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  1. Interesting yes, but would it get buyers? Has an Allison engined P-51 any connections to Poland? I feel an new P-51D (or any other aircraft with polish connections) would be an better investment. An new 1/72 scale P-38 are needed. Was there any polish pilots flying P-38? Cheers / André
  2. From Arma Hobby... "I expected P-51B around Summer Holidays. Hopefully we will have it on Christmas (not sure). Mustang have much more detail than previous kits, including subvariants available out the box (nose panels, photo camera, different radio, rangefinder). So it adds more to the work."
  3. Didn't knew the gunner had a "stick" as well. Or isn't it made for flying the aircraft? Cheers / André
  4. It's an "big" aircraft (44,4 × 52,1 cm). Bigger than an Lancaster (29,5 × 42,8 cm) and Shackleton (39,0 × 50,7 cm) in 1/72...
  5. As with the P-51B/C there is still place for an better P-51D. Both the Tamiya and the Airfix kits have things that could been better made. The Tamiya without loose flaps and the Airfix with the bad moulded parts (antenna and stick) and bent landinggears. There is place for an eduard and/or an Arma Hobby P-51D. Why not an P-51D with the choise of building an early one without the spinfinn. I would also appreciate all three types of propellers. And what about the idea of an smooth wing with filled panellines as on the real thing? Cheers / André
  6. The impressive prop with it's blades is the best parts of this kit. But one have to take care building the cockpit to get everything accurate. Rather interesting aircraft when finnished. Cheers / André
  7. Been rather silent cencerning the new Mustang. No news? Cheers / André
  8. Hi! Is there any decals made for the aircraft flewn by Jackie Cochran? Sabre, Starfighter etc... http://www.chuckyeager.org/news/today-in-history-the-sound-barrier-was-broken-by-a-woman-for-the-first-time/ Cheers / André
  9. But how accurate is the P-51D decals? They where totaly useless for me building the RAF Mustang that emergencylanded at Getterön Airfield, Varberg, Sweden 1945...
  10. Nice choise of variants. Sadly the Italeri 1/72 scale P/F-51D is not as nice as those from Airfix, Tamiya and Hasegawa. It need lot of filler and has rather bad clear parts. And I think most modellers has bad experience from Italeri Decals... /André
  11. The HobbyBoss wings was mentioned. Has someone tried that way? Cheers / Andre
  12. But a pair of accurate propellers is still missing...
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