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  1. Excellent work! Love it! Superb clean finish! thx for sharing! Andy
  2. Hi Jean, that is amazing. A very elegant plane. And you have done justice to it! I read the book from Willi Reschke and was impressed when he mentioned that this plane was his life insurance. Very spot on is the pilot lean against the prop! Wich brand is it when I may ask? Photography also very nice. all the best Andy
  3. Incredible work! And this is 1/72? Unbelievable! You are an artist! Thx for sharing! Andy
  4. Hi Tom, hard to believe that models survived from that time. A real masterpiece then and even today. Your skills were lightyears ahead of the times in 77. Andy
  5. Wonderful rendition of this famous plane. I think it was finally worth to build this kit. Andy
  6. An outstanding work! Really fantastic! Andy
  7. Superb modeling! Never saw this version, but it looks really nice! please say hallo to the photographer, he is an artist! Andy
  8. Hi Roman Wonderful work! It turns out fantastic! I think MikeC is right. But I think you can easily fix it. All the best Andy
  9. Hi Cris! Wonderful great model! Your brush painting skills are better than my airbrush skills! Excellent work! Andy
  10. I agree with Bertie. Your father’s weathering techniques getting better and better. Very nice and this one is professional! 10/10! Good to see all these different color scemes. Andy
  11. These old birds have something special! You brought it to the point! Very nice! Andy
  12. Delightful to see this one. It turns out very fantastic! Very good workmanship! Thx for sharing! Andy
  13. Wonderful model! Just building exact this one in 1/48. Hope it will turn out half as good as yours! But I think I will make the alternative spinnercone in red as eduard show up this alternative. Don’t know if it is right? Andy
  14. Oh nice , that’s just around the corner! It’s a pity that all British people are gone meanwhile!
  15. Very very impressive work! Must be a real monster in 1/72. On the 6.th picture I thought I get drunk and see double. On the 7.th picture I thought I get stoned because suddenly there were 3 Concordes! All in all fantastic line up, even the 1/144 one Cheers Andy
  16. Thank you very much, glad that you like it Andy
  17. It looks perfect! Especially the checkerboard on the fuselage. Are there differences between old 190 D kits and the new one? Or are they all problem kits? So yours look perfect! Andy
  18. that’s the sense of the thing! Feel free to use it for whatever you want! Can I try some of your other in-flight models? best regards Andy
  19. That’s amazing and one of the beautifulst jets for my personal taste. It turns out fantastic and I can’t help to make a little artwork of it. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t want to hijack your topic. But I was so excited, I had to put it in the clouds Thx for sharing Andy
  20. Oh yes I like it! I like it very much, the type of plane, and especially the NMF finish! Thx for sharing Andy
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