks would fit - just really starting out in armour myself. so do you have the “late” kit with a set of tracks from the “early” kit? What’s the kit numbers? you might want to ask the admins to move this topic to armour discussion by era/WWII welcome to the forum by the way!
  9. thanks folks! I think I may go with the Cromwell - looks like it's got them 'orrible rubber tracks. I haven't looked but if they are available is it worth splashing out on aftermarket tracks? @BIG X I'd forgotten about the "wee" Cromwell.....twas a fun build right enough! Or of course maybe a Tiger 1. But then I'm into the early/mid/late production version conundrum.......oh dear lord - I thought differences in aricraft were a minefield!!!!
  10. Hi all, Other than 3 1/72(ish) scale tanks I only build aircraft but my mojo has been waining recently so I thought I'd give some 1/35 armor a go. So, question is what would be a reasonable (by that I mean fairly cheap!) kit to get started with? Would like to do something ww2 so I can at least put it on the shelf next to the ww2 aircraft.....other than ww2 I don't really have any other criteria to fill. Not into uber-detailing. Just as long as I end up with something that "look" like what it's meant to be! TIA! Ian
  11. Nice! the cockpit that comes with the kit is pretty decent (I’ve built this kit and to be honest very little is seen). The one thing to be wary of are the cockpit inserts. I can’t remember how the instructions would have you build it but attach the inserts to the fuselage halves as then you only have the centre seam to deal with. I’ve not read about shape problems on this kit though. But then again to me if something looks like what it’s meant to be I’m happy!
  12. That's you *not* being busy?! Some real crackers in there mate!
  13. I *think* that's right. Guess part 26 is detailed (or in fact even exists) in case you wanted to leave the cover off. Template "C" - does the size of the whole correspond to the diameter of part 25? Looking the the rest of the instructions (I'm assuming it's 48766?) then it would seem you are indeed correct.......
  14. Is the latest boxing a bubble top with new decals?
  15. Don’t you just love this site!! eerie timing as I hadn’t posted an update on my typhoon and I was about to do one today..... I have the “how to build the 1/24 typhoon” book if you think it would be of use to you?
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