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  1. This gonna turn out nice. The Revell decal's fits the Airfix kit as good as can be! Cheers / André
  2. This gonna be interesting to following. Always likes the appearance of the Cavalier Mustang! Cheers / André
  3. Ok, time to start up the builds and join the group build. Funny is that today I've found the last missing kit in my P-51D stach. I've got the Forces of Valor"s P-51D kit. Together with my Airfix, Tamiya and Hasegawa P-51D kits I have som nice choises to do. I also have some decal"s to choose. Hopefully I end up with one built kit before end date! Cheers / André
  4. Seems that most of my free sunday is saved... Cheers / André
  5. Got the FoV P-51D today. For sure it has some interesting shape issues. But the first impression is that they wanted to make an "good quality kit' but lacked experience and knewledge. I be back with some photocomparison together with the Airfix and Tamiya kurs. Maybe I build it in the upcoming P-51 Mustang Group Build... Cheers / André
  6. But sadly the Draken is no more available from Heller... /André
  7. The Monogram canopy parts fits the Fujimi and Esci kits?
  8. Hi, Following your build with great interest. The only thing I don't like with the Revell kit is their decals. Their Stars n Bars are a little strange when it comes to the blue. And it takes some time to paint the darker blue with the size of the Stars n Bars in mind. Some carefull masking i needed... Otherways I feel their Thunderbolt is an nice little kit. http://ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10767 Cheers / André
  9. Hi Jens, Interesting, l send you an PM... Cheers / André
  10. Hi André, Yes, I knew about the Hasegawa F-4G. But it is rather pricey and hard to get these days. As the Revell F-4F is easy to get and one of the better kits there should be good posibillitys to convert it to an E or an G. If only RoG had seen what Esci, Italeri and Hasegawa Saw... Cheers / André
  11. ...of the Revell F-4F 1/72 kit... ...how hard can it be? I've got the Italeri F-4G parts in the sparebox... Cheers / André
  12. Agree with Mark and Lasermonkey. The Esci Phantom's where state of the är art when they came. I think the Italeri kit also was made by the same mouldmaker as the older Fujimi and the Esci. But by some reason it lacked the engraved details. I also share the experience that most F-4 kits needs some sprue to spread the fuselage to get an nice fit to the wings. When it comes the cockpit it is spartan. But that goes for the Italeri and Fujimi kits as well. Much can be done here using aftermarket parts. But in the end the only thing that is to be seen is the top of the bangseats. The only 1/72 Phantom's I knew of that really have an well made cockpit is the "new" Revell kit. As Mike said it has some sinkmarks that needs filler and usually demand some carefull work when joining the spine but in the end one have an rather nice F-4 Phantom II. I usually buy the Esci/Ertl Phantom's when I see them. And for most time they make good value for the money... Cheers / André
  13. An good idea on most F-4 Phantom builds I think. I also use some sprue on my Italeri and Fujimi 1/72 Phantom's. On Revell and Hasegawa I usually don't glue the bottom part of the fuselage parts (not an open space, more of an "floor" compared to Fujimi). When the time comes to fit the wings I still has som flex in the fuselage and can use some thin plasticard if needed between the fuselage sides to "press" them out against the wings to get a nice filler free joint between the fuselage and the wings. Cheers / André
  14. The Airfix kit is actually rather nice with good fit. It is the Testor kit that has to be avoided. I have them all, and the Tamiya kit as well. http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10831&sid=f1b9b8fc49fe5067cb60f1380ec254ee&start=10 Cheers / André
  15. Wich aircraftcarrier is it in the background to the left in that picture? For sure it also has an interesting camouflage... Cheers / André
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