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Focke-Wulf Ta 152 H-1 1/48th scale

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This is the Italeri boxing of the Tri-Master/Dragon kit.

I nice straight forward and simple kit.

It goes together with no real issues.

Aftermarket was kept to a set of seat belts, and I replaced the gun barrels and pitot tube with hypodermic needles.

I used Mr Color except for the good old RLM 81 Braun Violet. I mixed this myself as every paint manufacturer has their own variation on that theme!

So it's my own take on the colour and I don't think I was too far off.



















Thanks for looking :)


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I'm not ever sure I have ever heard "straight forward and simple kit" applied to a Tri-Master/Dragon kit build before.  Usually the terms over-engineered, complex, need three hands, is applied.  Whatever the case, your Ta-152 is just done to such a high level of finish and build.  It really looks nice.  Thanks for sharing.

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Well I would say it turns out very nice! Glad to hear that went straight forward and easy. Never build Trimaster kits, except the He-162, but it was long ago, so I can’t remember exactly how it was.  The camouflage looks amazing and I think you are right.





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Beautiful!! Very nice indeed.


As an aside, I seem to recall that RLM81 actually varied between manufacturers. That used by say Messerschmitt wasn't exactly the same as that by Focke-Wulf, etc.



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Indeed.  The Ta152s have long been represented in two greens, but I don't know how they were described at the time.   It does seem (in modelling circles, at least) that 81 as Braunviolet seems to be taking over for all types.   But I shall leave further comment to the specialists!

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