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  1. Fantastic build! All that's missing from your collection is a dinosaur (or two) !!!
  2. Hi Gimme, long time away but I return to this - WOW - as usual you've created an amazing spectacle. I've just restarted after a period of being too distracted by life to remember how good it is to just concentrate on something relaxing yet challenging... Truly an inspiration to us Dino fans!!!
  3. Thanks! I'm quite delighted with PlaStix's photos - "the camera never lies" but it can really enhance in the right light and skilled hands...
  4. GWH F-35A Snap Kit USAF in flight Originally bought in case of an 'under a tenner' build... it's turned out to be a fun introduction to building aircraft. Gave me a break from building Dinosaurs and a chance to 'brush up' a few skills. The build thread can be found here: Thanks to PlaStix (Mr P.) for the photos:
  5. Having let the Kleer dry I returned for the final(?) session Stix gave me one of his picture frames from the stash together with some grass mat and clear plastic rod. I drilled the base of the frame and cut and glued the grass in before shoving the rod in and putting it in the frame Next I sprayed it with Humbrol Matt Varnish. Once dry I painted the red/blue lights at the end of the wings, then I covered them with Kleer. Next I put 'Kirstin' in place and fitted the canopy. Finally I fitted the exhaust. Finished!!! I actually managed to make dinner in amongst this without burning anything - a minor miracle in itself
  6. After lunch back to the decals... wish it had just come with stickers! some are ridiculously tiny... All done now, had to trim inner bits a little to get them to sit right, but fairly straight forward otherwise. Just put a coat of Kleer on top side - Not much more to do, except for the display bit. Hopefully get it finished after Dinner - but as it's Pork with all the trimmings - I may be up against it...
  7. Later start this morning - up at usual time, but had lots to do first... Decal time - decided to go for the USAF version as it's more colourful and it's Memorial Day in the USA. As usual kept getting confused over where things went, but so far so good... Have coated bottom in Kleer now to fix the decals. Time for lunch - Mr. S chicken sandwich, me bacon and avocado salad...
  8. Managed to fit in a bit more work on 'plane general tidying up and then sploshing Johnson's Pledge (Kleer) all over it twice... all in preparation for the very scary bit - the decals... now off to do more wonderful work...
  9. Thanks! Really impressed with the detail on her, considering her size and the cartoon quality. Cheers! Glad you inspired me to do a little research, pleased to find real female display pilot.
  10. Then I had to decide how to paint the lighter details on the wing edges. I am probably the most cack handed person on the planet - left handed with no coordination whatsoever. After some discussion with Mr S I came to the conclusion that if I masked off the areas (getting most of tape stuck to me...) I could then dry brush with Light Grey... I did the other sections in the same way and then had to stop for a while (more )
  11. Right then, after work and lunch (bacon baps & custard slice- anyone see a pattern here?) I got back to working on the pilot and some detailing: Meet Captain Kristin "BEO" Wolfe: 5 pence coin for scale: I appreciate that the real life officer might possibly not be too flattered, but I thought it was fun to actually celebrate an actual person. You can blame Hockeyboy76 for making me want to name her!!! https://www.388fw.acc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2099301/388-fw-pilot-to-lead-f-35a-demonstration-team/
  12. A reasonable start time this morning, considering... Got bit more done, hate fiddly bits, but practice makes more practice... really love the little pilot, he/she has a fun quality, whilst retaining some degree of accuracy. Got first coat on fuselage. Stopped now to do other non exciting stuff.
  13. Lovely looking build! Classic plane
  14. Very impressive for something so tiny - As Mr. P says not something we could do without optical assistance!
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