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  1. At least every other sentence in the magazine doesn't start or end in an ellipsis.
  2. That's an older photo of one the earlier configurations. It's had various changes since then, it now looks like this (the slat armour has been replaced with nets for example);
  3. This is a still from a video covering the T-90M, they included some very brief footage of the T-80BVM too:
  4. Hi all This is a 1/72nd scale scratch-built turret of the first production version of the Ukrainian T-84. I've co-authored a new book on scratch-building techniques, my contribution covers building this in detail from start to finish. https://www.insidethearmour.com/product-page/more-scratchbuilding-masterclass regards Alex
  5. Those look great, excellent detailing on them! I look forward to seeing them finished. regards Alex
  6. Thanks Andrew. A few parts were cast in resin but much of it is just one off parts for the model. Plus I would have to have approached it a bit differently if I'd wanted to make it a full master and design the parts specifically from the start. The way I make and cast them requires a lot of further work after to assemble. I might work on something for commercial purposes soon, I'm looking at a few ideas (T-80 related).
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments, I'm glad you like it! regards Alex
  8. Thanks Keith, I made the stowage from thinly rolled MagicSculp putty. regards Alex Thanks John. I'm working on something that should be published before the end of the year.
  9. Hi all This is a homemade conversion of the Modelcollect T-80BV kit, converted to one of the recent T-80BVM configurations. I painted it with Tamiya acrylics and weathered it with Humbrol enamels. regards Alex
  10. It looks to be offset to the right (from the crew perspective) which fits with most more recent photos of T-72 / 80 / 90.
  11. These were taken on 9th Sep in Murmansk during the 'Tankman's Day' celebrations. Probably my favourite version of the T-80! (Photos source is the Russian MOD).
  12. Hi-res versions and other vehicles are here: https://www.vitalykuzmin.net/Military/ARMY-2018-Demonstration-part-1/
  13. Yes, the vehicle in the photo has one of the old style and one of the new mudguards whereas the kit piece you've shown has both as the newer type. Regarding the anti-radiation cladding, you need to leave the single piece on the right side of the photo next to the driver hatch (i.e. to the left of the driver from his perspective)
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