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CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai in 1:72

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Another little update.




The steelwork supports are primed, glued and the left side is finished.




Now the armor plates in between are missing. But it’s the weekend and I hope to have this section finished by Sunday.



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Then I want to show you the results from this weekend.


The back wall panels were still missing.




Here I made it easy for myself with the extremely large units. You can hardly see any of it afterwards anyway.




All the little squares are still missing.




And the view from the front. The fan blades are mounted just above the large structures on the bottom.




I think that rounds off the view of the top plate well.




And now also the sofa. 😉

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And again a small update is inserted.
I have installed the last big panel and the end is near… 🥳


First the locking mechanism for the maintenance hatch. It now closes tightly with two small, strong magnets.




Preshading of the upper armor plates.




Base coat on it.





And here are the last two armor plates. Cut, cleaned and glued.
At the top, the small squares have already been given their lighter base color to increase the contrast.



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Many thanks gentlemen. 


Maybe I could make a few mistakes in the diorama Bertie, then the falcon would show up better. 😅


It continues.
The back has two filters and very slight chipping.
I don’t even know if I still do dirt running.




But now the last segments have been added to the front.
The upper laser…




And the one on the big truncated pyramid.
The cover for the falcon holder is also designed.




All parts are now installed.





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Ahoy dear model building community.


I feel very honored by this comment.


The dress rehearsal took place today.  
The falcon was screwed onto its threaded rod one last time for testing.

I did some light chipping and fading on the base plate and am now checking to see if anything is missing anywhere.
Take a look at the bird.




The front laser looks in exactly the right direction for me.




The height and angle of the falcon looks good.




Of course, it is unnecessary to paint any further details in the middle.




There is still a little aging missing on the lower plate, front edge.




Sides look good too.




And the upper laser also shoots in the general direction of the falcon.




Also a few little things that I will improve. I expect my model to be completed next weekend. 



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Good morning dear model building friends.

Thank you everyone, I am honored by your comments.


Last night the last clear coat was applied after a year and two months.
It’s done, my falcon can finally take off.

The plate had to be placed on its back one last time to be able to do the details at the top.
But this time carefully supported on a foam.




Then off to the airbrush cabin. So as far as this huge structure goes.




All parts finished painted.




And one last picture of the finished record without her falcon.




So, that concludes my construction report. I’ll take some decent pictures of the model this weekend and then present them to you.

It was a great pleasure for me to embark on this journey with you into a galaxy far, far away.

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This epic diorama has to be the best one l have seen. To see from the start and how you gradually built up the impression of the Death Star and you attention to tiny details brings it all to life. Not sure if it within your scope to do a night time shot with lights causing shadows.




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Thank you for the great comments.
A nice idea Robert.
Unfortunately, I just took everything down after taking the pictures for the gallery. Maybe that makes up for it.

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