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  1. Lawzer

    P-61 nocturnal nemesis

    If it’s any use I have the turret parts from the old monogram kit you can have for free.
  2. That would be fantastic @Rob G ! A photo of them would be great (the cost of postage from AUS would most likely be more than the qb set! )....
  3. Great - thanks for the conformation! Now just to fins a reasonably priced monogram hurricane
  4. I had thought that about the fairings when I was looking at the qb / eduard resin sets yesterday. If it gives me an “excuse” to buy another monogram kit though....
  5. Lawzer

    Motorhead He111

    From memory the original album cover had like a turret on the underside near the nose glazing. If you want to replicate that seems a LOT of work and not sure how you’d go about it but I’d love to see the result!
  6. Cheers @AWFK10 ! Combining old monogram kits (which is what the typhoon kit is) is right up my street! now, let’s see what silly prices the hurricane is going for.....
  7. Thanks @Gooney Fan I basically want to do a typhoon with external tanks but they ain't cheap so my thought was I may be able to put something in the wanted section.....
  8. Quick question - were the tanks for the Typhoon and Hurricane the same? From what I've read both were 44 gallon tanks and to me at least (going by photos on t'interweb and eduard/quickboost after market bits) they look the same? And next question - I'm guessing at least 1 1/48 hurricane kit will have come with said tanks?
  9. Thanks @BIG X Steve! As @Troy Smith posted above it *might* be accurate.......
  10. That is looking rather tasty! Look forward to seeing it finished!
  11. I think you are indeed correct @Corsairfoxfouruncle Denis. I couldn’t resist doing it with full,stripes though....
  12. 362nd fs p51d. I’m not sure I should really be putting this up here as I couldn’t find any evidence that the 362nd were active over Normandy other than long range bomber escort and I certainly couldn’t find any evidence of full or even partial invasion stripes but none the less - got to,love a mustang with stripes!
  13. I’d just like to say a big thanks to @Robert Stuart for a great group build!
  14. So she’s finished... since this airframe most probably did not have full (or any) invasion stripes and I can’t find anything to say this fighter squadron participated over normandyI’ll leave it here.
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