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  1. Andre B

    Sky fuselage band on Hawker Tempest...

    Mmm... The thing is that the sky fuselage band didn't always match the sky letters or sky spinner. Or even sky painted undersides on aircraft's. Even Airfix decals (letters and sky bands) don't match Humbrol sky 91 where for an example Xtradecal letters match Xtracolor's sky. But I found sky fuselage band decals for Hawker Typhoon and with those I can make bands for my Tempest that also fit the fin... Cheers / André
  2. Andre B

    Sky fuselage band on Hawker Tempest...

    The big problem is that the sky fuselage band is very close to the tailplane in 1/72 scale making it difficult to mask. That's why it's good to paint and mask the band at an early stage in the build before assembling the tailplane and painting the camouflage... Cheers / André
  3. Andre B

    Revell 2018

    Och yes, noticed that we really where talking about the old kit. Was fooled by the words "realeased 1993"... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/102228-revell-04176-hawker-tempest-mk-v Cheers / André
  4. Andre B

    Revell 2018

    Mmm... What happened with the Revell 1/72 Hawker Tempest? I can't say I seen that kit for years albeit the moulds where made in the eightys (?). Cheers / André
  5. Agree, looks great with decals on. HobbyBoss has solved the problems with their decals as they stick so vell to the kit? Cheers / André
  6. Concerning the Hawker Tempest in 1/72. Is there any kitmaker out there today who also make or provide the sky fuselage band as an decal today? Or do I have to paint this band? I am for the moment working on an old Matchbox Tempest Mk.II and have come to the conclusion that I would have started painting the sky fuselage band and masked it before painting the camouflage. I tought I had an decal somewhere but no... Cheers / André
  7. Andre B

    Trainer yellow decal paper...

    Actually, it usually works fine with Micro-Sol and Micro-Set. Even Airfix had a pair of yellow decals in their Spitfire Mk.IX kit. Cheers / André
  8. Andre B

    1/72 Hobby Boss F-5E Tiger II

    Looks nice. I would love a two seater. Will also be watching with interest! Cheers / André
  9. Andre B

    Trainer yellow decal paper...

    Is there any trainer yellow decal paper available on the market? I would be nice if one could cut "leading edge ving decals" for Spitfire's, Hurricane's etc instead of painting them... /André
  10. It can end up as an nice aircraft. And with not go much work i can be easy backdated to an A-3A... Cheers / André
  11. Andre B

    IPMS Colour Reference Chart (Might not be the best area)

    Mmm... Don't trust that colour chart go much. For what I knew it hasn't been updated for years... /André
  12. Andre B

    Spitfire pilot pistol

    Just learned that the canopy on early Spitfires could be hard to open during higher speed. So an pistol could be important of security reasons to shoot out the canopy to peaces and get out. Wasn't it an scene of this happening in A Peace of Cake or Pearl Harbour? Cheers / André
  13. Andre B

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Noticed that little perspex panel more close in the movie "Dunkirk". I knew'd about it in years but never seen it so close so those splitpins on the inside was seen. That made me start to wonder why it was so difficult to open the canopy even without damages or if the rails hade been hit. I tought that perspex was there for some kind of security but never tought it was there because an pressureproblem. Thanks for charing knewledge! Cheers / André
  14. Mmm... One some japanese aircraft's the leading edges on the wings also was painted yellow. Wonder if those decals for to the Airfix 1/72 Zero also can be used to an Spitfire or Hurricane albeit with som cutting. Is the yellow ok as trainer yellow? Cheers / André
  15. Andre B

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    Concerning RLM 79 sandgelb. Whas this the same paint that also was used on the Whermacht vehicles and tanks? Cheers / André