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  1. Are there any aircraft types that don’t look good in PRU blue!?! Superb work on an obscure subject as always Tony Chris
  2. airbus320

    Here we go, next Seafire Airfix Mk 17

    Very interesting, I’ve built the Spitfire XII using the Airfix nose with the Hasegawa fuselage, it was amazing how deep the Airfix fuselage was in comparison to the Hasegawa! For the Seafire XVII I’ve taken the easy route and bought the Aeroclub fuselage. Keep up the good work! Chris
  3. Beautiful Vixen! Chris
  4. Wow! Fantastic Beau, one of the best I’ve seen!!! Chris
  5. airbus320

    Classic Airframes Sea Hornet

    Lovely job! I’ve just bought one of these. Chris
  6. airbus320

    P-47D-15RE 1/48 TAMIYA

    Stunning! Excellent paint, weathering and finish!! Chris
  7. Top cat!! The paint and weathering are superb Chris
  8. airbus320

    Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Looking great! Keep up the good work! Chris
  9. In all fairness this doesn’t look like a mis-shapen lump like some of Trumpeters other works however the elevator cock-up here is typical of their poor research and/or lack of attention to detail. A thirty second google search for ‘firefly elevators’ would suffice to show how they look!! I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the kit compares to plans and photographs. My main bugbear here is that in the act of producing a modern yet inaccurate model of rarer subjects they will drive away manufacturers who otherwise would be willing to spend the time and effort to do them properly! Fingers crossed Trumpy don’t try to tackle the Scimitar, Firebrand, Venom etc.... Chris
  10. My oh my, what have they done with the elevators... Chris
  11. Beautiful job! There’s no such thing as too many Sea Furies!!!! Chris
  12. Thank you for the kind comments, glad you like my Fury! Chris
  13. Can certainly see what an advance over the Hobbycraft kit the Airfix truly is! You’ve done a great job Tony and nice to see you didn’t shy away from the accurate gloss finish like did!!! Chris
  14. Thank you for the positive feedback! Chris