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  1. Egyptian Air force Spitfire cockpit colours.

    I'd be very surprised if they were anything other the RAF standard, as the planes were ex-RAF, and Egypt had been under British control, and even if repainted, paint would most likely be British, the Israelis used ex-RAF paint which as left behind, and Egypt had a lot more ex-RAF bases. I don't know when the switch on crowbar colours came in, wartime was Grey-grey, Black, dark green, steel. Wheel wells, you get different answers, I've never seen a clear photo that shows that the outer well where the wheel goes was anything other than the underside, and the gear leg section well was the interior colour, which for a good part of the war was aluminium paint. I can did out more on these if you wish? HTH T
  2. Hornet F.1 Help

    another for you Bruce 64 Sq, there are photos of this Sq in Dalrymple and Verdun Hornet book. THE man for this is @David A Collins this should give him a notification. HTH T
  3. Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane

    Modern well engineered kits from China, often let down by abymal research thus getting basic shapes wrong to a degree that is basically uncorrectable. In short, search up a particular kit, some are best in scale, eg 1/48th Wyvern and Seahawk, and see below, some have caused many British aircraft fans much wailing and gnashing of teeth, eg 1/48th Vampire, Hornet/Sea Hornet, Westland Whirldwind. Legend has it the Sea Hawk,Wyvern and Hurricane were results of outside contractor research,which makes sense given how bad some of the others are (ie google up some plans off the net) They could have even got their research done for free if they had used the information supplied from this thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55621-spiteful-seafang-master/ Lots of feedback, information and corrections sent, none used, no corrections made. Trumpter have a sister company, Hobby Boss (they do, or did share the same factory, and thus share reasearch) who also are hit and miss. Trumpeter/Hobby Boss link, Trumpeter did a 1/16th T-34, with full interior, HB then did a 1/48th T-34 with full interior! In short, research any kit by either of these you might fancy. Believe it or not, no, the Trumpy Hurricane is one of the best shaped Hurricanes in any scale! It have some small faults, and I'm not a fan of the recessed rivets, but it catches many subtleties of shape missed in other kits (and I am a Hurricane nerd) Why they have not scaled down the CADs to 1/48th and 1/72 is beyond me, as they'd be the best in both scales if they did. Very neat job on the model Noel! cheers T
  4. 1/72 CC Liberator Hasegawa/Eduard?

    I note you chaps are all in North America, it should be noted that many of these Eduard specials end up being discounted, certainly in the UK, going from "how much!" to, "I'll have one of those" .... though that may just be another Eduard trick, as you start out with the "how much!" figure and then think you got a bargain? Bear in mind in the UK Hasegawa kits are very overpriced, so the Eduard specials are usually cheaper than the Japanese imports Limted Editions, and have the extra bits. As for the Coastal Command....I suspect this is a big part of it for Eduard http://www.japo.eu/products.php?prod=17 ""B-24 Liberator in RAF Coastal Command Service with Focus on Aircraft of No. 311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF" cheers T
  5. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    the Plazalink Japan link posted has the kit for £11.42, VAT is charged over £15, and weirdly, then on the post too, but under £15 your good to go. Not so goodnow with the weak pound IIRC in a thread here it was noted that Hong Kong and other FarEast shops won't put a lower declartion on a package, but some Japanese places will. Final point, the RM £8 fee is the same if the value of packet is £16 or £160, a bigger order will more likely get caught, but does spread the handling fee...
  6. HI Cesar Mike well have a better answer or a now available paint, but this is a Tamiya mix from Mike, included in the link.
  7. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    you may find this thread of use for some general debate on 249 Sq BoB markings HTH T
  8. For those unaware who Mike Starmer is..... http://matadormodels.co.uk/tank_museum/xcamo_starmer.htm some more info on British armour colours http://www.mafva.net/other pages/starmer camo.htm there are Tamiya mixes if you need them here http://www.network54.com/Forum/47208/thread/1252022924/The+complete+Mike+Starmer+Acrylic+Paint+Mix+Database HTH
  9. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    @Bruce Archer would the the chap for this I think for a British one this (sutton harness) https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/ultracast-1-48-f4f-wildcat-martlet-seat-48212 for an American one this https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/ultracast-1-48-grumman-f4f-wildcat-seats-with-harnesses-48029 the other is for an early type, and the FM-1 is late
  10. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    the UK distributor for Ultracast is now Soveriegn Hobbies, here's the Wildcat stuff https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/search?q=wildcat @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies is a regular here, and is going to Telford AFAIK HTH T
  11. Indian MIG-21 colours

    I think it varies, the original image is off, note the green of the markings is almost black, and the tail di-electric panel is a funny colour compare this looks field applied, note the patch behind the sera there is a slide show of pics here have a google, I suspect that the definite answer is not out there, you could email the Indian Airforce and ask? (or Bharat Rakshak site) HTH
  12. Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    it's "out there" as a pdf. A couple of points, amazingly considering how rare the D-13 was, the airframe still survives, though almost didn't ... blinkin' broswer crashed... http://www.cebudanderson.com/yellow10.htm some shots after capture note RLM 75 front lower wing,and mottle on gear doors see restoration I'll post and edit to save further loss... EDIT pulled out the JaPo book. Crandall and JaPo don't always agree. they say it was a Weserflug built plane, and followed the pattern used by them (The jaPo book trace the use of specfic patterns and finishing to individual sub-contractors and production batches, and tend to make your brain melt if read for too long) and.... they suggest a different base scheme to the one from Crandall, with the uppers not in overall 75, but with a standard Weserflug pattern and also note the front at wing underside is the darker one of the upper colours, the rest of the wing is natural metal, fuselage underside is RLM 76, as are the ailerons, they call this "W3" type....(they describe 6 variants..) HTH?
  13. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    the Italeri Spit Vc is a rebox of the Special Hobby/Classic Airframes/Revell kit. this is also too short, and needs a splice in the tail and one if the fuel tank to make it the right length. If you are happy with "it looks about right" then I'd not worry. For those who desire accuracy, at the moment the best 1/48 VIII/IX/XVI are Eduard, the best I/II/Vb are new tool Airfix. One common comment on the SH Vc is "it's based on the Tamiya I/V kit" It isn't, I suspect it's based on the Hase Vb kit, I've not pulled out the "Spitfire box" since I got a Hase V, to make sure, but It certainly is not based on the Tamiya kit... (there have been some bunfights on this which have been photobucketed though the embed fix is working for me) this is the SH fuselage corrected (note splices) compared with an Airifx V HTH T
  14. D-Day Hawker Hurricanes

    a few, RAF ones in 2nd line duties, like the Air Dispatch service, which is the one Trevor linked. RAF Hurricane Mk IIC LF380 FI-D of No 83 OTU with D -Day Fuselage Stripes on the ground at Peplow stripes not on wing interestingly..... I think this is another Air Dispatch name in front of cockpit is of note, I'm guessing this is MW367 from the last two digits visible also https://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?25046-D-Day-Hurricanes-invasion-stripes and http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43127-hawker-hurricane-and-d-day/ The white Sea Hurricanes on HMS Nairana had D-Day stripes too. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967709-white-sea-hurricanes-with-d-day-stripes-again/ I knew this was 'out there' but got the link and pics by searching "Hurricane d-day stripes" BTW. Note, this more likely have been better posted in the WW2 section. HTH T googled Hurricane MW367
  15. 1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon camo template?

    like this? note dimensions on camo demarcations. from http://www.boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Profiles/Camoflage-Markings/04-Hawker-Tornado-Typhoon whole thing worth a read.