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  1. Thanks - but you are incorrigible Giorgio! - look what you started...
  2. Hummm! I had to take time to ask Stix about this as my knowledge is very limited...they are all very sound suggestions, depends how much cash you've got... Of course it's British - but as it came from USA, maybe an American style would be more appropriate...
  3. Thanks Clive - There's going to be a bit of delay until my paint arrives, but I should be able to do something on the flyers this weekend!
  4. Thanks Jaime, I've ordered some colours to try out for the beastie - the flying 'saurs are probably going to be grey based...
  5. Hi Jaime, this one is amazing, love the way you've matched the photo - you really should put it in a diorama...
  6. I got around to banishing most of the hideous florescent green colour by using a couple of thinned coats Humbrol's Desert Yellow using flat brushes. I also started work on the Nyctosaurus' : Progress may slow down a little more (if that's possible...) Work is intruding, unfortunately as it's that time of year... Anyway hopefully I'll decide on a proper colour scheme - suggestions welcomed!
  7. Managed to get a little more done. Generally the joints have been reasonably good. I haven't had to do as much filling as I'd had to with some of my other dinos'... First I got the rear legs attached - amazingly it balances brilliantly: Front legs on - starting to come together Finally the head - but which one? what sex will win? I decided the male head looked tidier so I am going to possibly go a little more colourful...
  8. Hi Sarge, yup I'm itching to put a coat of something on it...
  9. Cheers Vince! Good to hear from you, That guy is in all the kits -I'm thinking of using him in a diorama of Japanese explorers!! He's probably short sighted and needs the binoculars to see the dinos...
  10. Totally agree about the colour, Mr P. hates photographing it! So another one comes over to the "Dino-Side" Strangely enough I've just got the same Mesozoic Creatures kit - mainly because of the baby Parasaurolophus. I hope you and your grandson enjoy building them - Perhaps you can get Mrs T involved?
  11. I've been able to get on with this kit today. Funny how quickly you can get 'rusty' and need to get back into everything slowly, step by step... still it's fun and he/she seems to be progressing okay - heads from last time, legs started today After a while I got the rest of the parts removed and glued then did plenty of sanding and filling Front legs Spine join The seams are, as seems to always be the case, very evident and annoying requiring lots of patient cleaning up. I still look back on some of my earlier builds and regret not taking more time over them - even though when I started I didn't realise that some of them weren't part of the creature...I made the same error when building my Japanese bulldozer.
  12. Hi Clive, thanks for your interest in my latest project, hopefully I'll get around to doing more over the next week. The figure is supposed to be 'Tamiya- San' himself and appears in all the the Dino Dioramas that I have. Absolutely no idea why?...
  13. Cheers Stew, as I said it's not going to be quick! I was really worried when I opened the kit and got the leaf sheet out -upside down! Slight sigh of relief when I turned it over, but it's another challenge
  14. Hi John, hope you're settled in to your modelling abode. Your creatures are really coming along well, I'd not come across the Pegasus kits before, they look great.
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