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CEC YT-1300 Millennium Falcon by Bandai in 1:72

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Hello everyone.
Since I’m not only a friend of warships but also a Star Wars fan from the very beginning. And when Bandai released this amazing Millennium Falcon model, I was blown away.
This project will depict the famous falcon from Star Wars in a diorama.
He should fly through a halved tube. This is based on some film scenes, where he flies through the interior of the not yet finished Death Star, for example.
I’m really looking forward to the project because I’m going to build a ship that doesn’t plow through water but through space.


And these are the ingredients.


Bandai really went all out here. There has never been such an accurate and detailed model of the falcon.




But as always, there is room for improvement
Greenstrawberry offers some good etched part sets for science fiction.




The Bandai figures in the kit are actually okay.
Their drawback is that they are completely rigid.
The company Falcon 3D Parts from the USA has four good sets for this.
I took this one because I think Luke's pose is great. “It’s not a moon.”




They also offer much better electronics.
More on this later in the construction report.




Since I started this kit at the beginning of the year, it's starting again in fast motion.

First, the Mandibles.




Everything in the kit fits really well. Here is the first time I had to putty.




It’s amazing the level of detail Bandai has created here.
Everything very delicate.




With my 3D printer I created this black, inconspicuous part in the middle of the Falkon. This will be the later holder for the threaded rod that holds the model on the diorama.




Well hidden in the lower weapon bay.




Continue with the bottom side of the falcon.

All gaps are excellently covered on the ramps.




The lower part of the falcon is finished and looks very good.




After priming and pre-shading, the first base coat is on. I chose Vallejo White Gray. Pure white would have been too cold for me.




The first three panels are painted red. It was quite complicated because I hadn’t thought about installing the flap control later.




Plate after plate it goes forward. A lot of masking work is required.
The decals are still attached, and let’s start with the panel lining.




A filter of khaki, blue, gray and green is now applied to the lower half.




The wash consists of brown and dark gray.




And secure with clear coat.




Back to the mandies.
They too have received a wash. The chipping and fading are still missing.




Let's install it.




Ok, having fun with chipping.
I can experiment on the underside without fear of messing up the model. You don’t see much of that in the Dio anyway.
But first a fundamental consideration from me.

In chipping the falcon, I leave the template of the original for two reasons.

First of all the color of the chipping spots.
The different colored plates are supposed to give the impression in the film that Han and Chewi are repairing the falcon with all sorts of spare parts that they got from a junkyard. For example with a plate of a red or dark gray painted YT freighter.
So far so good.
However, if paint were to flake off the red replacement part, the original color of the falcon should not appear underneath, but rather the primer of the spaceship from which this plate originally came.
Also, all the other panels painted in the original color of the falcon seem to have almost no scratch marks at all.
So when are all the plates on gammelt?

The next reason is that the chippings taken from the film and adopted by Bandai in the decals are way too coarse for this scale in my opinion. That fits more in 1:35.

So I reinterpret my falcons and this is the first result. Although I still don’t know if I’m really satisfied.


Lets go.....




And then on to fading. On the underside the dirt runs inwards towards the middle, so think again.
I use it very sparingly as it often quickly becomes too much.




Let’s finish the subpage.
The last streaks of dirt were still missing and I refined the chipping a little.




This completes the underside of the falcon for now.




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Next, I’ll focus on the top.

The base coat with the colored plates is on, now the lengthy process of aging starts again.




But worth it. I even extended it a little at the top.
The art of these surfaces, which consist of many individual panels, is to emphasize them differently. This creates a sense of depth.
I found the underside a bit too homogeneous, but it was only my practice object.
Therefore, after the panel lining, I did a panel lightning. In other words, individual plates were masked again and a black shadow was cast in one corner.




And I also emphasized the small squares on the panels with the base color.




Think the 3D blaster damage is really great.
But that’s why I didn’t understand why parts of the inner ship can only be seen in one of the larger holes and I filled the other holes with leftovers from the rummage box and styrene.




And now, the filter is on it too.
The lid is only put on to see if the mandibles and the upper side match the sound




Next I worked on the scaffolding for the diorama.
The idea was to let the falcon fly through a kind of halved tube. This will then be equipped with a Death Star surface, which I will create later.
But as I said, first of all it's about the framework, which will probably be made of wood.
I built a 1:144 scale model out of cardboard.




Now we take a small step towards lighting the drive.

In the original kit, only very few LEDs are provided for the drive, which has already been criticized by some model builders.
A remedy had to be found.
So I got myself a lighting and sound module from America.
The engine light strip consists of 34 super-bright mini neopixel LEDs.




These are glued to a carrier also included in the set and intrigued into the fuselage. Fits great.
Then I cut the plug.
The cables will be extended here later and new small plugs will be soldered on, because I did not build the control unit and the loudspeaker into the model, but into the diorama.




And so the wedding could be celebrated today, the big lids have united.




The retaining clips and lines to the mandibles have been added.




This is how the frame for the diorama was created again. This time with the original model.
Everything has to be right before construction.
And what can I say, I'm completely satisfied.




The rear engine cover was still missing.




I put the hood aside and took care of the internals of my Falcon again.
First I stuck a strip of styrene behind the LEDs and lined the sides with foam.
So that the light cannot be seen from the front through the jaw cracks.




Then I extended the cables. The electronics should be in the diorama, not in the model.
Then connect it and run a test.
What can I say, great. But see for yourself:



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7 minutes ago, moondrome said:

Tolle Arbeit bei der Verwitterung! Ich liebe die Modelle Millennium Falcon und Bandai. Eines Tages werde ich eins haben. Auch als Italiener kann ich nicht anders, als zu sehen, dass es die gleiche Größe wie eine Pizza hat 🍕 . Ciao!

Thank you.
Yes, this spaceship is just great and part of my childhood.
But to me as a German it looks more like a tarte flambée. 😂

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I finished weathering the hull without the cockpit and engine cover.
Here are the pictures…






Now it’s on to the cockpit and its lighting.

Apply the decals first after removing the surface details. Otherwise I would have had problems with Microsol myself.




Falcon 3D figures are great. Far livelier poses than Bandai’s rigid sitting ones. Unfortunately, Chewi is missing the cartridge belt, but otherwise great.




What is of no use at all from the original kit are the LEDs. They’re way too weak. Disappointing for a 400 euro kit. Especially since there are very bright lights for a mere 8 cents apiece.
To be on the safe side, an additional pair were installed behind the cockpit. Then drilled holes in the blackened transparent part and lo and behold…




Let there be light. 💡




I thought for a long time whether I should do the open thing or that
use a glazed cockpit,

I use the clear part. It's important to me to see the light reflections that the glass casts. There was no glass in the film, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see the actors properly.
And that's the point...




This was the first time that a part didn’t sit perfectly. A huge gap had to be bridged with Mr. surfacer.

After all, what are we model builders for, close the gap. I only had to score a new board seam with a mini chisel afterwards.




Then again panels painted in different shades.




And a lightweight Panel Lightning. Individual records immediately get more depth.




Finally the panel lining and the decals.




The cockpit is now also on the fuselage.

You had to use a lot of force to snap the component into place. With all the color, however no wonder.




So aging is complete.




Control the light and found good.

If an LED is defective, I no longer have the opportunity to change it anyway.




The plugs for the control unit still had to be soldered to the cables.
Then, of course, check again to make sure everything is still working properly.




The cover of the weapon bays is still missing.




And then everything could be wired up.





This would complete the first part.




The easy part. 😅








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Then let's start with the base.




This is now made of PVC and not of wood as I had planned.
It’s easier to edit, I’m a locksmith and not a carpenter.
I created threaded rods in different lengths and angles. Then try to find the best one.

It fits.




Back wall to it...




I will make the framework for the Dio in two parts.

So I can also disassemble the Dio with the falcons, for example to go to a trade fair.

Pushed together and good. I will then cover the gap with all sorts of greeblies and styrene.





Then the little bird can take a seat for a test.





Above is the last plate and everything is filled, sanded and primed. 

The small dormer from the 3D printer was placed under the falcon to conceal the holder.

The base is now ready to receive the Death Star surface.




First I printed some simple structures, which were then refined using greebles and styrene using a kitbashing process




Then prime thickly to smooth the surface. A filament printer always leaves streaks.




Now come the first slightly finer details.




I start lining open areas with styrene sheets. This is based on the surface of the falcon.




This gradually creates ever finer surface details.




A new test to see if everything fits.




The right side. I use the upturned ramp of the falcon to conceal the slit in the two diorama halves




The same on the left, but with parts from an old kit.




The truncated pyramid is further refined.




The same with the quarter circle.




And so things are progressing slowly but steadily.




I'm slowly approaching the current construction phase.





That is it for today. In order to move forward, I now have to draw and print out structures again.
We will see each other again, in a galaxy far, far away.




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Stop, I still have one.
On the left side there are a few more details that I don't want to withhold from you,




There should definitely be parts of my old tiger on the plate.




Who recognizes it?




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1 hour ago, madtatt said:

And so things are progressing slowly but steadily.

And it's all looking rather wonderful. Both the Falcon and the base. Great paint on the Falcon along with the weathering.

The base is coming along very nicely indeed. I do play spot the greeblies and I've got a few so far. I'll look again later when I have more time.

Thanks for showing your work.

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As I said in PMs, it's looking great! :yes: I hadn't realised it was the Perfect Grade 1:72 edition though.  That should be pretty substantial with the backdrop, although it's nicely compact.  I must remember that kind of cleverness for when I get around to mine :hmmm: ⏲️

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1 hour ago, Mike said:

That should be pretty substantial with the backdrop, although it's nicely compact


That was also a problem for me at the beginning.

It took me a long time to take the first step because I didn't know how to fill this large empty area or with what.
But then, little by little, things got faster, better and easier.

Edited by madtatt
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Thank you very much to all.

I didn't do anything idle during the week when I introduced myself here with my first construction reports.
I let my printer work properly and made a few more basic structures.
And they're going on the scaffolding now.

As you can see, the slant is supposed to hold a fan.




The right side also received its appropriate framework and further connections from the middle to the lower level.




As of today.



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It continues on the right side.




With a mix of kitbash and styrene plates.
The right edge was covered with parts of Iron Doom.




In the middle I inserted a printed profile with 2 components glue. Not only intended to look good, but also to reinforce the most unstable part of the scaffolding.
The fans were also placed in their positions.




Prime everything properly.




And a picture for the overall impression.



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19 minutes ago, Caerbannog said:

I am not sure what impresses me more - the build or the build space. One dirty the other tidy. Guess there is some serious photoshopping going on 😉


Very nice!


Kitbashing can drive you crazy with all the little parts in the different boxes. 🥺😂

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For me, the middle plate was further refined with kitbashing.




And fresh from the cabin…




There’s nothing left to see of the gap.




In gray it looks completely different. By the way, my favorite color




This would also complete the middle panel.
However, it is possible that one or two tubes still come to mind.



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