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  1. Big hug for you and thank you CC! @corsaircorp I found your article on Google before and it was very helpful to me, thank you!@Tailspin Turtle You did a really good job, Matt.The corsair looks more interesting like this. Thank you mates Cheers Yuebin
  2. The photos are very clear and solved my doubts perfectly. It seems that Tamiya's dashboard really cannot be used directly for -2,thank you,noelh Yuebin
  3. Yes, Tamiya and Hasegawa in mainland China are not only many but also the cheapest in the world. But I'm talking about the 1/48 RNZAF Skyhawk that Hasegawa released in 2002, which is simply not available in China. Yuebin
  4. This's looking good,I like the scheme of RNZAF Skyhawk very much, but it is difficult to buy Hasegawa kits (09441) in China, and it is not easy to buy aftermarket decals Yuebin
  5. Oh you dog,It's very fun here! Hi Milos, Thanks for your kind words. I will continue to share previous work and also share some threads under building. I guess you haven't been to the model show in Shanghai. Maybe we can meet there.That is the best model show in China. Yuebin I want to say thank you so much, I first noticed BM because I was looking for a photo of Mitchell III. This really helped me and I hope someone working for aftermarket brands can take note of these discussions. Cheers Yuebin Thanks,Autle,I've always been a big fan of USMC camouflage. Thank you,Wulfman Thank you,Toryu,I like the -4, but there doesn't seem to be a great kit out there. Thank you,Tony Thank you,mouse808 Thank you,Luke.I now feel that I was thinking too much at that time, maybe the real midnight blue is the best looking. Thank you,Bertie Thank you,Alain Thank you,Maginot,I think that's a good name. Thank you,Alpha! Thank you,gunner! Thank you,binbrook87! Thank you,John Thank you,Pantherhawk27263 Hahathank you David,I think we could, I recently wanted to build a corsair again, a 1/72 scale midnight blue corsair Thank you,sir! Thank you,Tallyho Thanks for your replies guys Happy modelling Yuebin
  6. Yes, Ford's authorization has expired for many years, and because sales are not as good as expected, MENG has not started negotiations on the renewal of the F-350. This product has been discontinued for about 5-6 years, and there are still no plans to renew when I leave. So if you like the F-350 very much, keep an eye on the used market, I think that's the only place you can get a cheaper kit. Sorry Mike, I will try to use English as much as possible. Machine translation is very accurate Yuebin
  7. Hello guys I am from China and I like corsair very much.These corsairs were build by me between 2010-2013, when I had a lot of personal time. Most of these kits are Tamiya products, and a small part is Hasegawa.All of them are 1/48 scale and OOB. USMC's-1A,I forgot which squadron it was from, but everyone should have seen a photo of her. F4U-2,I've always had a question about the F4U-2 - where is its radar display? I haven't found the answer for ten years VF-17,jolly rogers are very popular in Asia, but seem to be less popular in Europe? F4U-1"Gus's gopher",considering the actual usage scenario, I tried to simulate heavy usage traces. F4U-5N VMF-513, I experimented with various dark greys to complete the layering, only solid black was used on the radar fairing. Exhaust pipes look ridiculous, excuse my laziness. The last one,F4U-5N VC-3 I heard the Japanese call the Corsair and Hellcat's midnight blue the king's blue, so wanted to embellish the midnight blue with a more luxurious shade, unfortunately it failed, the blue looks so weird. I've shared many works at once, hope this didn't bother you guys, and if it does, I'll fix it. These F4U were build ten years ago, and many traces now seem a bit deliberate. But I can still vividly remember the joy of making it. Hope you like it. Best wishs Yuebin
  8. 我现在住在深圳,绝大部分亚洲品牌都在这里,或者临近的城市-东莞制造他们的模型。我刚刚和他们聊起了你,他们还记得你。老麦向你问好,Jon. Yuebin
  9. But corsair always the best Yuebin
  10. Thank you about your kindly word, Tojo I know the SS pattern is legal in the UK or some other European country. But please note that the SS pattern in Germany is not allowed to be displayed. Every time MENG releases a German theme, the most concerned issue of German distributors is whether there is an SS pattern and whether the pattern is blocked. Let's get back to your question. Unlike the propaganda you hear, the Chinese are actually very liberal, and the government doesn't interfere too much with personal preferences. So in China you can buy SS or IJA or IJN themed models. It is true that some people were removed from the venue for the public display of the IJN or IJA flag, but that was because his behavior offended the others present, like going to a dinner party naked. This is not illegal in China, but it is clearly a moral conflict. The vast majority of Chinese are saddened by that history and angry at what the Japanese government is doing now. Japanese soldiers systematically and indiscriminately massacred Chinese civilians and prisoners of war, killing 35 million Chinese. For comparison, 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War II. The German government sincerely apologized after the war, the German chancellor even knelt in front of the monument to express condolences and apology, and the Germans did a lot for Israel and other victims. By contrast, the Japanese government or the emperor has never done this in China, Korea or Vietnam. They even still remember the masterminds of those wars, the organizers of the massacres. Can you tolerate the German Chancellor commemorating Hitler in an official capacity? Yuebin
  11. Because MENG's first product was a 1/35 scale pickup, and every pickup kit produced later had good sales, so the boss wanted to try the F-350. The 1/25 scale seems to be only produced by North American brands and Revell? Asian markets prefer 1/24 scale Yuebin
  12. That rocket is a snap-kit, and dealers in Europe and the United States don't like this kind of kit very much, so we only sell it in China for the time being. We should be releasing a 1/35 product in the fall and a 1/48 product a few months later. This is the box art of our rocket product.We tried out some new box art styles and hoped it would catch the eye. Yuebin
  13. At that time I lived in Luoyang(洛阳), a city near to Zhengzhou. I heard from my local friend about a foreigner modeller, and I thought that was you.Do you still rember 老麦 or Laomai model shop?The world is so small,isn't it? Yuebin/悦斌
  14. I'd go to WIP whenever I had free time. I really learned a lot. Those interesting discussions made my work full of motivation. I'll post some more photos of my work at night in China. Cheers Yuebin
  15. Thank you,Mike I was involved in the design of the Me 163 and also tested a lot of WNW products (MENG is one of their contractors). Later I designed F-106, P-51, F-35, and the 1/700 ship series, and some other aircraft and helicopters that were not yet on the market. I also participated in and planned the design of some other aircraft and racing cars. I have now left MENG to start my own brand with friends. Our initial products are Chinese rockets and destroyers. There will be more western-themed products in the future. I hope you‘ll’ like them. Yuebin
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