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  1. oh, and twenty quid was well worth the purchase, even without a working controller
  2. Just had a look. That Hymek is definitiely 12v, so any standard UK mains controller will be fine Also, those battery controllers were also apparently 12v
  3. Allrighty After a few requests (well, one actually by @Jinxman) in my BR01 Locomotive thread, I'm making a start on the Northsea Trawler I'm currently suffering from the Covid Lurgy so don't want do be doing much in the way of spraying paints, thus the loco will have to wait a bit Anyways, here's the box and sprues The hull and deck have been cut from the frames and are being fettled More soon(ish) /P
  4. fingered pickpockets' work easier
  5. running around, screaming blue-murder
  6. mens outfitters, by appointment
  7. Fortunately it's not so bright in real life I've worked on some other sub assemblies in between coping with the Covid lurgy Gonna have to hit some of it with paint soon More soon(ish) /P
  8. A couple of things today, one wanted, one not so much. See if you can guess which is which
  9. the uncontrollable jabbering heebie-jeebies
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