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  1. The Prussians take another step closer to the front, headed by the Jagers. closely followed by the Landwehr
  2. In Northampton, Boothville was previously known as Buttocks Booth.
  3. R Souls coaches, Olney, Bucks.
  4. Is this one in the Weird-O! series? It looks very much in that style.
  5. Ratch


    What happened in World Wars three thru ten if this was World War Eleven?
  6. I started off with Otto von Pivka;s ARMIES OF THE NAPOLEONIC ERA ISBN 0 7153 7766 3, but then discovered there were better informed books and my references grew: Osprey Men-At-Arms Series – Chasseurs of the Guard ISBN 0-85045-056-x Osprey Men-At-Arms Series – Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (2) ISBN 0-85045-174-4 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series – The King’s German Legion ISBN 0-85045-192-2 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 42 – The King’s German Legion ISBN 0-85045-299-6 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 83 – Napoleon’s Guard Cavalry ISBN 0-85045-288-0 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 84 – Wellington’s Generals ISBN 978-0-85045-192-4 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 87 – Napoleon’s Marshals ISBN 0-85045-305-4 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 98 – Dutch-Belgian Troops Of The Napoleonic Wars ISBN 0-85045-347-X Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 119 – Wellington’s Infantry 2 ISBN 0-85045-419-0 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 126 – Wellington’s Light Cavalry ISBN 0-85045-449-2 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 141 – Napoleon’s Line Infantry ISBN 0-85045-512-X Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 149 – Prussian Light Infantry 1792-1815 ISBN 0-85045-540-5 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 152 – Prussian Line Infantry 1792-1815 ISBN 0-85045-543-X Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 167 – Brunswick Troops 1809-1815 ISBN 0-85045-613-4 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 172 – Prussian Cavalry Of The Napoleonic Wars 1807-15 (2) ISBN 978-0-85045-683-7 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 206 – The Hanoverian Army Of The Napoleonic Wars ISBN 0-85045-887-0 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 339 – The King’s German Legion (2) 1812 - 1816 ISBN 1-85532-997-2 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 371 – Wellington’s Dutch Allies 1815 ISBN 1-84176-393-4 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 496 – The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 ISBN 978-1-78200-617-6 Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 496 – The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 ISBN 978-1-78200-617-6 SOLDIERS A HISTORY OF MEN IN BATTLE CN 3158 BRITISH MILITARY UNIFORMS From Contemporary Pictures BRITISH CAVALRY UNIFORMS Since 1660 ISBN 0 7137 1043 8 BRITISH INFANTRY UNIFORMS Since 1660 ISBN 0 7137 1127 2 AN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UNIFORMS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS ISBN 0-7548-1571-4 UNIFORMS OF WATERLOO ISBN 1-85409-394-0 WELLINGTON’S ARMY ISBN 1-85367-501-6 Brassey’s History of Uniforms Napoleonic Wars Wellington’s Army ISBN 1-85753-221-X Brassey’s History of Uniforms Napoleonic Wars Napoleon’s Army ISBN 1-85753-220-1 Napoleon’s Cavalry ISBN 0 85045 339 9
  7. You would think that someone would have challenged the definition under the Trades Description Act by now.
  8. A bit more paint on the Prussians.
  9. Here's the content: Dear Airfix Club member, We are officially almost to the one year mark of the Airfix Club, and we can safely say, that it has definitely been a year of growth and learning- helped along of course, by all of you. We are incredibly grateful for all of the constructive criticism and positive feedback that we have received over the past few months, and we are eager to continue with this open channel of communication moving forward. As the end of the first year approaches, so does the end of many of your memberships. As a thank you for your continued loyalty while we work on improving the current club, we would like to offer you the option to extend your Airfix membership until 31st August 2021, completely free of charge. If this is something you would like to do, we will automatically renew your membership within the next few days, so you do not have to do anything! As an additional bonus, we are also pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive discount whilst you wait for your new renewal date. We can exclusively offer you a discount on the much loved Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B Car Door model! We hope that a 25% discount on the kit will serve as a thank you for staying with us in the good times and the bad. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout so all you have to do is, login to your Airfix.com account, add it to your basket and reap the rewards! Use this link to access the model and to be able to order it: HAWKER TYPHOON MK.1B Please note this is available whilst stocks last and we are rationing stock with only one available per member. Thank you for your support and loyalty, which is greatly appreciated. Sincerest best wishes, The Airfix Team
  10. More reference material. Getting their coats on.
  11. Same here, but I miss it this time of year with bowling on Sunday afternoon.
  12. It made me double-take too. I started to question whether there was an HMS Destroyer I'd previously not heard of
  13. Nice, it flew from King's Cliffe in Northamptonshire.
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