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  1. You can also highlight a section of someone's post and after a second a 'quote selection' button will appear. Useful if you are only replying to a specific point. As I just did And if you hit the + next to the quote button you can quote many different comments in the one reply. And once you quote someone you can go into the quoted text and edit it, even chop it into bits so you can answer each paragraph separately. You have to be careful not to change the sense of the original, obviously. It took me ages to find all these shortcuts but once you know them (and many more) it becomes much more easy to participate. Feel free to experiment because you can always edit your posts if you happen to mess them up. And you're very welcome to the primer. I'm happy to help.
  2. NB I have not tried this idea in practice so don't take chances with it until someone tests it properly. Would a drop or two of flow improver/washing up liquid/dish soap in the soaking water help with the grabbing problems?
  3. For me this technique makes Mr Surfacer as easy and neat to use as Vallejo acrylic thinner with the advantage that it's loads more robust. I'm quite excited about this. It also gives me confidence to consider spraying the stuff now I know I can clean it out of my airbrush. @colin, have you sprayed it? If so, with which thinners?
  4. This is a good safe place to fail gloriously while teaching us and yourself how not to do card models, and eventually how to ace them. Model bravely, shipmate!
  5. Yeah but you're a special case. Only a pirate like you could build it!
  6. I didn't think so. Mr Surfacer is a lacquer, stinks to the heavens. It just didn't sound right... So I just did a quick test in case Colin was thinking of something else and sure enough, IPA dissolved Mr Surfacer 1000 from a plastic surface. I didn't have time to let it dry overnight btw, but speed dried it with a hairdryer. That's useful information in many different applications. Thanks @colin for saving me a lot of sanding time in future.
  7. I agree. I think it better to accept this for when it was and build fresh challenges in the future. Life's to short for steaming around in circles. Other opinions are available.
  8. Very nice. She's showing her age in one way though, being a little dusty?
  9. ...of good cider with a suckling piglet spit roasted over a charcoal fire, some very good bread and someone nice beside me singing in the wilderness? The model's probably a Spitfire. They all are probably Spitfires.
  10. Well I said it was very good. (It's still good for airbrushing.) I was misled by Tony's post above, sorry.
  11. Snap fit or not, I'm sure you'll turn it into a masterpiece.
  12. Well done Alistair. She's a cool breeze on a tropic evening. I must especially congratulate you on that brush painting which is very good indeed.
  13. Unconventional but admirable for that alone. Excellent pioneering work, Mark.
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