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  1. OK, it must have been the beer goggles then! BTW, that's a crackin' line up. Hard to pick a favourite (but definitely the yellow one).
  2. Is it me, but having followed this build from day one, does it look to you that the wheelbase of the white one is longer than the blue one? Probably an optical illusion caused by the different paint schemes, easily fixed by those beers! Cheers, and well done.
  3. Phew, that was a close one! Looking good from where I'm sitting, but I'm guessing that I shouldn't get too close to the black one though? Shame about the windscreen, but I'm sure you'll get around to fixing it (eventually). The white one has an "Indy Pace Car" look about it, which I quite like. Well done on both. Mike
  4. My post was a bit of an awkward play on words for seeing so many old Mustangs (ponies) in one picture, not a slur on your lack of progress. No offence intended.
  5. What a load of old Pony........ Six builds?! That's going to make one impressive group shot.
  6. I'm sticking with "outstanding"! The door handle and keyhole are the icing on the cake.
  7. Sorry to say that this one is a dead duck. It has been put on the self of shame and will probably remain there for some time. Well done to all the other who have finished theirs.
  8. Outstanding! Other words are superfluous. I might think of some more later.................
  9. That last picture made me say "wow" outloud! That looks like a place I want to visit.
  10. Is it more of a situation where there are microscopic bubbles of water inside the plastic, that you can do very little about? That of course, doesn't explain how you managed to it the first (and only) time. Have you tried placing the mould over a cold clear sheet, and then heating the sheet from below whilst applying gentle pressure? Just enough heat to make it malable may avoid "boiling" the plastic. Mike. Amatuer molecular scientist.
  11. Who said "only Ferraris look good in red"? I might have been me actually. It looks a lot meaner lowered. And who needs an engine? It's doing 100mph just standing still! Not far to go. The chequered flag is in sight............
  12. That's an unfortunate turn of phrase, given the issues involved! I'm sorry to read that the building got the Biffa treatment. Maybe a second go will sort out the gremlins. The cars looked really purposeful sitting in the car lot, and all three together is the real money shot. And wasn't there going to be a red one too? It's just as well the building went, as you're going to need a bigger car lot! Mike.
  13. Looking very nice Tony, the yellow really pops. I've noticed some decalling going on in the engine bay. Are there decals in the kit for the top of the radiator casing and the oil filter, or have you added some after-market stuff? Either way, they really add to the realism. Will we be seeing HT leads or is that a detail too far?!
  14. I bought it from the local Hobbycraft store. A cheap brand: you get what you pay for, and then you pay for what you get. I've got a bit of Tamiya tape left, might just be enough. Mike
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