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  1. leyreynolds

    Roland Garros

    Does anyone have details of the MS Type L in which Garros was shot down please?
  2. Yes everyone seems to have photographed that aircraft and no others.
  3. I'm looking for details of Type L's in RNAS service, especially those in the Aegean.
  4. Thanks for the details. Ley
  5. I'm looking for drawings and/or photo's of this seat.
  6. Reading a bit more about RN WW1 airships, it seems that they did not have many (any?) airship sheds. Did the RN use mooring masts of some kind?
  7. Thanks for all the info'. I have the Osprey book and will search for the others. Ley
  8. Can anyone recommend a reliable source for drawings of these please, especially the SSZ?
  9. Does anyone have contact details for this company please?
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