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  1. Technically speaking, Decal is the overall term, (According to Wikipedia) Which includes Transfers, AND Stickers. From my days marching around and playing with Fighter planes for real, Decals is also the term used for any marking that is pre-prepared and applied to the aircraft (as opposed to painted on markings from a stencil). So I guess, Decals is a broader term, and transfers is a more accurate term. But Decals sounds more grown up. I watched a Video on Youtube the other day, where the narrator constantly referred to Decals as "Dickles". The pronunciation was so distracting, I actually cannot remember what the video was actually about. Possibly an unboxing, but not sure. Personally I prefer Dee-cals, although Deckals is probably valid too. Transfers is just how I end up paying my Credit card bill after a big month on building the Stash!
  2. Yes, it's a thing, you can buy white toner cartridges for some laser printers that replaces the black cartridge. I'm curious if anyone has used this to create white on clear custom decals, and what are the results (mainly opacity) like? I have a couple of projects of Le mans cars where the chosen livery involves a lot of White sponsorship lettering, and there is ZERO chance I would be able to get a good result with a sheet of white decal paper and a knife. I have a good image of the sponsorship, and it's even available from a decal manufacturer, just not in my scale.
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