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  1. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    When I did my RNZAF Mosquito for last years DH group build, I scratched tropical filters from card & sprue, not too hard & while not perfect, still better shaped than the Paragon ones, I found a decent photo from the net & did them by eye. None of my posted photos show them very well unfortunately. Steve.
  2. What are you reading?

    & after buying that sheet & conversion set, I just needed the book, hence, you're to blame. Steve.
  3. The Like for your last post was for your detail work, the propeller problem gets a I feel your pain with this, but the end result will be a decent reward, it is looking impressively good. Steve.
  4. Hawker Tempest F/L Regis DELEUZE Sqn 501 1944

    That looks very tidy Patrice, very little filler either that I can see, would be typical of an Academy kit if that is so. Steve
  5. Hurricane wingtip lights

    I was taught at a very young age, left & port have 4 letters & were on the same side, didn't need to know how many letters starboard had, it was simply the other side. Steve.
  6. What are you reading?

    "Desert Scorpions" by Leon Kane-Maguire. The story of 459 sqn RAAF 1942-45. About a third of the way in & a super read. I'm blaming @Ed Russell for selling me on this though I have read Leon's book on 464 sqn RAAF "The Gestapo Hunters" also a damn good read. Steve.
  7. I saw this last week with my older sons, blooming brilliant, a superb piece of film making where the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. I was hugely impressed. Steve.
  8. Nice job indeed. No, I don't think you've over weathered, I'd call that a nice representation of a well used Spitfire, & that's from someone who is of the less is more school of weathering. Steve.
  9. I like, especially in that scheme, it really suits the Hawk, as your modelling shows so well. I've a couple of these early kits in stock & admit to leaving them there as I haven't a clue how to do the det cord & a Hawk without it just doesn't look right imho. Steve.
  10. Bf 110E

    A very sweet job on that Mike, it looks superb. Did you use the kit decal for the shark mouth or mask it, either way it looks the part? Steve
  11. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6) ** FINISHED **

    Better lateish than never Dave, it really has come up beautifully, nice one. Steve.
  12. That looks good, I picked up one of these last year but wasn't too sure if I needed it, now I've seen this, I know I did need it, especially if I can bring it up like this. Steve.
  13. Mosquito XVIII - Tse Tse

    Nice looking Mosquito indeed, looking forward to seeing it done. Steve.
  14. RIP Julian - Gremlin56

    I'd not replied to this as I couldn't recall ever having had any exchanges with Julian though I was well aware of him & his wonderful modelling, who could forget the "Eye", then the other day I was hunting out some Lysander stuff when I came across his beautiful build of the Matchbox 1/32 one. It s joy to read & conveys much of the man, his willingness to share info, his humour & right there I felt I did know him & felt his passing most keenly. I'm guessing from his user name he was close to my own age, way too young. My condolences to his family & friends. RIP Julian Steve.
  15. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Humbrol 163 dark green & 164 Dark Sea Grey with Hu11 Aluminium on the undersides should do it pretty well. Hope things work themselves out on the family front before too long. Take care. Steve.