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  1. OK no worries Rules are Rules but for the record (with homage to Dr Sheldon Cooper PhD Nobel Prize in Physics) Rule IV has made my Mortal Enemies List. (Also a Sidebar just for interest - in the Airfix Classic GB were the Kitmaster kits allowed? If so isn’t Rule IV a wee bit inconsistent then?)
  2. If it is a Black Banana you are too late - that GB has already finished!
  3. Ah! I am all Powerful and nothing escapes my attention! (And it pays associate with those who grew up in the War but never learnt that “Loose Lips sink Ships!”).
  4. There was one at your local internet hobby shop that you frequent but like the Mistral you were too slow and missed out on it!
  5. Can’t access them now as after taking the photos and someone mentioning works of art I framed them so it’s like full size versions of the Catalogue pages on the wall.
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury I wish to present the evidence for the Prosecution : this is what happens when you have a “Bible” and an “authoritative” internet database as “definitive” reference sources. Both have troubles : the former written by a Prophet not being all knowing and the latter being put together by Enthusiasts but sadly being incomplete and containing errors. The kit in question is the same in the first link as in the second. The scales for what ever reason have been listed differently. The “giveaway” (no folks I have no more Heller kits to give away!) is in th
  7. OK so I found the kit now I just need one or all of the Mods to give it the nod.
  8. TABLE OF BEHAVIOUR Less than 1 Millisecond : ISIS ANTIQUITY APPRECIATOR 1 Millisecond : VANDAL Greater than 1mS but less than 2 mS : RELIVING YOUR CHILDHOOD 2 Milliseconds : MODELLER Greater than 2 mS but less than 10 Years : ASSET MANAGER Greater than 10 Years but less than 35 Years : COLLECTOR Greater than 35 Years : “COMMITTED” COLLECTOR (NICE WHITE “REVERSE” COAT PROVIDED)
  9. You have never heard of Lodela before Pat?
  10. And who knows how much of the Mercure design influenced the A320 design. How do the fuselage cross sections compare? The sprue shots make it look A319 size in length.
  11. Let's play "Guess if they are Modellers or Serial Killers" : Look like likely Classic Heller Model Builders to me but then again like Murray Walker I could be completely mistaken!
  12. Finally! Here they are : Apologies for the delay Hope they are of some help.
  13. Probably not allowed as when modelled had GE F404 Engines so not all French! Ha ha ha!
  14. Shouldn’t that be a White (Straight) Jacket? Will be watching this one by the way as you know why ...
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