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  1. Are any fellow BM members attending Southern Expo at Hornchurch this year? It's always a cracking show!
  2. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    As long as they resemble the real thing I'll be happy. I could see myself getting seriously bogged down with these parts, so decided to go largely with that's on offer in the kit and do some minor improvements. If I had the skill and knowledge of how to use a 3D printer and it's associated software I'd print new intakes and do them that way. Then I could make resin copies and make a fortune flogging them to you lot! Cheers. Yes the parts are pretty basic but they're a starting point. It would be great if someone could bring out some decent resin sets to improve it, but I can't imagine the market would be that big to be honest. Saying that, I think Gerald has been surprised with how well it's sold and has struggled to keep up with demand. I'd love to see more build threads on here so we can share the trials and tribulations together! As far as I know, only @Sebastien has taken the plunge so far - there must be others than ourselves that have them lurking on the to-do pile... I'm currently working on the engine pylons and have them cut out of the backing sheet, but it's taking for ever to rub them down to the correct thickness. I must stop wasting time on here and get back to it!
  3. Slowly. I've made a start on the pylons but the fact that there's 8 halves to rub down to the correct thickness, it's taking a while. Come on, man. Where's your sense of adventure?
  4. Looking very good so far - that's an awful lot of plastic card!
  5. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Afternoon guys and gals A little bit more on the Big BUFF for you - I've been plodding on with the engines over the last few sessions. I've opened up the outlets at the rear of the bypass section - more spacers need to be added but the basic shape is now there: Repeating the process four times was a little tedious but nevertheless essential as the kits parts were simply blanks and wouldn't look right in 1/144th scale, let alone 1/48th: I've also done a little more fettling with the intakes - they won't pass a strict accuracy test from B-52 experts but without major, and I mean major, surgery to the nacelles I think they're as good as I'm going to be able to get them: So here we are now - the forward sections are more or less done, with work now ready to commence on the rear sections and the pylons: Until next time, Tom
  6. Sorry, for a moment I thought you said it was listed at £107... ...for a 1/72nd scale Liberator?What a bargain. Sign me up for a squadrons worth. How on Earth can that price be justified? Utter madness.
  7. Loving this so far, Neil. From my experience with Sanger kits, she'll all that bracing to hold her steady! My advice would be to build the inner wing spars as an integral part of the bomb bay roof for added strength - doing it whilst the fuselage is still open also aids greatly with getting things aligned correctly, too. Really looking forward to seeing more... Tom
  8. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    With kits of this nature lots of scratch-work is par for the course. The wheel bays, bomb bay (if I open it up), flap apertures (if I decide to drop them) as well as the flightdeck and much of the undercarriage will all have to be done from scratch. I think the whole model is going to need re-scribing, too - a job I'm not a fan of to be honest. Still, as I say to the wife: keeps me quiet and out of the pub!
  9. That spar idea is one that is definitely growing on me... I'm always worried about having a too-visible join when the wings are removable (especially with vacs) so I'm interested to see the results. Tom
  10. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    I've had a good read (well look - my Japanese is a bit rusty!) of this build and it is out of this world... if mine is even a quarter as good as that I'll be over the moon! Lots of really useful tips though...
  11. 1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Afternoon all, A little more progress has been made on the engines... I did think long and hard about narrowing the nacelles but decided against it in the end as it was going to be more hassle and work than I was prepared to undertake. The problem is the fact that if I removed a slither down the centre of the nacelles to bring the intakes closer together, this would mean that the exhaust cones couldn't have the correct gap between them and thus the pylon wouldn't fit where it joins the nacelles at the rear between the exhausts. I did then think about just removing the forward, larger bypass section and narrowing that, but that would result in the forward section being narrower than the rear section... problems that would be very difficult to overcome - therefore I decided life's too short and carried on regardless. The model will never grace a competition table and I've never been too bothered with absolute accuracy, so sod it! So... the rear of the nacelles were opened up and brass tube of the correct diameter was cut and glued firmly in place. These were banked off and I'll have a scratch around in the spares box at some point to find something to represent the rear of the hot section in due course and bung 'em in. The white metal fans were added to the rear of the plastic pipe intakes - later on these were reinforced with more plastic card to avoid the risk of them ever falling inside the nacelles: With the internals done, I then joined the top and bottom halves, blending them in with filler. The forward sections containing the new intake trunking was also blended in with filler, and contours smoothed in. I've been playing with some Milliput and have begun building up the fairing in between the intakes to lessen the effect of them being too wide apart, but some more fiddling will be needed here as and when: Next I'm going to start detailing the rear of the bypass section and make the vents so characteristic of this section before starting on the pylons. Stay tuned! All the best, Tom
  12. Loving this spar idea... am taking notes ready for when I get to mine. All the internal bracing going in looks impressive too, but I suppose it needs to be for something this big! Tom
  13. RAM Models

    I ordered a set of decals for the Airfix Nimrod a while back. It took a few months for them to arrive (I was about to start looking into getting a refund via PayPal) but they are of excellent quality and, dare I say it, worth the wait. Tom
  14. Good work on that back end so far - the joys of vacs, eh? I'm glad the wing issue has been mentioned - it's going to add a lot of extra work to the build but the upper wing profile is just too flat as it comes in the kit. I imagine it'll mean having to remove the nacelles as you flip the upper and lower surfaces, but it's a small price to pay as it'll greatly improve the overall look of the finished article. I too have all of the articles on the scratch-built one from Air Modeller - it's a really useful resource and I when I get back to my 1/32nd one I'll be using that as my main reference. Can't help out with any spare parts I'm afraid - hopefully the good chaps on here will come to your rescue - if they haven't already done so. I can't wait to see more! Tom
  15. So Gerald managed to sell one to someone else then? I'm really pleased you've started this - we can hold each other's hand through the trials and tribulations ahead... I think the nose shape is off for the early versions at the radar - the cockpit windows and upper radar dome nose profile should be more or less in a straight line (you can see this in the plans on your manual) but the kit has the more pointed nose for the G/H versions... this may be somewhat remedied with the fitting of the clear parts. If so, it means I've got a lot of work ahead re-profiling the nose for the H version... I'll be interested to see what happens as you progress. I'm still plugging away with the engines on mine - I'll update my thread at some point soon but progress has been slow due to the numerous difficulties I've encountered so far. I'm glad you started with the fuselage as I can see any pitfalls you find, and hopefully I can return the favour by starting with the wings and engines first - although your engines will be different to my version of course. Are you going to open up the bomb bay? I think I'm going to try on mine but may change my mind when I get that far! All the best, Tom