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  1. Still some issues with photo display by the look of it, I hope Massimo can see this overcome, I do rate the information on his website very highly. Steve.
  2. I wish I could find Luis' enthusiasm for this kit, I did one for a GB last year, with some mods that it really seemed to need, & although I was happy enough with the outcome it was still a charicature of a Corsair. Be that as it is, you've (& David) done a good job on this, probably showing it in a better light than it deserves. Its not a kit I'd like to see Airfix reissue. Now their F-80 & B-26 are another story. Steve.
  3. Very nice, though I think you're attempting to lead me down a path my accountant says not too. I do like the Schneider racers as a genre rather a lot but its the sheer audacity of the Crusader with its helmeted Mercury that appeals the most. I'll get one of those & see where it leads. Steve.
  4. An Airfix Bristol Bulldog, never thought I would till I saw they came in Finnish markings, then couldn't not. Steve.
  5. Hmmmm, doesn't quite sound quite like me, I think a Karaya one will be a better bet regardless. That link seems like a testament to the modeller rather than the kit. Hang on, one could say the same about the Karaya 1/48th kit & what you're doing with it. Steve.
  6. I reckon to keep an eye on this too, I've one of these destined for the Hurricane BoB scheme & I've read mixed opinions on how it makes up so looking forward to this. Steve.
  7. They're a bit brilliant I reckon. Impressive +++. Steve.
  8. Nice to have you back on this. Interesting what the IPMS journal says about the Crusader, I wonder if the 1/72 kit is similarly underscale about the engine. I'm still keen to get one before too long. Steve.
  9. Beautiful job on that. I did this scheme in 1/72 for a GB on Airfix Tribute Forum a wee while ago, used the decals from the old kit on the new kit, I was happy with it but of course nothing like as nice as this one & I didn't have a bomb rack. Steve.
  10. ,I didn't find any refs to Cosford either, there may be a reason for that. I think Tweeky's post above mine popped Halton into my head. Steve.
  11. I believe they were a recognition marking in much the same way as Damn, beaten to the draw. They're looking good Simon, a pleasure to follow this thread. Steve.
  12. maybe worth having a look on or ABPics etc if you haven't already, 'mazing what turns up there for retired airframes in my experience. Found this one after googling for red arrows gnat raf halton, maybe representative? Steve.
  13. Oh goody, a how to build the Italeri/Supermodel CR.32 tutorial, I'll be in for this, got one in stock, hasn't I. Looking good so far Mitch. Steve.
  14. I was just going to say that so I'll say it here. Ventura do a set with some Aussie & Kiwi ones, including Gray's CG, to do FL-A I think you'll need a sheet of generic white codes. I'm sure Hannants do them, likewise the serials. Steve.
  15. Currently feeling very inadequate, not having ANY Eduard Spits in stock. YET One of which may well become a model of the top scoring Kiwi Ace Colin Grays mount or maybe in its later iteration when he became a WingCo & could put his initials up rather than codes. All definitely DE/MS/AB scheme. Steve.