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The Chief Smeg

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  1. The Chief Smeg

    Boba and Friends

    I love the R2 unit - outstanding!
  2. Ordered this one from Japan for a very good price back in early October but it literally landed on my doormat today I’ve really got to sort myself some time to start to build something soon!
  3. The Chief Smeg

    Steampunk driod.

    It's just one of the standard options for an outside loo - single or double 'holer', choice of aperture shape in door (bunch of grapes, crescent moon etc) as for the title - you are welcome... just keep building!
  4. The Chief Smeg

    Steampunk driod.

    So I need to know; is there a half moon cutout on that door?
  5. The Chief Smeg

    Stan Lee dies aged 95

    RIP Stan; a true superhero!
  6. The Chief Smeg

    Steampunk driod.

    Well the Latin for Copper is aeris AMS the Latin for Brass is orichalcum. Must be a good starting point there... A3-R15
  7. The Chief Smeg

    Stan Lee dies aged 95

  8. The Chief Smeg

    Steampunk driod.

    No I love the copper colour, chrome and red would still fit the ‘vibe’ but as it is he looks unpainted or careworn. Names?
  9. The Chief Smeg

    BMX trooper

    Hmm how about a Suzuki Katana?
  10. The Chief Smeg

    1/72 Fine molds Y wing

    Like doesn’t come close, that looks superb, you have done a cracking job there. I especially like the debris trail what technique did you use to build the sand up around the cockpit where it nose dived in?
  11. The Chief Smeg

    BMX trooper

    That is very impressive - never seen that before.
  12. The Chief Smeg

    BMX trooper

    Ah, beat me to it. I’ve got a speeder bike in the stash and I wanted a scale ‘Africa Twin’ style bike for him that could be painted up in colours to match his armour. You got the pose perfect!
  13. The Chief Smeg

    Star Wars Model Poster

    Stunning Andy, absolutely stunning!
  14. The Chief Smeg

    Submarine project X.

    This seems to have come together so quickly and yet looks like there are hours and hours in this. Love it!