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  1. I don't do numbers - my regulator is turned down as low as possible, just a puff.
  2. I have brushed Vallejo Game Color 73202 Pale Grey Wash over the horse to act as a filter. Metal foil (from a wine bottle) was used for the harness, cut to the pattern provided on the instruction sheet, fixed with cyanoacrylate, and then brush painted. Harness straps E and F were too short and needed extensions.
  3. I bought this for a fiver from someone who'd done most of the build. Without knowing their vision, I merely finished it off. One of the few Airfix 1/24 kits I'd not built before, it was a challenge that should stand me in good stead when I build another. Without any further ado... XV788 Flying Officer Paul Meade No.1453 Flight, Port Stanley, Royal Air Force, Falkland Islands, 1984.
  4. The Armstrong-Whitworth work on Lancasters at Sywell involved use of the Corporation Tram Depot in St. James’ End for the assembly, and manufacture of a whole range of components at nearby factories, including Express Lifts, Manfields, Barratts and The Cantilever Shoe Co. The Express Lift Co. ran a number of operations, including the production of 7.2”, 6”, 5.5” and 4.5” naval shells. Bassett-Lowke, the famous model railway makers, produced models of various projects including the Bailey Bridge and the Mulberry Harbour caissons, as well as simulators for AA training. As well as new work in aviation and weapons manufacture, Northamptonshire’s shoe factories still needed to maintain their traditional output. However, here there were also new demands. Haynes & Cann Ltd. Produced a flying boot consisting of a normal civilian shoe with a detachable sheepskin upper. Concealed in the heel was a compass, for evasion, and maps printed on silk were inserted in the leg. The Hanwell Engineering Co. made boltheads.
  5. Here's the Dragoon on the old horse The Life Guard will have the Lancer's horse They rode blacks. The Lancer will have the Dragoon's horse I've airbrushed this as a chestnut. This horse has been airbrushed and brush painted as a grey for the RNBD.
  6. It's been a while since I did any of these I've just scrapped three, a Scots Grey, a Life Guard and a Polish Lancer. Many of the figure parts have gone into my spares boxes, but the horses are not in too bad condition and could be utilised. I have this spare Dragoon that will be paired with one of the horses. He will end up on his own horse, because of the furniture on the Life Guard's mount, and I need the head of the Lancer's. Of the new builds, here are the horses. This is the grey. I'll use this with the Lancer. The Lancer's kit was missing the horse's head, so I resorted to the old one. The Life Guard's nag will go under the dragoon.
  7. Thanks Colin - if you're referring to my build
  8. Yes F501S/05201-6/05201 SS Canberra 1/600 scale. Available as F501S from 1961 to 1972 Also issued by Plasty (Germany) as kit series 1645 number 9 (1960s). Issued as 05201-6 from 1973 to 1978. Reissued as 05201 from 1998 to 2002. Type 11C. Box. Angled logo. Block Skill Level. 1994 to 2003. Also issued by Lodela as RH-5201.
  9. Designated a nodal point or Anti-Tank Island and given all-round defenses. Two concentric rings of road blocks circled Northampton. The inner followed the Borough boundary and the outer was thrown out along the main routes into town. There were also four rail-blocks; at Hardingstone Junction, Kingsthorpe railway bridge, Duston Junction and near St. John’s Street station. The Keep (the final centre of resistance) was split into three locations. The Drill Hall at Clare Street formed the Home Guard HQ. The police station on The Mounts and the old regimental depot on Barrack Road formed the other two Keeps. The defence of the town was the responsibility of the 12th Battalion Northants Home Guard, which had absorbed earlier Local Defence Volunteer companies, and those based on works, such as the Express Lifts, Electric Light, Gas and Railway Coys. As tactics were modified, the system of Defended Localities was adopted, and some of the former roadblocks were developed to meet the new demand. At least one pillbox remains and there is a loop-holed wall at Northampton SP765581. Most of the pillboxes were standard Type 22, but by the old power station at Midsummer Meadow there are two quite unusual, circular, open-topped structures SP76516/59617. The town was defended by over 750 concrete AT blocks. A combination fire-watching/defence post, similar to naval police-posts, survive on a factory roof in Balmoral Road.
  10. Thanks @Vince1159 she is an elegant ship
  11. I make no claims to accuracy, this is an impressionist build.
  12. Not one of the usual suspects Queen Elizabeth 2
  13. Here she is, almost done and complete Thanks to all who have looked in, more pictures in the usual places
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