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  1. So in a previous post i pointed out how my figure painting with acrylic sucked and i was gonna strip all my figures and start again with oils, a medium i feel more comfortable with.....so as Nightshift raved at how good the VMS clean slate was i thought i would give it a go............. Well it arrived ten mins ago ...so got a dish and poured some in... annnnnd instantly recognised the smell.... Now VMS probably won't like me saying this but to hell with it .......save yourself some cash and just but a 5 litre of industrial floor cleaner ...5ltr of IFC is the same price as 200mls of clean
  2. I have to hand it to Aber ....(crappy gun barrel aside) i have a lot of their stuff in my stash including 4 of these complete detail sets...this is the first one i have actually had a chance to use...the instructions are thorough and simple the etch itself is very comprehensive with very little padding with parts that are not necessary...and to top it all they even supply tools to assist in the more challenging aspects of the etch, like assembly of working hinges and even stencils to mark the positions of things like the mounting blocks for the side skirts...important as if you get the spacing
  3. Thanks David ....this is the Tamiya early kit with some selected Aber P.E and some minor scratch building as finding the Dragon kit was hard and the Dragon kits are commanding some serious money now...... £80 + for their initial Tiger and if you want one for a reasonable price then ordering from China is your only other choice. Thanks Paolo
  4. Thats coming together really nicely bud......gonna do the back of mine tonight ...and possibly some of the turret ...can't do the side of the hull till i put the mounting blocks in place for the side skirts Straight from the source mate ...they even sent via overnight courier https://sylcreate.com/shop/
  5. Just pullin your plonker mate ...it's all good......and as for the turret change the weld bead position and you instantly have a final production turret.............but as you say it's not important and 99% of the world wouldn't notice anyway...i think as i do with all your builds that it looks fabulous...keep up the great work bud...and if you do want to join in with the Tiger Superthread it was always no rules just come on in and play.......your always welcome bud
  6. Magic sculp totally rocks........ Decided to give it a try on the zimmerit......oh it's soooo good. 1-mix the two parts together...duh 2- use a cut down chop stick with the end cut at 45 degree angle dipped in water then patted dry to spread putty till really thin(wood soaks up water so you don't make the putty soggy and the wood remains damp enough that the putty doesn't stick to it) 3-use soft brush to apply talcum powder over the putty 4- use made up plasticard tool with tip cut to right width and rounded at top to apply the texture 5- blow excess talc of and
  7. The turret seems to be a bit of a mish mash........The layout (loaders hatch close in defence weapon ) says March 44 but the weld seams say interim with 25mm roof plate not 40mm roof and Pilsen and rain channels on the cupola says May 44........ odd.
  8. I take it we all smell over at the Tiger 1 superthread as you haven't joined us.....i even bought a new body spray ....we could have done with a classy build but you obviously don't like us .....don't worry we won't take it personally
  9. That really is lovely..............bet that is gonna take pride of place on the shelf........beautifully done.........simple subtle and very realistic.....well done. Steve.
  10. That's the hope as the place won't be packed ...you have to pre book a visit at the moment.... which means, i hope, i might get a chance to speak to some people who work there.........bit nearer the time i will put up a post to ask if anybody wants photos of anything.
  11. Well you live ...you learn....i wouldn't have ever considered that ....especially not after seeing how it bites into glass fibre when filling motorcycle race fairing panels......i honestly thought it would damage styrene plastic......still you are only using a thin scrape of it ......i always remember the heat that stuff would throw of during curing when you used plop in large amounts. Not only that but our novice zimmeriter is gonna have to get a move on if i remember correct even with undermixing the hardener you had ten minutes max before that stuff would start to harden off
  12. Also just noticed that your application of filler is too thick......if you get the above greenstuff roll it till you can almost see the plastic underneath once you have the pattern you want ...DO NOT SAND IT.....you will take the top edge of the texture and it will look like a roofers ladder glued to the side of your tank.........zimmerit was hand applied on Tigers it was relatively neat but on Panthers it looked like it was thrown on .....but either way it always looked rough..it was after all a type of concrete.
  13. This stuff will work just fine....... is cheap as chips and you can pre roll it into a sheet and apply to your model. Press on and keep the tip of whatever tool you use wet to stop it from sticking and then as said ...take your time ...this stuff takes hours to set fully so you have plenty of time to practice ....if at the end you don't like the result peel of roll it between your fingers to soften then roll into a sheet again and try again. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303107980671?hash=item4692a4bd7f:g:nDoAAOSwfideCGup
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