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  1. Not a scheme I'd run across before, but apparently very well documented, well the port side... see it's not very non-standard, the wing splinter pattern looks factory, the most unusual feature is the multiple unit badges. The top image has drawings of the badges and name, and if you have a graphics program and printer, you could print these on white decal film,same the numbers. There are a bewildering amount of possible schemes for the Bf109, very little need to make any up! HTH T
  2. no, Mk 11 or DH.115 Vampire Trainer: private venture, two-seat jet trainer prototype. T.55: export version of the DH.115 trainer; 216 built and six converted from the T.11. HTH T
  3. THE Eurofighter scheme has to be the D-Day stripes.... neat work on this John. been tempted by this after seeing the above display at Eastbourne cheers T
  4. Humbrol's RLM 65 is Humbrol 65, It's not turquoise, but offhand I don't know how good a match it is this suggests RLM 04 - Humbrol 154 again, don't know how good a match. HTH
  5. bob is right, from the link above Preserved Seafire XV in Burma
  6. maybe not quite the answer, but depending on what the kits are, Falcon do a series of vacform canopy sets which maybe easier? But Mike reply is very comprehensive if you wish to scratch build them. Also worth investigating kits that have spares, eg some modern kits have open and shut canopy options, so a spare maybe available from one of those. A list of what kits you have missing bits for would get you more answers HTH T
  7. I posted this screen grab here, and while the Hurricane discussion was very interesting, perhaps the Beaufighters got lost. Not sure where taken, but this is probably known, as I presume this was shot for a newsreel, note also the Beaufighters, with no visible sq codes, and Blenhiems. Maybe worth a separate thread as this got me pondering...? so here's the separate thread. https://en.wikipedia...tol_Beaufighter Quote Reading a BoB book, and pondering on early Beaufighters,a look at the Ducimus Camo and Markings mentioned that the , first planes had full fin stripes, and were issued to Blenheim squadrons initially for working up. Can't make out the Blenhiem codes. Underwing roundel are visible on the Beaufighters too, so mid August at earliest? The Ducimus guide says photos of very early Beaufighters are rare, but this is an area I know little about. Hope of interest, T
  8. some more interesting schemes here (where the above comes from) and from Falke Eins blog cheers T
  9. the Mk IX above looks to have had empty cartridge/links eflectors added (by the U) which is something I've not seen before, presumably to protect the rockets when fitted? From the photos the Burmese Seafire XV's look to be finished in aluminium dope rather than natural metal? As for denavalisation, I know this was posted So, the denavalisation was removal of hook (or fixing in place) and exchanging of rudders, the above looks like a late IX or XII rudder? thank you T
  10. A torpedo bomber would more likely be in maritime camouflage, as in 72/72 uppers. You get Ju 188's in mirror wave over that see this is ju 88 with light mirror wave uppers and dark on the underside there is the much discussed theory that RLM 83 was actually a blue, for over sea use. see A dark blue fw 190D-12 with mirror wave would look stunning, and very different, but has some factual basis from the info above. HTH
  11. Hi Michael the modeller's book on the subject is British Experimental Jet Aircraft Barrie Hygate (Author) as your in the US, this has scale plans by the author of all the types listed,plus photos and good descritioons. It does turn up cheaper, bear in mind it was a £30 book when originally published in 1990! I've not seen Barry Jones book, but have been tempted by it... HTH T
  12. sun bleaching does work, but for how long is the point. This may or may not be a problem depending on how long you need the model. HTH
  13. there are a load of pics of what looks like an unrestored T.III posted here note also the green leather seat and control sticks base covers. Lots more pics in link Others may know more, there were pics of an unrestored FB.VI in NZ floating about. HTH T
  14. Hi Bruce then this will cheer you up;quote=19118;topic=1714.210;num_replies=224;sesc=bb1f192c11ce681ebe3bb0322e16d6ba cheers T
  15. Hi Christian there's a review of the Tamiya GI's here edit - here's a better one the Track48 forum would be the place to ask about size of figures but the Tmiya figures maybe a better starting point than scratching. HTH T