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  1. Iii./jg2 fw190 a8 scheme

    the plans are from 1978, the kit is mid 70's. the build here maybe of some use https://modelingmadness.com/review/axis/luft/jamison190.htm IIRC many Eduard Fw190's come with alternate wheels, so maybe worth asking for spares of those. HTH T
  2. Italeri Hurricane Mk.I Trop boxed with wrong wing set?

    The Italeri IIC fuselage is longer. the wing shown above is longer at the front undercowl, which is where it should be. The Mk.II is 4 inches longer then the Mk.i, see here for more on Mk.i vs Mk.II the basic wing stayed the same apart from armament on all the metal wing Hurricanes. The Italeri IIC maybe worth working on as it is a Mk.II as far as I remember, and making a Mk.I into a Mk.II is not that easy (see above link) but I'd need to pull it out and run through the checklist. I know they got the wing access panels wrong. Early Mk.II's did have the straight tailwheel, like these early IIc's Some Mk.I's later got the knuckle tailwheel in service, P2617 at Hendon still has from from training command days, along with a 'bullet' Rotol.
  3. Iii./jg2 fw190 a8 scheme

    HI Ian scalemates talking out the bottom, the top scheme is a IV./JG 3 - Fw 190 Sturmbock this one these were specialised bomber destroyer units, note the extra armour on the hood, and just visible, armour plate under the cockpit. They often stripped out the cowl mgs, and had 30 mm canon on the outer wings. The kit as supplied will not have these. bit more on the type http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/focke-wulf-190-sturmbock-over.html loads more about Sturmbock units here http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Fw 190 Sturmbock including more on the armour and equipment fit, and outer wing guns http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/wilhelm-moritz-fw-190-8r2-schongau.html and more on the subtype http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/difference-between-fw190a-8r2-and-8r8.html so, back to the original question no, no outer underwing pods. I think the red nose, and rudder are wrong, some has black noses. The markings were done a long time ago, and an awful lot more info on Luftwaffe markings has come out since Are you planning on using the original decals? I don't know how good they were to start with, let alone after 40 years... There are loads of Fw190 decals floating about. the Eduard profipacks come with multiple options. Ask in the wanted section. the kit as stands is wrong for the markings supplied for black 13 anyway. the good news is the Otaki kit is very well shaped, (compared to AL Bentley's Fw190 drawings) and has fine engraved detail. To build a Sturmbock you need to do some work, the basic kits is a standard A8 IIRC, but offhand I can't remember the details of what armament was fitted to the kit, but I think it lacks the outer wing bulges, and the wheels are poor. I'd have to dig mine out to refresh more details. there are plenty of Fw190 buffs here who will know more, @FalkeEins blog is the one I linked. HTH
  4. there was a thread which mentioned this recently, which I can't find. most of the kit is common, I don't think are any modified sprues, but there are sprue's unique to each boxing. the easiest thing would be to search up some reviews with sprue shots, and it should be clear from that. ah, found it, and it's you asking the question the answers is in the links, the short is
  5. Italeri Hurricane Mk.I Trop boxed with wrong wing set?

    the only issue is the lower front wing You just need to trim the excess length, and then reshape the sides to match the fuselage. Very annoying but hardly difficult to fix. the carb intake is further back on a Mk.II, but if built as a tropical version, the air filter will cover that. Do try to get a spare DH prop, the new tool Airfix has two types, and the the most obvious eyesore in the Italeri kit is the spinner....the one shown in the marking profiles is the right shape..
  6. FM HP Halifax Mk III

    Hi Chris there was a thread here on this, a member called @LongMan2 posted information and photos (which are on photobucket, try using a embed fix to see them)b on page 2 Note the other links as well, which lead to more. @Chris Jephcott managed to finish his kit! I appreciate you are a long way from central Canada, but they do have a Mk.VII Halifax, so some Canadian folks might have some actual measurements to work from. plenty to read and ponder on. HTH T
  7. RAF Tomahawk question....

    Date of publication was about 1970. scans of booklet are here http://www.boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Profiles/Camoflage-Markings/12-Tomahawk-Airacobra RM-E is here use the book scans to make some masks up, there is a profile here http://www.boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Profiles/Camoflage-Markings/12-Tomahawk-Airacobra/Tomahawk-Airacobra-and-Mohawk-12-08-960 Or, the new Airfix Tomahawk II kit has a RM-D as an option, https://www.airfix.com/media/groupedupsell/a05133.1_1501499069.jpg so someone will have these codes leftover, ask in the Wanted section, someone will most likely donate you some, the post to Europe I think is a pound BTW. HTH
  8. Some help with English towns

    the 'sex' bit is "Saxon" , the other bit is location, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sussex So Sussex = South Saxons, Essex = East Saxons, Wessex= West Saxons. Anglia come from Angles, the German tribes were the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, hence Anglo-Saxon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Saxons I once got a book on English place names from a library sale, thinking that will be interesting, but then came to realise many of the names were just someones name and a word for field,( Lea) wood, river or stream, (Ford, Bourne etc) Hill etc, or village (Ton, Ham) Local examples,(easy to think of) Eastbourne, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Kingston, Seaford, Hailsham, Heathfield, Brighton(though it was Brighthelmstone) The origin on Lewes is debated though. Newhaven, (a port) came about when a big storm changed the course of the river Ouse (Ouse = River in Anglo saxon IIRC) from coming out at Seaford, to a new location.... One interesting name ending is 'by' which is Danish, meaning village, and common in the North East of England,eg Derby Weatherby. Slightly off the OP question, but hopefully of passing interest.
  9. Issues with Italeri Plastic

    Just a follow up, the sprue parts I tested have formed normal hard joins. Tamiya Extra Thin is noted for being very volatile, if you don't have other glues, you could try brushing TET some onto the joining surface first, to soften the plastic, and then a little more when you come to join the parts.
  10. HI John A check at Halfords shows a variety of colours, any specfic reason for the yellow, or are they all the same? Just thinking of getting some as this looks a possible solution to Hasegawa Hurricane fuselgage sag http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/car-spray-paints/halfords-filler-primer-500ml thank you Troy
  11. from the wash helps a lot compared to the original. The exhausts look good to me, some drybrushing with a steel colour may help? Others will know more, but the walkround pics in the link may help. HTH T
  12. macro lenses are the curse of modern modelling, when I look at the stamp size pictures in old mags from the past, I'll bet many of them looked worse close up. "in the flesh" say at a club meeting, the "worst" (only) visible glitch would be the decal film, even if I brought some glasses... As other members have pointed out, many tanks get pretty dusty.... the crosses got me.... see http://beutepanzer.ru/Beutepanzer/us/M4_sherman/uk/firefly-1.htm the one at the top is better, but I was after dust... couldn't find much color... this is in the US and this oddity, (by oddity, that there is colour pic, the Soviets had entire division of Shermans) M4A2 76 in Soviet Army.. but might help in the final push. cheers T
  13. Battle of Britain cr42

    https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/collections/fiat-cr42-falco/ note there is download of the airframe history, https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/documents/collections/78-AF-952-Fiat-CR42-Falco.pdf (google Cr42 RAF Hendon) you should be able to pin down the version from this. (I'm not much upon the CR 42) next "fiat cr42 battle of britain decals" some useful links in that. there maybe a better option than the Sky sheet, I'll post more if I run across it. Ah just remembered, Classic Airframes did these marking in the 2nd version of the CR42 http://kits.kitreview.com/cr42reviewse_1.htm Trevor has just posted the short, hopefully the above will still be of use cheers T
  14. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Just from the background (no leaves on trees) and ground crew in warm clothing. Not precise, it could be November to late March. The kill markings could give a more precise date, or a date it can't be before at least. OK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_B._England so, the pic looks to be after Jan 45? Others may know more, and since you are awhile away from painting, you might want to ask on another forum, or ask the webmaster at Little Friends? http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Group=357&Style=item&origStyle=list&Item=29&Temp=435&searchString= there is an email at the bottom. Regarding the tail warning radar, if you are modelling "Missouri Armada" as in the pic above, it's not fitted, introduction date is late 44, and it goes through the fin on both sides, as seen in the below link http://www.duxfordradiosociety.org/restoration/equip/aps13/aps13.html It says late war, and it looks retrofitted in the image, hence the comment about it being unpainted. I mentioned this as was obvious in the photo. note the few trees visible are in full leaf, and the grass has that summer look. Not conclusive, but additional information to be considered. Looks as if the canopy has been replaced as well from the 2nd Inglewood type. well, there is always the wheel well to do HTH T
  15. Colourised WW2 aircraft

    I looked at the Hurricane and the interior green on the inside of the UC doors.... There are archives of WW2 colour, or color, as much was US in origin, some has suffered the ravages of time, but there as no cheap color film, so it's often excellent. a member here @Etiennedup has a flickr stream of period colour of British and Commonwealth aircraft click pic for the link and https://www.flickr.com/search/?w=8270787@N07&q=spitfire if you change the name after the /&q= to the type you want it searches really well. so replace 'spitfire'with 'lancaster' the selction is random, but there are many fascinating details to be gleaned. There are a few books of period color which can often be got cheap, often from the collection of Jeffery Ethell who collected Kodachromes see here for a selection https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=ethell+color&rh=n%3A266239%2Ck%3Aethell+color not planes, but George Stevens shot color film from D-Day to Berlin, and there is a book of stills. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1898799075/ and more bits get dug out, there was the John Thaw narrated WW2 in Colour on ITV abour 20 years ago with lots of private film in it. Not much plane footage, but still fascinating. On the subject of ww2 colour, Nightbombers DVD https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nightbombers-DVD-H-I-Cozens/dp/B0001GNJK6 a friend who was a cameraman said it was very well filmed, and if this is an area of interest you will be fascinated, plus with DVD drives in computers, it's easy to take stills for reference. here's a still... Lanc being fitted with a Rose tail turret. bombing up many of you will recognise this image, but maybe not it's origin There is a lot more US footage from the Pacific in color as well, and plenty will be on youtube. I got a load of World At War DVDs cheap from when they were a newspaper freebie, and the Pacfic war one has some great carrier footage. While there are many gaps in the colour record, it's really worth knowing what genuine WW2 color/colour is out there , given the rise of colourised pictures and film. Anyone else got any recommendations? Cheers T