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  1. i have no idea who you are talking about but yeah House moves really suck the life out of everything including modelling.
  2. Just saw this Thread now and as someone who did some and started some of the Tornado, Typhoon, Tempest, Fury, and Sea Fury variants over the years since the 80s (that’s 1980’s not 1880’s!) I could have answered most of your questions having encountered them myself iver the years. From memory I used Bentley’s Plans from Scale Models in the 70s (again 1970’s!) but for LA610 there was a set of Plans in the “Tempest and Sea Fury” book by whose Name escapes me at the moment. The main thing to remember with the Sabre is what Mark Sabre was used in what Mark Tempest and Fury as from the Plans it does seem to have a subtle difference in cowling size and shape (particularly the Sabre in LA610). i do agree that the Lincoln Cowl is more suitable for the Griffon LA610 than the Shackleton Cowl. I should mention too that there was an American on ebay (I say was but he might still be on ebay these days) who was selling copies of the different noses he had scratchbuilt for the Tornado, Typhoon, Tempest, and Fury. Pre Covid I actually bought a couple of them but got them sent to a Friend in the US (as the ebay Shipping was horribly expensive) but lost contact with him so actually haven’t seen them (yet) so can’t comment on quality but they certainly looked the part. So if he is still around it might save sone time but cost some money ti use them instead of scratchbuilding. By the way I did my Mark I from the Matchbox kit and did the Wing Root Radiators myself TWICE and the Fin and Tail Planes THREE times (the Fin was a case of taking not enough, then too much, then having to add material to fix it up). In later years I bought the Ventura conversion to use with the Heller kit but got no further with that than cutting the wings out for the Ventura radiators and cleaning up the Ventura fuselage. My Sea Fury was done from the Matchbox kit (yes that was a lot of work) and my plan for LA610 was to use a mish mash of kits and started by allocating a Frog kit for the fuselage but using the wings from the Heller Mark V by cutting the centre section out but got no further other than identifying the need to use the Lincoln cowl and not the Shackleton cowl. All good fun and would have been fun for everyone if the Tornado to Typhoon to Tempest to Fury to Sea Fury Group Build would have got up a couple of years ago but it disappeared without a trace in the cloud of dust that was the Bunfight!
  3. With regards to : "HMS Torquay RN Rothesay-class Frigate Modern 1/500" Torquay was Whitby Class.
  4. One Photo of one Box in one Location. Similar to Schrödinger's Cat how do you know for sure there aren't any more in other Boxes in other Locations?
  5. Aw thank-you so much Jeff. Much appreciated but it must be Me thanking you for such a magnificent and entertaining build. It certainly gives me some motivation to hurry up and get back to trying to move on with my HMS Tiger. Although if my work in progress photos accidently give others great ideas like this then it is great compensation for me being distracted and never being able to finish anything. And if truth be told I'm distracted again not by the already mentioned possibility of converting the Academy ex-Otaki 1:600 USS Enterprise to an America or Kitty Hawk but by using the long-long leftovers of two Airfix Repulses (from making a short-short "R" Class Battleship - and I know of your preference to do that using an Airfix Warspite similar to that one in that 1:350 Thread) to make the ultimate "Never Was but so easily (well maybe not SO easily given the issues with 18 inch guns let alone 20 inch guns!) could Have Been" HMS Incomparable. Thanks again and more power to you.
  6. You would have to ask Greg Meggs what he may have used as the basis of his Master. For example from (bad) memory I thought Graeme told me Greg had used the Frog Mirage as the basis for his High Planes Mirage family Master so there is always the chance he may have used the Frog Beaufighter as the basis for the Beaufighter family Master. Rabbit Ears could of course cross kit the High Planes kit with a Frog Beaufighter and that should qualify for another entry from him into this GB. Yeah I know Bunny Leader I’ll get back in my box and contemplate how to make that HMS Incomparable from two Airfix Repulses left over from making one Royal Sovereign Battleship instead of resurrecting the “Frog” Lincoln.
  7. Fixed. (Well sort of in an old skool way)
  8. Haven’t you heard you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. When Ey were Lad “AI” used to mean “Altogether Idiot”.
  9. Pretty sure someone with the skills in photoshop and way too much time on their hands will shortly rectify that.
  10. Airfix announcement this morning that the Iron Duke kit is to be reissued in the “Vintage Classics” Range.
  11. Excellent work. Just wondering though how much more different she (it?) would look from the Iron Duke if each funnel was like either Tigers or like the original Queen Elizabeths. I always thought Iron Duke / Erin etc ‘s funnels looked at bit anaemic.
  12. Great work Jeff. i must remember to visit more ofter rather than just once a month let alone find the time to get back to my Tiger conversion especially seeing you so kindly mentioned it.
  13. Have kits of each in 1:144, 1:100, and 1:72. For this GB probably the one off CFM-56 707 in 1:144 would be the subject.
  14. Usually that’s ESCI decals.
  15. Unless like Murray Walker I am completely mistaken the Frog boxing of the Hasegawa Neptune had decals for a Kon Marine aircraft (not sure if it’s exactly the same as the Revell decals but can check) and a Number 10 Squadron RAAF aircraft when they were based at RAAF Garbutt in Townsville Queensland. As mentioned I can check as I have a Frog Neptune … somewhere.
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