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  1. Can anyone recommend references for Kittyhawk op's/camo'/markings in Italy please?
  2. Can anyone point me to drawings (any scale) of WW2 RAF and Luftwaffe seat belts please?
  3. Are there any known photo's of this version of the type?
  4. Thanks to you all.
  5. leyreynolds

    Junkers Ju 87

    I've been told by another modeller that the Austrian air force received some examples prior to the takeover of the country by Germany and that the Croatian air force also used the type. Does anyone have more info' please as they'd make unusual models?
  6. I can't comment on bombs but the French used German 20mm cannon on helicopters in Algeria.
  7. Thanks for all the info'. As we're in lock-down here in Oz I have quite a few models on the bench including an Italeri Spit' Vb which will now wear markings of one of these. Ley
  8. I've been told that there was a combined RN/RAF(?)/USN squadron employed spotting fire from naval ships on D-Day (and after?). Any details on aircraft, camo' and markings please?
  9. leyreynolds

    Arado 240

    Thanks for all the info'. I've just dug out the kit (among others as we're in lockdown here in Oz) and the parts look quite neat. It seems that it might go back into storage as the work required is a bit daunting.
  10. leyreynolds

    Arado 240

    Can anyone recommend a good reference book on this aircraft please?
  11. Any thoughts on the colour of wheel wells/internal cowls/internal faces of flaps please?
  12. Thanks John. All these went to Spain and I plan to finish my model as one of them. Ley
  13. Can anyone offer comments on these kits please or perhaps point me to reviews?
  14. Sorry, it should be G-ACEV.
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