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  1. Stunning jug! The weathering is perfect!!! Chris
  2. airbus320

    Malta Spitfire

    Fantastic! Love the patchwork panelling and the original desert camo coming through! Chris
  3. airbus320

    Seafire XV and FR.47

    Thank you guys! Frank the SH kit is ok, lovely detail especially in the cockpit but the fit can be a little tricky especially around the cowling bulges and the wing roots. I shortened the gear legs a bit as otherwise it looks too “stalky” and replaced the canopy with the falcon vacform. The decals came from Aeromaster 48-697: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/173347-aeromaster-48-697-super-seafires-1-griffon-powered-pt-i Overall I think that the SH kit is better shaped than the bloated Airfix Spitfire XII that you would have to convert otherwise. Interestingly my Spit XII you see in the pictures is the Airfix nose grafted onto a lengthened Hasegawa fuselage, the Airfix one being much too tall for my liking! Chris
  4. What a wonderfully pure finish, both the NMF and the yellow! Cracking subject too! Chris
  5. airbus320

    Seafire XV and FR.47

    Thank you for the kind feedback guys! Chris
  6. My latest two completions, the Airfix Seafire FR.47 and the Special Hobby Seafire XV. The Airfix kit used the BarracudaCast propeller and seat, Squadron Canopy and Aeromaster decals for 800 Squadron in 1949. The Special Hobby kit was pretty much OOB with Aeromaster decals for 803 Squadron RCN in 1947. Vallejo paints used throughout. I've included shots of the Seafire 47 with the Spitfire I, the Seafire XV with its close relative the Spitfire XII and with its replacement in the RCN, the Sea Fury. As usual, please excuse the dust and the poor photography! Thanks for looking! Chris
  7. Superb paintwork and very realistic weathering! Chris
  8. airbus320

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2 (Revell 1/72)

    The weathering on this Shack is excellent, you’ve certainly brought it to life!!! Chris
  9. airbus320

    Tamiya 1:48 A6M5 Zero

    A beautiful model of a clean machine! I’ve seen a few zeros in museums recently, it’s starting to grow on me as a type so I think I will have to add a few to my stash! Chris
  10. airbus320

    Sea Fury FB.11, Airfix, 1:48

    Absolutely superb! The weathering and finish is beautiful! Chris
  11. Are there any aircraft types that don’t look good in PRU blue!?! Superb work on an obscure subject as always Tony Chris
  12. airbus320

    Here we go, next Seafire Airfix Mk 17

    Very interesting, I’ve built the Spitfire XII using the Airfix nose with the Hasegawa fuselage, it was amazing how deep the Airfix fuselage was in comparison to the Hasegawa! For the Seafire XVII I’ve taken the easy route and bought the Aeroclub fuselage. Keep up the good work! Chris
  13. Beautiful Vixen! Chris
  14. Wow! Fantastic Beau, one of the best I’ve seen!!! Chris