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  1. Hi PC. Abject apologies, I think I may've skipped a page & missed the announcement of the birth. Congrats to you all, thoroughly approve of the names. I like what you're doing with the RWD.8 too. Best to you & yours. Steve.
  2. David Shepherd has died

    A sad loss & a life well lived. Any man who loved elephants & steam engines is a hero in my eyes & Shepherd has long been that for me. Rest well David & thanks for your efforts. Steve.
  3. Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo

    That has come out beautifully, it really foes look the part. Steve.
  4. Sorry I didn't see this before Rick, I've emailed Cathay Pacific, the acknowledgement said I should receive a reply with in a fortnight. Hoping. Steve.
  5. Looking great, I saw this & had a sudden Chernobyl moment. There is a eeriness about it , that's really effective modelling to my mind. Steve.
  6. Looking really good there Reinhard, the Hidecals have gone on very nicely, I've the same sheet to do a Danish one, the camo scheme, I'm more of a camo guy than NM where I can be, Steve.
  7. CAC CA-25 Winjeel

    Looking very smart. I'll be looking out for the final reveal. Steve.
  8. Airfix Taranto Swordfish

    Woo hoo. Much more bettered. Steve.
  9. Been at the hospital all day

    Nicely done you two, having forgotten about the original posts I was all full of dread, so lovely to see it all ended well, better than that perhaps. We may get grumpy with them from time to time but a life without them would be a life less lived. Steve.
  10. P-47 Mystery decals

    Steve wasn't all correct though, the bit about the P-47 Dee being the old Airfix razorback was a pure fabrication, or the result of early onset senile dementia. The Early Airfix razorback was Penrod & Sam as modelled by our own Cmatthewbacon, HV-N Bree belonged to the 61st Fighter squadron, 56th Fighter group. & was a bubbletop P-47M as 72modeller says above. I'm enjoying this thread, I love a mystery story. Damned if I know where I got the idea that Bree was the old Airfix one though, there's something bout the nose art that rings a bell with me but hanged if I can find it. Steve.
  11. P-47 Mystery decals

    It appears to me that what you have there is a set of Hasegawa decals, but not from a kit. I found an old thumbnail on a google search using the number on the bottom, 72-023 which showed a sheet of these on ebay, alas the auction is now defunct, top line 2nd from right if it shows the same for you as for me, its hard to be sure with google searchs. The sheet seems to have decals for Razorback P-47Ds as well as bubble top ones, though I wouldn't be too adamant on that either. HV-N Dee from memory is the same as an earlier boxing of the Airfix Razorback. Hope someone else can bring more info to light. Steve.
  12. A lovely job on this Fuad. I'm a big fan of Mohawks, I'm a big fan of your's. Steve.
  13. I love to watch a true masochist in action, I'll be popping back from time to time. Steve.
  14. I've been having a look at FR24, even a business account only gives a years back searches. Flightaware appears to offer searches by year & /or date but for a fairly exorbitant amount for what I'm after so it may be that my quest is not realistic via this route. maybe an email to Cathay Pacific might get me there. I'm surmising that KQA was the plane we flew as its the only CP 777-300 I've got saved in my photos folder. I distinctly recall that just after the flights FR24 showed we'd flown the same plane both directions. Steve.
  15. Airfix Taranto Swordfish

    Sorry to be so Eagle eyed Tim, its not as though it is something that couldn't be rectified later on. I may have some I could send you for that, what do your current ones measure? Steve.