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  1. Absolutely beautiful build!! i shall definitely be referring to your build thread as I have three of these revell kits in my stash to do! A normal one I got to practise prior to doing the ltd Ed eduard kit and the farewell one as well. Can’t say I’m looking forward to doing any of them after reading some of the comments lol!!
  2. Hi folks! I’m buikding a 1/48 F-16 and have decided I want to do it as it’s just coming off the production line and so still in primer prepaint. To do it justice I need some maintenance scaffolding/ladders/platforms for it but can I find any!? if anyone has any ideas, preferably not scratch build as I’m not proficient enough for that sadly, then I’m all ears! Like this pic if possible or similar. http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/f16_2.jpg
  3. that’s the best my totally amazed brain can manage at the moment!!
  4. “..it is articulated, so you could go flying” Peter, at this point I’d be more amazed if it DIDN’T fly!!
  5. Like everyone else; I thought that was a real flipping helo when I saw the first photo...and the second...and the third...you get the picture!! Outstanding work. Simply outstanding!!
  6. I’m sure it isn’t just me who expected those little figures to start actually moving!! The detail is amazing. I’m genuinely in awe!
  7. And here’s me worrying about getting a tamiya 1/48 P-51 built and painted! Amazing work! I love the comment half way down where you say “time to start on the detail” wha...what the fudge is all that you’ve done if not incredulous attention to detail! So impressed by the skills on show here. It motivates me to do better with my bog standard non modified models.
  8. @shark 64 thanks for the vote of confidence. I did pluck up the courage and posted my F-15 in the RFI section. I think the only bit I was reasonably chuffed with was the metal effects and even they are rudimentary at best I keep looking at posts like yours and I am definitely picking up tips and tricks so I hope my next one(s) a tamiya 1/48 P-51D and a MiG-29 reflect that and are better
  9. That’s a beautiful model there matey! Very nicely done.
  10. Very nice! I do like the F-16 as a Jet. I may have to pick one up for the stash. How was the academy kit to build?
  11. I know how for me; work and kids!! thank you guys one and all for your kind comments. I spent the best part of 3 days umming and ahhhing about posting the photos up here after following WIPs from the likes of Fozzy and shark64!
  12. Very true! I love seeing the little sun assemblies coming together and then the painting. I really love the painting! Even more so now with the decent airbrushes.
  13. Oh and the camo patterns was freehand cause I got bored masking so thought I’d wing it and see what happened!
  14. Hi Gary, go on tell me how you know thank you though; I appreciate your comments buddy very kind of you.
  15. So, here it is! In all it’s horrific glaring errors and dodgy masking attempts. This is the first model I’ve built in eight years and also the first I’ve done using acrylics and airbrushes for the majority. It’s also my first attempt at weathering and adding (hopefully!) realistic metallic finishes. I know theres areas that i could've filled and sanded better; areas that I should’ve masked better; the canopy is a mess - first time trying a liquid mask; the seam lines look much worse than they did in person and it’s a bit scruffy overall. I think I rushed in my desire to see one do
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