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  1. Oooh, going to look for that right now... ...yup, found it! Guess what I’m going to be watching tonight! cheers for the tip @Mick4350
  2. I think that Code 8 is/was being developed into a full length movie - this was all pre COVID of course - things may have changed now
  3. There are some cracking short sci-if films on YouTube, I particularly like this one
  4. Yes, I’ve seen some f these, Rey high production values.
  5. The grime on the windscreen is the master stroke for me - yes it flies and hovers, but still needs windscreen wipers - they just add a touch of reality to an unreal project. Awesome - keep them coming!
  6. The pod was always a nice looking scratch build, but that gantry just takes things to another level - cracking little build there.
  7. It was in the comments section on the YouTube link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/JIUY-Portable-Screen-Display-Generation/dp/B087C48JW6/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=jiuy+portable+size+1.8”&qid=1590649129&sr=8-1 apparently it “has the game function, very entertainment”
  8. £5.20 for a 1.8” video screen for models - what a find!
  9. The filthy windscreen is spot on. Love what you have done with the figure too he kind of ties the whole diorama together. I had been wondering if we were going to see a herby paint job on the beetle but that also ended up spot on. Love it.
  10. That’s spot on, been with this one all the way and enjoyed it all (I won’t mention the melted wrist computer though)
  11. Aah, “Better than life”, excellent episode!
  12. Yeah, my son is actually planning to get a resin printer, so I reckon that for the price of a bottle of resin he will let me use it and I’ll let him use you UT cleaner the prints from the SLA printers are superior in termed of surface finish. Cheers @Fletch0311
  13. I’ve seen this same kit, it will indeed require sanding. I bought a lightsaber kit tht was 3d printed And it has required sanding, filler primer, more sanding, primer, more sanding and at the moment is languishing along with a couple of other projects I want to rekindle but don’t have the time for (I’m lucky enough to be actually working during this current situation and I’m self employed).
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