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  1. Lawzer

    Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    Ask @BIG X - he did a dual build of these me thinks.....
  2. Lawzer

    Trumpeter Spitfire VB 1/24. Any experience?

    A tenner?? Score!!!!!
  3. Lawzer

    Monogram typhoon

    So calling this done. didn't turn out as well as i'd hoped but in a way i'm glad it's finished.. and next to the first kit i did after a few decades break...
  4. I knew these would be small but WOW! Top work fella! inspires me to finish the typhoon....guess i have some spare time today since someone let slip who won the grand prix......
  5. Good to see you back!!!
  6. Lawzer

    Monogram typhoon

    Thanks steve! as you can see i did a LOT of pre-shading but sadly none of it has show through even though i thinned the paint to what i thought was thin enough but alas no. The underside is even more "factory fresh" looking.... i still don't know about the sky band. The decal sheet *to me* looked like the band was painted over by the invasion stripe but i really don't know now. I'd committed to doing it then a few people posted on the topic i'd created about it. Some for, some against. be it right or wrong i think i may leave it as there's no way i'll be able to mask with accuracy to paint the full sky band....fat fingers A little touch up on the leading edge yellow stripes and then i'll make a decision tomorrow. if it all goes wrong i have another to build
  7. Lawzer

    Monogram typhoon

    Liking the JU88!!
  8. Lawzer

    Monogram typhoon

    Yeah - the old otaki kit.....with a fair bit of airbrush splatter up the side
  9. Lawzer

    Monogram typhoon

    So after nearly 7 weeks it has some paint.... I'm still undecided on the sky band / invasion stripe though..... I thought I'd give free hand cammo painting a go....hhmmmm....
  10. Lawzer

    440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    I've heard pink is a good under colour....
  11. Lawzer

    440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    I did the hasegawa typhoon last year and it certainly looks like half the sky band all the way round was painted over in white (full stripes). i have painted this kit (monogram) with the lower part of the sky band white but on comparing the 2 the same size of tailplanes.... anyway, i'm not going to gloss coat as i feel the consenus is leaning towards the full sky band? i was actually going by the Aviaeology sheet as it (to me) seemed to show a difference in colour. anyway, it might be a moot point accuracy wise as i think i may have left the landing light on the wrong side
  12. Lawzer

    440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    Thanks folks. going to go with the sky band "painted out".
  13. Lawzer

    Junkers Ju 88A-1, Jumo 211 Props rotation ?

    Counter clock wise by the look of things: http://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Ju-88/(F)121/pages/Junkers-Ju-88A-1.(F)121-undergoing-a-tyre-change-Sicily-1942.html
  14. Hi folks, i'm about to apply the "half" invasion stripes to the lower fuselage of pulverizer ii, mp149 but i have a question... on the aviaeolgy sheet (in b/w) i'm sure the sky band is painted white in line with the rest of the invasion stripes. I've found a few great builds on here that show the sky band complete but have also seen some profiles which show it painted over in white. it's REALLY not like me to be so accurate but i've put a lot of effort into this and want to get it right. also someone had a tip for applying the yellow leading edge markings using rizlas but for the life of me can't find it Tia! ian