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  1. Try Jim Mass on Hyperscale.
  2. Can anyone point me to a book covering the major battles of the SCW please?
  3. Thanks for the info'. Ley
  4. What's a good match for the dark green on 1930's French fighters please?
  5. Thanks. I was wondering if using them is any different to enamel spray cans?
  6. Has anyone used these extensively comments please.
  7. The Finns have a real Blenheim. And the Bolingbroke has several noticeable differences when compared to a Blenheim IV. If memory serves the former was designed to an RCAF requirement for a GR type after which the RAF decided the extended nose was a good idea.
  8. Thanks for all the info'. Much appreciated. Ley
  9. leyreynolds

    Vultee BT-13

    I'm looking for details of the "internals" for this type plus colours/markings for Chinese examples.
  10. I'm looking for details/drawings for one or more of these vessels which I understand were used extensively in the early 1920's against Soviet forces. Can anyone point me to references please?
  11. Thanks I'll chase them up. Ley
  12. Thanks that's very informative and answers my questions. Ley
  13. Thanks for all the info'. Ley
  14. leyreynolds

    RNAS Markings

    Are there any references explaining the evolution of RNAS nationality markings please?
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