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  1. Nice work Bob. Look forward to more progress pics. James
  2. Dennis please put me on the list. Don’t know how I missed this one until now. James
  3. Welcome along Rick Nice choice of markings. Thats the same kit and decal sheet that I’m using for my build of 74 squadron meteor from Horsham. James
  4. Nice work Patrice She’s coming along very nicely. James
  5. Good idea VP Please add me to the list. I definitely have space for a Finnish 109 on the shelf. James
  6. Nice idea Icarus Look forward to seeing some progress pics. James
  7. Very cool build Dave. Sorry if you’ve already said but where did the decals come from? James
  8. Excellent news. Any idea of a release date yet? James
  9. Nice work SD. Good to see another 74 Squadron Meteor. Im building mine in 74 livery although from the early 50’s. James
  10. Love the checks Bill! They make quite an impact! James
  11. Morning everyone Apologies as I haven't updated this thread for a good couple of weeks. Must try harder! Anyway, progress has been made. Lots of gluing sanding and priming. Actually not that much sanding as this kit goes together pretty well. The engines were made up and installed. As you can see I really didn't spend much time on these as they'll quite literally never be seen again. EBEA7634-7CC2-48E8-9CAA-11E548DDF395 by James Halls, on Flickr I also pinched the idea from @Ray_W to glue some plastic card tabs onto the inside of the engine covers to help with alignment. E399CEF0-1A1D-42B8-98E8-00A9C685F0F4 by James Halls, on Flickr Then on with the wings. I added a spacer from sprue toward the back of the join but then had to do some imaginitive clamping as the wings just sat a tiny bit low to towards the leading edge. 24E2324E-DF16-478D-81E1-83CA30907641 by James Halls, on Flickr You can see there are still some small gaps to fill but nothing a bit of super glue and talc wont fix. I also added a few lines of rivets just here and there on the wings to try to add interest to the final silver finish. You can see them on the rear of the nacelles below. BCA7AA59-CF44-44E4-B36E-197A5FCB2CA6 by James Halls, on Flickr The smaller of the cartridge ejection shoots are also a sloppy fit on each side so these have been tidied with a bit of PPP. 6D0D6323-79A4-4B5C-A2D1-4B6BD25900C7 by James Halls, on Flickr And the ventral tank polished and the raised round panels sanded back and re scribed. 1535B197-CDBF-4A2A-B1C7-094096B74F40 by James Halls, on Flickr And that's where it's at. It's actually had a some Mr Surfacer along the seams last night just to double check and as usual there are one or two bits to sort out but nothing to major so hopefully I'll be onto primer soon. Thanks for looking. James
  12. Nice work Enzo. I’ve just started one these SH Meteors myself, an nf12. I haven’t built anything in 72nd scale for years and have been really impressed by the cockpit detail. As you say it’s a shame it’s all black but plenty of dry brushing……. James
  13. Good idea Col. Please put me on the list for this one. James
  14. Lovely model. I’ve always preferred the Brisfit in its post WW1 silver paint schemes. James
  15. Nice review Mike. The kit looks stunning. Are you going to build it as a wip as with your recent Wildcat?! James
  16. That’s looking good George. Good to see the AK 3rd gen. spraying well. James
  17. That’s a great description of the Seafire! Nice price too. James
  18. Nice work Dennis. Just caught up with your build and seen the extra thin incident! that was a close one. Nice paint work too. The blue is quite striking against the sand colour when you first see it and aren’t used to seeing those two colours together. James
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