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  1. Yes HMS Warspite, Airfix 04205 in 1:600 Thanks for your comments chaps
  2. Ratch

    Iconic Intros.

    Kids have no attention span, its why adverts are in 2 second snips
  3. This is the 1963 Airfix 1:600 kit altered to her 1940 refit. Scratched 15 x single 20mm guns and screens, 2 x radar offices, a Type 273 Surface Warning lantern, a pair of davits, and one of the ships boats. I used some of Set #6013 British Radars by Tom’s Modelworks. 3-bar rails and anchor cables were from White Ensign Models. Brush and airbrushed in Humbrol Acrylics, AK Interactive, Vallejo Model Color, and Life Color paints.
  4. That's a rather sweeping statement. Evening Start was the only green 9F, all the others were black. 53 were built at Swindon and 198 at Crewe. Sme did not have smoke deflectors and the Crosti-boilered 9Fs were strikingly different.
  5. This was done about ten years ago and has suffered over the passage of time, so please view with forgiving eyes. On the 27th September 1964 the TSR.2 took to the skies over England. Designed as a long range, all weather, twin engined supersonic bomber capable of precision bombing at both high and low altitude, the aircraft was fitted with advanced avionics that could deliver a variety of weapons. As it underwent extensive testing it soon became clear that the design exceeded its original expectations; the aircraft was 40 years ahead of its time. The following year, with the full backing of the Labour administration, English Electric went into full production. The American Defense Department, suitably impressed by demonstrations in the Nevada desert, cancel their order for the F-111 and procure 372 TSR.2’s in various combat role configurations. This single order consolidates Britain’s position as leading aircraft designers and combat aircraft manufacturers.
  6. Had a little spare time waiting for paint and stuff to dry... 7th NY State Militia 7th Florida Vol
  7. It's a Hornby-wide scheme stretching over all brands.
  8. Thanks for your interest, it's a cracking kit.
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