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  1. Hi Rob, Usually afterwards, but exceptions exist. In general the camo was painted around the factory painted national markings, and then any unit level insignia and numbers applied.
  2. Thanks. The tyre is actually part of the diorama base - a nice little detail by Matchbox.
  3. Italy, May 1944. The Gustav Line is finally broken at Cassino. During the pursuit of retreating German forces a Humber armoured car crew from 46th Reconnaissance Regiment find the road blocked once again. The officer dismounts to check his map for an alternative route. His wireless operator looks down nervously, worried about mines and snipers... This is of course Matchbox's venerable Humber Mk II, now available from Revell. A big problem with the kit in its current form are the decals. These give you a vehicle from 4th Recce Regt captured by the Germans (which should actually be a Mk IV) and one from an 'unknown' armoured car regiment in 'Lybia', which seems to have been based on a photo of a UK vehicle, possibly from the Royal Canadian Dragoons! It would have been nice to have had some accurate North African markings, as in the original kit. In their absence, and because the base doesn't look that desert-like to me, I opted for an Italian scene and painted it Light Mud with blue-black disruptive camo. I didn't have any suitable decals so the story will have to be that this is a newish or repainted vehicle and they didn't have time to add them. Lastly, I've always felt that the figure supplied by Matchbox was rather over-scale, so I added a couple of Milicast resin figures which I think better convey the size of the vehicle. All in all, a fun build as ever and one which only took about a week to do. Best wishes, Ian
  4. Agreed! My dad used to buy me those books of his collected cartoons every Christmas. I loved them - they were so detailed with lots of things going on in the background. And the family never changed - including scary Grandma and poor old Aunt Vera.
  5. That sounds good. Makes it simple too, because you just have to buy a pot of that 'definitive blue/grey RAF/USN paint they may or may not have applied either before, during or after the voyage to Malta' paint! I'll be watching with interest.
  6. Yes, I used an Eduard canopy on mine. Which schemes have you chosen Dave? Presumably at least one will be green and brown, possibly with a white tail?
  7. Seems very reasonable. I'm glad you escaped from that particular rabbit hole. If I had a pound for every hour I've spent researching (aka pointlessly agonising over) RLM 02, RLM 76, late war greens, Dunkelgelb, olive drab, panzer grey, RAF Dark Earth, 3BO, Khaki Green 3, SCC.15 etc etc... Well, you get the idea.
  8. Thank you both. No undercoat or primer - I just gave the model an overall coat of Mr Hobby gloss black. which was further polished with 6000 and 8000 grade Micromesh (and the Flory buffing sticks) and the decals applied. These were sealed with Winsor & Newton satin varnish. I then brushed or rubbed in small amounts of black, dark grey and brown pigments to various areas, and then sealed them with another coat of varnish. Finally I applied exhaust stains and a bit of dirt with lighter pigments and added some exposed areas of metal with a silver pencil. Best wishes, Ian
  9. An impressive build. I'd love to see it with some better lighting.
  10. A fantastic pair, nicely displayed. I especially like the scrubbed off AEAF stripes. I feel inspired to dig mine out from the stash, if only to check for short shot parts!
  11. Aircraft modelling in its earliest form! A superb result.
  12. They look great together. I especially like the oil stains on the underside of the 26 Sqn a/c.
  13. Yep. It allows for a finer trailing edge, but I really don't understand why they couldn't follow the flap hinge lines. Same with the wrap around leading edge, which again gives an awkward join to fill. Thanks. We're spoilt for choice. And this one is cheap. I paid £7.50 here in the UK. But, leaving postage out of the equation, I see that the basic Arma Hobby Mk IIC is available for £11.69. So on reflection I'm not sure it's quite such a bargain after all...
  14. Cheers Chris. Zvezda do some really nice figures. I honestly think he's the best bit in this kit! That and the very reasonable price.
  15. Many thanks Troy. Good spot - I actually sanded the spinner down a bit to improve the shape. Thanks Joachim. I like to polish the paintwork at various stages using Micromesh and Flory polishing sticks. I also rub various pigments in using a Mk 1 finger!
  16. This is Zvezda's new 'snap fit' Hurricane. I didn't enjoy doing this one as much as their earlier Bf 109F. One problem is the way the wing halves go together, with an awkward and difficult to remove join line which runs diagonally across the flaps. Other parts are a bit crude but then that's to be expected when no glue is required. Two excellent pilots are included, though - an RAF bod and his Soviet equivalent. I chose not to use the kit decals, preferring to do this very famous aircraft flown by the CO of No. 87 Squadron, Denis 'Splinters' Smallwood. I repositioned the pilot's head to add a bit of movement, and gave him a colourful silk scarf! All the best, Ian
  17. I prefer 'Scrooge', the old b&w version of 'A Christmas Carol' with Alastair Sim. Never bettered, in my opinion.
  18. 'It's a Wonderful Life'. What are the other two?
  19. Another great little model. I'm a big fan of these Matchbox re-pops. It's just a shame Revell didn't want or couldn't get the artwork rights as it would have been the icing on the cake to see Roy Huxley's work on the boxes again.
  20. You have my sympathy. I have a similar problem with the yapper next door. There are other mutts in the road which bark too, and sometimes it sounds like a dog kennels. I just don't understand why you'd want to give house room to one of these things. I've nothing against properly trained, well-behaved and quiet dogs, but sadly they seem to be in a minority.
  21. I like the look of that one. Nice weathered appearance.
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