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The Chief Smeg

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  1. The Chief Smeg

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    That is a very useful bit of info there Getunderit - I’ve stashed that away in my little book of things; many thanks!
  2. This is all just so good - it’s like model building p*rn!
  3. Clever though (yes, I did just do the biro thing)
  4. The Chief Smeg

    Sky Ship - Scratch Build.

    Some storming builds on there!
  5. There is some serious planning going into this!
  6. Cheers, it’s something I doodled ages ago that I use as the logo for my company (I’m a self employed engineer). Just in case any Disney lawyers are reading this, I can state that it was not at all inspired by a super star destroyer from ROTJ that was about to crash into the Deathstar II. I did choose the colours because they kind of looked SciFi spacesuit Mission patch (ish) Now I look at it, it sort of reminds me of the “Event Horizon” logo from the book “Mindstar Rising” by Peter F Hamilton. Never noticed before!
  7. I’m going to enjoy watching the build of the lighted landing platform
  8. The Chief Smeg

    Bandai Shoretrooper

    That looks fantastic
  9. The Chief Smeg

    Bandai 1/72 X-Wing 'Blue Two'

    I love the display base, the irregular shape is a really nice touch
  10. The Chief Smeg

    1/20 scale resin bike?

    Really tempted by this, your colours make me want to see one in white and also to try a ‘rat bike’ Look with a lot of rust coming through. Love the base you have built there
  11. The Chief Smeg

    Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    This has been such a good build thread, I’ve enjoyed you bringing us along for the ride, can’t wait for the finished shots!
  12. The Chief Smeg

    May the 4th be with you

    And this just made my day!
  13. This just gets better and better!
  14. Budge up a bit ooh cheers
  15. Ok, I’m hooked. I’m going to have to find some of this anime