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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad Mark, the glider is a nice touch fella. Great job. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family. Chris
  2. Lovely stripes Mark, this is really coming on now , looking forward to seeing the topsides and your weathering effects. Great work Chris
  3. Thanks Max, I will only do mild weathering as they were looked after quite well, but there will be some oil, dirt and chipping. Thanks Mark, the red centres are just too big however I have just, whilst writing this reply, had a simple idea which should work to remedy the sizes . It should work on all roundels hopefully. Thanks guys Chris
  4. Thanks Lewis, looking forward to the Skyraider too was afraid to start until kindly BMers assisted on a ref request. yes they did look at some unusual designs would love a Semew one day. The little RWD was a lovely little kit to build, I have seen some online where they have really gone to town. Thanks Roger, pleased mainly with the Anson and the Flightpath bits are quite nice too . I had to do a Skyraider as one connected to one of Dad's ships so was pleased when the Sword kit was released. I hope I can do it justice. Thanks Richie getting close to getting the Annie on the undercarriage which will be great. Always been fascinated with the Skyraiders and so excited to start on this, got all my paint and decals now so will be all ahead on this one. Thanks everyone Chris
  5. Thanks Keith, very kind of you to say fella, the decals on the top wing are so large, they are in my face when it's sat in front of me. I have an image in a Magazine and the red centres look smaller, the little RWD is great it's a Plastyk kit from 1985 and cost £3.99 on the bay and is OOB as a distraction build, pleased with it. Thanks Terry Very kind of you too, pleased with the paint on the Annie . The Skyraider is an HMS Centaur build as my dad was aboard 1956-1959 and he loved the look of them so looking to do a D Flight machine poss WV106, 427-C in 1959 as they were only aboard a relatively short time that year. Got the decals I need now and some very kind folks placed some cracking references on my Skyraider question thread in Cold War section. Might well be helpful Terry for your build too. Thanks guys Chris
  6. I like it looks very nice indeed. I go round the edges of transparencies with a sharpie or the cockpit colour to get rid of any evidence of how thick they may be. Great job Chris
  7. Looking very nice with paint on, great work. Chris
  8. Oooooo looking really nice with the paint on, great work on the camouflage scheme. Shame about the dust, I have the same on my Anson at the mo , tried hard to keep out but some sneaked in !!! Chris
  9. Hi all The Anson has had some more work, temp sensor, I think and windscreen wipers and drive mechanism started The resin item is from ghe kit, the wipers and start of the drive are from Flightpath set, I have added some rod filed to shape on ghe bit where it comes from the fuselage and used .45mm rod for the wiper drive The above has been painted and some post war roundels applied, the wing ones are large but I am not happy with the centres being too big. These are the only ones I could find though and not sure what to do about it yet? Engines progressing with pushrods and crank fronts on I have just been finishing this little RWD-5bis Now for one of the next projects Cockpit started That's all for now, thanks for looking in. Chris
  10. The T22 looks fabulous Tony, great model and inspiration too, not sure which scheme to do yet? Hopefully you'll be able to find the illusive bits soon as the early Naval machine would be wonderful too. Chris
  11. This looks a good project, great work so far. Chris
  12. Great job on the undersides Andy. Really looking forward to seeing the interior now !!! Chris
  13. Oh wow, this looks awesome, more photos please. Weathering looks fantastic too. Great work Chris
  14. Tony they look lovely, I do love a PRU blue Mossie Great work and great Trio too. Chris
  15. Oooooo that looks lovely Tony, cracking work and doesn't look overdone. Got one in the stash to do as a Naval machine. Your next one looks very interesting too. Great work Chris
  16. Looks absolutely stunning, what great work. Chris
  17. I have not either and emailed asking them to give me a pro rata refund for my subscription as I didn't believe I was going to see it and just got a reply saying that a replacement will be sent out. Needless to say I think I will not see a copy!!!
  18. Looks very nice with the underside painted, the other models look great too. I have the Airfix 48th kit of this type and they call out Humbrol 11 for this scheme underneath, that seems too shiny and prefer your mix. Great job Chris
  19. This looks absolutely lovely, the scheme looks fantastic and an unusual looking machine with the conversion. Great work. Chris
  20. Ah yes early worm, used to like earlies until I had to get up at about 0415 hrs to get to work an hour earlier when the shifts changes, then I would be snoozing after dinner instead of modelling !!! Chris
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