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  1. Thanks I'll chase them up. Ley
  2. Thanks that's very informative and answers my questions. Ley
  3. Thanks for all the info'. Ley
  4. leyreynolds

    RNAS Markings

    Are there any references explaining the evolution of RNAS nationality markings please?
  5. Thanks for that. Great looking model. Ley
  6. Thanks for all the details. Ley
  7. I'm looking for drawings for one or all of these aircraft types. I know there is an Aeronaut title on early Fokkers but before I outlay the substantial sum for this book, I need to see if a conversion in 1/72 is feasible. Any help will be much appreciated.
  8. No I didn't know of them. Thanks, they look very informative. I think the CH boats were built in French yards and were somewhat larger than most RN MGB's - 120' long and 120 tons or thereabout and may have had steel hulls. Ley
  9. I'm looking for drawings/photo's/histories for any of these boats, built for the French Navy and taken over by the RN in 1940.
  10. Thanks for that.
  11. Does anyone have details of how/where the cameras were fitted to this type please?
  12. I'd be interested to see them please. Ley
  13. Can anyone please point me to drawings for these two boats built by Samuel White Ltd circa 1938?
  14. Thank you for the very informative reply. I now have a good idea of the history and will look into a scratchbuild in 1/72 scale. Ley
  15. I've recently been given drawings for the following; Class LM Class MC Class CM but have not been able to find any details of same. Can anyone help please?
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