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CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai in 1:72

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Thank you all.


On 11/26/2023 at 10:09 PM, Mike said:

I think Chewie needs to put some left-paw down, as he's a little close to the wall there :owww:

I think he no longer has any fur on the back of his hand. 😅


Let’s move on to mid- and high-level preshading.




Pannellining and lighting. As well as highlighting individual structures.




Now I’m back to the decals, but I’ve had enough for today.




Everything is slowly coming to fruition.



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Looks great so far - I know what you mean about "that's enough for today" though. Sometimes I just find myself fiddling with various assemblies (no sniggering at the back) and not doing anything productive. :tired:

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After the top two sections were so full of great little details, I have to go back to the base plate.
Here I started with the quarter circle and practiced kitbashing. After comparing it with the top plate, I found it to be a little sparse.
So I picked out a few more parts and created more details.
Here’s the bottom plate before for comparison…




And after I lent a hand again.
The newly added parts can be recognized by their lighter surface. The plate already has two filters on it. Consisting of blue-grey and a medium gray which also results in a slight washing.




Since I added the Y-fighter parts very late, they enrich the lower section very well.




Better filled the plate.




And the sides received a few decals.



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On 11/13/2023 at 10:21 AM, madtatt said:



Typical reckless flying by Han Solo!!!


Love it!




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Duplicated insertion...
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Many thanks, but......

what have I done to myself…
Washing and dry painting is extremely time-consuming.
Thousands of places that you can hardly get to and you always have to be careful that excess paint dries on places that you don’t immediately see.





But I think it’s worth it.
A nice contrast is created.




Left side up to the middle level is done.
A week of work. 😵




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Thank you very much for the nice comments. ^^
It took a while, but the washing and dry painting of the plate is finished.

But first I had to improve something on the upper structure, otherwise it would have been too bare.




Then we could finally start with the upper level.




What a slog.




Countless places were difficult to reach.




But it’s coming together more and more.




And again the overall view from the front.



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Just caught up on this build and all I can say is WOW! But I fear you have outdone yourself - when people see that diorama base they will go MAD and pretty much miss the Millennium Falcon :D

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Thank you guys.

That's why I made the falcon so big so that you don't see too much of the diorama and it would be distracting. 😅

I'll soon see how the whole model turns out and I'll have to do a little bit of work.

I would like to have the project completed by March, because then the largest plastic model making fair will take place here in Germany and I would like to take part in the competition with the model.


Euro Model Expo





So, it goes on.

To finish off the base, I printed out steel structural elements.
However, I am still a beginner in 3D printing and therefore the rivets were defective no matter what I tried.
Here are the freshly printed front pages.




That’s why I removed the rivets after assembly.
I just didn’t like it.




My old Punch & Die set helped.




I got this for this model years ago because some rows of rivets were wrong or missing.




And so the faulty rivets were replaced.




Then painted.




And glued under the base.




Ready for inspection.




The bottom plate is now finished.




I think that it represents a neat conclusion to the bottom.




Now I’ll continue on the sides.





Then all that’s left for me to do is wish you a happy new year. 🥳
We’ll write to each other again in 2024.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy New Year and it can go on.


I’ve made a lot of progress with the pages.
First I cut the armor plates with which I will cover the surfaces.








By the way, the styrene plate with the X is not a plate but the gauge with which I always mark the same recesses.




A few more squares spread out.

I attached the top plate with a little overlap, which conceals the gap nicely.




And in the front, of course.




Base color on it




Here’s the overhang again.




This should ensure that the maintenance flap is well covered. I will probably create a locking device using a magnet.




Left side finished.




And the right one.





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Wow, i am very honored by your comments. 😊

Do you know that?!
The pages are finished…pffff…whatever. 🤪
When I looked at the Dio from behind, something was missing.




It still needed a little more substance.
And with this technical surface, what’s better than pipes?
That’s right, more plumbing.
So I took out the hot air dryer again and quickly made some.




I put another one in front of it and now it’s more consistent on the sides in my opinion.
Now just need to be aged.



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Today was construction day again.

Not much will happen on the back wall of the diorama, as you can only see a little of it. The surface will probably mainly be decorated with large armor plates.
Only on the sloping top plate should a little structure round the whole thing off. That’s why I got a few delicate steelwork girders from the railway model making sector, which are supposed to end in a bracket I printed.

The first prototype.




I will then distribute four or five units of these over the area and also lay armor plates in between.

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