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  1. Got the Matchbox A-4M/N Skyhawk today with the US Marines and Israeli Air Force decals. I hasn't compared this kit yet with the Italeri kit I have. But as I got it cheap and it didn't looked to bad I had to give it a chance. /André
  2. What happened with Hobbycraft Canada? Do they still exist? Cheers / André
  3. Interesting build! Wonder what Airfix did with that kit 1989? Doesn't look to different compared to the old kit from 1975. Those sprues are changed but the parts look much the same... https://modelingmadness.com/review/mod/previews/airfix/04019.htm Cheers / André
  4. It's sad that the late Avro Arrow kit is almost impossible to find and get these days. I probably lay my hands in the next HC Sabre I see. Wonder where the HC Avro Arrow moulds are today... Cheers / André
  5. Concerning Hornby... Looking at James May's BBC documentary one wonder if their railway kits has an bigger research, accuracy and quality controll compared to Airfix aircraft kits... /André
  6. Not untill the Magna kit I have is near finished. Now I knew why there are problems with that kit... Cheers / André Ps. Also looking forward to any uppdates...
  7. Looking at that picture Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey doesn't look wrong. Fore sure the 56th gives us freedom to choose what looks right... Looking forward to see your 56th Thunderbolt when the time comes! Cheers / André
  8. I totally agree with you. That engine is the only part of that kit I built and painted... Cheers / André
  9. Thanks Mike, I have four Thunderbolt's on the table and one of them is the Revell P-47M. https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10767&sid=0546d802979681cc942d02d5082095fc I didn't have any tougth's of using the Revell engines to the old Frog/Revell kit and glued the fuselage some months ago. But it is a kit that isn't hard to find and I will take a look on this possibility next time. As I also have the Italeri Thunderbolt and l may say that the Italeri engine is nice too... Cheers / André
  10. Mmm... Those Revell Thunderbolt's, both D and M can usually be found rather cheap. Cheaper than resin engines like that one from Aires. Good idea using the engine from the Revell kit. But does it fit into the cowling of the Monogram and/or Frog Bearcats? Cheers / André
  11. Mmm... There was a new movie a few months ago. Lancaster Skies?
  12. I have the old Frog (?) kit in a box somewhere. Following with interest! Cheers / André
  13. Hi, Wonder about the Airfix moulds for their 1/600 passenger ships. Where they really scrapped or missing? Looking at prices of Canberra, QE 2, SS France and QE there must be a demand for new kits. And what about the "Southern Cross"? Or... ? Cheers / André
  14. Hi, Where there any regulations concerning walkways on Skyray's? It seems that sometimes where they painted in light seagull and later on in darker shades of grey. And sometimes lined in black, ewen red and on some aircraft not lined at all. Usually those walkways are made as decals as well. But it look's strange sometimes depending on decal quality. Cheers / André
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