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  1. Nice start, this will be good, will tag along. Chrid
  2. Looks great in place in the pit Anthony, great to see that cockpit interior again, looks very smart. Chris
  3. Interesting looking chopper, not seen the Anigrand kits built yet so interested to see what it's like
  4. Crikey, glad to see your mot letting the Carpet Monster get their way. Great to see some bits stuck together. Chris
  5. Looks great with the decals on , hope you can get Photo hosting sorted okay. I use a free site Imgur and so far has been great. Great work and perseverance. Chris
  6. Cockpit internals coming together well WP and looking good. Cracking work. Chris
  7. Thanks Steve, very kind, it is not that hard to do, honest. Very pleasing to look at afterwards Thanks WP, very kind too, the decals were great, you won't regret buying another, you can never have too many Spitfires!!! Thanks Roger, very kind of you too. Pleased with how they look, hopefully not long now, as got to get my Gee Bee started in the GB Thanks Alistair very kind fella. Always loved the look of a Spitfire. Thanks guys, sorry for the late replies, have been in the office all day today so not had a chance to get onto my phone at all. Chris
  8. Hi all Decalling completed and some small bits added. Kit decals went on very well. Quite pleased with that. Thanks for looking in Chris
  9. Yes keep going George, these things are sent to try us. Did you get any spare windscreens in the Eduard kit? You could try and contact Eduard to see if they will sell or even give you a new clear sprue, although I think they may ask you to order something and send it along with your order. I think some mask before and some mask after they have glued the windscreen in place from what I have seen , being a brush painter I have no need to mask as any that goes outside of the lines I take off with a cocktail stick . Good luck Chris
  10. You have to love those names CC, also looking forward to these progressing. Chris
  11. Great recovery on the IP, did you find it after the event? Nice air to air photo too. Chris
  12. Hope you are recovering okay Anthony and great to see this back on again . Teeny Tiny console looks good. Chris
  13. Looks great in the Black paint WP. Looking forward to the blue going on. Great work Chris
  14. Looking good Blue Yeti, great work . The weathering I On the underside of the main wings looks particularly effective, along with the rest too. Must have a go at one of these Eduard Spitfire kits myself. Chris
  15. It's a cracking kit isn't it. Great and fast work too. Chris
  16. Oooooooo great to see the paint going on looking forward to the stripes. Looking good, Alistair. Chris
  17. Looks interesting Neil, certainly with the earlier tailplanes and radial engines,awesome. Chris
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