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  1. Just had a brief scan over my build Thread on ACAM http://www.airliner-civil-aircraft-modeller.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2511 but can’t see who I tried to copy off. The most amazing 732 build over there was by “Uros”. Flaps and Thrust Reversers fully deployed. Amazing.
  2. Maybe OK for early -200s but need lengthening and fattening for Advanced -200s which is what Ansett had. I just tried to copy (badly as it turned out) what I think it was Turbofan(? Have to check who it was) did here on BM for my engines.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Ray much appreciated. I still have the image of those frame plans by the way and can send them to you if you want. They should straight out print in 1:144 but if not can be rescaled if your printer can be percentage incremented up or down. One thing I forgot to mention is there is a bloke in Mexico who does resin bits for the Airfix and Minicraft 737s. His main and nose wheel wells are just amazing and I’m pretty sure he does a replacement nose and cockpit as well which should solve the windscreen problem. I’ll try and find his contact detail
  4. Don’t know if this will show just the particular post but this was my attempt at fixing up the nose on a part built kit : (Didn’t work so I’ll try again!).
  5. Hello Ray : Nice to see an Airliner being built. Yes the old Airfix kit does have it’s issues (Fuselage too skinny, Nose profile a bit off, Engines too short and too skinny for the version represented, lack of detail on tail cone and some other areas to name a few from memory) but having said that out of the box it looks like a 732 and only looks inaccurate when placed along side a corrected one. There have been some amazing builds of the Airfix kit here on BM and also on ACAM (the subject of a GB over there) both OoTB and heavily modified. I fell for th
  6. Graeme had an update nearly ready to upload but the New Year has already thrown him a huge lemon beyond his Lemonade making capacity so there will be a (hopefully) short delay in transmission before “normal” programming resumes ...
  7. I’ll be showing my age here but if you ever saw the Dave Allen Show and his Joke about the Irishman who continually prayed to God to win the Lotto and wondered why he never won and finally In frustration God spoke to him saying “At least meet me half way and buy a Lotto Ticket!”. I’m like the Irish bloke - I rarely manage to buy a Ticket and when I do I never check if I’ve won so could easily have been a Millionaire already! Yes photos soon or it never happened! (Have to also find or buy some magic tape tomorrow to stick these silly plans together!).
  8. Thanks Pat much appreciated. It’s funny when you don’t have any great expectations (mmm interesting name for a Novel or a Play!) and just stuff around with something that it seems to work out. So I was resurrecting the Printer here that hasn’t been used for ten months and after cobbling up three ink tubs out of five and deep cleaning a couple of times it looked like it could print in black so I went looking for something to print and decided just to use the phone which waa already wirelessly linked to the home internet so with the help of the tech savvy Boy linked the
  9. Not yet Pat but I’m trying. I’m at Stash Alt at the moment after having driven 13 hours from Stash Prime to Stash Alt on Boxing Day (and into the next morning) and then turned around after two days driving my Daughter’s car back from Stash Alt to Stash Prime (and again into the next Morning literally after getting away really late) and then fronting up for a BNE-EMD flight (after having spent FOUR HOURS on the phone with Qantas - three and a half waiting and then 39 minutes with someone in South Africa who for some unknown reason finally picked up the call - after they cancelled m
  10. Great choice. Will be watching with great interest. I once bought a very cheap Revell 1:720 kit with the crazy intention of making a diorama of how she looks today. But have baulked at having a go at it after seeing a similar under and above water diorama which was done amazingly well.
  11. Wow! Very nice. If you ever get the chance read up about where the 3500 cc V8 came from (Oldsmobile) and who else used the basic block from Repco (in the World Championship Brabhams of ‘66 and ‘67) to Leyland Australia (in 4400 cc form the P76) and IMC (Irving Mcormack Comalco In 5000 cc form in John McCormack’s F5000 McLaren M23).
  12. Excellent. Will be watching this one for the usual obvious reason.
  13. Be interesting to know how they did it. Something like a micro plasma welding shut specified gates to eliminate certain runners on the sprues thus eliminating the unwanted parts?
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