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  1. Thanks for the link Rob. Interesting!
  2. I just checked out that build review on Track-Link. Wow! It's magnificent, but it's not modelling the way I want it to be - or could cope with, to be frank. An amazing kit, nonetheless.
  3. Incredible work Mark. I still can't get my head around being able to design and print your own replacement parts! I feel like I'm living in the past..
  4. The Jagdpanther takes shape... I've scraped off the crude representations of the tool racks on the hull sides as these were often removed and the tools themselves mounted on the engine deck and rear hull, especially on late model JPs. I shall mount the tube for the gun cleaning rods on the rear deck as well. I've also drilled out the barrel, opened up the hole for the gunner's sight and modified the hull machine gun ball mount to better represent the real thing. It already looks a mean beast, I think!
  5. Thank you. The tracks are plastic link & length. I'm actually still a fan of rubber band tracks which I think can work ok on certain vehicles, eg. Shermans, or when there's not much track visible like the Matilda. I'm afraid I'm put off by those complex multi-part individual links you get in some kits nowadays, but Tamiya have gone for the middle ground and have made it easy even for me to get a good result. Only slight problem I had was making sure I could remove them for painting.
  6. Looks good Tim. Wish I could find one of these for a reasonable price!
  7. I agree about the chap in the turret. A larger AB figure will work well there. I have some of their US tankers for my own Heller M4 - to be done in the group build. Anyway, a masterful model as usual Roman.
  8. A nice build and fitting tribute to the many trainee crews who lost their lives in this way.
  9. A fabulous build Nenad. The painting and weathering is first rate, as usual.
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments. Tamiya's new generation figures are certainly very nice to work on. I love their naturalistic poses, and the sharper detail in the faces and clothing helps when it comes to painting.
  11. Here's my build of Tamiya's recent re-boot of their already very good 1990s Wespe. The new kit adds link & length tracks, some extra details and four excellent crew figures. I built it from the box except for a resin and wire tow cable. Tamiya and Vallejo paints as usual, and some light weathering with oils and pastels.
  12. Nice to see this one being done. But that etch looks frightening!
  13. Hello Eric, I'm late to this but just wanted to congratulate you on your diorama - a little masterpiece. I like the Then & Now photos too. Ian
  14. Manipulating paint into crevasses failed to keep my marriage alive, I'm sad to say. Nice scheme, but you really need to fix that undercarriage!
  15. They were. It made little difference to your survival where you were seated in an overloaded Lanc if an engine failed on take off.
  16. I think this one is now finished. I added a couple of Milicast figures to depict some curious British troops checking over an abandoned Wespe of Panzer Artillery Regiment 119, 21st Panzer Division, Normandy August 1944. I really enjoyed building this little scene - these old Matchbox kits (and others) are so much fun to do I sometimes wonder why I bother with the 'proper' stuff...
  17. Looks good - clean and crisp. Are you going to do some light weathering? Perhaps a pin wash to make the details pop a bit more?
  18. Having just had a look at the Bandai instructions online, I think your simpler explanation is spot on Rob. You can also see the fictitious jerrican rack on the side, and even the crew peaking out look the same. I seem to be picking examples where Matchbox wasn't too bothered about historical accuracy. My next build is the Jagdpanther, depicted on the box art as being from 12th SS Division (which didn't have them) advancing through Villers Bocage (where they never were) past knocked out British Comets (which weren't in service)!
  19. Your Fw looks terrific Steve. The Tunisian sceme really suits it - simple but effective.
  20. You're probably right. Fortunately @Davek72 has done it properly with his build, so I've allowed myself a bit of artistic licence and adapted the base a tad..
  21. The Wespe is nearing completion. Decals are on and just a bit more tidying and weathering to do: Here's the base - Normandy 1944. I've used a twig to represent a tree that's been modified slightly by Allied artillery. I may add a bit of foliage to it as well. Then it's just the figures and it's done.
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