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  1. Curious if you know the street address of the PMQ ( if it is Lancaster Park)?
  2. Nice builds! A good friend of mine has designed nearly all of them, he retired a few years ago so the last two (I think), we’re not designed by him. Although I hear he may have been consulted. Jim recently told me how many schemes he designed and painted, I think he said well over 50, I can’t remember (he knew the number of course). He designed a jet for me that I had approved by my maintenance officer.
  3. Good save on the decals and good choice on the replacements, a good friend of mine produced/researched that decal sheet with Eagle Cals.
  4. It is not in the instructions because the decals were an accidental mistake. When Eduard switched from Cartograf decals their first in-house decals were tearing, so they put a thicker clear coat overtop. Months after selling kits with these decals a modeler discovered this thick layer could be pealed off after the decals were fully seated and cured. But they are still fragile to deal with. Eduard doesn’t handle criticism well so I doubt they will go back to Cartograf, I wish they would, I’d still pay for Cartograf decals included in kits. Enjoyable build, great work. I hope all is well with your father.
  5. Nice to read these sets are available. I’m a Gulf Vet too mate (RCAF).
  6. Wow, nicest Brit Phantom build ever, wish it was in my display case. I need to build that scheme now!
  7. Probably they want to sell it for a lesser amount than the Germany version.
  8. In the prediction thread this is what I called. I wasn’t expecting so many releases all at once.
  9. Which is kind of what I said, the threads completely disappeared.
  10. My local shop got a case of these in, all but one were gone in a single day (20 kit box case). They say they weren’t expecting this, but they also don’t usually order in 20 identical kits without some idea of sales. The had another kit like this sell quick too, the 1/48 HK Lancaster.
  11. I was certainly a kid when the kits released and I bought them, I think it was more of a kids hobby in the 70s.
  12. Just pre-ordered, £70 Export price to Canada. £30 shipping. I don’t normally pre-order from Airfix, I haven’t had a 1/24 kit since I was a kid in the 70s, I ordered this within seconds of seeing the announcement. Way to go Airfix, great choice!
  13. Great builds Tony, you’ve always been an inspiration. My favorite all-time modeler on the internet. I wish I would have known your son was in Edmonton at the U of A. I’d have had him over for family dinners. And so sorry to hear what you are facing, keep strong and stay positive. I work cancer care, if you ever need to pick someone’s brain let me know. I work with a team of very knowledgeable people who love their work, as tough as it is. But it is rewarding because of the positive outcomes we see.
  14. Nice builds, more than I completed. Very sorry for your losses. I lost both my parents recently too, just over a year apart, that was tough too, I thought that was too close together. I can’t imagine a week apart.
  15. Very nice build, one of the bases I served on was a forward operating base for an F-106 unit in the event of war during the Cold War, they were beautiful aircraft to see when they deployed during excercises.
  16. What type of vehicle is that going into? I can fill my truck in Canada for 1/2 that.
  17. Nice work, I was in a similar charitable air ambulance service after I retired from the RCAF. It has operated off of donations for the past 35 years, I think we were the first of its kind in the world. I spent five years with them, during that time we flew three AW-139s and 9 BK-117s. The just retired the 139s and purchased 8 H145s, they still operate 8 BK-117s.
  18. Wow, that is nice. Once I saw this I went straight to my model room and started my F-4B. Very inspiring!
  19. I was hoping someone else would weigh in on the tail sitter issue. Beautiful build Tony!
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