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  1. Some nice home movie video of the passenger steps and entry door on the port side aft here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUvuqR2-M7M There doesn't appear to be a door on the port side for'ard. The picture that Rob posted above appears to show the some kind of entrance on the starboard side to the Snack Bar and lounge.
  2. I was hoping to source some aftermarket white metal undercarriage parts for you to give extra weight at the front, but no-ones doing them (yet). I use blue tac as ballast as you can add very precise amounts, so that you can just get the tipping point, plus a teeny bit more, without having to "go large". I've also filled the engine nacelles before now, but you've gone past that stage already. You're rattling along here, with paint already having been splashed.
  3. No pilots aboard or engineer-johnny to fiddle with the switches? That's a bit of a shame. They might just have been visible, but I'm sure the spares box has some suitable candidates if required. I can't help it, but I keep seeing Ming The Merciless being speared by the large probe, that for all the world, looks like it's attached to the front of a B377.
  4. That is a BEAST. You're going to need a bigger shed. Incredibly narrow wings, which doesn't come across in any of the pictures that I've seen if this aircraft. Without the engines attached, it looks like a glider. I've got this build on "speed dial" on my browser. Let the fun commence.
  5. TWA. Tristar. The kit decals were shot, but I have a nice aftermarket set. And some seated passengers.
  6. All but two have gone. One 747, and one Tristar left to build. I might just do one of them here. That's a thought. The Tristar is part started and it's way under the legal limit. I was just joshing with you. To completely scratch built a 1/72 interior is going to take you months, and we all want to see the finished article as soon as possible. I love the BOAC buses in those pictures. That "look down" window below the drivers window is a nice feature. My instant google search tells me it's a Commer Harrington Contender. Dinky used to do one, but I don't know what scale i
  7. At 1/72nd, I can see that being a great opportunity for a full cutaway interior, complete with snack bar and lounge! Are you going for blue or white on the fin?
  8. Thick end of 500 quid. Yikes! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1969-Plymouth-Roadrunner-1-25-model-by-JoHan-vintage-unbuilt-HTF-/154096112948?hash=item23e0d81534%3Ag%3AmYcAAOSwuShfZ5hb&nma=true&si=FhK0XapLAi3ePXsqSDXvpBs1JMA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Funny you should say that, as the Tender has a very nautical feel to it. It's built like a battleship, has plenty of shiny brightwork to polish, and even the headlamp surrounds look like painted brass portholes. The gallery pictures are excellent BTW. One area that I need to improve on, after all the effort of building a kit, is taking proper pictures to show off my hard work. I see the effort you have put in to make a properly lighted photo area, and that's what I need to be doing. Propped up in a cleared corner of a cluttered desk is just not cutting it!
  10. I have been watching this from day one, and really enjoyed watching this come together. A masterclass in model vehicle building, with levels of skill way beyond me. The way those wiper blades and wing mirrors that came virtually out of no-where at the end, are the small details that put the icing on the cake. At 1/43rd, that is simply outstanding.
  11. Ah, somewhere to show off your Airfix Kansas Cruiser!
  12. What scale are these Tony? OO/HO for railways or Corgi/Dinky size?
  13. Blimey, I'm going to need to hire the local village hall to get them all in one shot! The collection also includes 2/3rds of the later Matchbox Revell kits too. 50+ built kits too, plus another 20+ part started that need finishing. Always happy to build a few more, though. The Havoc seems to go for quite a bit of money (for a Matchbox kit). The later Matchbox /Revell version has some nice D-Day invasion stripe decals, if you can get one at a good price. Mike
  14. Count me in. I have every single Matchbox kit to choose from, so I'm sure I can contribute one or two to the 50th Anniversary built.
  15. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub. You'll not get that out of your head for hours. Here's a link to sanddmodels, they have a few white metal firemen in various poses, looking very 50's/60's -ish. There's even one rescuing a cat. https://www.sanddmodels.co.uk/products_43_figures.htm Mike
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