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  1. nuuumannn

    Bovington Tank Museum

    My first visit to Bovington. The conservation hall was closed as it was the day before Tank Fest, which I had to miss owing to other commitments. Chieftain Tiger II Elefant Tetrarch Covenantor Fear Naught Little Willie There is a gallery of interesting far fetched designs for armoured vehicles, such as these. Landschiffe Spartan Atomtank Wheel tank More images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157697423021702/with/44222366372/
  2. nuuumannn

    Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

    Mystere IVs are quite common, it seems! IWM has one at DX and there's others at Midland, Newark and Bruntingthorpe. These, F-100s and T-33s came to the UK from France in the 70s. The Mutual Defence Assistance Program funded them in the French Air Force, and they arrived at Sculthorpe to be disposed of, on long term loan from the United States Air Force. Museums snapped them up as they went for the cost of removal. 1107 Bruntingthorpe Mystere
  3. Illusions shattered, watching the A-12 get off the deck'd be hairy... It's not the aircraft or the carrier that makes Binhai odd, it's the faux Russian kitsch, the big Matrushka dolls, the Ukrainian girls behind the counter, (they all smiled diligently; I got talking to a few of them and they were very pleasant! I was the first New Zealander they had met!) the water show with the jetskis around the bow of the Kiev and so forth. What made it stranger was the fact that the place was almost empty, so made it all a little 'unsettling'. The ships were fascinating to see, but what I found disheartening was that inside, much of the Kiev had been gutted; the control rooms and magazines had been preserved, but walking along the corridors was like being inside a low ceilinged building. At times there was no sense you were on a ship at all. It felt like the Big Ship had had its soul ripped out in the name of commercialism. I don't think the 'hotel' has opened to paying guests, but I did get glimpse inside a suite. Some rooms had been emptied of everything, gib put up and model ships placed in display cases, not very good model ships either. Nevertheless, being aboard the Kiev was something of a thrill. I remember ogling grainy pictures of those ships as a kid. Never did I ever think I'd get to go aboard one. On the flight deck looking back at the superstructure I had a 'pinch me' moment. When I went to look at the submarine and destroyer, I was told, non Chinese were not allowed aboard, but I could take photos. I had interesting discussions through my phone's translator app with a couple of the guards, armed military personnel, although just youngsters. They answered all my questions about the submarine and the destroyer and typical of most places I went to, were curious about me being in China. At the China Aviation Museum I had a dude give me a bag of apples after getting a selfie with me, I refused the bag of apples, as I didn't want to lug it about all day! At the tank museum, my military guide gave me a gourd, which I had to leave behind!
  4. nuuumannn

    A question about Kiev class carriers

    I know this thread is a little old now, but it looks like the query went unanswered. Here's a view of the Kiev as it was last year when I went aboard. The area Cheezburger refers to is to the left of the towed sonar array doors. Kiev 100 It looks like it could be a pushing point for tugs, considering the centre of the transom is the big doors. Also, there are vertical reinforcing strips in the inset section. The next photo shows the big double doors from the outside and inside. Kiev 97 Kiev 96 Looks like the Kiev is in better condition than the Minsk was when Flankerman visited! The Kiev is at the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, in the Binhai New Area. Images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157695139636851/page1/
  5. The Chinese love an odd theme park, see Oriental Land near Shanghai. This one, located on the shore of the Bohai Sea a quick bullet train ride from Beijing (50 minutes at 300 kph) is perhaps the bizarrest, celebrating Russian culture with a former Soviet Navy aircraft carrier as its centrepiece. Binhai 11 Shenyang J-6s in various states of decay are dotted about the place, decorated in faux Soviet markings. Binhai 13 Shenyang JJ-6s are not common display aircraft, so it was good to see this one. Based on the MiG-19, the original manufacturer did not build a two-seat variant; the JJ-6 is indigenous to China. Kiev 2 Entry to the ship is through the torpedo tube bay. Kiev 15 The magazine for storage of the P-500 cruise missiles that serve as the ship's main armament. Kiev 17 The hangar deck is occupied by models of aircraft that never served with the Soviet Navy, including this J-10 full scale mock-up sitting below the deck level lift. Kiev 76 The air movements controller's cupola. Kiev 77 Five Nanchang Q-5s and a Yak-38 mock up on the flight deck. Hangar deck lift at bottom right. Kiev 38 The Yak-38 mock-up. Despite being nowhere near as capable as a Harrier, the Yak-38/Kiev Class combination gave the Soviet Navy a blue water fixed wing air element for the first time. Around 12 to 13 Yaks were operated from each ship, being originally intended for vertical take off operations, but rolling take offs became standard to increase the aircrafts' load carrying capability. Kiev 53 Helicopter landing points on the after flight deck and a Mil-8 stand-in for the Ka-25s. Classified as aircraft carrying heavy cruisers, the Project 1143 ships were primarily anti-submarine/anti-shipping strike warfare vessels, equipped with guided missiles as their main armament and impressive active/passive sonar equipment fit. Horse Jaw I had no idea what this was until I got home; the text board in Chinese giving the only clue; "Horse Jaw". This is the sonar unit fitted into the ship's bulbous bow. Kiev 87 The Kiev and her sisters were formidably armed; cruise missile launch tubes, SAM and ASM launchers visible. Kiev 101 Retired from service in 1993, the Kiev was bought by a Chinese entertainment consortium with the intent of creating a floating hotel, but with only a few rooms converted, it has yet to officially open to paying guests. The 'theme park' was opened in 2004 and despite much of the interior being gutted to facilitate the 'hotel', the ship still looks impressive from the outside. Link to photographs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157695139636851/with/40333574150/
  6. nuuumannn

    Warbirds over Wanaka 2018

    Thanks guys. Pyrotechnics. It was rather spectacular. It was a big smoke ring,so I guess the Anson pilot just had to. The Anson is rather beautiful. DSC_1116 DSC_1070 DSC_0213
  7. nuuumannn

    Warbirds over Wanaka 2018

    Yes, Paul, Armee de l'Air based at New Caledonia. "Ze Cazaaa", as the commentator called it. DSC_0705
  8. nuuumannn

    Warbirds over Wanaka 2018

    More images from WOW 2018; DSC_4173 DSC_1240 DSC_1225 DSC_0691 DSC_0840 DSC_0115 DSC_1142 DSC_1184 Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi Guys, a few snaps of Warbirds over Wanaka 2018 held over Easter Weekend. A mixed bag of things and thoroughly enjoyable. DSC_3724 DSC_3698 DSC_4117 DSC_0461 DSC_1401 DSC_1113 DSC_1343 DSC_4163 Link to album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157695251809835/with/40507190984/
  10. Hi Guys, Images from the Civil Aviation Museum of China. An interesting collection in a rather grandiose building, with some tardy airframes outside. I think the museum needs to fix the mower! B-7022 1 B-3880 2 B-8928 Y-5 3 JJ-5 3 B-3471 3 B-2701 2 B-2207 3 B-2301 2 C-46 2 Note the C-46's metal wheels! Li-2 2 Link to more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157690426425212/with/40210316522/
  11. nuuumannn

    Thailand Museums

    Very nice that the museum now has a Matador!
  12. nuuumannn

    Test Pilot School de Havillands

    Very nice pictures, thank you. I think, Old Viper Tester, he's commenting on the wee typo at the end of the following sentence...
  13. nuuumannn

    New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    No, Steve, the NZ Fighter Pilot's Museum is now closed, but it's been replaced by Warbirds and Wheels, a combined aeroplane and car museum as a tribute to Sir Tim Wallis. It's real neat. When you're next here, you can combine it with the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow!
  14. nuuumannn

    "Some Say He Walked Away" Albatros Diorama.

    Stunning, John. Lovely to see. and well deserved being put in the museum. Unfortunately I made the mistake of clicking on your photobucket page and got bombarded by adverts, so clicked off again.
  15. nuuumannn

    New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    Oh, definitely. Let's not forget MoTaT and way down south the Croydon Aircraft Company at Old Mandeville. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157690538805966 ZK-AYR ii