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  1. My links don't work either, I just used to copy & paste, now no link Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way - YouTube
  2. These are what I get from ABC brushes
  3. I think they're still working on it. Lots of things not yet working.
  4. Size is irrelevant; shape is the most important thing, A fine, pointed brush is best.
  5. I don't understand why you need to thin VMA. Its designed for the airbrush straight from the bottle. I've used it like that for 5 or so years and have never had a problem with clogging
  6. Whilst painting the Esci 215 flankers I decided to paint the Highland element of the set too.
  7. Thanks for your interest and feedback guys , it is appreciated
  8. New Order - Blue Monday (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube Why don't these links work any more
  9. Thanks very much guys. I don't think I've done a Romanian aircraft before so this made a change in more ways than one
  10. Thanks Steve. Because I didn't have decals for the kit I was looking for a simple scheme and came across an illustration for this a/c. It was only after I'd built it that I discovered the story of E. H. Dunning, a brave man indeed.
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