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  1. Now THAT'S clever! I can see this turning out to be a good 'un. Watching with interest.
  2. The front end of Neon Sunset is lovely. Who needs flip-up headlights? Did someone say Nighthawk...................?
  3. I once found an old bottle of opened Super Glue knocking about the house, and thought "great just what I need". I might as well have used toothpaste. It looses it's potency after a while. It appears to not have a long shelf life once opened. BTW, the wood effect on the Woody panels is very impressive. Perhaps you should use wood glue to join them together?
  4. As we have discussed off-line, the car is so basic, it's akin to cheating. The sun-visors are moulded onto the windscreen surround, and it doesn't even have opening headlamps, one of the whizzy features that made the real Corvette so cool, and would be so easy to do in 1/8th scale. It looks like they got the shape right, but fell flat on their face with the details. On the plus side, if you want to make changes and/or add extra details as you have suggested (can you get 1/8th scale side pipes?), you can only make it better - You can't go wrong with Candy Apple Red and gold pinstripes! Which ever way you go, at least you're back to basics and the skies the limit as to which direction you go in.
  5. Rather than look stupid and ask, I thought I'd take the sensible option and find out for myself. My question was "why is it called a Tudor"? Mr (Mrs, Ms, It etc....) internet says, that Ford called their two door sedans "Tudor" (two-door, geddit?) and the four doors ones "Fordor". It was a marketing ploy by Ford. Here endeth the lesson. Two girls for every boy apparently. Will we be seeing any bikini clad "Surfer girls" in your final two-car display, (or surfer dudes come to that)?
  6. Taking a peak at a 1966 UK Monogram catalogue shows The Big "T" at 145 shillings, (7 pounds & 5 shillings). At 2/6 a fortnight pocket money, it would take 2 years and 5 months of no sweets, no comics, no ice creams, no jubblies......it doesn't bear thinking about. I was never ever going to get one of these, not even for Christmas. . I think I'll just watch yours come back together. That engine looks pretty good as it is.
  7. My spies tell me that was actually 2009, making it 13 years ago. I love a good refurb/update, and the size of the thing will make them both very impressive. A shop display with the original built kit will be a joy to behold. You HAVE to do it!
  8. Thanks to the extention, I got my TF-104G staggering over the line. No further work was done on the paintwork, and it wasn't as bad as it first looked, so I went with what I'd got. The only construction left was to glue the wings and canopy on, and the decal application took about a hour. So here it is, in flight, The nose probe broke off more times than I can swear, and it now looks like a boxer who has had one too many fights. There is also a paint smudge above the starboard intake. The pilots didn't come with the kit, but I wanted an inflight shot to do this: Finally, here's a family shot of the Matchbox single-seater and two-seater family, in order of timeline. The Canadian CF-104 and the Luftwaffe version (with wing-tanks that didn't come with the kit) were in the first version of PK-28. In the second PK-28 version, you get the Luftwaffe version (again without the wingtanks) plus new decals for a USAF version (seen above). The TF-104G (PK-40) came along with a USAF and a Luftwaffe version with the extra wing tanks included. The only one missing here is the Luftwaffe two-seater - I have the kit to build but it didn't make it.
  9. "Watch it now, watch it......here it comes..........." Two weeks extention will see my Starfighter get finished (maybe more).
  10. That's lovely detail work and an overall quality finish, very nice. The details on the small Automobile Club badges below the main headlights are beautifully done. I just had to check my unbuilt kit to see if they are actually there on the kit or whether they're ones that you've added. To my surprise, they're on the kit!
  11. . Nice recovery though. Some top fabricating going on. The new glass and re-cast wheels look superb. The chrome trim really is the finishing touch that lifts it. I'm well impressed.
  12. Two different aircraft from exactly the same box of parts, but requiring you to buy two kits to do it. Matchbox knew what they were doing.
  13. Bruce Springsteen meets Jan & Dean (To the tune of Dead Mans Curve).......... We both popped the clutch when the light turned green, You should've heard the whine from my screamin' machine" Kinda fits? I'll get me coat..........................
  14. That's what Matchbox kits were all about. Top marks for doing it OOB and not even the mini paint plan! Lovely to see. I think you're also missing an eyebrow decal behind the cockpit window? Mike
  15. Nailed it! The generic display base looks the business. Just about any kit could sit on there and look good. I'm stealing that idea..... I think also doing a coastal command version would look really good alongside the B.Mk.1. Matchbox went to great lengths to give the modeller three options, and showing a different version of the same kit would sit very well with what this group build is all about. Good job you have the space!
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