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  1. leyreynolds

    1/72 Airfix Blenheim kits

    OK starboard nacelle for dinghy fairing - I stand corrected. Ley
  2. leyreynolds

    1/72 Airfix Blenheim kits

    I believe that the kit nacelles are not quite bulbous enough for a Bolingbroke. Also the port and starboard nacelles are not identical - if memory serves (I'm away from my references for the hol's here in Oz) the former included a dinghy compartment.
  3. leyreynolds

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Check Hyperscale Airfix forum for the corrections required to produce a Blenheim rather than the rather poor Bolingbroke represented by the kit.
  4. leyreynolds

    Gloster Gladiator dive bombers

    Thanks for the info'. Ley
  5. leyreynolds

    Gloster Gladiator dive bombers

    I recently saw mention of Gladiators being employed as dive bombers in North Africa. Does anyone have details of the bomb racks fitted please?
  6. leyreynolds

    SAAF Furies

    I had assumed that the SAAF Furies had radiators that differed from RAF aircraft in some way (see original post) but cooling slots make sense. I have a vague memory of photo's of Audax's (in Iraq?) with slots in the cowls but can't find the reference at the moment. None of the Fury artwork/photo's I have see show them unhappily.
  7. leyreynolds

    SAAF Furies

    The recent SAAF Fighter Colours book describes the Furies as having "tropical radiators and oil coolers". Any idea what this entails please?
  8. leyreynolds

    SAAF colour Sky Blue

    Thanks for all the extra info'. I'll get the book Graham mentioned earlier and see what it has to say. Ley
  9. leyreynolds

    SAAF colour Sky Blue

    A Hurricane and perhaps a Mohawk IV.
  10. leyreynolds

    SAAF colour Sky Blue

    Thanks for all that info'. It's given me plenty to ponder upon. Ley
  11. leyreynolds

    SAAF colour Sky Blue

    Aircraft in East Africa 1940- 41.
  12. leyreynolds

    SAAF colour Sky Blue

    Any thoughts on a match in enamels please?
  13. Another good reference is Aero Editions Hors Serie 1, Aviation Francaise 1938-45.
  14. Histoire & Collections some years ago had a WingMasters Hors Serie issue on the subject which is occasionally available on E-bay.
  15. leyreynolds

    Aussie Mosquito PR Mk.40

    If memory serves both Mosquito Monograph by David Vincent and a very old issue of the IPMS (Australia) mag had details. You could try asking on Aussie Modeller International site.