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  1. Spitfire MkXIV, 17 Sqn RAF

    Hi Very nice work. Love the super spitfire. I did a MkXIV from the odd shaped Academy kit with the Daco correction set which turned out very well. Great looking Spitfire you have there. All the best Chris
  2. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Blimey Tony that's some amazing work it looks fantastic. You were right, I have been converting the loft. We have gone from a two bedroom bungalow to a four bedroom house (one of the bedrooms is my man cave) still got lots to do, but now able to do some modelling albeit on a small bench in the lounge until downstairsis finished. Keep up the good work fella All the best Chris
  3. Very nice indeed. Great work. All the best Chris
  4. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Hi Tony Wow some fantastic modelling fella. I have been away for quite a while and have not been able to read a lot of of this thread but wow so far. Love the glazing work. Keep up the good work My condolences to your missus and you and your family too. All the best Chris
  5. Crikey Rob You have got a lot on there. They all look good. I have the Spitfire mk IIa to build hopefully soon along with some resin additions so will be watching with interest. I too have been away for just over a year and am catching up. Keep up the good work. All the best Chris
  6. Hi Ced Sounds like a lovely day. I am envious. What a cracking build of the fantastic Harvard too. I remember seeing one at a very local airshow some years ago and was struck by the sound as it flew over nice and low. Great build All the best Chris
  7. Hi Tony Whata great character Ginger Lacey sounds and what a cracking aim too to finish that aircraft off in just 9 rounds at speed. Love the background and great model as usual. Looks fab. I have the AAmodels conversion for the Revell MKIX to build a 32nd scale MkXIV to do one day. The shagbat and hurry are looking good too. All the best Chris
  8. 1/72nd Matchbox Halifax- FINISHED

    Great build Tony. Great idea re the radiators that is fantastic. I too have been looking for the aeroclub replacements without success. NowI won't need them. Thanks Tony for the inspiration. All the best Chris
  9. Lockheed Hudson Question - PRU Blue

    I missed that in your post. Been getting up too early for work lately so am very tired of an evening !!! Thats my excuse anyway. I know that I am a heathen and I am coming up short on info. Now I know that it was painted over I think I will attempt the PRU blue machine. Thanks guys All the best Chris
  10. Lockheed Hudson Question - PRU Blue

    Thanks Seahawk. I will look to see if I can use spares that I already have, although I cannot locate a serial number for the aircraft itself at the moment. The Scale Aircraft modelling article also says unknown serial. It may be that I either carry on looking for now and hopefully something will turn up or build it without the serial number altogether or build the overall grey one ??? All the best Chris
  11. Lockheed Hudson Question - PRU Blue

    Hi Chris It is volume 13, number 8, May 1991. Chris
  12. Lockheed Hudson Question - PRU Blue

    Thanks Seahawk I will see if I can locate one. Does it mention if it had cameras on both sides or will it just be the one carried ? Thanks Chris
  13. Lockheed Hudson Question - PRU Blue

    Hi all Firstly, I hope you are all well. I am sorry but I have been absent for quite a while as I have bee concentrating on doing a Loft conversion and have now completed upstairs and started on the downstairs but have run out of dosh so for the time being I am able to do some modelling on a small workbench I have set up in the lounge. I am looking to find out some information on Lockheed Hudson in PRU Blue scheme that flew from St Eval. I saw the scheme in Scale Aircraft Modelling where that have covered the Hudson however the Serial number seems to be unknown. I have tried some Google searches and I did see some decals that covered the scheme, but I have gone back a few days later and now cannot see them on there. I have searched here and have seen the overall grey scheme mentioned however I quite fancied doing a PRU Blue machine and then want to make it interesting using filters in oil paints to provide Tonal differences etc. I have managed to get hold of a Classic Airframes 1/48 kit and would like to use that. If anyone can give me some pointers or knows of any photos I would be very grateful. I am currently working on the AZ 1/72 Airspeed Oxford T1 ( Navy ) and may look to start once I have finished that. Thanks everyone it is good to be back. All the best Chris
  14. I think I have cracked it Wahoo, it's an excuse for showing this fine pair too. Thanks to you all for putting up this thread. All the best Chris
  15. Hi all My images seem to have gone too, I have just gone onto PB and can't get to my images as I can't seem to get around their Printshop page even when clicking the library link. have the originals so I am not too bothered. Will try the Onedrive route I think. Edit - I have saved a couple of images to One drive and tried to right click for the embed option however it is not offered, I have a Microsoft Office 360 type account so must be doing something wrong somewhere. All the best Chris