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  1. Beautifully built and weathered! Love it!! Chris
  2. Lovely Phantom!!! The sealant around the windscreen is very impressive! The photos are ace as well. Chris
  3. Both absolute beauties! And the checkerboards look perfect to me! Chris
  4. Wow that’s superb! Love the weathering!!! Chris
  5. Wow that Spad looks like it’s been ridden hard and put away wet! A real war machine! Well done! Chris
  6. Lovely build! Apart from being a Boeing of course! The only part of our fleet currently flying sadly... Chris
  7. Nice Israeli Meteor!!! Chris
  8. Thank you for the kind feedback everyone! I think we can all agree on the Hunter’s aesthetics too! Hi Duncan, the Academy kit has its fair share of failings, I replaced the cockpit, ejection seat, wheels and jetpipe area on this one. The decals are pretty naff too! With the right aftermarket it can really hold up well to the Airfix kit, especially as it has (IMHO) superior surface detail and isn’t made from Airfix’s soft plastic. The Airfix kit does fit together a lot better though. I still have the Airfix F.4 and another Academy kit (plus oodles of aftermarket!) to build
  9. That scheme really sets off the Dakotas lines, what a beautiful model! Chris
  10. Wow that NMF is superb! It Looks like the real thing!!!! Chris
  11. I was stuck in the UK for six weeks at the start of the pandemic, these were a regular sight in the skies overhead. The sound is very distinctive! Now I’m back in Dubai I still get to see them as they come in to the local airbase, it’s certainly an impressive beast! I really like your model, it’s certainly a biggun isn’t it?! Chris
  12. A lovely model in a very attractive scheme! Also interesting discussion about the roundel style! Chris
  13. What a lovely ‘toom! I’m building this kit at the moment and If it looks half as good as yours I will be thrilled!! Chris
  14. Excellent build and weathering! You’ve captured the look of dirty TPS perfectly! Chris
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