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  1. Rob S

    Folland Gnat F1

    Thought I’d better check this one out seeing someone had told me all about it. Looks great and no excuse not to get it over the line now the deadline has been extended!
  2. Very nice. Well done. Must get one of these one day. Was only reading an Article in Aeroplane Monthly the other night on it’s “successor” the Firecrest. Now that’s a beast!
  3. Will be watching this build as would like to build one of these one day after going on board USS Reasoner FF-1063 in the 70’s when it visited Townsville.
  4. Count me in if the Vickers Medium Mark II * Special as at Pucka is allowable and gives me an excuse to go out and buy the Hobbyboss kit!
  5. Yes why not as like Graeme and Ray lots of kits to choose from although the “original” McDonnell Phantom by MPM I think who did it would have to be the front runner of all the kits possibly followed at the other end of the time scale by the MD-11 (or one if it’s developments if “paper” planes are allowed!).
  6. True unless by some miracle I can get home and find the time and talent to finish my FrogNovoScratchbuultenstein monster. (And it will be in the “white” scheme!)
  7. Definitely pulling up a chair to watch this one! I’ve got one or two of these ... somewhere in the “stash”!
  8. Well my excuse why I missed it (and seeing I've used up "The Dog ate my Homework!" too many times) is I'm mainly surfing on my Mobile as I'm still away from Home and it being too difficult some times to "spot" the Laptop off the Mobile and it really is hard to surf on the Mobile and get the full "picture"! (I am on the Laptop now though!) (Albeit briefly as I have to get back to 1:1 scale House painting!)
  9. Actually I'd forgotten you'd posted in your opening post the one photo that I had as reference showing the gap in the flaps where the Python exhaust is.
  10. It was more of a query about how you were going to treat the flap area in the two regions of the Python exhausts? I didn’t have any detail photos when I was looking at doing mine so I was just going to copy what they did on a Viper augmented Shackleton where it looks like the flap area just behind each exhaust is made “non droppable” resulting in what looks like split or probably more accurately described as segmented flaps instead of one piece. Or like Murray Walker am I just misinterpreting the whole thing?
  11. Magnificent! But my Laptop just shorted out from all the drool on it seeing something I wasn't able to achieve! (I do have a Question (or Kwestion as Niki Lauda would say) though but I'll hold it back in case it's something you are still to do and I look even more stupid than I am.)
  12. Well ahead of where I was! Like it a lot! Looking forward to those props going on.
  13. Stunning Models and Photography. The images in particular capture that “look” of actual WWII colour photography perfectly.
  14. Very nice and like Dave yes please! (I was having a go at myself though in case you haven’t seen pages 5 and 6 of my Python Lincoln build!).
  15. Yes less proficient modellers are silly enough to waste their time trying to build Pythons out of Tube, Rod, Plasticard, and Filler! Ask me how I know! Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink. Say no More! Say no More! Please, please, please make the Python separate from the nacelle so that what you produce (and hopefully sell to others) can be used with Lincolns or Lancasters.
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