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  1. Lawzer

    Does the 1/24 Typhoon need anything to make the kit better?

    Indeed! the internal detail (if it’s the bubble top) is almost impossible to see. I’ve seen a few builds on t’internet with access panels removed. Far beyond my skills but I spent more time on the internal detail than anything else and it can’t be seen. I think this kit is one that it’s almost “I know it’s there and i’m Happy with that” than anything else i’ve Built.
  2. Lawzer

    Does the 1/24 Typhoon need anything to make the kit better?

    I’d also say seat belts. I’m building one now (well, WAS building till it stalled....) and it’s pretty much built and I wish i’d Splashed out on some belts.... rest it is good to go imho with perhaps the radiator front but then again, with a wash it comes out ok. a word of advice. Make sure you remove any seam lines (there’s a lot of them!) from all parts and be careful not to get primer/ paint on any mating surfaces as the tolerances are VERY tight.....
  3. Lawzer

    78th fs p47d eileen

    Just tamiya xf21. Looking at the photo I can see the fuel tank is squint......oops!
  4. Lawzer

    78th fs p47d eileen

    I did “Eileen” in sky: can’t remember how I came to that conclusion though.... i did another p47 with I “think” msg undersides and the sky certainly is more pleasing to the eye....
  5. Ahhhh - good thinking!! I'm liking the first idea! I should be able to get some thin strips across the corners at 45 degress to give it something to hold onto and stop it falling back in when I mask it for painting.
  6. Currently plodding on with an airfix 1/24 stuka. Buttoned up the fuselage last night and used 2 big clamps to hold in place while the glue set. Then disaster. The first aid window (I think it is) popped into the fuselage when I must have nudged it while removing the clamps This bit: So I'm in a bit of a quandry on how to re-install it. there is access to the inside of the fuselage via the open bulkhead at the rear of the cockpit but VERY limited scope, I was thinking if I drill 2 small holes in the clear part then put some thread through then feed the part into the opening via the diagonal then using the thread to pull it into place. Anyone got any tips or better ideas? I guess I could always just cover with some very thin card but I want to at least try to remedy the problem. I *KNEW* I should have put some strip on the inside to hold it in place....... Cheers. Ian
  7. Lawzer

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    I’ll second that! Some fantastic builds on this one. Top work everyone!
  8. Lawzer

    Airfix 1/24th Typhoon IP

    I think they’ve done this method with other 1/24 kits. i’m guessing The reasoning behind it it that although you’re putting the decals on top the clear plastic gives the impression of depth to the instruments. You can’t really see it in this photo of my tiffe ip but to the naked eye you can see the “depth” (and yes I painted the back of the clear part gloss black)
  9. executive decision...... just don't get distracted by crap (sorry CASH) in the attic or any of the other spiffing offerings on daytime tv
  10. Lawzer

    Badger's 1/72 Revell Panzer IV ausf H

    Can’t wait to see this finished - great work all round fella!
  11. Only just caught up on this.... Nice idea!
  12. Lawzer

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    Yup - superb work all round people!
  13. Typical - you wait ages for 1 then 6 turn up at once.... VERY nice work there mate!