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  1. These are so nice. I love the faded blue, and the subtle tonal shifts you've got across the tiles. Andy
  2. Lovely looking build. You've got some really nice panel variation on both the red and white areas. Andy
  3. Coming together really well Darryl. As others have said, the oil fading is very effective, especially on the black. Nice work with the tracks too. Andy
  4. That's a very neat looking design, and clever parts use too. It's definately got a MaK look to it, but also a hint of Derek Stenning's EK designs as well. Looking forward to seeing it painted. Andy
  5. Excellent build Christian. The dusty weathering looks spot on. Andy
  6. Thanks goggsy... a kitty eh? Not a true son or daughter of Skyrim then He may well be sick -It'll be that arrow to the knee he took By the way, do you get to the Cloud District very often? What am I saying, of course you don't Andy
  7. Lovely builds Dermot, particularly the Brute conversion. They look so much better in the classic colours. Andy
  8. Thanks Tamás Thanks Max, No, there's no particular reason why I didn't use chipping fluid. Doing it that way would have worked just as well - probably better actually. The main reason I used masking fluid was that it was quick, and I only needed to do the chipping on quite a small area. If I'd done it over the whole ship I would probably have used chipping fluid. Andy
  9. There are some of the paints I used in my build of the Finemolds Slave 1 listed here. You might need to convert them to your own paint brand preferences, but it might be some help. Andy
  10. That's a great looking figure. The shading and highlighting on the robes is very effective. The photography looks fine to me. If you have issues with colour balance, try settting the camera to daylight and lighting the figure with a couple of daylight balanced bulbs. Andy
  11. Lovely build Michael. The UE is a tiny thing in 1/72, isn't it. Andy
  12. Thanks everyone Yeah, I don't think I've ever even worn the classic horned helmet at any point in almost 9 years of playing the game. Andy
  13. Thanks everyone Yes, I keep them, although quite a few are in storage due to lack of display space. Andy
  14. Beautiful build Carius. Really nice work on the paint and weathering. Andy
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