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  1. Great work Derek. I have this kit nearing ring the top of the to build pile. Can I ask what you used for the rigging? James
  2. Nice start Dave. Deffinately a good idea to start with the weapons, the part that takes the most time at the end of a build. James
  3. Good idea. That would include my second build Do we have a poll yet? James
  4. Great photos Shaun! I was at the show on Sunday. I took our 8 year old son so didn’t get to see as much of the flying as I would have liked but particular favourites were the Spitfire Vc solo display, the helicopters and of course the Bearcat and Corsair. Thanks for sharing. James
  5. If I can jump in with another observation of the new Airfix kits canopy. I thought that the rear rear section of the canopy should have the framing on the inside. I don’t have mine to hand right now but I’m sure that Airfix have moulded it onto the outside. Not a difficult fix with a sanding stick and a polish. Sorry if it’s been mentioned already. James
  6. Nice work sir. One if these late Italian starfighters is also on my modelling to do list. James
  7. Stunning work Alan. Quite rightly one to be proud of. James
  8. Great idea Paul Please add me to the list. James
  9. Great photos. I love the early morning ones. I was was there today and thoroughly enjoyed the show. James
  10. Looking fantastic Alan. It’s great to see a British Hellcat in slightly different markings to the norm. James
  11. Nice work Pete. I have one of these kits currently on the bench. It’s a fun kit imho. The Eduard goodies certainly make a difference. I felt that the cockpit is the weakest area of the kit. James
  12. Nice work Bill Shes a beauty on both counts. The original and your very nice model. James
  13. As said above. Thanks to @col for running an enjoyable and fun GB. James
  14. IIRC with the CA kit there was an issue with the shape of the sliding part of the canopy and also with the shape of the nose just in front of the canopy. Shame there’s not an accurate kit of this beautiful aeroplane in any scale. James
  15. Nice idea Patrice Please put me on the list. Thanks James
  16. Nice work SD Its good to see a full bomb bay but it’s a shame Airfix haven’t supplied a 4000lb bomb to go with the bulged doors. James
  17. This sounds like an interesting idea for a GB with loads of possibilities. Please add me to the list. James
  18. Nice work! I built one of these about 10 years ago, it’s still one of the nicest I’ve built. Well done. James
  19. Looking very nice Ray, those decals have gone down well in the end. James
  20. Great work Darryl I enjoyed following your progress in the GB. Hope to see you back with more wingy things soon. James
  21. Just catching up with this one Craig. Great work, le Beast looks fantastic! I always love the look of the French tri colour painted onto the whole of the rudder. James
  22. Nice work Ray That problem with the mis mould on the spinner seems to be an ongoing problem for Eduard 109’s. My F-2 that I’m currently building has it as do both of the G-6’s in the stash. It’s not a big issue to fix as you’ve demonstrated. James
  23. Nice work. it’s good to see someone giving the kit a chance before rubbishing it. James
  24. Nice work Rodolfo Great work with the airbrush and the mottling. James
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