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  1. I read somewhere that Winston was an awful pilot. The aircrew and assorted staff used to hate it when he took control - airsickness all round. 😰
  2. Hmmmmmm....we shall see... 🙄😳🙁 I am far from being an expert wood-worker or wood carver. The good thing about making models is that mistakes can usually be covered with plastic wood, paint and so forth and I exploit that to the maximum. 'Real' wood workers leave the wood visible under varnish and shun such cheap camouflage techniques. Furthermore models don't have to be especially strong unlike, let's say, a chair or a table. You may notice there's absolutely no joinery in this project - that's basically because it's not required, and in any case I don't really know how to do it, There will be no 'masterclasses' here - but I will continue to post photos and notes. 📷✍🏻😀 Steve
  3. Paperwork Like most jobs, the best bits can't start until the paperwork is complete. Start with a series of photocopies of the cross-section profiles, write the section number on each one so you know exactly which profile matches which section on the model. Stick them onto a series of small sheets of fairly strong paper. Arrange for the sheets to be laminated, my wife did these for me at her work. Thank you dear. Now I can cut out each one and trim each to the level of the nominated construction level. This leaves a series that describes the full cross-sectional contour of the model. Carefully cut out each section, the photo shows a scalpel, but I actually tend to use scissors more. This leaves a series of cross-sectional templates that, since they are laminated, are rigid enough to be used to guide the carving process that is about to start. As you can see, each nominated section now has a template that describes the true cross-sectional shape that must be achieved. If the carving goes well we can make the saddle-tanks and pressure hull match the curvature of the template, then we will have a fair 3D representation of the overall hull. I always enjoy the carving stage so am hoping to have an update mid-week as I am keen to press on from here. Regards, Steve
  4. Ohhhh that's good!👍 Don't wanna scare off the ladies though!
  5. Yep, 'Reconcilor' probably would use a pocket-knife. 🌸 'Bandsaw Steve' would probably whittle with an axe! 😎⛏ Or possibly a bandsaw? Steve
  6. Yes that's right, increasing hazard and danger at every step! Remember that on the Mig15 project the process ended up with my 10 year old daughter playing with a flame-thrower! This is part of the reason I'm thinking of a name change. 'Reconcilor' makes me sound like some sort of peace-loving, wushu-washy, friendly person. In fact I'm an exciting, risk.takinga, macho, take-no-prisoners kind of badass dude!😎😳 True story! Hence I'm thinking I'll be 'Bandsaw Steve'. Don't think none of youse punks is gonna wanna be messin with him now! Eh! 'Reconcilor' looks like this...🤓 'Bandsaw Steve' looks like this..😎 👍😀🙄😕🤔
  7. My dad always used to sing "The captain of the lugger, He was a silly person..." Just thought I should share. 😬😜
  8. The last of the bandsaw - for now Once again, cut out the paper shape you need. In this case the profile view of the saddle tanks. Stick it on in the right place. I think you can see what we are aiming for here. Run the cuts - just one for each tank. Now we have two tanks that look just like this. Even though the tanks have just been made with a bandsaw there is some 3D subtlety to their shape. And they fit quite nicely - there will be filler required but I judge that the contact is tight enough that the demarcation between the pressure hull and the saddle tanks will be suitably sharp. Mercifully this is as far as I can go with a bandsaw - for now. Next up Chisels! Reconcilor - AKA 'Bandsaw Steve'
  9. Really good! Was there a WIP thread? I would love to see how this was done.
  10. Wow, looks like Britmodeller is on a West Australian recruiting drive, Perth and the Pilbara in the last couple of new member posts. Make sure you don't mis Wasmex next April! 😀. I'm Perth based as well by the way. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Hi Clem, Wecome to BM. I'm a mine-geologist with about 14 years FIFO . City.based now thank goodness but plenty of Pilbara and goldfields time. 4 and 1 is a very tough gig mate, you need something to do in the evenings other than going to the wetness. You should be able to organise for paints and glues etc to be transported up overland using the company's logistics/ supply services. I would suggest talking to stores or management, this should be a routine request for them. After all, if the operation needed some paint it would be able to get it. So there must be a way. 👍
  12. Thanks for that, it's likely that I'll end up doing something with sails one day so that's good to know. They look very convincing on your schooner.
  13. Great project, lots of wood being used , just my thing! What are the sails made from?
  14. Congratulations on a great project. Am really looking forward to seeing the RFI and reading your potted history of the type.
  15. New Theme

    A nice modern and clean look - well done!