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  1. PK-8 Gloster Gladiator

    Hard to make a call either way but if I was you, I'd carry on as I was lacking any definitive evidence to the contrary. Its looking good to my eye. Steve.
  2. Any of those would do the job to my way of thinking, Steve.
  3. Absolute exhibition grade wizardry on display here. It is looking superb Ian. Steve.
  4. David Cassidy

    I was always more of a Susan Dey fan myself, though was a closet Partridge Family fan, enjoyed their show & Davids singing, a really nice voice as I remember it. Saw an interview on the telly last night with Dr Phil, where he talked about his dementia, really sad. RIP David. Steve.
  5. Thats what I'm thinking & hoping Ray, also hoping that one of the Hawk experts that I know exist on here can chip in with any details that might need changing. I was quite taken by the Italeri example I linked to above but more furkling around the googlesphere indicate that the italeri markings are wrong in several areas, but a couple of photos I found look as though it would be possible to do one of the schemes they wore from generic markings. An upshot is that I have found an Italeri T.Mk 1/56 with early Finnish markings, quickly grabbed. Steve.
  6. TE456 Spitfire Mk XVI

    A thought that occurred to me after posting all that, is you could just make it as it is in the in the museum, a replica of it as it is now, just to muddy the waters. I'll look forward to the WIP. Steve
  7. TE456 Spitfire Mk XVI

    Cam, I've added a couple more links to my last post. Steve.
  8. TE456 Spitfire Mk XVI

    I would go with the Eduard again, the time it was illustrated in would be right for the C1 type upper wing roundels rather than the B type wartime roundels I'd think. This photo is of another 501 sqn machine of about the same time & looks like it has C type with the yellow outer which is possibly even more correct, the C1 were usually associated with 2nd TAF toward the end of the war to stop blue on blue incidents. lots more Spitfire XVI photos here. Steve.
  9. TE456 Spitfire Mk XVI

    I can't tell you definitely Cam but afaik, most/all Mk XVIEs had clipped wingtips, full span wings would be very rare. As for the roundel positioning, if you can't find a wartime photo of TE456, trust the info in the Eduard decal positioning guide. Spitfire upper wing decals were pretty much governed by the size of the roundel & where they could fit between the leading edge of the aileron & leading edge of the wing. Looking at the Eduard instructions, they've got it pretty right, more info about Spitfire markings here, an earlier photo of TE456, as she was shown originally in the museum is here. Not sure when the full span wing tips came in? Steve.
  10. MTB 380 Vosper Type 1 73"

    Wonderfully well done Rob, you've made a beautiful job of this. I've an ambition to do something similar one of these days years, albeit to a lesser standard than this one. Have you made any progress on your 63' BPB MGB? That's another I'm keen to do down the track too. Steve.
  11. Where does this come from, got a link? Steve.
  12. Edited title to be less confusing.
  13. J.A.S.D.F. F4 Phantoms

    Blooming awesome photos & useful like anything too, I splashed out a while back for the Hasegawa JASDF F-4E & RF-4E double set in the 501 Hikotai markings, love that wood pecker head on the tail, keen to get a Fujimi kit for the blue scheme too, so these were right up my alley. Steve.
  14. PK-104 Curtiss SB2C-1 Helldiver

    Looking good Ray, I some nice work on show . What markings are you going to do this one in, I'm keen to do one in the VF-17 marking option but it won't be anytime this year. Steve.
  15. Not to mention the Airfix Canberra B(I)8 kit which had marking in it for RNZAF & SAAF examples. I'm still keen to do my S&M Provost kit as a Omani example. Steve.