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  1. Hi there, unfortunately work is is getting in the way of garage time so everything has been on hold for far too long. I’m still hunting for bits for talkie as I want to build both versions. It’s likely to be a long wait though; I’ve not even decalled R2 yet!
  2. I had both of these kits back in the day, I never noticed back then how big 3PO’s head was and how evil an expression he had. Both of these look spot on, a very nice restoration/build.
  3. That is an outstanding piece of trivia - I’ll be remembering that one!
  4. Well we are all rooting for her on here, if this does not win then the competition must be fierce!
  5. I’ve really enjoyed watching this one come together; I’m heading over the RFI right now!
  6. Correction fluid? Never heard of that one before (adds bottle to shopping list)
  7. Got to agree with you here Werner, I’ve learnt so much from everyone on the forum.
  8. This is the first time I’ve seen any of these little fellas painted - they look really good. I’m really struggling not to buy a couple myself now!
  9. Glad you got sorted!
  10. So big question - have you flown it around your apartment yet making the appropriate noises?
  11. Moist and squishy, sounds like my attempt at cooking sushi rice! it’s all looking rather good, looking forward to seeing the egg over that new section
  12. If it is any help, the Vallejo ultramarine blue you mention seems to be an exact match for the blue plastic used in the Bandai kits of R2: The blue on the rectangular panel on the side and the octagon is the Vallejo, the Other blue in the picture is all kit plastic. Please excuse the rather naff attempt at weathering I was starting there - I’ve learned a lot since then!
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