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  1. This is really looking good, I’ve enjoyed every bit of this (except for when you baked the arm computer but I’ll not mention that)
  2. That is magnificent. Future Pete is going to have fun with the painting though!
  3. Well, it would be interesting to colour a death star blue and try to scratch a projector base for it.
  4. Where would our models be without Lego greeblies. This is looking very good
  5. I’m with Andy on this, the stubby looks better
  6. absolutamente impresionante. Es perfecto y me encanta la nueva placa.
  7. Hi Houston, thanks for asking; It’s slow progress, I’ve got a few good coats of primer on and I need to start sanding - just not managing to get any time in the workshop to do anything at the moment. I also want to add some weight so I’m thinking of what to use (probably hot glue a load of pennies together and seal them in). As soon as I make any kind of progress I’ll post. Oh yeah, high build primer and airbrush spray booths are not good friends... so I guess I need a new filter now too!
  8. You have done a cracking job there, these look simple and I know from experience that they are anything but. very nicely done.
  9. Suggestions yes - let the red breathe first. As for the kit, looking at a few of the other builds do not be surprised to have to spend a bit of time smoothing seams on the top of the front fuse. The remake is is actually VERY good and this is from someone who grew up watching the original battle star galactica when it was first on. Worth a try. Your have a choice of either museum piece or HEAVILY weathered for the MkII Viper; you saw both in the series.
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