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  1. All I can say is praise be for eduard masks!. Having said that it still took an age to apply them then tape the insides..... and I may have gone a “bit” overboard with the vastly under diluted oil wash....... Ho hum........
  2. My half hearted attempt at a 268 squadron Hawker Typhoon FR1B from AROUND end of July 44 (could't find any pics with full/partial invasion stripes so gone for none). THought it would be fun (and cheap!) to buy a "built" kit then disassemble it. Hhhmmmm - that didn't work out! MOST of the original kit parts were usable but MLG and front canopy had to be replaced. Decals from the spares box (so serial is totally wrong - but it IS from another typhoon ). THe pics I found online show no squadron codes (the sky "S" is most likely the wrong colour at least but I had nothing any more suitable). Painted (badly!) with tamiya acrylics. Not even in the same sport let alone same league of the other builds in the gallery but just to make myself feel better here you go for a laugh.... And what I started out with.....
  3. well this beast fought me all the way..... Somewhat of a filler queen..... And I ended up having to hack out the MLG and many thanks to @PlaStix , @Jonny and @Buzby061 for the kind donation of spare parts! As it turned out I found a picture online and the machine I did it as (well, apart from the wrong serials....) had a 4 blade prop and I ended up using the MLG parts from another monorgram typhoon so I have saved the "good" bits for a build when I'm in a bit of a better place to build (had some very sad events this week). Anyway, the end result is nothing compared to the other builds here but I'll stick some pics in the gallery. Once again many thanks to all who've helped and advised on this "ahem" build!!
  4. You’ve kicked that up a notch mate!
  5. I wondered where you’d got to Steve! i don’t know how you’re planning on setting up the diorama but kitty may add to it......
  6. Great news! So could I maybe buy the 3 blade prop, spinner and backplate from you fella?
  7. As luck would have it I have a 4 blade prop from a monogram kit that I can swap for your 3 blade prop if you want. I’m trying to convert a “completed” monogram kit into a fr1b. Pm me as i’ll Need to send you a photo of the prop assembly (I couldn’t manage to get the parts separated and one blade was broken off but i’ve Re-attached it). Someone on here kindly sent me a 3 blade prop from the Hasegawa kit and I checked the spinner against the back plate of another monogram kit I have and it fits so *should* be ok for your kit....here it is taped to the nose of a hasegawa typhoon...
  8. You’ve now got me worrying about my one (sat on the shelf of doom for a few months ). I’m surprised that some of the big players in vac form canopies didn’t produce something. Big H shows nowt.....
  9. If you PM me your address I'll hunt them out tonight and get them in the post to you if you still need 'em....
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