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  1. Oh yeah! Especially when you are moving her hobby/sewing stuff which she hasn't dusted in a long time so you end up tightening up with Asthma which you haven't had for ages and then the next day develop a cough that you can't stop and cough so much during the next night that your Chest hurts so much throughout the next day that you think you might be having a heart attack so when your left hand and forearm go numb you head up to the Hospital where in reality you find out you've coughed so hard you've actually popped two Ribs! Ask me how I know this ...
  2. Given Chapman is quoted as saying : Simplify, then add lightness. Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere. Any car which holds together for a whole race is too heavy. Rules are for the obidience of fools and interpretations of smart men. You won't catch me driving a race car that I have built. The secret of a successful marriage is not to be at home too much. Money is how we keep the score in motor racing nowadays. July 4 is the perfect day to relax. It also provides a very good chance to spend quality time with friends and family since everyone is able to get away from the hassles of every day life, such as work. ‘Lotus Black’ therefore can assumed to be : A simple Black in a lightweight container. Even lighter when dry and maybe even looses weight when going fast. Maybe not just a "simple Black" but with a shiny Additive especially if the lightweight Container has twin compartments? Definitely not used on his personal car. Home and Bedroom definitely not painted 'Lotus Black'. Definitely designed to be a Money spinner. Definitely not used on the 4th of July!
  3. Are you thinking Aki Products Sea Fury? It certainly looks as good as one! Well done Charlie.
  4. When's your Birthday again Dave? Or alternatively Christmas is just around the corner! (and with homage to Whatshisname in those Films "and my name's not Shirley!" EDIT : OK Leslie Nielsen and Airplane!
  5. After all of the other modelling skills you have displayed I find that hard to believe! The only thing I could suggest is scribing first using your favourite Scriber (and of course making sure that you get that bit spot on!), then making the cut deeper with something like an Olfa P Cutter (or alternatively a Tamiya rebadged Olfa P cutter), and then using your razor Saw (Number of TPI suited to the particular plastic and making sure it's clean after each cut and not generating unnecessary heat). I did this on the A300B2 to A300B1 cut down (and not to mention the Lincoln) and it seemed to work OK (except for the fact that they will never be finished as this House move is going to kill me!). Hope this helps.
  6. I haven't seen these yet but the word from where I got them sent is they (Fury Griffon and Sabre VII Noses, and Tempest Annular) are pretty good so if anyone is interested just PM Charlie or myself (I may not be on here much in the next three weeks so Charlie may be the best option) and we can point you to where I got them.
  7. Rob S for "Rabbit Leader's Stash's" Defence Your Honour : I submit that at least one of the above was a Birthday Present and therefore cannot be held against the original Question of "How many Frog kits have we all bought since the start of this GB?" which should reduce the Charge against My Client by about 8 or 9 percent. I rest the case for the Defence.
  8. Me too! Especially before I get anywhere near having a go at it! I think that may be due to the fact that the particular Airline quoted that the person worked for had all very early Construction examples that were probably started as Leonides engined versions as given by the following Construction Numbers : https://rzjets.net/aircraft/?typeid=124 If the beginning in terms of batch production was anything like the end of the story where six 700 series airframes were started and then scrapped I'd guess that after the first two (147 and 148) the next six (149 to 154) were most likely started as Leonides engined examples and then finished as Dart engined examples which appears to cover all those operated by the particular Airline quoted.
  9. Hello Charlie : PM sent re Nose/s.
  10. Well the short answer is "Yes it has been done" but there is a longer explanation yet to come but hopefully there might be at least a couple for sale.
  11. Thanks Pete. I should be getting some sleep for all the heavy lifting tomorrow (today now) instead of watching the Cricket!
  12. Don't know but I will ask as I'll probably buy one of the Griffon Noses anyway just for comparison.
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