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  1. Andre B

    TF-102 A

    But the Vigilante was already longer. So it could not be an main reason...
  2. Sad to say that there still is no accurate kit of the P-51B/C in 1/72. Untill one is made (Arma Hobby ?) I keep on with the old Monogram...
  3. It's no secret that the best P-51 B/C still is the old Monogrsm kit. Wonder if Hobby 2000 knew or... ?
  4. Nice work, love that little.Bulldog! Cheers / André
  5. As I am from Sweden I built them all (concerning J-35). And seen most of what can be find on the aftermarket. And my Revell Draken didn't come with that bad fit some people talk about. I still have it. There are lot of kits of other brands that are worser. Including an rather new Spitfire from Forces of Valor...
  6. I would say that in its own the old Revell kit is not that bad. The recessed panel lines is nice and where done 30 years before any other kit. But the better kit is the Hasegawa and the hard to get Heller kit... http://www.internetmodeler.com/awn/97-december/draken.htm Cheers / André
  7. Not far from 10 days left. It can be done!
  8. Small steps... Some decals on the Swedish J-26 Mustang... I don't knew if Baracuda Calls took some artistic liberties concerning the red stripes just behind the yellow/gren chequered nose. I havn't seen any aircraft with those red stripes in the actual fightergroup. But it makes the chequered nose look better and hides some irregularities. Some work done with the wings, filling some panellines and wetsanding. I also took care about the "rivets" on the Tamiya wing. The wing just "snapped in place" showing the nice fit between the fuselage and the wings. It also helps holding the fuselage...
  9. Real beutifull jobb with that Vampire! I almost can hear it start up it engines at F14, Kungliga Hallands Flygflottilj in Halmstad, Sweden! Cheers / André
  10. Thanks Rich! I would say that the wing/fuselage joins are wery fine on the Tamiya and Airfix 1/72 scale kits. I usually just "snap" the wings and fusleage in place i the last stages of the build (after painting and decalling). I found it out during dryfitting. So nowdays I aint much worried about it (fingers crossed ). I think the main reason for the good fit is that the joint is straight and not curved or angled (as on Spitfire). Airfix, S-26 Mustang with decals from Moose Republics). Tamiya... Airfix again. An ex Swedish J-26 sold to Israel. ...and again. Sunny VII, one of the most beutifull P-51D's in my opinion... ...and Airfix again. The Revell Mustang is old but the Revell decals fits rather well to an Airfix.
  11. Some decalling done... Those yellow/green chequered nose decals came from Barracuda Cals and it's the first time I used delas from that company. They worked well with MicroSol and responded better to the curved nose than expected. The green I used to the spinner was Tamiya TS-2 Green and TS-34 Camel Yellow. I have built several P-51D Mustang's but this is my first try building one with an chequered nose.
  12. Hopefully the work with the wings will start tomorrow. There are some panellines that had to be filled and some wetsanding to do... Cheers / André
  13. I also ordered some numbers and letters a while ago. But it seems that it's hard to get decals from UK these days... https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?GOTO=81&PICFILE=81&STKNR=81&STRH=&ORDN=&RNZ=331959&THISVIEWMODE=2&SUPPLIER=&FINDRETR=&WIDENET=&CATEGORY=5&SUB=7&VWW=1
  14. And some green paint on the spinner. Maybe some decals next?
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