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  1. Being of predominantly Scots decent, I wanted to fill the family register with Douglas, Iain & Hamish. My wife being a good Catholic girl wanted to fill it with Catholic saints names, that was when she learned the true meaning of stubborn, so we compromised with some nice safe Anglo Saxon type names for our three boys, it seems to have worked OK, the first & third are happy to have theirs shortened, the middle one not though there are some safe shortened versions, we'd (I'd) thought that through & the initials aren't something even I could do anything with. Job done. Steve.
  2. On your way now Alistair & its looking GOOD. Steve.
  3. There is probably a reason I didn't see this first time around though it escapes me for now. Words fail me though I did manage to come up with superb, wonderful & impressive. Steve.
  4. Edgar Alan Procopius, its got a certain ring to it. Steve.
  5. Alistair, you might find this page from Special Hobby with an in box review of their 1/72 BoB Buchon, they supplied separate wings trimmed to the correct wingtip profile which are illustrated as well as the marking diagrams which illustrate the same thing with regard to original panel lines, ailerons etc. Steve.
  6. That is looking superb. I've got a recent boxing of this kit & wonder what Hellers recent decals perform like, if I could get a result like that I'd be rapt. Steve.
  7. Oh Ettore, that is too bad, I feel your pain, it was looking so good too. I shall have to look out for the Mark 2 version. Steve.
  8. Must be that Manthrax that Darby has been banging on about on the what did you last buy thread, in which case, you have my sympathy. probably more than you'll get from her indoors if my experiences are anything to go by. Steve.
  9. From BNA models in Aus, an Eduard Nieuport 17 & two Quickboost resin intakes for the 2 Hasegawa F-18cs I have (now) one with the RCAF BoB scheme & one to do the 3 colour Cona scheme, decals for which I've had for a few years. From, the second Hasegawa F-18c. Steve.
  10. A google search for "abpics chipmunk royal navy" gave me a heap of hits. Once I found a photo of the one I wanted, in this case WK634, the one that AZ models, I could search by that serial number which brought up a heap more. I was interested to see that while wearing the white rudder, the entire rear fuselage below the rudder & fin was dayglo whereas what I'm guessing was an earlier scheme had a silver dope rudder with dayglo fin & also silver rear fuselage. I'd say both schemes could be done from the kit though there are differences in the position of the code number on the nose. Steve.
  11. A nice job on that & a great example of how a good paint job can transform a clunker into a ramp queen. Steve.
  12. Looking at other Chipmunk photos on the Air Britain site, it appears the RNHF Chipmunk is an accurate example of the type & so I for one will be happy to build it OOB. The difficulty with doing one from a particular station to my mind lies not so much with different codes & serials, do-able from generic sheets, but with the unique badges many of the station flight examples seemed to wear on their fins. From what I'm seeing, the AZ RN Chipmunk is WK634, 902, so afaik, not the RNHF one. Steve.
  13. I like that. I've one of these tucked away & will take inspiration from your build come the day. Did you scratch build your cockpit detail or use an after market set? Steve.
  14. A quick google brought up a picture ( or 5) of that cover, yup, I see what you mean. hard to miss once you know. Funnily enough, Airfix got it right with their 1/48 Hawk kit, 05121. You could maybe do something with scanning that badge, enlarging & printing the black part as a decal to go on a yellow disc. Steve.
  15. Not my scale Jenko but an impressive & immaculate piece of modelling there. Are you sure about the handed fin badge being wrong? I couldn't find a photo of the round fin badge on the net but when they had the black fin with yellow silhoulette badge, they were handed, both sides having axe to front, though in the Hunter days, I see they were not handed. Steve.