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  1. Thanks for the info' and yes I've got the Osprey book - that's what set me off.
  2. I'm looking for drawings, photo's or sketches of this river gunboat. Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. Brilliant. Thanks very much. Ley
  4. Thanks Graham and Mr T. Ley
  5. Light Green/Light Earth uppers on Lancasters post-war? Is this correct?
  6. How was bomb aiming accomplished on these types? Any cutaways showing th internals?
  7. Ed is correct the Shackleton cowls look similar but are not identical. I think the B.VI cowls are the same as those on the Lincoln.
  8. Any source for these drawings please?
  9. I'm looking for details of these vessels - any references please?
  10. Some time ago I read on a website (which I can no longer find) that a small number of R-10's were supplied by the Soviet Union to the KMT Chinese Central Government (or perhaps to the Ma Clique Moslem warlords in Northwest China). Can anyone confirm/deny this please?
  11. Thanks for the details. Ley
  12. Does anyone have details of this company and its range of kits please?
  13. Thanks for that. At least I now have some possible details to add. Ley
  14. I'm looking for details of the "internals" in the open rear compartment of this vehicle.
  15. Thanks for all the info'. Ley
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