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  1. Hi Pat, you could try warming the tube with hot water then pressing them on. If this doesn't work then again, warm them in hot water then open the end of the tube using a cocktail stick. Finally you could remove the "pegs", drill out a hole and then insert a wire pin of a suitable size to the hole and glue the tube to this. Keith.
  2. Hi, I have recently completed this model, with regards to the seat, I primed it with Tamiya extra fine white primer from the can in two smooth coats, then masked it to paint the black areas. This was then sprayed with Tamiya semi gloss varnish. The seat belts were made using 3mm and 6mm ribbon stuck together with double sided tape. Hope this helps Keith
  3. Very interesting, I am really interested in seeing this come together. Can I ask you where you bought the kit from? I'm struggling to find a seller in the UK that has them in stock. Best Regards Keith.
  4. Really nice work on a very interesting vehicle. I have been thinking about the clear panels with integral windows. If the windows were masked from both sides and the area around the window was primed in black on both sides, then masked again to cover the window surround, then the base primer and colour coats were added, would this not prevent the lighter line being visible through the window? Best Regards Keith.
  5. Stunning work Kenneth, Do you have a link to your Tamiya F-16 and F-15 builds? best regards Keith.
  6. I really like this, you have built a stunning little tractor there. The video is also very interesting and the tractor is a lot bigger than I thought it would be in "real life" Best Regards Keith.
  7. Some good advice there, BUT, Gents, Please wear a face mask for ALL types of paint spraying, you only get one set of breathing equipment.
  8. Nice progress there, What make/type of paint did you use for the green gloss coat? I find that after spraying a gloss coat ( I always only use tamiya lacquer paints thinned with lacquer thinner and retarder) it is best to leave it for 1-2 weeks to out gas and harden before applying any masking tape, then I only use tamiya masking tape and I reduce the "tackiness of it by sticking it to my hand first. The weather can also affect the drying time of the paint, if the air is humid it can take longer. If you are going to repaint after removing the paint, it will probably be best not to use the polishing compound as it may affect the new paint layers. I would leave as is for a few days and then lightly sand it back with 1000 grit until the graininess has gone then repaint. HTH Best regards Keith.
  9. The build is in the very early stages at the moment, I am sorting out all of the body work ready for painting. I'll post some photo's when I have something to show. Does the Porsche museum have a version of the 935 that Tamiya modelled? Keith.
  10. I'll sort some more photos out and post them later for you. Keith.
  11. It's the London to Brighton Mini run today, so I expect they are heading down for that.
  12. That looks very nice Andy, most of the Tamiya Porsche kits seem to go together very nicely indeed. Here is a quick photo of mine. Best regards Keith.
  13. That Porsche kit is an absolute stunner. I have built one and have another in my "stash" Its a really enjoyable build. I'll look forward to see what you can do with this Andy. Keith.
  14. Thanks for posting these photos. The Porsche museum in Stuttgart looks to be a very interesting place to visit. I have just started building Tamiya's 1/12 Martini 935 turbo, so the earlier photos in your post will be very useful for reference. Thank you. Keith.
  15. very nice , as already said "A Stunner"
  16. Really nice, this will be a little stunner when complete.
  17. Very nice so far, Can I ask what brand of Fluorescent red you have used here? Best Regards Keith
  18. Nice progress, Can I ask why it is necessary to use "strong glue" for the rear suspension? surely if you are gluing the parts "styrene to styrene" the Tamiya extra thin, will "weld" them into place, or are you finding that the Extra thin won't glue painted surfaces sufficiently? Regards, Keith.
  19. by the colour of the front spoiler, a McLaren of some description? M23?
  20. You have made a really nice job of this one. I have this kit in my "stash". How did you find the detail and fitting of the "rubber" chain? I have been looking for a replacement in resin or photo etch, but as yet haven't found anything. Keith
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