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  1. 1er and 2e Batallions, 3e Régiment de Grenadiers (Old Guard)
  2. Ratch

    Vote Grump!

    With foil lids!
  3. That is my intention, though I have more than twice as many as I need. Thanks for the feedback
  4. Ratch

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    This is the one I built in 2006 And this is the conversion I did earlier this year It seemed much easier the second time around
  5. Ratch

    '@Member's name' function

    How did you do that @Rob G - Oh I did it
  6. Ratch

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Ted Taylor (God bless him)'s missives on the Victor put me off building my first one (part started) for almost a year. This year I converted one back to a B.2. Not a work of art like others here, but I enjoyed it and was happy with the result (even if others didn't share my pleasure). At the end of the day who are you building for? If you want a competition winner - good luck. If you build for yourself - enjoy the journey
  7. A mixture of Esci and Italeri figures (though the men are almost identical, the horses differ)
  8. Yes, you get to buy one
  9. Ratch

    Vote Grump!

    That's odd, I paid my road tax on my 2litre Toyota Verso today and it was £140 - was I done