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  1. you remember correctly...... http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/fw190d9bg_1.htm
  2. perfect - cheers!! I always wondered what they were for.
  3. I've got a mossie question. The yellow discs on the pilot / navigators seat backs - wot they for?
  4. I bought some aviology "black ruffe" decals so FB vi it is.... I actually had the Airfix nf 30 (I think it was) with the radome in place of the 303's but I (rather stupidly) sold it.
  5. yeah I was wondering that. I’ve built 2 of the airfix kits and the 303 barrels REALLY are not a good fit.....
  6. yeah I had a look at the instructions for the FB vi and I think the xii. Had hope that like airfix's "newer" 1/48 mosquitos you got the full base FB vi kit. Oh well..... Was looking to replace the very horrible .303's on an airfix mossie I'm thinking on embarking on.....
  7. Not sure this is the right place to ask but wasn't sure where else to put this.... For those of you who've built the Tamiya Mosquito (either the MK iv or the NF MK xiii) - does the kit contain the sprue for the FB vi (sprue G I think it is)?
  8. thanks Steve! tbh I’m not sure where I’d put the bigger one - I’ve run out of space (excuse the “pun”! ) as it is.... I might hang up my modelling spurs for a while as although I loved this build the past few have been real chores to finish.
  9. Well after a few hours today it’s done.....sort of. Pod isn’t attached yet -going to look into what @Ben Brown suggested. Might polish up the engine bells a bit and “might” put a wash over the fuel tanks and spine of the pod. all in all a thoroughly enjoyable build and big thanks to my good chum @BIG X for the birthday present! have just noticed that I’ve fitted the outer facing part on one of the side pods upside down..... Oh well too late to do anything about it now.... so, do I start saving my pocket money for the 22” one?......
  10. I stumbled across a pdf containing the “weathering” patches this afternoon.....so, how easy is it to print your own decals??
  11. ORANGE!!!! Still to recoat the door panel(s) and tidy it up a bit but at least it gives some contrast to the white!
  12. So moving onto the passenger pod..... after a google-fu I’ve elected to go with the orange VIP pod. I don’t have any tamiya orange but found some acrylic tubes I bought from Lidl’s god knows when. It actually goes on pretty well. And I’ve managed to avoid the airbrush again! one question. The “spine” of the pod. It’s totally flat and devoid of anything. The kit would have you screw the pod to the Eagle (‘orrible) anode I’m not sure if I should try and add something to detract from it? Thoughts?
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