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  1. Thanks for your generous comments guys
  2. Thanks Pete, the kit is typical of many 50s and 60s kits being abundant with working features. Modellers who remember these realise that they were crude and not accurate for scale models. But these were different times when kits were toys that boys made themselves. We would throw them together as fast as possible, then fly them around the room with appropriate noises. We took our enjoyment from building and playing with them. They were not made to sit on a shelf in most cases, or indeed, in cases. I have tried to have the features ‘working’, but in all honesty, they would be better fixed in position. This is a model of its time. That is not to sneer at it, but if the modeller accepts that, great pleasure can be taken from building an old favourite, and maybe making a better fist of it than we did all those years ago.
  3. I'm trying out this glue to see if it will fix the drums.
  4. Thanks very much @kapam my in-box review is here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/airfix-1-72-consolidated-b-24h-liberator-a09010-at-t59961.html and this is the build review https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/airfix-1-72-consolidated-b-24h-liberator-a09010-at-t59968.html
  5. These will be my next figures to do.
  6. Thanks George, Harrington isn't far from me, and still a haunting place. Thor missile site Carpetbagger Memorial - Miss Fitts another B-24H
  7. This is the new Airfix A09010 B-24H Liberator not in either of the box schemes and with minor alterations to make 42-52711 ‘Screwball’ of 788/859th Bombardment Squadron, 801st Bombardment Group, RAF Harrington, Northants. I used Vallejo, Humbrol, and Revell acrylics. From August 1943, specially modified Liberators were used on classified missions, codenamed ‘Carpetbaggers’. The missions involved sending commando units and spies (called Joes/Josephines) into occupied Europe prior to the invasion. No 801 (Provisional) Bomb Group was stationed at Harrington in Northamptonshire. 36, 406, 788, and 850 Squadrons formed the 801st carrying out these missions. Their B-24s were painted with a glossy black, anti-searchlight paint, with nose and waist guns and ball turret removed. A ‘Joe Hole’ was used in place of ball turret. Waist windows were blacked out and teardrop blisters added to both cockpit windows.
  8. An F-16 with a faulty engine requests landing clearance, the tower comes back & denies clearance as they have a B-52 with engine difficulty needing to land. The F-16 pilot responds "Oh yes the ever tricky 7 engine landing".
  9. Because of the nature of Carpetbagger missions, there aren't many pictures of those aircraft, hence my question.
  10. I'm looking at WW2 Liberators, originally fitted with Gee, later changed to Loran.
  11. Funny, all I had come up was internal equipment and ground based masts. https://www.google.com/search?q=loran+aerial&sca_esv=2e2146100c56afd5&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1358&bih=654&ei=JeUwZqi1B8iHhbIPwf6NiAs&iflsig=ANes7DEAAAAAZjDzNZ8LsPJl6yJfjPcGuy7bD-2A9lmC&ved=0ahUKEwjo2-aj-emFAxXIQ0EAHUF_A7EQ4dUDCAc&oq=loran+aerial&gs_lp=EgNpbWciDGxvcmFuIGFlcmlhbEi6elAAWP5ccAB4AJABAJgBgwKgAf0JqgEFNy40LjG4AQzIAQD4AQGKAgtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ5gCCaACnwnCAgUQABiABMICCBAAGIAEGLEDwgIOEAAYgAQYsQMYgwEYigXCAgsQABiABBixAxiDAcICBhAAGAgYHsICBxAAGIAEGBiYAwCSBwU1LjMuMaAHhSM&sclient=img https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=loran+aerials&sca_esv=2e2146100c56afd5&source=hp&ei=_eQwZvbjEra1hbIPpYW58Ak&iflsig=ANes7DEAAAAAZjDzDSFFXzv5kr2i8ORV0xfV3dh9_yR7&oq=loran+aerial&gs_lp=Egdnd3Mtd2l6Igxsb3JhbiBhZXJpYWwqAggAMgUQIRigATIFECEYoAEyBRAhGJ8FMgUQIRifBUjtUVAAWLEgcAB4AJABAJgBvwOgAasPqgEJOC4wLjIuMS4xuAEByAEA-AEBmAIMoAKzEcICCxAuGIAEGLEDGIMBwgIREC4YgAQYsQMY0QMYgwEYxwHCAggQLhiABBixA8ICCxAAGIAEGLEDGIMBwgILEC4YgAQY0QMYxwHCAggQABiABBixA8ICDhAuGIAEGLEDGIMBGIoFwgILEC4YgAQYsQMY1ALCAg4QLhiABBixAxjRAxjHAcICDhAAGIAEGLEDGIMBGIoFwgIFEAAYgATCAgsQLhiABBjHARivAcICBRAuGIAEwgIEEAAYA8ICBxAuGIAEGArCAgoQLhiABBixAxgKwgIHEAAYgAQYCsICDRAuGIAEGLEDGIMBGArCAgYQABgWGB7CAgcQIRigARgKmAMAkgcJNC40LjIuMC4yoAexcw&sclient=gws-wiz
  12. Thanks @PatG I suspected as much, but wondered if I'd missed something
  13. Is there any external equipment fitted on aircraft with these navigational systems?
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