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  1. Congratulations- great result!
  2. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    No not partying - not any more anyway. As Hendie will attest, I am known for sometimes disappearing for a bit - it’s part of my ‘mystique’. Don’t worry, AE2 will resurface soon enough.
  3. Working with wood

    Looks like a good start to a good project. 👍
  4. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Goodness me! A visit from Mars, ‘Mike the Mod’ and General Melchett himself! 😮. Britmodeller has bought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it - I thank you all.
  5. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Hey! Check this out Couageous - you also got me to 10 pages in one thread. The Mig 15 only ran to nine pages so this is another ‘Britmodeller ‘personal best’ for me! I miight have to celebrate by actually doing some modelling - on the other hand, laziness has been a hallmark of this thread, so there’s probably no Need.
  6. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    1000 likes Now I know that you guys would realise that I'm the sort of cool 'James Dean' 'Rebel Without a Cause' kind of guy that frankly just doesn't give a damn about how many likes he has on britmodeller - but I couldn't help but glance down and notice this earlier today... Any way - I don't care... Do you think George Clooney would care? Nope - neither would Bandsaw Steve - hardly noticed this at all in fact... I think it was this guy - 'Courageous' that cast the one thousandth 'like...' it's fitting really - a submarine icon and all... Not that I really care... Do you think Humphrey Bogart would care? It'd be pretty sad and uncool to go around just waiting to get 1000 likes on Britmodeller - pretty self absorbed and a bit nerdy really... It was just luck really that I noticed it... Anyway - in passing I mentioned it to the tools out in the shed. Now these guys don't get out much and they got pretty excited - so I let them throw a little party to celebrate. After all - they did a lot of work for this and they are square enough to care. Not like me - I couldn't give a damn! The party started as a little social get together - nice and orderly. Once the sound system cranked up and they played 'Blondie's 'Call Me' the party started to come alive... Soon after this point the chisels went home and got a good night sleep - hand tools are sensible like that. Always looking after their cutting edges. On the other hand, once you start the power tools they just don't know when to stop. Here that flirty little Dremmel has taken some dance floor 'selfies' of herself with the bench sander. Shameless little thing! More dance-floor selfies from the small hours of the morning - the party started getting out hand at this point. I went home expecting that there would be some noise complaints from the neighbours. By this stage they were cranking Meatloaf's 'Bat out of Hell' at well over 100 decibels. Power-tools eh... what can you do? The following morning things were very shabby indeed. I tried to have a talk with the bandsaw - told him he was supposed to be the leader of these tools and should have set an example. He just told me to 'shut up and close the curtains'. Wonder what will happen if we ever get to 2000 likes. Not that I really care... Steve...Bandsaw Steve
  7. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger

    Lots of pics please . I’m interested in this fibreglass business me!
  8. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger

    Ah-ha! I thought that the Clyde Puffer looked like the start of a series. Will greatly enjoy watching this one.
  9. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    A Conning Plan With the hull sort of 'sorted' for now, my attention has turned to the conning tower. Here is where all three of my sets of plans are deficient. As discussed earlier in this thread the 'master plans' are for a mid-war submarine - the configuration of an early-war submarine's conning tower is only represented as a small appendix in the bottom left hand corner of these plans. This appendix gives no details at all regarding the sides of the tower and it cuts off the tops of periscopes and masts. The plans from the RAN historical website show the conning tower as an empty square - so that helps me with the size, shape and position but that's all. The 'random source-unknown' plans derived from a quick google search, give me this view (the lower of the two) which is actually pretty good. However, it's in conflict with the master plans for some of the fittings and has only a very rudimentary representation of surface details on the flanks of the tower. Now if I were to spend a few dollars and go for a visit to the W.A, Maritime museum in Fremantle (and if any of you are ever in Perth you simply must go!) I could view this full-size replica of AE2's conning tower. As you can see, it's supposed to represent the submarine several years after the boat's scuttling - hence it's shown largely covered in marine life. What is still clear, is that whoever made this showed a lot of surface detail on the tower. There are all sorts of inlets, outlets, rivets, steps and turnbuckles all over the thing. This excellent period photograph confirms that the maritime museum's replica is bang-on! So, in the absence of any adequate drawings, I'm going have a crack at making my own 'good-enough' set. in this photo the basic shape has already been copied off the RAN website plans and now I'm drawing on the details by referring to both the 'google plans' and the photographs above. Now I'm filling in the detail on the top of the tower (the bridge?) using the early-war section of the 'master plans'. The missing tops of the periscopes are finished off using the details off the mid-war section of the plans. So now I have my own set of plans for the conning tower. If these are wrong then the model will be wrong - but I reckon it won't be too far wrong. I have decided that, within reason, making my own plans is far simpler than it appears. If a modeller is prepared to accept a certain amount of imperfection and 'interpretation' in the finished model then making your own plans has much potential to open up all kinds of future projects that might not be available otherwise. Now I have photocopied my new conning tower plans and am ready to go. I'm sure you can all guess where this is heading... Best Regards and keep building stuff, it's good for the brain! Bandsaw Steve
  10. Graff Spree'ish

    Good start!
  11. WOW! That’s an eye-opener! Fantastic work there. 👍
  12. Nice to see another project back out of mothballs. Any chance of restoring the old photos? Or maybe just taking one or two over view shot showing where you are up to now.
  13. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Whitesnake I thought I'd better give this update a more exciting sound name than the last one...'a fairly minor update' doesn't exactly get the adrenaline rushing does it. Those of you who have been silly enough to be following this thread over the (very) long term, might remember the photo below. It was taken to illustrate the gaps between the forward sections of the pressure-hull and the taper on the front of the casemate. At the time I said I had a plan to fix this - and promptly forgot about it. About 530 years later, or so it seems as this project advances at its glacial pace, I am confronted with these two persistent gaps. Which look even worse from the front. Now, there are two possible methods I can think of to deal with this - one would be to just fill the gaps with putty, but I want a nice curvy, sinuous, snake-like front to my submarine. So I'm going to try the second method... Take a fine bladed fret saw and cut a series of slots that go about 90% of the way through each bit of the pressure-hull that's adjacent to the gaps. Now the wood can be bent to match the taper of the casemate. Having cut both sides this way, I can now glue and clamp the front of the pressure-hull into the correct position and contour. Which makes this rather weird, white, snake-like looking thing. After filling the kerfs and then sanding a bit (it needs much more sanding) it looks like this. Good enough I reckon. Despite the fact that this is a fairly small update it is a significant one. This is the last work on the fundamental shape of the hull (the conning tower still needs a bit more) but from here on, for the hull it's all surface work, panel lines, details and painting. Hope to post again soon, Steve
  14. HMS Belfast

    Looking really good - I especially like the decks.
  15. Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    The little pink dinosaur looks well impressed. 🦖🦕 😀