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  1. Well this was a mission to do......Made from 30 seperate parts ..not including the rivets, it started fine got the main body all soldered up only to realise that i had literally put it together inside out....obviously at the point of that realization it was too late too do anything about it.... luckily it didn't change the dimensions but did mean that all the riveting had to be done by hand. Think it turned out ok given the fact i nearly tore all my hair out when i realized what i had done.
  2. That might be one of the most beautiful Shermans i've seen in a very long time .......but you are obviously a man of taste anyway judging by your avatar and online moniker ....Futurama might be one of the greatest animated series of all time ( along with Archer of course) so can't wait to see your next project judging by this it will be a proper corker.
  3. What this geezer said .... take the inside diameter of the barrel then transfer it to a sheet of paper then you lay strips of thin lead foil or similar diagonally to get the correct angles spacing and number of grooves then you can glue the strips to the paper and roll before inserting to the barrel.
  4. Honestly hier Darryl that looks so nice , really want to get 213 finished so i can do me a sand Tiger.......and that's your fault...see i can throw baseless accusations too...........but really, it is your fault. When using Tiger 131 as reference it does have to be remembered that she is a prized piece of a museum and so gets a great deal of love and care (as she should) lavished on her...so is never gonna really be seen weathered and dirty as she would have been in action, that said the soot on the back is already heavy and very noticeable even after a few very careful runs , so you can imagine how one would look after a few weeks of hard use......never get bored of looking at her though, in the next few years there's gonna be a few more working Tiger 1"s. Think the Australian late Tiger at their armour museum is slated to have a fully working final build (the one i linked to on youtube) and the Wheatcroft Collection build i believe is going to be a full restoration....should be interesting.
  5. I strongly refute these wild accusations ...... here is a pic or two of my Tiger as it is right now as you can see it bares no resemblance to the wild statement made by hier Darryl...i mean just look at it ...almost straight from the box build Still lots to do ...still two more frets of PE plus i haven't finished the other track yet zimmerit for the turret yada yada yada ....yall get the idea
  6. OI i never said anything about playin with your fanny............................................i do apologise i completely miss read that............... any hoo that is starting to look very smart indeed heir Darryl ..... the track brackets came out nicely didn't they...as for the exhaust area, these are very young Tigers so i guess they didn't have time to build up all that soot... all in all Darryl its lookin very nice indeed
  7. VE HAVE VAYS OF MAKING YOU PORK........... I like eating my fingers especially when doing all this fiddly work with brass...... and while i'm here aren't we supposed to have another update on your Kitty ...pull your finger out young Darryl
  8. You know zat zee Chermans have a large appetite..... there is a whole shelf of Cherman sausage next to the drivers position ....silly inglisher
  9. Last night was spent soldering the side skirts..... first and last bolt holes were pinned so as to make a far more solid mount for them. First and last mount blocks have been drilled to except the pinned guards simple push fit and nice and sturdy Just the other side to do then time to add the bolt heads
  10. At least he had no problems getting heat into the brass using that
  11. They look really crisp Zack..nicely detailed ....amazing what they can 3D print now , the technology is moving on leaps and bounds......don't think it will be long before we start seeing full kits produced this way.
  12. I only use the Zap to glue finished assemblies of PE to the model and filling parts that are hard to reach with standard fillers , all my PE is soldered ....i used the black widow stuff from AK for a while myself but i had problems with it thickening in the bottle.....the Zap stuff is slightly thinner and can be used with resin powder to fill gaps also Zap does there stuff in big bottles with double caps (inner cap and outer cap) so less chance of it drying out in the bottle.....other than that it doesn't do anything that everyday CA does.
  13. https://soldersandfluxes.co.uk/p2219/Leaded-Solder-Wire-Fluxed-50g.html ....... this is the solder i use https://soldersandfluxes.co.uk/p1184/Fluxrite-Paste-Flux-for-Copper-Brass-and-Steel.html ........ and flux .....the best in the business..... paste is just a flux and surface prep. Tiger is comin on nice , the falafels look good and like the added detail on the exhaust,,,,in fact the paint and finish are all comin on nice Darryl. As for mine i'm getting brass blind (think snow blindness you get the idea) and look at the frets i still have to do......going to be full on Stevie Wonder by the time this lot is done.
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