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  1. So I’m finally back at the bench! The procal stencils arrived only to find out they were way too dark for the AUP. As Dubai is at the end of a long supply chain and the stencils on the real thing are so close in colour to the camo that they are almost invisible I decided to put the most visible ones on and ignore the rest rather than ordering another set of stencils. The photo below is where she is now, I’ve added a wash and some light dirt using tamiya smoke. That’s all been sealed in with a satin wash, I’ll add some weathering with oils before a final flat coat to seal it all in. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it finished in the next week or so in between studying for my return to the skies! Chris
  2. I was a little worried looking at them on the sheet as they looked rather thick. My worries were unfounded though as they settled down nicely and a bit of decal setting solution drew them into the panel lines. Even where the carrier film folded over the leading edge of the fin they settled down nicely. Highly recommend them! Chris
  3. Those seats look fantastic! Really looking forward to seeing this one progress! Chris
  4. Thank you for the kind comments folks! So I found out last week that I don’t have the correct stencils for the Greek AUPs. I’ve ordered a set of Procal stencils but they probably won’t arrive until next week, by which point I’ll be out of the country! I’ve therefore applied the main markings over a gloss coat (Tamiya X22) and left them to dry. The model will therefore probably stay in this state for the next couple of weeks until I get back in mid-October. Chris p.s. please excuse the absolute disaster area that is my workbench!!!!
  5. The jet in question went to Volkel for the 2019 show with a pair of wing tanks, a centreline tank and two baggage pods. Unfortunately I only have the one baggage pod so I think I will go for the common AUP load out of three tanks and a Litening pod. Chris
  6. Phantoms are a minefield! Fortunately the one I’m making doesn’t have them which is a relief! Sandstorm day here today so did a bit of work on the metal bits around the exhausts. I might add a little more shading here later on.
  7. Ok so I’ve managed a couple of solid days work on the ‘toom. I applied MIG black primer to act as a black base for the camouflage colours then using a very faint marbling technique painted the three main colours of the Aegean ghost scheme. I had a minor setback after priming when I found out that Greek Phantoms lack the triangular reinforcement plates on top of the stabilators so these had to be removed and the surface re-primed. Annoying as they do have the ones underneath and I had to add these from plastic card! Overall I’m pretty happy with how the camouflage looks, suitably low contrast with subtle fading. From photos this aircraft was pretty clean when it wore this scheme so unlike the majority of Greek F-4s I can’t weather this one to the extreme! The recommended paints for the drop tanks and tail flash have arrived, I’ll probably paint the latter as well to make sure there’s no gaps around the edges of the decals. Tomorrow though I’m going to tackle the radome and exhaust areas.
  8. That scheme makes my eyes go funny. So many decals! Well done for persevering though, the end result will look fantastic! Chris
  9. Thanks guys! I’m using the resin parts from the Icarus set. They are a bit plain so I added the kit PE parts, modified to fit the AUP layout. The shoulder ECM, tailcone and Litening pod mount come from the same set but the under nose antenna and IFF aren’t included. I scratch built the undernose sensor and used the IFF from spare Kinetic F-16 parts. The Litening pod included in the set is a bit lacking in detail so that too came from a Kinetic F-16. I was going to wait for the Zeus projects set but I grabbed two of the Hobbytime kits as they are cheap and I couldn’t wait! The other one is going to be one of the Turkish jets that visited RIAT a couple of years ago. Chris
  10. Hey guys, made quite a bit of progress over the last few days. The wings are on as are their slats. I dropped the ailerons which was more of a challenge than I though, needing quite a bit of plasticard to build them up internally. Having only built the UK versions of the kit previously I was surprised to see how much less detail there is in the long nose kit. I’ve added some of the lumps and bumps that are specific to the AUP - the ECM antennas on the intake shoulders, the DIAS antenna under the nose (scratch) and the IFF antennas above the nose. (nicked from an F-16) I knocked off the air data probe from forward of the fin so replaced this with some brass tubing. The mount for the Litening pod is fitted to the forward left sparrow well and the pod (also from an F-16) is made up and ready to go. All the external ordinance, wheels and bang seats are done and awaiting paint and I’ve fitted the Eduard brass to the canopies too. All that remains before paint is tidying up the joint between the Center canopy frame and the fuselage and she’s ready for paint! Chris
  11. Good job on that kit! I’ve built a couple of the Kinetic kits too and you’re right, once you know the problems they become easier to avoid! The masking for that scheme must have been fun? I like the single seater too, I built the top falcons kit in those markings. Chris
  12. Superb model of the Rhino! That could very easily pass as 1/48! Chris
  13. Hello all, Having had a productive year of modelling I decided today to do some photo cataloguing of what I’ve built. First up were two 1/48 Spitfires, dutifully photographed in the back garden. Unfortunately it was 43 degrees C outside and both myself and the models were in strong danger of melting! Hence there is only one picture of each… First is the Hasegawa Spitfire Vb in the markings of 185 Squadron RAF based in Malta, 1942. Other than some Eduard seatbelts and spares box decals it’s pretty much OOB. Second is Eduard’s beautiful Spitfire VIII in the markings of 43 Squadron based in Southern France in late 1944. This one is OOB. One of my favourite kits of all time! Hope you like them and thanks for looking! Chris
  14. Thanks guys! Should find out in the next few weeks when the start date is. Better get cracking with as many models as possible in advance! The kit is great! Hasegawa plastic with some Eduard PE for the Terminator 2020 updates and an extensive decal sheet for Turkish, Greek and Iranian Phantoms. The decals look really well printed, good colour density etc and a great selection of markings. So a little more (sober) modelling has gone on since the last update. The fuselage is mostly complete, some seams on the intakes and rear fuselage area need attention then I’ll be adding the shoulder ECM fairings and IFF antennas above the nose. Then it will be onto the wings and the infamous underside join! I’ve had some success improving this on previous Phantoms so hopefully it won’t be traumatic. Chris
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