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  1. Hi Everyone, I've tried re-posting the photos, but to no avail. Photobucket wants me to get the 'PRO' version, but that's going to cost money, so that's a non-starter. Have a look over on www.largescaleplanes.com , the photos are still there, as is the build. Glenn.
  2. Thanks for the many replies to my 184 post, I'm pleased you like it. Once again, if you wish to see the complete build, have a look on www.largescaleplanes.com. The next project, already started, is a scratchbuilt 1/32 Bristol 170 Mk.32 Superfreighter, watch out for it in a few months time. Glenn.
  3. Hi All, I've recently finished my Scratchbuilt Short 184. Here's the result for your perusal. Have a look over on LSP if you would like to see the build. Glenn.
  4. Glenn R

    Wing rib tapes

    Hi Graham, Have a look over on LSP at my Short 184 build to see how I did my rib tapes. Glenn.
  5. Bad news boys, I've sold the model and now can't find the photos of the build --- sod's law rules again!!! Glenn.
  6. Hi Keef, From what I've read, these Cats operated mostly at night, so the white was reduced on the fuselage roundels and omitted on the wings. I would have thought the pale blue fuselage codes ruined the whole thing! By the way, I gave the wrong website for my eventual build and write-up of this model, the correct one is www.seawings.co.uk Glenn.
  7. Hi, I'm now looking at the possibilities of scratchbuilding a Short 184 in 1/32 scale. Glenn.
  8. Hi Tony, The colour scheme is;- Matt black undersides. Dark ocean blue uppers. FS.35044 is close. I used Humbrol 96 with some black added to give a 'faded' version. EDSG camoflage pattern on the upper wing. This colour faded rapidly to a pale grey as I have depicted. The engines came from the excellent Vector range and the propellers came from the spares box, I'd copied a few in resin. The beaching gear was scratchbuilt in brass - had to use brass, to take the weight! Regards, Glenn.
  9. Hello Hood, I'm afraid you won't see this model at Telford, I live near Bangkok and Telford is a long way to travel. I think I'm going to need the Cat, with all the flooding around here! The complete build will eventually appear on www.seawings.com when I've done the write-up. Glenn.
  10. Hi Neil, When building my 1/32 Wellesley, I painted the wheelbays silver, as well as the U/C legs and wheel centres. Don't forget there was a fuel tank above the undercariage bays, I did mine rust red with dark grey straps. hope this helps. Glenn.
  11. Hi everyone, For months now, I've been building, off and on, my 1/32 I.D./Tigger vac-form Catalina, here is the finished item. As you can see in the last photo, there is a tin of Humbrol paint alongside the model, just to give you an idea of the size of this thing. I was very disappointed to find that an injection kit is coming out in the same scale. That's the joy of vac-form/ scratchbuilt modelling, I suppose. Glenn.
  12. Hi Doug, Thanks for pointing out my boob, it will be corrected! Glenn.
  13. Hi All, After a long slog, I've finally finished the latest batch of models carrying my 'under new management' theme. We start off with Revell's 1/32 He162. The aircraft was based at Farnborough in August 1945. Next is Hasegawa's 1/32 Me163B. Farnborough, April 1945. An unusual conversion of the old Hasegawa 1/32 Fw190, all conversion parts scratchbuilt. Farnborough, September 1945. 21st Century Toy's 1/32 Me109G is next. Enemy Aircraft Flight, Farnborough, November 1945. We next have Trumpeter's 1/32 Me262. Schleswig, May 1945. Almost there, Revell's 1/32 Ar196 in MY interpretation of the photo in the 'War Prizes' book, with the aircraft carrying yellow undersides, but with the float undersides in their original colour. MAEE Felixstowe, October 1945. Finally, a Trumpeter 1/32 Dauntless in Royal Navy colours, the codes are of RNAS Eastleigh Station Flight, 1945/6. Now, at last, I can get on with my 1/32 Catalina! Regards, Glenn.
  14. Aside from the spinners, what about the colour of the patch on the rear fuselage, repair? Glenn.
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