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  1. nuuumannn

    Spitfire TR.9

    Here are a couple of pictures of the titular MJ627 outside the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar taken last year, from where it conducts joyflights. MJ627 i A good view of the canopy layout. MJ627 ii This is the T.VIII G-AIDN as MT818, at the same location. The canopy layout in evidence. MT818 And just for kicks, SM520 taken at Goodwood last year, too, and although these have been altered for effect for a project, they also show a contemporary two-seat canopy layout. SM520 i SM520 ii
  2. Here are a couple from my own website, This first one is from a XIV, although a little grainy owing to the shitty gear I had at the time: http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/nh799?lightbox=dataItem-ioi8eliq This one is the tail section of an F.21 undergoing restoration, taken with a 35mm film camera, so not great quality. http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/la198?lightbox=dataItem-ighlu0mo1
  3. Gifted by the North Vietnamese. You can see the markings of South Vietnam on its flanks. F-5s and A-37s were sent to Warsaw Pact countries for examination. The MLP in Cracow also has the same types received for the same reason.
  4. Tucked away at the far end of Finow's runways is the Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt on the site of a former Soviet Air Force and LSK fighter base. Located an hour's drive outside Berlin, Finow has an interesting history, as during Nazi times it was one of the main airfields of KG 200, the secretive experimental unit that operated a handful of Allied types alongside standard Luftwaffe aircraft, including B-17s and B-24s. Unfortunately at the small and rather rustic site, there is nothing that indicates this facet of the site's history. The images have had the colour drained out of them; I wanted to experiment with colour to reflect the general rustic nature of the place. Finow is still an active airfield, with a small portion of the hard standing built as a fighter station for the Soviets in use, the rest is covered by a solar farm. Finow's control tower. Europe 302 Su-22 gate guard. A taste of the state of the collection. Europe 303 Arrestor barrier. Europe 304 There are aircraft and displays inside the hardened aircraft shelters, including this MiG-15UTI and MiG-21F-13. Europe 305 PZL Dromader in front of a shelter capped by a radome. Europe 306 LSK MiG-23BN. Europe 307 VEB-14P, licence built Il-14 in Dresden. Europe 308 Yak-28R, one of the types stationed at Finow. Europe 310 PZL An-2T. Europe 313 L-29, evidence that the staff do work on the aircraft. Europe 314 Interflug Tu-134. Europe 315 Mi-8T. Europe 317 Cosmetically challenged MiG-23S. Europe 318 Lenin looking on sternly at the foreign tourists. Europe 319 Thanks for looking.
  5. Yes indeed. Was impressed with the museum as a whole - it's huge, but the aircraft are not well looked after at all. Note the flat tyres on the CF-100, the Nord and the Hurri. The Oxford, in the background in the Mosquito image, hasn't had its nose for years.
  6. More from Brussels. Avro Canada CF-100. Europe 431 Nord 1002. Europe 432 Fairey Battle. Europe 433 de Havilland Mosquito. Europe 434 Bucker Bu 181. Europe 435 Sad looking Hurricane. Europe 436 Fairchild Bolingbroke. Europe 437 Douglas A-26. Europe 438 Mil Mi-24. Europe 439 Thanks for looking.
  7. Images from the rather vast military museum in the centre of Brussels. The aircraft hall is impressive, but some of the machines are run down and desperately need attention, and a good clean. Caravelle. Europe 422 Maurice Farman MF.11. Europe 423 Meteor and Spitfire. Europe 424 Spad XIII. Europe 425 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. Europe 426 Ju 52/3mg3e. Europe 427 C-119. Europe 428 RAF RE.8. Europe 429 The aviation hall in all its splendour and dust. Europe 430 More to come.
  8. The remains of Anhalter Bahnhof, to jog your memory further, Mr T. Berlin Tour 70 An illustration within the Anhalter Bhf U-bahn station. Berlin Tour 71 More of Berlin if you are interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157709594792612/with/48264721357/ This is a walking tour that I completed within a day. It's not captioned, so you might have to guess why I've photographed what I have.
  9. SNCAC Martinet. Europe 272 CASA 352L Europe 273 Klemm Kl 35B. Europe 274 Arado Ar 79. Europe 275 Nord 1002 Pengouin. Europe 276 Bf 109E. Europe 277 Nude Gotha Go 242. Europe 278 Bucker Bu 181 Panzerfaust. Europe 279 He 162. Europe 280 Missiles and miscellany. Europe 281 Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi Guys, Images from the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. The museum from the footbridge over the Lanwehr Canal. The C-47 used to sit outside the big terminal at Tempelhof. Europe 261 This is a model of the Deutsches Luftfahrt Sammlung, the Nazis' big aviation museum, which opened in 1936 to coincide with the XI Olympiade, the centrepiece of which was the Dornier Do X. Choccy fish if you can name all the aircraft. Europe 265 This is what the main entrance looked like; note the Spitfire at bottom right. The museum caught fire during an air raid in 1943 and most of the collection was destroyed, some airframes survived and are now in the collection of the MLP in Cracow. The Airco DH.9A at Hendon used to be there. Berlin Tour 15 This is a 'then and now' comparison. It was taken on Alt Moabit next to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, just across the Spree River from the Reichstag. Berlin Tour 14 Arado Ar 96. Europe 266 Nord 1100 Noralpha. Europe 268 Ju 88G and Fi 156. Europe 269 Bf 110 and Fw 44. Europe 270 Ju 87. Stuka A slice of the Dornier Do X. Europe 271 More to come.
  11. Great photos and excellent tips as well. Those are impressively low shutter speeds, and the results are evident, Alpha Delta 210.
  12. The full size ones? No, they are the originals. That was Clement Ader's Avion III that he built in 1897 (obviously the outer covering has been replaced) and that Bleriot XI was indeed the one Louis Bleriot flew across the Channel in in 1909. The Dufaux helicopter was also the one that the brothers actually flew for the crowds at St Cloud. It wasn't large enough to carry a person, being a scale demonstrator only. Only the Deperdussin and Antoinette are reproductions.
  13. When the rain started midway through the day, we went over to the terminal and got some coffee and snacks as the food outlets were pretty shabby on the field. It was a good vantage point for departing aircraft. Europe 85 Europe 86
  14. The Musée des Arts et Métiers is in downtown Paris is a science museum and has a small aviation collection of interesting artefacts. The full size airframes are historic each in their own right, which makes this a worthy destination after visiting the Musée de L'Air at le Bourget, especially since the pioneer and Great War gallery there seems to have been stuck in refurbishment limbo for years now. Some images. By far the star at the museum is Clement Ader's Avion III. Europe 204 Ader's novel and complex steam engine that powered the Avion III. Europe 206 The vehicle gallery inside the old church. Europe 210 The ungainly Breguet R.U.1. Europe 211 Robert Esnault-Pelterie's R.E.P. of 1908. Europe 212 Louis Blériot's English Channel crossing XI. Europe 213 Not an aeroplane, but Marcel Leyat's Hélica D.21, which was known as "L'avion sans ailes" - the aircraft without wings. Europe 214 Another 'not an aircraft'; this bicycle was designed by Clement Ader. Europe 215 Model of a Deperdussin A. Europe 216 A model of an Antoinette monoplane. Europe 217 Swiss brothers Armand and Henri Dufaux's unpiloted hélicoptère of 1905, which they flew from the Parc de St Cloud near Paris. This is the full size vehicle. Europe 218 Thanks for looking.
  15. Very nice indeed. I was at the event at Carpiquet on 7 June; a bit badly organised and the weather didn't help matters, but your photos do it justice.
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