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  1. Hi Biffer, British Army NATO Green is BS381C 285 Hataka make that shade as part of a British Army paint set, although you should be able to find it separately as well. They make it in a paint brush formualtion, as well as an airbrush ready version, and also a lacquer. It may be available in other paint ranges too - not sure without checking. Vallejo make Bronze Green, which was the colour used prior to NATO Green, and it's probably close enough that you wouldn't really spot the difference. There are also various paint companies that will mix that colour (and any other) to order, either as a paint or spray can. There's one here, but there are plenty of others. Andy
  2. Love the result Roger. I think you got the balance with the weathering spot on. Andy
  3. NATO Green is a generic name - each contry uses their own variant of it, so there's no real accurate shade; it depends on what you're building. Tamiya's version is a good all rounder, AMMO's NATO Green is a little darker. AK's Real Color version is quite vivid, which is similar to the shade used by France. Those are the three I've got to hand, but there are plenty of other options including colours that aren't labeled as NATO Green, but work well all the same. Andy
  4. I love the hull shaping you've used here. It has a Star Wars vibe, but still has a unique look - something the designs in the new films are sadly lacking. Andy
  5. Lovely work Andrés. The paint and weathering are very impressive at such a small scale. Andy
  6. Yes, that's the one. I don't often add water unless I want the effects to be very transparent. I've just been weathering a truck cab with some dark brown mixed roughly 50/50 with glaze and no further thinning with water, and the effect was fairly transparent while still showing up. That allowed me to build up dirt staining and shading with multiple layers without the effects becoming too intense. Andy
  7. Love those dirty red tones - they contrast really well with the clean silver. The blue shading looks very smart and, crucially, very natural as well. I think you got the spray angle perfect. Andy
  8. A killer Firefly John; well up to your usual high standards. I love the simple but effective base too. Andy
  9. The Austin's looking lovely Roger. I've been thinking about picking one of these up for a while, and seeing your build is definitely convincing me to get one. You might be in luck John Andy
  10. Why would you throw the kit away? If the track runs are too long, just remove the excess links. To be honest, you don't need a full run for each side on an Abrams anyway since the top run is hidden behind the side skirts. Andy
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone There's not a lot to see in the cockpit Andrés; it's a bit of a black hole. There's a couple of shots here from the build though Andy
  12. Focke-Wulf Triebflügel MiniArt 1/35 This is MiniArt's new Triebflügel interceptor from their recently launched "What If?" range. It's a very nice kit, although I guess it's a slightly alien scale for most aircraft modellers. The semi-fictional design should mean it will fit in with a 1/32 collection without looking too out of place though. No real issues with the build, although I did make a slight modification to the mounting points for the stabiliser wheels to give them a more secure fit. Apart from that it was out of the box, with the exception of a harness set from HGW. Thanks for looking Andy
  13. You could try Hataka? They do an airbrush ready acrylic range (like Model Air) and a brush range (like Model Colour). The early Israeli set they make is only in the red (airbrush optimsed) range, but they should still be brushable. It would probably just require more coats. Andy
  14. Hi Marlin, Depend which AK paints you mean. The ones in the image are from the Real Color line and are lacquer type paints and not really brush paintable. They need thinning with lacquer thinner, such as Mr Color self levelling, which is a solvent and will damage the surface of the kit if you're applying the paint by brush (and it'll probably wreck your brushes too). AK's regular acrylic paint line, which comes in Vallejo style dropper bottles, is brush paintable, although I find it too thin and watery myself. AMMO is a better choice for brush painting, and Vallejo better still. Andy
  15. It's a good kit, albeit with a few rough areas that need a little attention. It builds up into a nice model though. My build is here Andy
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