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  1. Hi Robby, trying to view on phone & when trying to open in new tab just get a forbidden message. Steve.
  2. The shape is a bit off, the spine being too humpy but other than the inevitable rivets, they have nice detail, especially for the era. Steve.
  3. 'Xcuse me, but as one of the afore mentioned animals, I resemble that remark. Steve.
  4. That looks smart Tony, a nice point of difference about it. Steve.
  5. Nice build(s) Russ, on both of them. Steve.
  6. That looks seriously nice. I'm beginning to regret letting the one I had go after seeing that. Steve.
  7. Flattering the Aussie dollar aren't you? About Aus$ 12.00. Still cheap. Steve.
  8. Very attractively done. Steve.
  9. I bought me one of those this afternoon too, NZ$12.50 at Countdown, on special, normally about NZ$15, bargain. Steve.
  10. I'm not sure how I've missed this before, a most impressive project & one I'll keep an eye on from now. I like the look of your cottage, very pretty, I'm guessing too early for leaves on the Birches (?) yet, must be nice in the summer. Steve.
  11. That looks pretty good to me Hans, I'll be looking out for the final showing. Re the tailsitting, if you know anyone with some lead shot, could you not drill a small hole in the nose wheel bay, coat the shot with some thick PVA glue & pop them into the nose while the plane is held nose down. The PVA should stop them rattling & if you work out before hand how much you need , ie, sit some small weights on the cockpit top, you should be able to be fairly precise. Don't seal up the wee hole till you know its ok. ( you can probably use PVA to skin over the hole after & then paint in the wheel bay colour, no-one need ever know. Steve.
  12. Nice those. the Avenger AEW is a good shot & it'd be good to know more about the Blenheim, maybe someone can track some detail from its codes. Steve.
  13. I've just read through this after Ced's post in the" what have you bought" thread & found our supermarket chains carry them, might be worth checking that out in other parts. Going shopping this arvo. Steve.
  14. Till I googled them I thought you was eating healthy Edward. I've just popped a Hasegawa Finnish Buffalo double combo into my HLJ private warehouse. Steve.