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  1. Thanks Albert Chopper's a resin kit from JPG Productions, as are the Gonk and the Probe Droid. Not sure if they're still available but you could check their Facebook page. All three needed some extra work, as the resin castings were a little rough in places, but they make a pretty solid starting point to make a decent model. The build of the Gonk is here, the Probe Droid here, and Chopper here Andy
  2. Thanks everyone. They are a pretty unsavoury lot. They can be seen below, along with my other droids Andy
  3. I think there's a better (although still small) chance of Revell reboxing the FM Slave 1 since its appearence in Mandalorian, but if they do, the problem might be the price. The Bandai kits they've distributed have been priced fairly competitively compared to imports, but their previous FM reboxes were priced sky high. The Revell/FM 1/72 Vader's TIE, which is a nice kit but grossly underscale, was priced around £60 at a time when the superior Bandai kit could be had for around £20. I paid around £50 for Slave 1 when it was still produced by FM. I think if Revell released it now it
  4. Really nice work. The A-Wings look great with yellow trim. Andy
  5. R3-B0 'Rebo' R Series Astromech Droid Bandai 1/12 This is R3-B0, or Rebo, an astromech who can be found trundling aimlessly around the back streets of Mos Eisley, carrying his few worldy possessions in his basket. He can occasionally be seen in the company of some of Tatooine's other droid lowlife, i.e. B0-R15, DN-LD, and N1-G3L. In real life, he's another Bandai R2 modification, actually the one that came with BB-8, and he's been waiting around since 2016 to be finished. Most of the detailing is just spares box bits and bobs, and his shopping basket is stainl
  6. It all looks like proper modelling to me Will - a fantastic collection of builds, although the tiles remain my favourite. Looking forward to seeing the Titanic and seals with some paint on. Andy
  7. Some better photos here http://svsm.org/gallery/Willys-GPW-1-4-ton-1943 Andy
  8. Not the best photo, but hopefully shows what you're looking for Andy
  9. Thanks again for the comments everyone Andy
  10. Great builds Bruce, especially the GR4. The subtle weathering on that looks amazing. Andy
  11. Amazing set of models Jeroen. The Heller Scania in particular stands out, love how you did the weathering on that one. Andy
  12. Lovely build Dan. That zimmerit set looks like it works really well. Andy
  13. The concrete base looks much better than the plain black. For the lettering, I think I'd go with a dark iron tone, then add some rust streaks running down the concrete. Patinated bronze would also look good, but maybe wouldn't contrast as much with the concrete? Andy
  14. Great build. I love the Meng world war toons kits. Andy
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