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  1. No I meant the Bismark/Sharnhorst KITS. Not "kit" and are fully aware of that they are different toolings... Cheers/André
  2. Andre B

    Airfix 2021...

    Well... There is two ways to mould 1/72 scale landinggears, antennas and stick. The old way as on the old Spitfire and Mustang kits from different brands in the early 70's and the wrong way as on the recent Airfix P-51D Mustang... Cheers / André
  3. Andre B

    Airfix 2021...

    An P-51B/C in 1/72 would be an nice thing. For sure there is an demand for an accurate one. And please with landinggears, antenna and stick that can be used to it. And I wouldn't say no to an 1/72 Scimitar... Cheers / André
  4. Good looking Archie's. Who's James May? Ok, I remember he flew the Spitfire... Cheers / André
  5. Finaly... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Final_Countdown_(film) Can we get a pair of Zero's?
  6. But still waiting for an eduard 1/72 P-51B, C or D... Cheers / André
  7. Andre B

    Cold War Nostalgia

    Well, the Demon was the forerunner to the F-4 Phantom. So I feel it actually gave the way to an not so different and better design. The Skyray led to Skylancer and was used by NASA. So albeit an short service life they contributed to better designs...
  8. We also have the MiG 31 Firefox from the 1982 movie with Clint Eastwood... https://www.anigrand.com/AA6014_Mig-31.htm
  9. My Skyhawk arrived yesterday. With two noses in the kit one wonder if the noseparts kan be fitted to the Airfix kit without to much work? And what type one can build then? Cheers /André
  10. Andre B

    TF-102 A

    But the Vigilante was already longer. So it could not be an main reason...
  11. Sad to say that there still is no accurate kit of the P-51B/C in 1/72. Untill one is made (Arma Hobby ?) I keep on with the old Monogram...
  12. It's no secret that the best P-51 B/C still is the old Monogrsm kit. Wonder if Hobby 2000 knew or... ?
  13. Nice work, love that little.Bulldog! Cheers / André
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