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  1. By the time a person needs a spreadsheet to schedule their modelling it's already too late for a spreadsheet to help. I'm thinking that an exorcism would be the way to go.
  2. That looks good and true. Well done. I enjoyed your story about the bulkhead in the wrong slot. I've done exactly the same! They are properly called bulkheads rather than frames because frames obviously didn't go all the way across the inside of the ship but were only at the edges. Some kits and many scratch-builds are 'plank on frame' with the frames made up in the same way as the originals from many pieces of wood. There are also ten times as many frames as we have to worry about in 'plank on bulkhead' construction. Roughly speaking the length of the ship is half frame and half 'space between frame'. Bulkhead kit manufacturers are sometimes sloppy in their terminology so that the ones that actually do frames now have to identify as 'real plank of frame construction'.
  3. There's life in the old kit yet, it seems. This looks state of the art to me, absolutely brilliant.
  4. That's in danger of becoming a permanent state of modelling affairs for me. I've totally lost control of myself, with many more starts than finishes.
  5. Three days without modelmaking of any kind !! Not a mojo problem, just life getting in the way for a while. Yeah, suddenly I have one. A life I mean.
  6. Hey, she's looking really good now and that sea looks ... swell!
  7. I see them on my Chrome browser, and very nice they are too. You have a proper heavy metal feel there. Most impressive. Have you noticed one of the workable roadwheels is stuck up at the top of its travel
  8. The photos appear so neat and tidy and dust free. Somehow, I don't think that was the case while the work was going on! Ten out of ten for workshop cleaning!
  9. So rude! They all look very good indeed. Your conversions and painting are excellent especially in this small scale
  10. She's a beauty. Sinister looking but still lovely lines. Good result. Now, get back to the carriers!
  11. It's certainly an unusual subject. Very nicely done Pete
  12. You'll be in trouble posting the same build in two RFI genres!
  13. But to old-skoolers like me, your work has much more value. It's something that you made with your hands.
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