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  1. Thank you gents! That’s exactly the info I need Chris
  2. Hello all, I am in the process of building the Classic Airframes Meteor F.4 in the markings of my local squadron, 610 based at Hooton Park. While there are plenty of pictures of their later Mk.8s there don’t seem to be many of their initial Mk.4s. The best I have found so far is this photo showing the back end of one behind one of their last Spitfires: https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/16116136.fancy-renting-former-wwii-aircraft-hangar-ellesmere-port/ Unfortunately the serial is partially obscured! Does anybody have any better photos or a serial/aircraft letter combination that would help? Thank you in advance, Chris
  3. Absolutely superb modelling and photography, the first few pics could easily be the real thing! Chris
  4. Here’s my Eduard (Hasegawa) F/A-18E with aftermarket ECS pipes and bombs. Markings for VFA-31 in 2017. Original build thread here
  5. Sticking a fork in this one, it’s done. Mostly enjoyable kit with a few engineering frustrations. Took her outside for the photos hence the background is my outdoor dining table! Hope you like it! Chris
  6. Thank you sir! The sidewinders are from the kit, fiddly little things with separate fins I tried airbrushing the details/rings etc but the eduard decals looked much neater so I went with those. Don’t know how I managed to only build and paint one winder without noticing! Chris
  7. She’s a dirty girl for sure!! Looking good! Chris
  8. …and she’s done! Well, 99%…I managed to forget one of the sidewinders during construction and painting. I thought I could live with it but it turns out it’s too annoying! Said sidewinder is in need of a little weathering and a Matt coat then she will be complete. Better pics will follow when I get back from work later in the week.
  9. On the final straight now! Washes/filters/weathering added, first matt coat on and starting to attach all the bits. Another coat of matt varnish to follow and she will be all done!
  10. Decals are on (very nice Cartograf ones!), some shading with the airbrush and a gloss coat has been added. Next up a panel line wash…
  11. Yes the pre-shading was a waste of time! I used the mask to do some post shading instead and it was much more effective. Oh well, lesson learned I guess!
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