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  1. Great build! When my local shop brought in that tape I bought it all up, they brought in various sizes and colors.
  2. Great Spitfire build! I encourage you to get back to your grandfathers tribute build when you complete this excellent build. I’m finally completing a Hornet build I started in 1999. In 99 I was posted to the first of two Hornet squadrons I served in. I’m finally finishing that kit in the markings of a color jet that I submitted to have painted.
  3. Nice build, I served in 408. I just attended the 81st anniversary weekend last week. It was great to connect with previous squadron mates. The squadron itself has a mini-museum in it, it is so nice to see so much of the history preserved and cared for. There are a lot of framed photographs of the original aircraft of your build there. Chuck the Duck is preserved too, dating back to WWII. He still attends every mess dinner and is escorted by the youngest officer in the squadron.
  4. Nice work, when I served in 416 our archives had unpublished photos and negatives of Beurling while he was in the squadron.
  5. They did, I have a few painted up. I will post a few images.
  6. They want to release the dual combo at the US nationals, they announced this in their last news letter.
  7. Agree, over the years I have noticed many think the nostalgic kits were the standard to follow. Modelers have become accustomed to those kits as the set standard, when in many cases they are not the standard.
  8. Lucky you, I’ve seen it twice, once in Chicago and the second in Orlando, only livery jet I’ve flown on is a Disney Mickey jet. Beautiful build for the original poster.
  9. My money is on a Tutor. Raymond did promise a dear departed friend one. Although the hints don’t point to one.
  10. I owned two Triumphs but they were only summer runners for me.
  11. They certainly do look great, they aren’t WWI trenches!
  12. Fabulous build, nicest camo job I have ever seen on a Salvadorian Corsair.
  13. And squiggles are easier to replicate. Paint the dark color first the do the squiggle’s .
  14. You must think they are going to be the big name top quality company to take the leap and make a kit that will let them print money.
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