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  1. Andre B

    P-51D stars and bars

    Hello, Wonder a little about Lifelike P-51D decals and those stars and bars used on some aircrafts. It seems that the white paint was omitted or washed out and/or the ensignia only painted in dark blue. Whats the story behind this? http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/decals/lifelike72038reviewdc_1.htm Cheers / André
  2. Andre B

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    But the only kit you need to buy is an longwinged Hasegawa F-111G (what I remember) and an nose job kit for the F-111B. Ok, there is som other parts that can be used from the Revell kit like the afterburner cans and the tail. But the same but different parts will be left over from the Hasegawa kit... Cheers / André
  3. Great work! How well did the clear parts fit? Was it the original Airfix parts? I always had an good eye for the Avro Anson and Dragon Rapide as beutyfull British aircrafts they are! Cheers / André
  4. Andre B

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    Bill, I followed your build with great interest as I had done that type of build twice before. You made me searching my kits in my collection of built and unbuilt kits and also put a layer of "gull gray paint" on my F-111B. So after 20 years its almost time for some decals... You made an fantastic work with your "B" Bill! Cheers / André
  5. Andre B

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    It is not that much work for Hasegawa. Only two more sprues with new fuselage parts, nose, wheels and cockpit with clear parts... I still have my old kits but the Hasegawa kit is almost the same as Bill's but lacks decals. The Revell kit was built for over 25 years ago but is damaged and waits for repair (I took the short nose of for the mould job and the Hasegawa kit). I was inspired by an "prototype and produktion build article" in the magazine "Fine Scale Modeller" by Paul Boyer (?) with the Revell and Hasegawa kits. It was long before the "internet era" and in those days it was really hard to get knewledge, find and get resin parts for aircrafts as F-111B. I have never found an old Revell kit with the F-111B nose left... Cheers / André
  6. Andre B

    Zebrano 1/72 Lebedenko 'Tsar' Tank

    Mortal Engines? Cheers / André
  7. Andre B

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    Thanks Bill, I did that conversion years ago first with an old Revell kit. And the second time with an Hasegawa kit. Almost used the same parts. Also made an mould so I can make new parts. Hasegawa did something similar with the Blue Angels F-11F Tiger. So it wouldn't be the first time. Frog also made something similar with their Arado Ar 234 as did Dragon. But what I want now is an F-111B with the "uprised production cockpit" and semilong nose... Cheers / André
  8. Andre B

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    An reissue with F-111B parts (like the old Revell kit) would be nice... /André
  9. I have two Emhar kits. One built and one built. I like the Demon and will get this one too! So what about a Scimitar then? Almost the same aircraft from the same era... /André
  10. Are Zvezda really making new kits these days? It seems long ago since they made something new and exiting. A few years ago they where making one of THE best Napoleolic figures in 1/72 ever. Now they are almost invisible... /André
  11. Expert and overtrees... When will we se a kit being built here at Britmodeller? Cheers / André
  12. Andre B

    Airfix first P-51D Mustang...

    Hello. Wonder, is there any 1/72 decals available today for Airfix first P-51D Mustang? https://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=17036&manu=Airfix What I understand the real aircraft had an blue nose and D-day markings. Yellow rudder? http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/18399 It could be fun building an new P-51D with the markings of one of the first P-51D kits... Cheers / André
  13. I hope that they rerelease those decals in 1/72 as well... /André
  14. Andre B

    Spitfire in The Train (1964)

    I still have it om VHS. And agree it is an great film. Real things and not computer animated. Peter Jackson, live an learn! /André
  15. Andre B

    Revell 2019 1st quarter releases

    Is this a new kit of the first 747 or a reissue of one of the older kits? /André