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  1. Awesome work Roger the new Mast, looks the business fella, as does it all, looking absolutely fantastic when it's on the base with the name plate, it will be spectacular. He should be very pleased with this special gift. Chris
  2. Thanks Tony, crikey yes it does have a few aircraft in the under deck hanger😄 That will be great Mark, the 32nd ICM kit is lovely, you'd really enjoy it fella. Thanks CC both faded and some staining added, will gloss coat and may get some decals on, wahoo. Thanks guys. Chris
  3. Ow wow, what a beauty, love this, great work on this kit and scratch conversion work. Looks awesome. Chris
  4. Looks absolutely stunning, great paint and effects and love the base too. Great work Chris
  5. Thanks Mark Thanks Roger, my favourite scheme, they look better now the EDSG is faded too. Thanks guys Chris
  6. Thanks Mark, pleased with how they are all Progressing, the white looks well white, but it is quite a dirty white in reality. You need to do a Sea Gladiator fella Thanks Alistair, both the Tarpon and Martlet have now been faded and some framing has been painted too. Pleased with how they are looking. Will get the old cocktail stick rubbed around the framing to tidy before I post any images though. Thanks Chris , very kind. Decalling will be soon now, got these two and a tank to decal. Hopefully in one session 🤞 Thanks guys Chris
  7. Great work on the stencilling Alistair, looking good, hope it was suitably distracting. Chris
  8. Underside looking great Alistair, what a shame about those rivet decals. Cracking paint work. Chris
  9. Hi all Some more progress, EDSG painted on, just got to fade the EDSG and paint the canopy frames then can add decals then Avenger at a similar stage, the side windows that are not required have been filled over and deleted Undersides painted on the Sea Gladiator, got to sort out the hinge ends of the arrestor hook recess and drill out holes in the other end . AIMS carb air intake added after it was cut down to size Thanks for looking in Chris
  10. Can't beat a nice bit of Squirrel😄
  11. 😄 oh look an Eagle, ha snuck by you.
  12. 😃 Brilliant, that would be interesting Pete. Gear change would be like stirring porridge😉
  13. Crikey this will be very impressive in both size and gadgetry, wow, working screen amazing stuff. Great work. A large scale 917 really floats my boat, however SWMBO would soon sink it, with the costs🙄😄 Chris
  14. Ooooooo nice, Just getting bits together for my build of a Splitty. Using three kits to build the one bus, using the more recent Revell kits and a Tamiya Beetle. Good luck with your build, great start. Chris
  15. What a stunner, should really be in my garage though😉 Chris
  16. They both look very nice indeed, great work so far, the Airfix kit is a real beauty and a very lovely kit to build. Chris
  17. Thanks Alistair, very kind, will be doing the EDSG tonight and tomorrow on the two small kits and the last white underside half on the Sea Gladiator, wahoo. Chris
  18. The cockpit area looks superb Mark, looking suitably busy. Your nose fettling efforts are impressive and you have certainly done a great job getting it to submit. Looks fantastic. Chris
  19. Thanks CC, they are great little kits the two 72nd ones and trying to paint them pretty much in parallel. The Sea Gladiator is wonderful, a real joy to put together. Feeling a lot better now thank you. Thanks Mark😄, I am really enjoying these three and the little Cromwell tank too, I had better hold off on the Spitfires as don't want you to fall off your seat😉 I always try to have a few on the go as when painting I can carry on whilst waiting for paint to go off sufficiently to allow the next coat. Thanks guys Chris
  20. Great to see the step disappearing CC, I remember the fun bit of trial fitting the wing and lots of sanding. Great work fella, looking good. Chris
  21. Oh wow Andy, the decals looks superb and with the gloss coat, looks awesome. The windscreen sticker solution to get the correct is inspired. Fantastic work Chris
  22. Nice extra details Matt, this will certainly reward you with a lovely looking model when together. Great work Chris
  23. Thanks Mark, pleased with the builds, especially now paint is being applied. Hmm quite fancy a Spitfire build, been looking at the Spitfire stash looking at the Eduard and various other kits and might have to go big and do a couple of 32nd kits, a Mk.IX and Mk.XIV using the more recent Revell kits. Will have a think. Thanks Mike, really pleased with the Sea Gladiator, started painting it last night so might be able to get some more paint on tonight. The ICM Gladiator kits are fantastic and fit together beautifully. Thanks guys Chris
  24. Yes definitely, kind of scary making the cross over, I am wanting to get right, not sure about the bridge though and all the variations, it's a bit mind blowing. Once I sort out the Hedgehog I might proceed a bit. Got a couple of others in the stash too🙄 Chris
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