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  1. M3talpig

    Stowage on tanks

    I would argue that whatever your chosen scale ...you inherit that scales limitations.......76th 35th 16th 1/6.....all options for realism grow with the scale...at some point though to get a good result artistic interpretation has to be a fact.....if we all built our models to strict borders of purely realistic then our models would by definition contain no art or interpretation......... essentially we would all be building exactly the same thing........it might not be realistic to add that rust to that 3 week old Sherman....but it sure makes it that much more interesting to look at though.
  2. M3talpig

    Stowage on tanks

    Will be mailing them this week ...will let you know if i get a reply.....have you got your decals yet John
  3. M3talpig

    Stowage on tanks

    pure silk so yes mate completely fuzz free and very very authentic looking...i dyed mine with yellow ochre oil and a little white spirit absolutely scale rope ...the size linked is good for light towing rope (ideal for willys jeep)or tie down rope on tanks.
  4. M3talpig

    Stowage on tanks

    its from this diorama and it is parked and the figure is indeed without helmet and the map case is out because there either routing traffic or just checking their position...the tarp on the bonnet is a screen cover and the real thing is an envelope for the windscreen so is pulled over and the weight of the screen hold them in place. The driver will be stood just to the left of the jeep and waving to the crew of the sherman as they pass you will notice also the individual c-ration box on the seat next to the driver indicating he was probably eating lunch as the convoy passed I also made your point by ensuring the backpacks on the side of the jeep do in fact have straps which are wrapped around the roof bars Thread here should you be interested
  5. M3talpig

    Stowage on tanks

    This stuff...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2M-Griffin-100-Natural-White-Silk-String-Cord-Thread-Stringing-Pearls-Beads/253497824617?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=552683245277&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 used here on the front bumper
  6. Thats coming along well John....lots of scope for weathering on this project especially chipping and paint wear and soot and oil around the exhaust....really looking forward to seeing your process with this. Steve
  7. Will follow along if ya don't mind...big fan of the Stug's myself and will be interesting to see your take on this interesting infantry support vehicle...great start by the way and nice that you remembered to sag the front suspension.....should give it a really nice profile when its done.
  8. A product that is always in my toolbox ...best on the market by far
  9. Afew links you may find interesting Above is one of Kampfgruppe Peiper's Tigers but also touches on other vehicles of the same company as you can see no zim on any of these.... Most of Kampfgruppe Peiper's Tigers were painted in the tri color ambush scheme and the numbering system on the turret side's was a light blue with yellow edging and this book may be helpful https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qasREyrWMBgfKaUf-jdcN3r057yBJZZf/view?usp=sharing
  10. If you want codes for Pipers Tigers that shouldn't be a problem.....give me a day or so to go through my collection and i will try to get codes and their respective commanders listed for you.
  11. Lovely work...all the main details that make a good diorama have been achieved and the whole scene while simple is very convincing.....the vehicle is beautifully finished the figures fit the narrative nicely and the whole is tied together very nicely with some well crafted groundwork...seriously what's not too like.
  12. Not like me to follow modern armour as it leaves me a little cold but i have to say that you have done a top rate job on this...the weathering is subtle and very well done and the interest you have given the model by mixing two very different theater paint schemes is fantastic......a joy to look at ....very well done.
  13. I have a massive collection of Tiger and Tiger 2 photos and i can say that in my collection i have far more pics of King Tigers without zimmerit than with and almost if not all of Kampfgruppe Pipers Tigers used during the Ardennes offensive were zimmerit free...i would post the pics but i don't have the room on my free hosting account to do that..... i could always do you a zip file with some of the pics i have and email them to you or maybe even put it into my Drive account and send a link to you so you can take them from there.
  14. So very nice to scratch building hasn't died a death just yet, i love technology and have considered a 3D printer myself especially now there so affordable but on the same scale is the feeling that the same tech will eventually take the skill out of making an accurate model ...... very nicely done and really nice skills on display here.
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