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  1. Hang on folks, there is also a 1:72 scale too Revell 1:72 The Razor Crest (The Mandalorian) Star Wars Kit just pre ordered mine from jumblies models
  2. I’d love a b1 battle droid kit (1:12 scale) but they are going for silly money now. really enjoying the build though - wonderful
  3. Just secured on from jumblies models, they are offering it at £42.95 right now cheapest I’ve seen it
  4. Wow, love the addition to the creeper moulded into the upright support there - looks absolutely spot on
  5. Oooh, going to look for that right now... ...yup, found it! Guess what I’m going to be watching tonight! cheers for the tip @Mick4350
  6. I think that Code 8 is/was being developed into a full length movie - this was all pre COVID of course - things may have changed now
  7. There are some cracking short sci-if films on YouTube, I particularly like this one
  8. Yes, I’ve seen some f these, Rey high production values.
  9. The grime on the windscreen is the master stroke for me - yes it flies and hovers, but still needs windscreen wipers - they just add a touch of reality to an unreal project. Awesome - keep them coming!
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