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  1. Unbelievable good! The NMF finish is outstanding! Wich colours did you use? Appears very realistic! Andy
  2. Perfect model Chris! Love it from the nose to the tail. Superb finish! Cheers Andy … and now the Chipmunk
  3. Everything is fine. Like especially the exhaust. Very nice workmanship. The cammo is awesome, must be a nightmare to mask. thx for sharing Andy
  4. Very nice model and superb historical photographs. That was the good times when we are young and proud. Andy
  5. Very effective job. Superb chipping technique. And especially the underside is spot on. Don’t know so much fellows who pay attention to it. Andy
  6. That looks amazing! Top photography too! Looks very realistic! Andy
  7. The best color sceme at all! Very nice! Can’t wait to start my kit! Andy
  8. That makes me envious! Really nice modeling! Love them both! Amazing and inspiring! Thx Andy
  9. Interesting subject and very nice implementation. Not often seen! Very nice! Happy new year! Andy
  10. Hi Alan, that’s really impressive. This is really a beast! Glad to see it first built from a professional modelbuilder like you. The details are spot on and your weathering nails it absolutely! Can imagine that it is hard to make pictures, due to the 70 cm length. Seems to be that you had a lot of fun through the built, as the WIP shows. That’s what I like! Thank you very much for sharing!! A happy new year! Andy
  11. Incredible work! Thanks for sharing!! Andy
  12. That’s a wonderful 190. You have good eye for all the small details,especially the scratches on the canopy hood are spot on. All in all perfect! Andy
  13. I can only echoe all these comments…..Inspiring, convincing and wonderful! The subtle weathering turns out very realistic! NIiiice! Andy
  14. Very nice! And very atmospheric photography! Looks pretty good! Andy
  15. Indeed it’s a good start, but it looks not so absolutely convincing for me. Hope you don’t mind my critics…. Weathering is a difficult job. I bought the book Modelling school an initiation to the aircraft weathering from Jamie Haggo. I can recommend it very much. I have learned a lot. Today I tried the flicking grunge technique on a desert Spitfire….. This techniques look like yours, but a little more decent. Combined with other techniques you will get really convincing models. But it needs patience. I had so much failures that I nearly want to quit all modeling. But one day, step by step it works. Good idea from you to gather experience on an old model. I am sure will have much fun with your future models and weathering techniques. Happy new year Andy
  16. I always have a weakness for these Russian planes, but only built a MiG-15 years ago. So you confirmed again that they are looking very nice. i would not go so far to say that they are beautiful, but they have something special. You made an absolute perfect job. I love it…….. Andy
  17. A delightful model. Superb weathering and photography. Panelines are quite heavy yes….but finally it’s a beautiful Fury. Happy new year, Andy
  18. A black beauty! Wonderful Steve! Superb subtle weathering. Nice nothing overdone, Cheers Andy
  19. It turns out really nice! Not one of my favorite type of plane, but I like you put it into scene. That’s the way of photography, that I like very much. Very convincing. cheers and happy new year Andy
  20. Wonderful work! I am deeply impressed! It was it truely worth to work 2 years on it! Cheers Andy
  21. Always good to see a Dora! Very nice work! Cheers Andy
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