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  1. Thanks for the generous comments gents, appreciated
  2. I guess its not worth bothering with then
  3. Thanks very much guys @TonkaGuy I have lots of brushes, none of them were expensive, I just use the appropriate size for the job in hand. Sorry I can't be more specific, but having been painting for 50+ years, experience just leads you to the brush to use. I take no notice of 'size' of brush and I don't spend too much on brushes either. Sometimes I use the hairy sticks and other times I'll use an airbrush - horses for courses. This time I couldn't be bothered with all the potential masking. @Edge I've not been to Chipping Warden airfield with the T4 hangars and taxi-ways for a few years now, must make another visit. @TEXANTOMCAT nice the Oxford version wasn't around when I got the Flightpath one
  4. Cheers Chris, the bowser is by Flightpath and as the Wimpey is loaded, the bomb load is for another a/c
  5. Wellington Mk.IC R1410 saw service with 311 Squadron as KX-M. She was damaged during a raid to Hannover on 15/05/41. The port engine caught fire at 14,000 feet, this was extinguished, and she was flown back to England on one engine. At 0600 hours a belly landing was made 11 miles south of Manningtree. The starboard engine cut out on touch down as the fuel supply was exhausted. The captain was Flt/Lt Josef Snajdr. The aircraft was later recovered and eventually transferred to No. 12 Operational Training Unit. It is likely that the squadron codes were overpainted shortly after arrival at Chipping Norton, though no record exists of the codes displayed while with 12 OTU, whose codes were FQ, JP and ML. On 25-06-42 R1410 crashed in Holland having flown from Chipping Warden. Entirely brush painted using Humbrol and Vallejo acrylics. Straight from the box except the addition of crew members.
  6. I masked up; openings were stuffed with sponge and I used a punch to cut out circles to mask the navigation lights. Vallejo Acrylic 74660 Gloss Black Polyurethane Surface Primer was airbrushed over the whole airframe. I then masked up and sprayed the wings wth Vallejo Model Air 71063 Silver (Metallic). I must be getting near the bottom of the bottle as this was thicker than usual and I had to add a little thinner.
  7. Most of the replies here sound as if the modeller has only ever modelled kits of the genre stated. I have found my tastes have evolved over the years. In my youth, box art heavily influenced what I bought and modelled. There was no theme. Then I got interested in the Battle of Britain and I modelled the main protagonists. For some time I switched to railway modelling. Then, around 2005, I started researching my family history and discovered the many types of aircraft that flew from the 16 Northamptonshire airfields during World War II. This quickly extended into the Cold War. So my main interest is aircraft that flew from the county, though I sometimes buy/build a kit from a nostalgia stance - something I built in my youth or something I saw at an air show (Lightnings and V bombers mainly). I'd get bored modelling the same subject continually and this theme gives me variety that keeps me interested.
  8. What does it do? How do you use it?
  9. Thanks Rob and Steve, your comments are appreciated
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