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  1. Great to see Buff build. I’ve fancied having a go at this kit for a while now so will follow along. James
  2. I see the A-4M is getting another round. As said before I wish they would re release B/C versions. James
  3. I’m in with a tenner! Joking aside I hope it gets a good home and what Lord riot says above doesn’t happen.
  4. Nice work Steve. Its always difficult to keep everything dust free. I especially like the Seafire XV. James
  5. Chaps, you’ll have excuse my ignorance on this one but are there all of the parts in this boxing to make a Royal Navy Wildcat? Although I’m sure in time Eduard will release a dedicated boxing for these. Thanks James
  6. Either of those kits would be a good choice. If you fancied moving up the Mk’s then Eduard Mk VIII and IX kits are also very nice. HTH James
  7. Teenage years for me when I learned and gained the patience to follow instructions. James
  8. 1/48 scale Venom would be good. Or a Vampire T11. James
  9. Great work on that v windscreen John. James
  10. Great work Craig. You can’t beet a bit of NMF and orange. The Vallejo metallics look very good. James
  11. Super photos as always and it’s great to see the Seafire XVII back in the air. Thanks for sharing. James
  12. Another Sabre, and a mk2! Will watch with interest. James
  13. Just caught up with this one Dave. Lovely work. I hope you're setting plenty plenty of time aside for all those stencils! James
  14. Great work Tom The Eduard 109’s are great kits. Look forward to to seeing more progress. James
  15. Nice start. As a said above the nose does need some fettling. Tamiya LP-11 is a pretty good HSS IMHO. James
  16. Hi Alistair I have no experience of this kit but I’m sure being Trumpeter it will go together ok. As you say it might just not be the right shape in a few places. I’ll follow along if that’s ok as a Trumpeter Hornet is on my to build list purely because it’s only injection moulded one out there. Look forward to some progress b James
  17. Great work. That’s a great finish on the natural metal. Which paints did you use? James
  18. Great work Dave. It is a beauty of a kit. As you said ‘great balls of fire’! Look forward to seeing it with some primer on soon. James
  19. Great work The wingsy 109’s are definitely on my to build list soon. James
  20. Good start Rob Ill be following along as like you I read those threads with great interest and this is a conversion that I’d like to attempt. Look forward to more progress. James
  21. Great work with the airbrush. love it! Being a dark shade of camo was it a night fighter? James
  22. Hi VP Id be interested in this one. Please add me to the list. Thanks James
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