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  1. Lovely clear build. Nice save on the decal. i hope it turns out well as I am sure it will
  2. Today's progress I had forgot to show the fitted cockpit detail last post. I painstakingly applied the Eduard masking. My first time using supplied masking It was needed I think rather than using my goto masking with the ammo liquid. The canopy has a lot of framing compared to the past models I have built Next to do is building up the radiators on the wings, mask and a coat of surface primer to see if (and I am sure there will be) there are any seams that need further filled.... Thanks for dropping by.......
  3. Dave, Great perseverance on correcting "Interns" mistakes. You have done a lot of work to renovate their inaptness I love the Sea harrier and acquired the Tamiya model at the Scottish model show in Perth Reading up on the kit I heard it had a bit of flaws too. Ill tag along for the build mate if that's ok
  4. Hello All, So, after buying a considerable amount of kits at the Scottish National Scale Model Show, I decided to try and deplete my wee stash of existing kits starting with the Eduard 1:48 Me BF 109 G2 ProfiPACK one. Started off by doing the cockpit and fuselage as normal... So far the kit is a delight with good mould quality as you would expect from Eduard. I warmed to the clear and concise instruction booklet that was supplied. Assembly of the cockpit along with the etchings, was tedious but yet rewarding. The foot stirrups were particularly arduous to bend into shape and lace the straps through the micro buckles. Preparation for the etching extras in the cockpit. After numerous dry fits of the wings and fuselage, it was ready for gluing together... I taped off the tail landing wheel area after building together as I just knew i would trash it along the way till being ready for paint Dropped the back ailerons for a bit of aesthetics Then assembled the wings, glued to fuselage Thanks for looking
  5. Thanks Chris. Well the latter part went fine albeit trashing another canopy hood!!! This time, an accidental overspray with cyo accelerator landed on the canopy hood and kinda clouded the item up foggy style. Luckily Tamiya supplied 2 sliding hoods, so the one in the photos is for an other version of the model. The decals were a real breeze this time. (after market set I bought) I did use the floor polish kleer before I applied and had no problem (except spilling the micro set bottle ) I liked the wear effect that I used by applying the liquid mask in certain areas. I'm going to start an Me BF109 G2 Eduard profipack 1:48
  6. Hi Folks, Well, finally finished the Spitfire and had a lovely time doing so. See pictures below. Thanks to all involved in giving sound instruction and advice, particularly, @Troy Smith with all his accurate information and @Ngantek with his marvellous encouragement, a true wordsmith
  7. Thanks Andy. No issues taking off the Liquid mask.... I have never used any other brand, but this one ticks all the boxes. It spreads evenly and dries reasonably quick. If you set about doing a cockpit mask, it will give you time to apply without going stringy. Blue tack was used for the mask on the camo. fairley easy to apply but some times did loosen when placing down. Anther firm press down sorted that. Again, my first time usiing kleer or in UK called multi surface polish... It did give off a high gloss and gave the application to applying the decals, a wonderful experience compared to my last build. Used it as it came out the bottle with no thinning. It never blocked up my .15 nozzle. XF 86 is good in my experience, when sealing the decals. I used a 70/30 ratio for that and came out good
  8. I love the clean look of it, marvellous detail! The mottling is second to none! The grand way you built this deserves a applause
  9. Lovely to see the marvellous models and traders at the Scottish National Scale model show.... After my return on Sunday, I got back to the build.... Started by cutting the cam template out that tamiya provided (thank goodness as I might have not succeeded at this stage of doing it free hand) and placing on the build.... I lacked photos here of the progress to the next stage which was spraying with XF 81. After I sprayed, I glossed it with 2 coats of Kleer and applied the decals (after market ones from Xtradecal) I then gave it 2 coats of XF86 flat clear.... I applied a little enamel panel wash to the underside. Im so nervous with this procedure as I nearly knackered my last build. So next thing will be placing on the last parts, a bit more weathering and finalising the Spity ready for final inspection... thanks for looking
  10. Welcome Andrei
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