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  1. Mrs PlaStix

    Parasaurolophus Diorama Set - Tamiya 1/35

    Thanks Rob, Very kind of you - I'm now not in the least nervous...
  2. Mrs PlaStix

    Parasaurolophus Diorama Set - Tamiya 1/35

    Ciao Giorgio! Glad to be back! Hope The beasties don't disappoint!
  3. Mrs PlaStix

    Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Looking good, glad more dinos are about -even though this kit does show it's age. I agree with Carts' opinion! ... You're making great progress
  4. Mrs PlaStix


    Hiya! Sorry I've been away so long, but I've spotted that you're back creating your lovely beastie... I've decided to go back to dinos to get back into building - Life really gets in the way sometimes - doesn't it? If all goes to plan I may finish some of my vehicles eventually too... The Vulture idea is sound.
  5. Mrs PlaStix

    Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops - Pegasus Hobbies

    Great to see another brand of Dino kit. T- Rex looks well detailed, not sure I'm as keen on the Triceratops but will reserve judgement until I see it built...
  6. Having seen that more dinosaurs seem to be appearing on Britmodeller recently I decided to come out of retirement. I came across this kit online and thought it would be a good way to get back into making kits again - I was becoming a little disenchanted with the length of time it was taking to make vehicles... plus Life was getting in the way of modelling time... Box Sprues Material for leaves Plant and flying dino supports Instructions I made a start with the heads - yes there are two heads - one male one female - male on the right Although only one head will be used I'm making both for practice. I'll decide which to use once I see how they turn out. Well I've made a start and it's fun to be back in 'the land that Time forgot'...
  7. Mrs PlaStix

    Roman General 1/9 Bust - MMM

    Fantastic build as ever - amazing character , with great description of it's creation. Bet Russell wishes he looked that good!
  8. Mrs PlaStix

    Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Thanks John - I agree Dinos rule!!!
  9. Mrs PlaStix

    Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Cheers Andy, I think he's taught me quite well! It was challenging with the time constraints and I did leave out some detailed weathering, but was fairly happy with it.
  10. Mrs PlaStix

    Meng's "Toon" Tiger 1 in about 20 hours

    Thanks Lloyd, they do have a certain bizarre charm! You're too kind sir!
  11. Mrs PlaStix

    Royal Toon

    Love it!
  12. Mrs PlaStix

    Comrade Toon

    Great job! nowt wrong with hairy stick!!! - as he said!
  13. Mrs PlaStix

    Toon Tiger 1

    Many thanks! Very kind of you to say
  14. Having a bit of time on my hands and feeling like trying something different I decided to take part in the Blitz Build GB - my express aim is to beat my Better half... I was going to build my first ever plane, but someone-else got there first and so I nicked this kit from Stix's stash... It's been an interesting and fun packed few hours of modelling fun including some colourful language along the way, it's quite a challenging little kit. Anyway here are the photos: Link to my WiP