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  1. leyreynolds

    Lancaster tropical radiators.

    A diorama of G-AGLX would be simple and avoid the radiator size/shape issue! Although strictly speaking it was a BOAC aircraftt.
  2. leyreynolds

    Revell acrylic equivalent for olive drab

    In the latest Aircraft Pictorial Dana Bell states that there was no standard Olive Drab colour during WW2, so anything you chose is probably OK.
  3. leyreynolds

    Australian Plastic Modellers' Association

    Swap & Sell will be held on Saturday 8th September 2018 at Gladesville Sporties, 181A Ryde Road, Gladesville starting at 12.30pm.
  4. leyreynolds

    Next title from Mushroom Model Publications

    will be Battleships of the Third Reich, Vol 1
  5. leyreynolds

    River Gunboats in China

    Any sources for drawings for; - HMS Robin (the one launched in 1934) - SMS Tsingtao
  6. leyreynolds

    Thornycroft Coastal Motor Boats

    G'day John, Thanks for the details. I've now ordered both. Ley
  7. leyreynolds

    Thornycroft Coastal Motor Boats

    Thanks for the info'.
  8. leyreynolds

    WW2 German Landing Craft

    I've recently become intrigued and not a little confused by the plethora of landing craft designs and nomenclature employed by the German armed forces. Other than Navypedia, does anyone know of references, either in book or cyberspace form, please? I'm currently working on a selection of coastal craft used by the Partisans, Croats, Italians and Germans in the Adriatic in 1/72 scale and would like to add at least one landing craft.
  9. leyreynolds

    Paul Lucas color conundrums

    Too hot in Britain? Surely you jest! Ley
  10. leyreynolds

    Italian landing craft of WW2

    G'day Giorgio, Thank you very much for this info'. It answers all my questions as I only have a very poor photo' of GM 240 I'm looking around for a WW2 Italian vessel used in the Adriatic to scratchbuild in 1/72. Ley
  11. leyreynolds

    Italian landing craft of WW2

    I'm looking for details, dimensions and ideally drawings of a landing craft type vessel called GM 240, which seems to have been converted to a floating artillery battery. GM 239 may have been similar.
  12. leyreynolds

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    You could try the AussieModeller site. As far as I know the Camden a/c is unrestored but that museum has been closed to the public for some years now.
  13. leyreynolds

    Thornycroft Coastal Motor Boats

    Are there any books/articles available on the CMB's, preferably including details of WW2 service?
  14. leyreynolds

    Hurricane II and Iv in Italy

    Thanks for the details. The aircraft I'm looking at is a hack from 680 Sqn but the contrast on the uppersurfaces does not look different enough to be DE/MS and the undersurface looks too light to be Azure Blue.
  15. leyreynolds

    Hurricane II and Iv in Italy

    Were any of these in the DG/DE/MSG scheme as seen on some Kittyhawks please?