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  1. Cheers Joachim, appreciate it Thanks Stuart I'm always wary of overdoing it so decided to stop before I thought I'd done enough (I can always add more, but it's a devil to take off)
  2. Thank you Dave Jig is a self concocted thing made from Perspex, Mecanno pieces and threaded brass rod. It kind've works, but on these tiddlers is a bit of a struggle because the nuts work loose too easily so in the end I used it for checking the position of the top wing against the struts, but actually glued the wing on with a Mk one eyeball. I'll probably Araldite the rods into position for single seaters and make a second one for larger aircraft (Got a Junkers J1 lined up in the near future . . . . Paul
  3. Thanks Dave (There was a practical reason for the choice in that I couldn't match the green of the Italian roundel transfers on the Print Scale decal sheet - so win, win)
  4. Morning all Managed to complete this one last night which was the first one of a pair I've been working on (see thread Another attempt at a Nieuport) Basically I started this one last year and made a pigs ear of the finishing so it was broken up and used as a test model. Whilst working on the second version I decided to resurrect it and sanded all the finish down, re-primed and rebuilt using some aftermarket decals. A few added details such as pipes and wheel hubs, but otherwise as Mr Eduard intended (I did carve a wooden prop from laminations of plywood though) Here's a few pics to look at - For anyone who wasn't aware and thought the prancing horse looked familiar. . . . Enzo approached the family of Count Baracca (who's aircraft this is) and asked if he could use the horse as his emblem on the cars he was building I thought the story was cool and so chose this scheme rather than one of the others on the decal sheet; after all I've still got a couple of Nieuport 23's on the shelf (which is basically the same aircraft with a few tweaks) so I could always build another one . . . after these two) Todlepip Paul
  5. Right ho for those following this thread here are a few finished pics. Pretty pleased with how it turned out after all especially given a couple of months back it was been broken up and added to the spares box. I managed to snap a couple of wires which needed replacing and dropped it on the table which meant re-gluing the small struts which came loose I also forgot to add the windscreen till it was finished and inserting that without getting glue everywhere was 'fun'. Prop is from carved plywood laminations and I replaced the wheel axles with tubes after drilling through accidentally. Lovely little kit though and I'm pleased to have resurrected it. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Next up the camo version and pilots Paul
  6. Hi Adrian It looks like you are an acrylic user as well. I've found that using some glaze medium with the paint rather than just water allows a thin coat without that annoying 'wash' effect where the paint just runs into the crevasses (I use this technique a lot when figure painting to blend two colours together) Using an airbrush you could obviously ghost a thin layer of the ridge colour over to blend things a bit. (Not intending to teach Grandma to suck eggs or anything, but might be useful for someone reading this ) Loving the thread so far and can't wait for the kit to arrive, although I intend making a dent in the projects started pile first . . . . Paul
  7. Managed to get the Toko boxing of this last night on Evilbay for the princely sum of £8.50 (half of which was P&P) - well chuffed (All I need now is to decide which of the many kits I've recently picked up to start after the Nieuport. Must say I'm tempted by an early Albie since I can easily replace the struts with brass, but there again . . . .) Paul
  8. Just started with this airbrush m'larky myself (although I did use a Badger double action many moons ago I got fed up with the cleaning) Anyway I was given a couple of Paasche airbrushes and after a clean up and new nozzle (spares easily available in the UK) I've been using the Paasche F for all the spraying I've done so far including camo on a 72nd Nieuport which is on a thread elsewhere. I'm also using acrylics and once the mix is sorted it's just a question of point and spray. It's quite a chunky thing, single action and dead easy to clean. If I was buying a new one I'd probably get the H version which is well known and similar, but bigger and pretty cheap, but supposed to be a easier to clean and has been around for years. Ideal for laying on areas of colour. Hope that helps Good luck with whatever you choose Paul
  9. Yep that's my feeling too Markio (The silver one was resurrected after I'd progressed a fair way with the camo one) I managed to 'pull back' the camo colours to closer the original shades with some nifty oil paint weathering so it almost looks okay now Given I've still got a couple of 23's in a box on the shelf and several other decal options there may be another one in the future . . . but not soon! Paul
  10. Cheers Ian. Needed to replace one of them, but that's done now (I tightened the U/C ones up with an incense stick after I tweaked it a bit to straighten it up and thought that worked well so tried bringing a touch too close to the others with predictable results) Anyway added some control wires this morning before the sun got up too high - can't work during the day because it's in direct sun so restricted to evenings and early mornings only. Baby steps . . . .
  11. Oooooh rigging going on Which leaves us with a hairy biplane! And if that isn't enough excitement here's a start on a couple of pilots. Having put them together I decided to change the left arms of both and then obviously the uniforms need scraping off to create what I'm after . . . .
  12. Well I did bugger the silver one up a couple of times getting the wings square and lined up, but they're now tickity boo (well at least as good as they are going to get) Sadly I realised that I've used the wrong sized mono for the rigging so it's actually much thicker than intended One things for sure I'm not attempting to replace it all now that it's fitted - onwards and upwards . . . . Paul
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