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  1. Much of Western China was virtually a Russian protectorate from about the 1890's. After the Russian Civil war the Soviets certainly supplied the Moslem warlords with armaments and probably armoured cars but I have seen nothing about aircraft.
  2. Does anyone have details of the internal finishes of these aircraft please?
  3. leyreynolds


    Thanks for all the info'. I'll now be able to improve the rather basic Eastern Express kit. Ley
  4. leyreynolds


    I'm looking for details of the internals of this flying boat - any suggestions please?
  5. leyreynolds

    P-40 survivors

    I didn't think that the RNZAF had any P-40K's
  6. One more question - I assume that the tow rope could be released by either the glider or the tug?
  7. Thank for all the help so far. Ley
  8. Thanks Ed. I was particularly interested in whether the second cockpit had been altered and how the tow rope was attached. Ley
  9. Can anyone point me to references on this subject please, preferably with photo's and/or artwork?
  10. Thanks for your kind offer. My email is cldkrau@yahoo.com.au.



  11. leyreynolds

    Hotspur II

    I'm currently building the Easter Express (ne Frog) kit and have a vague recollection of an all yellow colour scheme for a late war aircraft. Any further info' please?
  12. I'm looking for drawings/photo's of this vessel which I understand served from about WW1 until the 1970's.
  13. OK starboard nacelle for dinghy fairing - I stand corrected. Ley
  14. I believe that the kit nacelles are not quite bulbous enough for a Bolingbroke. Also the port and starboard nacelles are not identical - if memory serves (I'm away from my references for the hol's here in Oz) the former included a dinghy compartment.
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