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  1. These are actually Germans, kitted out by the British. Hannover Landwehr Battalion Osterode. HäT 8036 British Light Infantry 12 figures Emhar 7214 British Infantry 7 figures 19 figures in four companies
  2. A bit more done on the Gigant. Before they're hidden, here are some Luftwaffe Erks. As in indicator of size, the middle section of the wing is balanced - the outer sections have yet to be added. Here we have the Famo chassis on the ramps. Luckily I save the tail prop from my previous build as one is not provided in this issue. Cockpit in and wing on. The doors will be fixed open, but a lot later in the process.
  3. I wouldn't mind having another go at this kit
  4. Thanks, the 54mm was scaled down from this one. I've made one up as a 4th Bengal Lancer (swapped the horse) and have another 54mm to build too
  5. 13th (Duke of Connaught’s) Bengal Lancers 1897.
  6. This morning, walking to my Bowling Green, I cross a Zebra Crossing. A woman is parked, barely a yard from the crossing, on the zig-zag lines and slightly on the path. She seemed bemused when I called her an idiot (it might have been a lot worse).
  7. Thanks for your feedback gents, it's appreciated
  8. Getting the undercarriage onto the Gigant Some MiG Pigments on the Famo tracks and construction too
  9. The BAC TSR-2 has undertaken many roles since entering RAF with No. 40 Squadron at RAF Conningsby in the autumn of 1967. Many Canberra squadrons were re-equipped with TSR.2 B.2 Eagles as were several of the V-Bomber squadrons by the mid 70’s. By 1983 11 squadrons were equipped with the TSR.2 B.2 and GR.1 Eagles with a GR.3 variant undergoing development. The West German Air Force equipped two squadrons with B.2 Eagles. The "standard mission" for the TSR-2 was to carry a 2,000 lb (900 kg) weapon internally for a combat radius of 1,000 nautical miles (1,900 km). On that mission 100 nautical mi
  10. Coming together. I've started on the Famo's tracks. No individual treads here
  11. Facings and haversacks painted on the Osterode.
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