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  1. Great to see this one started! Will be following this one closely.
  2. Yes lots of information there and I did not know about THIS. Great work by all involved! Now did I have the Pavla kits of the Master and Martinet? If not I'd better get them quick smart!
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha. Had to have a laugh when I read that because I thought the same before this start of this GB so asked the Question : Posted November 2, 2018 Following on from the above train of thought would a Miles M.24 Master Fighter be eligible for this GB? To which I received the Reply : Posted November 3, 2018 Hmm. I did some looking and I'd have to say no. Despite it's lineage, it was a fighter, not a trainer. (Although 'fighter' may be a somewhat optimistic title. 'Armed target' may be more appropriate!) One to refer to the Video Referee? Ha ha ha. The only thing is if it is now allowed and I managed to have a go at completing it (realistically that will never happen at my rate of production!) then what am I going to put in for the "Armed Target Group Build"? Then again given what you said about the effect of the machine guns on the wings it could also be an entry into the "Wingless / Never got off the Ground / And when it did - Falling out of the Sky Group Build". But pretty sure my entry for that Group Build would be the Percival P.74!
  4. Sorry probably didn't work because it was the Master Milestones I pdf from this page. And yes I did mix up the designations from that pdf but where I had confused myself (actually it was my laptop's fault as it didn't load up all of the photos properly) was not seeing what Adrian was talking about with the difference in length of the Canopies. I even have both kits here and didn't pick it up! So much for my Observation Badge! So yes I think I understand now what Adrian is doing. Now just wondering how many M.9b s were produced?
  5. Well managed to find both of these in the "Stash" back in January but as I'm still going on the Airfix 737-200 fixer upper and the Airfix A300B1 conversion I doubt I'll get the chance to start even the Master III out of the box. Still have until June 9 and can but hope ...
  6. And not to mention size issues too! Years ago after I compared the two Esci kits I bought when they first came out with the Airfix and Italeri kits I gave both of the Esci kits away as the fuselage is horribly undersized! I haven't compared an Italeri G222 / C-27J fuselage to a Herc but suspect that even it may have a greater fuselage cross section than the Esci Herc kit!
  7. I think this is what I was after showing the difference between Ia, Ib, and Ic.
  8. Now I'm confused (which isn't easy to do). Miles (late edit - didn't realise THAT pun!) away from my old copies of Scale Aircraft Modelling but this page quoting SAM says N7408 was the first production example. Also looking around I can't find agreement on the number of converted Fighters and the Serial Numbers - some say 26 others say 23 with Serials N7412 and N7801-7822 none of which are what the Pegasus kit Serial Number is. So I'm not getting why you are saying the Pegasus kit "needs a needs a new cockpit canopy with a bulged windscreen and a back end like the Mk III to get it back to trainer-land." or am I missing something obvious?
  9. Modelling Lesson Number 87 : If you want to find the tiniest errors on your numerous filling, sanding, priming, and repeat attempts just give them to your better half with her Glasses and a small Torch Light and lo and behold you have some more filling, sanding, priming, and repeating to do!
  10. So after two more rounds of filling and sanding and priming and sanding again it looked like this : In addition to working on the whoops and ridges I took the opportunity of giving it a bit of a Nose job by rounding the Nose Cone, taking a bit off the underside ahead of the Front Undercarriage Bay (which has to be moved forward at least 3 mm), and adding a bit to the Cockpit Roof. So it didn't look too bad so I hit it with a different brand of Acrylic Gloss White to show up any flaws and it looked like this : My comment about this different (cheaper suffice to say) brand is I'm sticking with the first brand of Acrylic Gloss White I used as this one was a bit spitty and gluggy coming out of the Can and it stank to high heaven! So now it looks like this (again apologies for the poorly staged photos) : Which I can't see any obvious flaws on (and it's going to have more rounds of filling and sanding anyway when it gets glued together) so on to the next stage in the Instructions and maybe even a little bit of work on some of the other bits and pieces like Engines and Undercarriage for a change.
  11. For some reason that first photo is not showing up - at least not for me!
  12. OK managed to upload some photos as obviously if no photographic evidence then it never happened ... After hitting the dormant Fuselage Halves with a light coat of Gloss White to show up discontinuities better than just looking at the Grey Primer : And yes there were lots of them : Windows "in" and "out" obviously owing to the tape holding the epoxy in being convex or concave; "scalloping" of the Doors and Hatches that were glued in and not filled enough or the Filler has shrunk or both; and of course the "flaring" and/or "mismatch" of the Fuselage Halves. So after the sanding session (yet another one!) (Please excuse the poor staging of the photo as was in a bit of a hurry) : And as you can see the contrast between the Plastic, the Primer, and the Gloss White clearly shows the "ups" and "downs" and "ins" and "outs" that means back to Filling and Sanding until it might be presentable enough to continue.
  13. Wow long time since last post! In the meantime with no luck finding the Brasil Decals TEA Sheet I heard from Laurent who had done the artwork for various TEA A300s so Australian Pesos got converted to no use to Brexiteer Euros and lo and behold these arrived soon after : Many thanks to Laurent and definitely motivated to maybe chop up another A300 to make B1 MSN002 to represent OO-TEF or maybe as below just an A300 out of the box for their B4. Now I've just spent an hour and a half sanding this first one back. A combination of warpage, "flaring" of the fuselage mating surfaces, and of course shrinkage of the filler means lots more filling and sanding to do before it's anywhere near acceptable. Seriously thinking of digging out another A300 and building it as an A300 just to see if it has the same warpage and "flaring" issues as this one. Other than that I can only assume that this particular moulding is a bit of a "lemon" or that somehow one half of the fuselage is slightly bigger than the other on this particular moulding?
  14. Fantastic work on display here. Huge effort but well worth it (and of course many thanks from all of us for tackling it so that a major Manufacturer will then release a kit of it!). Inevitable isn't it? Modelling Law 43?
  15. Did you have a Build Thread of it anywhere by the way?
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