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  1. Ratch

    Priming for Alclad2 Lacquers

    I have read that different primers/undercoats give different effects when Alclad2 Lacquers are used with them so I've done a little experiment using Vallejo Acrylic Polyurethane Surface Primers, 74600 White, 74601 Grey, 74660 Gloss Black and 74604 German Dark Yellow RAL7028 Polyurethane Surface Primer. These were airbrushed in consecutive strips on a scrap 1/24 Spitfire moulding, then (when dry) Alclad2 ACL-113 Jet Exhaust was sprayed over the upper half. What are your opinions - I don't think its made a ha'peth of difference
  2. Ratch

    Airfix 2019

    I was going to make the same point as Marine, if I want a Victor or a Wellington I won't be going to Tamiya. That argument relies on how customers buy their kits. I buy specific subjects not just any odd kit because its cheap or because its made by a particular manufacturer. If Eastern Express (for example) made a 1/72 Sentinel 4x4 (V-bomber tractor) I'd probably buy it. If Eastern Express, Airfix and Tamiya all produced it then I'd look for the best one and only if prices were significantly different does that become a factor.
  3. Ratch

    Fw190 F-8

    Top hole
  4. Ratch


    That's an unusual scheme Dennis, well done
  5. Ratch

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    George Harrison - Let It Roll
  6. Ratch

    Airfix 2019

    I don't think they were replacing old moulds randomly, I think it was based on which subjects sold. Of course the 20 years that the Mirage IIIC was in the range may indicate it sold a few. Whether it was enough to warrant a new tool....
  7. Ratch

    Airfix 2019

    As I said, product with a sales history gives some indication - not necessarily accurate, but an indicator. Where do the accurate sales forecasts for new product come from? I suspect there are extremely few accurate forecasts for new product that the previous poster thought so easily achieved.
  8. Ratch

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Two boxes of Waterloo 1815, Set 061, 1815 French Line Infantry Fusiliers Marching
  9. Ratch

    Airfix 2019

    And how exactly to you arrive at accurate sales figures? Historical performance can be useful for existing product but what about new items? Where does accurate forecasting for them come from? Perhaps its a crystal ball
  10. Ratch

    Airfix 2019

    Don't you think the Victor was any good then? Don't you expect the Wellington will sell? Airfix obviously always issue the wrong subjects at the wrong price with too many errors
  11. Ratch

    HO/OO Village Church

    Regarding the alignment of churches and graves: The chancel faces east. Christian burials have the head to the east and the headstone is inscribed facing the body. Headstones that have been removed from graves have no particular alignment.
  12. Ratch

    Airfix Classics Launched

    I think they were teasing you. They didn't even re-issue the excellent 54mm Napoleonics for the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo
  13. Ratch

    World Cup 2018

    Is that a comment about Scottish football in general or just the international team
  14. Ratch

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    I have tried at least six times - no more - there's not even a contact button on the site