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  1. But a pair of accurate propellers is still missing...
  2. Andre B

    Sailing Ship Pamir

    It was an expensive affair for New Zealand and it was returned to Eriksson and Åland after two, three years. The NZ-crew for exemple once blew all sails in lack of experience. Sadly, this kit can't be built as Pamir NZ as the ship at the time didn't look like Passat, Peking, Padua and the other P-liners... Cheers / André
  3. Andre B

    Sailing Ship Pamir

    That's accurate... In fact it was the sisterships Passat and Peking. Pamir wasn't sistership to Passat and Peking and didn't look like them until 1951 when Pamir was rebuild and modernized as Passat... Strange some importen parts are missing or forgotten. The ancorcrane/derrick is missing. Some railings are missing to (cowbridges and midshipdeck) and there are no binnacles. So this shipmodel can't be built right out of the box as Pamir before 1950... Sheers / André
  4. I feel that both Fujimi and Italeri aircraft kits these days are rather rare and expensive in Sweden. The only easy to get kits from Italeri is the 1/24 scale trucks. And both Volvo and Scania are from Sweden...
  5. An Italeri F-86F Sabre in 1/72? Ah, not an Italeri origin. Just the Fujimi kit in an new box... https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2833
  6. Some pictures of the new Forces of Valor FW 190 D-9 can be seen here... https://m.facebook.com/groups/174649100872/permalink/10158498047465873/ Cheers / André
  7. Mmm... Would those wings with engines be usefull also toghether with an Timiya Mosquito nightfighter fuselage? Or would that be an version that never existed? Cheers / André
  8. Is it just me or do the wheels look blury? /André
  9. Concerning the Mk. II... What I remember Matchbox used the same prop for both variants. But with different spinners. How was it with the real aircrafts? Cheers / André
  10. So, will Airfix give us an Mirage III to combat that Mig in än dog fight double. Or do we gonna use the Fouga Magister to... ?
  11. Wonder with the soft plastic used by Airfix. Still got problems with the P-51D Mustang. Bet it is an golden oportunity for the aftermarket. Also needed for Academy, Heller... Cheers / André
  12. With some cleaver thinking (cut lines on the inside of the fuselage and wings?) and one more sprue with prop, nose and wingradiators it wouldn't be hard for Airfix to go the same road as Matchbox. They have done versitale kits before. Such as the Spitfire Mk. Ia with parts for an early Spitfire and the Mk. IIa and Mk. Va... Cheers / André
  13. Want them and Katy in 1/72 scale... Please...
  14. But if Airfix had gone the Matchbox road and given us a kit with option for both? Cheers / André
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