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The Chief Smeg

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  1. The Chief Smeg

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    I love the glow effect from the two lights you have added - it’s just a little background detail that you don’t consciously notice ( well not normally anyway) but it makes it come alive. Beautiful work there Will.
  2. The Chief Smeg

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    That is looking very good. You do right to be chuffed with that batch if skin tone you knocked up, it’s very good.
  3. To be honest Ooh all of it!
  4. The Atlas V and launch gantry would be an excellent source of greeblies, wouldn’t fancy having a crack at building it though!
  5. I’ve only built one before and it was the Millenium Falcon (I too used my leatherman); my god you had more fiddly bits than I did though and mine was hard enough!
  6. Ooh drop ship!
  7. The Chief Smeg

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    I’m certainly enjoying watching this come together. Never thought of Mara in her pre hand days!
  8. The Chief Smeg

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Thought Mara Jade had that fancy wrist holster - or does that only appear in the Thrawn trilogy? Either way that looks really good, how did you get the texture - looks just like leather?
  9. It does doesn’t it, it’s a bit sort of Big
  10. Looking forward to your piccies
  11. Ok, big question: did you build time traveller number 1 and paint it in grey scale?
  12. The Chief Smeg

    Scratch-built Airship

    Must say I’m enjoying watching this coming together - this HO scale astronauts were a very good find
  13. The Chief Smeg

    Fantasy Lit recommend

    Ooh yes, the Pern books - then there are also the Shanarra books by Terry Brooks or Pleistocene epoch series by Julian May
  14. The Chief Smeg

    Fantasy Lit recommend

    Did you know he originally planned a sequel to good omens, the title was to be “668 the Neighbour of The Beast”
  15. The Chief Smeg

    Fantasy Lit recommend

    But of course the king of fantasy will always be Terry Pratchett as far as I’m concerned - start with “The Colour Of Magic”; my favourite of them all is still “Night Watch”