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  1. Exhausts valves and collars done, exhaust guard hanger brackets glued in place and starter assembly modified and refitted with the correct spacing....... next weld beads for the brackets, fabricate rear mudguards and jack brackets tonight. Then a general clean up and repair of any damaged texture. Modeled the valves open as if the engine is running for no other reason than it looks good and i could. stay safe everyone
  2. Ok didn't realise you could do that but as you can see i do now thanks and sorry to anybody i did that too .....i had no idea that feature was a thing. Jeez that's frightening i'm 50 and fairly fit and healthy (gave up smoking 7-8 years ago) never thought the youngsters would be hit like that. Only left the house twice in the last two weeks ....honestly though i really don't think we have much control at this point , i mean it's just as likely you could get it of an envelope from your postman or a tin you picked up in the shop...3 days it survives on surfaces, be just my luck i will get it on my order from Humbrol. Just drink tea and keep that British stiff upper lip i'm certain most of us will be fine. Stay well bud Steve
  3. Hi Badder The scale on the house looks great imposing but not over the top....i don't know why but from the pictures i had something bigger in my minds eye ...the Tiger gives it some perspective. On the Tiger, the weathering looks amazing nicely done .....honestly leave it alone the tiger is done any more will over do it..... i was always taught that when you think you need to do that one last job ...that's when you know it's finished. Of course that just my opinion but the above statement has served me well in the past. Nice to see your project moving along mate. Keep well bud Steve
  4. There the right type but if you look at the connectors there at the end of each track block instead of between each track block ....it was years after the release of the kit when i think somebody at Military Modelling magazine noticed it.... doesn't in any way detract from what you have done it's a great model....99% of people never realise. Just one of those interesting cock ups made by Tamiya
  5. M3talpig


    Sup Rock welcome to the madhouse Always good to have another Tiger nut here pics are compulsory
  6. Why thanks guys.....i must get a place to take better photos and something other than my phone.... i didn't realise how bad the pics look until this morning...the box looks like a piece of chewed bubble gum with copper wire stuck in it ....it doesn't look that bad in person.
  7. Small update ...now i have finished the Sherman vignette time to get on with the Tiger again. Below is the tool box for the rear engine deck. As you can see it's tiny and bending the latches was a real test of my patience .....the kit part wasn't up to much.
  8. Typical ....it's always the heavy tanks that drive across the grass.....how rude Lovely build looks very menacing as it should.....and the base looks great showing it's weight nicely on the ground work 70 tons will definitely ruin the gardeners day...
  9. Lovely build nice to see something come back from the shelf of doom ....... Tamiya's tracks for the Stuart always make me giggle though can't believe that they did that.
  10. Love a well done Stug with ostketten they look so mean and purposeful what a lovely build and the weathering is spot on.
  11. Very very nice build and weathering and the figure is spot on
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