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  1. Hi Terry Hlad you have had some attention re your legs I hope you make a swift recovery and get more night clubbing in!!!. Hooe you can get the old Glider mojo back too. Your models in RFI look wonderful fella. Looking forward to some more on here Chris
  2. Love that scheme Terry, the variation in metal shades really adds to the overall beauty, such a stunning looking Aircraft too. Great work Chris
  3. Sorry I am late Terry, that is one gorgeous Mustang. Great work, I appreciate your efforts after building the RS models P322-1 Lightning. Cracking work and s great scheme. Chris
  4. Thanks fella that is really kind of you, got that little 72nd one to get done first. I am just sorting the struts out for the top wing at the mo. Have a few Biplanes on the go at the mo now as just cut the bits off the sprue for the Walrus too Chris
  5. Lovely work John, thanks for the info re the doors, the Barracuda doors are wonderful and look amazing when painted, decalled and weathered, I have bought them for all my 32nd scale Spitfires after doing and correcting the HB kit . Interestingly the Revell components fit well in the HB Mk.Vb kit too, some with modifications and some just fitted as the HB kit has a weirdly squashed cockpit. Your cockpit interior and cameras look absolutely fantastic, great work all round. Chris
  6. Hi Roger, great start fella, shame about the paint not being that good. The MGs look good installed. Really looking forward to this as have this kit and the Sea Gladiator in the stash with Aims extras. Chris
  7. Always a great moment when you get the decals on and you get a idea how the model will look. Once sealed and washed with what ever you are doing your panel lines in, any poorly defined ones could be pencilled in perhaps??? It is looking good to me, so great work. Chris
  8. We can all wait an extra day or two for the paint Alistair, no need to apologise as Roger said . Looking forward to the paint fella, fuselage looking great with the vertical tail plane on. Chris
  9. Crikey Brian, that's odd re the white and clear sections on ghe roundels . Great work rescuing them though. Glad the decals were of use too. The T20 is looking gorgeous and they both look fantastic together. Thanks for the mention too. Chris
  10. Now that would have been funny, a very confused Tiggie fortunately no hangover this morning, but I have to go out again today for a meal and tomorrow for a meal too , I haven't been out three days off the trot since I was in my 20's. I might need the rest of the week to recover Thanks Mark, need to up my Biplane game as have a special model to build in in the near future !!! Thanks Adrian, yes very contrasting, it does help with Mojo levels . There will be more biplanes with the Walrus next Swordfish coming along with a 48th DH89 too. Thanks guys Chris
  11. Always love a Beau especially in TSS . Crikey the paint put up a fight, but turned out well in the end and looking good . Great work . Chris
  12. Thanks Alistair, very kind, very pleased with them. No modelling tonight for me, I went out to a bit of a party at a colleague's house this afternoon and evening and have drunk a bit more than I thought I would so not risking adding wonky parts or painting Chris
  13. Agreed, hope it's not another 8 months Iain, hopefully this has reignited the old Mojo and you can do some more on this lovely model, great job on the cockpit again fella. Chris
  14. Looks great Alistair, cracking progress on this one. Be good to see the Sky going on. Chris
  15. This looks good great work so far, hope you're feeling better too. Nice gift from your parents too. Chris
  16. Ooooo looks lovely with the Desert scheme, Brian great work. Chris
  17. What a cracking model, great work on the lot bash , it does look absolutely superb. 16 days wowee that is fantastically quick work too. Chris
  18. Thanks Roger, it's getting there now, but I keep finding bits to add, I just can't help myself. Pleased with them both, gloss coat for the Tiggie tomorrow. Thanks Andy, pleased with the Sea Venom Cockpit, the Gladiator has been stalled for a while but picked up again and will look to matt coat and get the upper wing started hopefully. Thanks guys Chris
  19. Did you distract SWMBO so you could run in to the mancave with them and when she walked in say that you've had them for ages Nice haul CC. Chris
  20. The paint with ID stripes looks good , I appreciate the boblyness you mentioned, I use Microsol to settle my decals and if I get silvering I try and put a pin hole or two into the affected areas and then try more softener and I'd that failed a thinned gloss coat to flow in sometimes it works. Don't be too hard on yourself too it is all a big learning curve and we learn by our efforts. Looks pretty impressive overall to me. Great work Chris
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