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  1. Nice subject choice Wez. Ive just finished building this a/c using the same photo from @Sabrejet’s excellent book. (Need to get some RFI pics posted). For the Z I painted and masked the main blue part and then used yellow decal strips for the outline. It looks ok if you don’t get right up close! HTH James
  2. I’ll be following along Paul This is one of those kits that’s on my ‘must build one day list’ so it will be interesting to see how it goes together. James
  3. Get the F-13 built before the new Eduard one comes out later this year.
  4. I think you’re right there Craig. I have a Bis ‘Around the World’ and an MF Profi Pack to choose from both in 1/48. So far I’m struggling to make a decision on one of them. I also have a HAD models decal sheet with a great Indian option although the paint job is a bit daunting. Lots of mottling with a black tail and yellow lightning bolts that the decal sheet doesn’t provide for. We’ll see. As Ray says above the finger is on the trigger! Have you you made a choice yet? James
  5. Thanks for the reply Giorgio. Those two photos certainly show the different schemes off well and that there’s a good bit of artistic license to be had with the variations in them. James
  6. This is a good one to see. I wish they'd included those schemes in their 1/48 scale boxing’s.
  7. I’m pretty pleased to see both of these two back. And with good colour schemes. I know the XII has issues but I’ll still buy one.
  8. Agreed with the above re the wing and I’m pleased to see this one back so quickly. Great box art too. As @Julien says let’s hope they get the blue on the Norwegian roundels right. James
  9. Nice work Steve. Painted on markings are so much better and worth the effort where possible IMHO. James
  10. Hi Antti @Antti_K Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling they might not have been natural metal. Thats interesting what what you say about the colour variations on Finnish Migs too. Thanks again James
  11. Hello chaps Im just narrowing down some options for the up coming Mig 21 STGB. I have a couple of Eduards kits in 1/48 to choose from. One being the MF Profi pack boxing and the other one the very nice Mig 21 Bis ‘Around the World’ boxing from 2019. My questions are regarding the paint work. For a silver aircraft were these actually in a form of silver paint or something similar to the RAF’s high speed silver or were they actually left unpainted. I ask as there was an interesting thread about Mig 15’s being painted silver rather than natural metal a while ago. And secondly, for export aircraft which went to Arab and African countries was there a standard camouflage pattern of of the production line. I ask as in photos I’ve found online different air forces a/c look quite similar or were they painted in theatre? If there was are there paints available in these shades from Akan or a similar producer? Thanks James
  12. Resistence is absolutely futile! I’ll be having one and it will most likely go straight onto the bench. At at least being 6 months away this gives a good deal of time to think of a plan to sneak it into the house under the wife’s the radar to a safe place of hiding! Hopefully she’ll be back in the office by then. James
  13. Just had the email about this one! It looks great. I hope it’s as nice as the Hellcat. Great marking options too.
  14. Some interesting subjects there. For me the Mitchell in US Navy markings catches my eye. James
  15. Great work @oortiz10 and as said above very speedy. I hope you’re recovering now. I have the same project sat on the shelf of doom at the moment waiting patiently for me to regain interest. The Wolfpack wingfold is very nice. Alan, that’s a good solution to an annoying problem. Do you use anything such as pva glue under the masking tap? Thanks James
  16. That will be an interesting one to compare to the new eduard kit.
  17. Beautiful work Dave. I love it! I keep telling myself I really must pluck up the courage to have a go at something WW1. These eduard kits as you say are great value so maybe the time has come. James
  18. Thanks Carl Ill give them a look. James
  19. Nice work Mark. How is did you find the fit of the fuel tank part over the top of the instrument panel. I’ve heard it needs thinning in some cases. Thanks James
  20. Wasn’t the K due this year sometime? I don’t have any written proof i just thought I remember seeing it earlier in this thread somewhere. James
  21. Nice work Hendie Im building this one at the moment and am at about the same stage as you. I’ve had pretty much exactly the same issues as you have. Nothing insurmountable just annoying. Nice to know it’s not just me. I keep looking at those plates on the wings to and debating weather to get rid of them or not. My subject is 19 squadron from 1958 and I’m thinking that maybe they weren’t added that early in the airframes life? James
  22. Hello chaps As the title suggests does anyone know if it’s possible to buy type D roundel masks in 1/48? I have Montex sheets for types A, B and C roundels but can’t find any for type D from any producer. I have a compass cutter but it doesn’t go small enough for the red centre part. Thanks James
  23. Nice work sir! Starting to look very nice with some decals on. James
  24. I’d be keen for this one. Something Malta themed springs to fine. I do agree with Rabbit Leader that a change of name might be a good idea. James
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