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  1. Fantastic modelling and collection of Corsairs! Well done Sir
  2. Nato Codename "The Flying Conservatory" Or at least it should be! Fantastic detail and finishing, it looks a well used chopper!
  3. The Supersonic Bone! Excellent finishing, congrats!
  4. Nice little kit that with a great finish to it! Love to see old kits being tackled and turned into a nice piece of work.
  5. Great building and finish, like the breakdown of how the photos were displayed too! Excellent work, will have to start this set, from my stash, too
  6. Fantastic work and some true modelling skills in action!! Inspirational
  7. What an awesome scheme, decals and weathering look ace! Thanks for sharing
  8. Lovely build and end result! Really enjoy seeing people having a crack at old kits also, KP/Kopro next?
  9. An excellent model of an excellent aircraft. Great finishing detail, well done
  10. A lovely model that, you can gain a sense of the atmosphere of the period just looking at it!
  11. Very sorry to hear of your loss, absolutely fabulous Christmas present build!
  12. Really excellent build, love the metal effect on the fuselage and wings. Might have to buy one for my collection, beautiful aircraft! Cheers, John
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