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1/48 - McDD F-4E (early & late), EJ/EJ-Kai, F/F ICE and G Phantom II by Zoukei Mura - F-4E (early) released - next boxing: F-4EJ

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On 13 August 2020 at 9:32 AM, mr_stomach said:

Yes, my mistake. In russian aviation therminology all leading edge devices are prewings (предкрылки) and all trailing edge devices are postwings (закрылки).
But the fact is - division line on these blown flaps incorrectly corresponds with underwing pylon and other wing details.

Much more sensible in Russian!



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Posted (edited)

Release date in JP: 29/08/2020

Herebelow a japanese google translated text.

Source: https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/sentiment/oyajiblog_107.html

Now also in English ! https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_107.html



The first answer to you who fall in love with the F-4 Phantom is newly released from the long nose series F-4E (early model)!




▋SWS 1/48 scale F-4E (early model) assembly kit

Injection plastic kit (gray/clear 2-color molding), 481 parts

Price: 7,500 yen (excluding tax)

Release date: August 29, 2020

[Click here for more information]

Click here to purchase at Volks Official Hobby Heaven Online Store



This is exactly the phantom family!
First of all,

7 models are the entry for the Long Nose Brothers starting with "F-4E (early model)" !

● "F-4E (early model)"New release on August 29, 2020!

● "F-4EJ Kai (planned retirement marking machine)"Scheduled to be released from the end of 2020 to the beginning of the year

● "F-4G"Scheduled to be released around the summer of 2021

● "F-4E (late model)"Release date undecided

● "F-4F"Release date undecided

● "F-4EJ"Release date undecided

● "F-4F/ICE" German Air Force specification aircraftRelease date undecided

As you can see, this is the first series of guns for you to fall in love with the F-4 Phantom!
From "F-4E (early model)", it will ring loudly on the morning of Saturday, August 29, Japan time!




▋The answer from Zoukei-mura to give to you in love with the F-4E Phantom!! The very long-awaited machine for F-4 fans around the world is finally on sale!What is the charm of the F-4? The power itself hidden in.
You can see it in every detail of the aircraft, with a fascinating appearance that stretches all over the body. Please enjoy the reproducibility unique to the SWS kit!




▋What is the uniqueness of the SWS kit that was derived from interviews with actual machines?
One of them is the reproduction of the complicated three-dimensional shape of this beautiful canopy. In addition, the engine nozzle is divided into two parts, the front and rear parts for more detailed work and painting, and the open/closed state can be selected. Other stabilizers are angle-selectable. Naturally, you can select the angle for flaps, ailerons, air brakes, etc. With a new mold, the air intake splitter vane is also split type, making the work surprisingly easy.




▋This beautiful form unique to the F-4 Phantom is yours on the 1/48 scale. This example is displayed in the show window of Volks Akihabara Hobby Square store .




▋The charm of the “long nose” unique to the F-4E is here! Of course, including the cockpit, the detailed expression is reproduced in detail from the previous model to various models. If you are an F-4 fan, you will be amazed at the reproducibility.

This phantom series, which has been very popular since the SWS phantom "F-4J Short Nose" that was released in 2016, is a completely new design to further refine and refine as a scale model kit. Mold development started in.




▋This is a photograph of all 15 runners of the SWS "F-4E (earlier model)". (Of which, 2 runners are the same type.)
Of those, only 3 runners were diverted from the short nose series, such as seat mats and missile weapons. The 13 runners, which are the main parts, have made the mold with a completely new design. (In the photo, the one surrounded by the red frame is the diversion runner from the short nose.)












▋Pay attention to the shape of the canopy, its shape, and its transparency, which influence the appeal of the F-4E.



▋Please look at the high quality decal sheet packed with the other value and charm of the SWS kit.



▋The transfer location is also specified here! Exact and detailed. Exactly the fun of finishing work unique to the F-4 Phantom will develop. This process requires preparation and enthusiasm from the day before. On the eve of this, you may not be able to sleep because this is fun.



▋The lower part of the machine, the back side and other parts that are not normally visible are also on this street! The charm of F-4 comes back to your hands.



▋The appeal of the SWS kit is also full of its assembly instructions.
Even by checking this in detail, it is possible to enjoy the "preludes of aircraft models".







▋ You know! If Zoukei-mura is able to cover the actual machine, we will visit the collaborators (company) all over the world!
This time is F-4E. The birthplace of the United States, with the full cooperation of the "Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum," is a close-up interview! Climbing up and down, lying down, with or without the F-4 giant?
Even with this, I took a lot of pictures.



▋I want to reproduce as much of the F-4 as possible on the 1/48 scale. Moreover, all parts are made of plastic!
The interview of such thought continues. The news gathering machine is not an active machine, so some equipment may be lacking, but it will be covered by huge publications! Only the royal road of the scale model is advanced.





▋End of coverage ~~~ Comfortable fatigue is also a treasure of coverage. This time, I would like to thank Dave, Jennifer, David, Matthew, and many other staff members. Thank you very much for this magazine.

I'm really thankful to you!!


Various aftermarket parts will be
released at the same time as the release of the F-4E (earlier model) kit!






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Looks very nice indeed! Although, I'm going to wait for the G model to come out as that is my favorite variant of the Phantom.

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Wow! Some flaws are still here (it is normal, because old parts are used) but there is hope to correct most others. Many new and very welcomed parts (such as outer underwing pylons). 

I need it badly. 

I want to put my dirty hands on this kit now!


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Has the rear fuselage near the exhausts been reshaped on these long nose versions?

I know a few criticise this area of the short nose kits..

It there only one decal option in the kit?

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On 8/20/2020 at 11:01 PM, Homebee said:

Release date in JP: 29/08/2020

Thanks.  Great post from The Old Man detailing the kit.


Too bad there's no airmail shipping out of Japan to the US at the present -- or is it back???? The Volks US store is sadly behind, as usual, so I'm hopeful Sprue Brothers will get some in stock soon.



 Has the rear fuselage near the exhausts been reshaped on these long nose versions?


Shaun -- According to ZM, yes. That flaw is considered FATAL by some who, unfortunately, have likely influenced others to not purchase the kits, ...  thereby missing out on a great Phantom series.


Gene K

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wait for price tag - a short nosed Phantoms were of 100% price of Academy offer...  But "E" Academy don´t make, so i can bought Zoukei Mura. I supposed -a 50-70€ ?

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1 hour ago, AlCZ said:

I wait for price tag ... .

The announced price in Japan and  in the US is the same as for the other ZM Phantoms - $75US.  A bargain in my book compared to the Academy kit.


Gene K

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  • 3 weeks later...

Interesting first release, which would seem to indicate that Japan, unlike other kit manufacturers, is not their primary market. I would have put money on a JASDF F-4EJ or F-4EJ Kai as the first release given the huge amount of interest in the recent JASDF retirements although I note one of these variants is due to be their second release of the long nose Phantom. There is obviously still a lot of interest in Vietnam-era material since, again, I would have thought they would have opted for the 'late gun', slatted F-4E variant which has far more many worldwide applications. The early model F-4E is really quite limited and squarely aimed primarily at the US Market, I would suggest. Personally, I wait for the aforementioned F-4EJ Kai, F-4G Wild Weasel and the late model F-4E so I can finally reproduce a really nice Hellenic Air Force machine !.   

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On 8/30/2020 at 8:06 AM, Gene K said:

The announced price in Japan and  in the US is the same as for the other ZM Phantoms - $75US.  A bargain in my book compared to the Academy kit.


Gene K

Definitely a bargain! Wonder if they'd consider producing the F-105?

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19 hours ago, Tiger331 said:

The early model F-4E is really quite limited and squarely aimed primarily at the US Market, I would suggest.

Don't forget our antipodean members :)


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3 hours ago, exdraken said:

Wgat is exactly early vs late?

TISEO and slotted stabs and slats? Vs. hard wing?


Usually (basically) hardwing/short gun muzzle versus slats/long gun muzzle.  


All F-4E had/have slotted stabs. TISEO just on some aircraft  depending on unit, mission, and timeframe.


Gene K

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13 minutes ago, exdraken said:

Iran I'd assume?

Yes the early Iranian F-4E's were built to block 46,47 standards later upgraded to a slatted wing

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Updated inf
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11 minutes ago, boom175 said:

I think Iran got their E  models after the slatted wong was in production.

No idea really!

After some googeling I csme up with Iran getting E models from 71, and all getting slats from 72...



So everything is possible....

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B,C,D,J,S & E...



...Not too far from K & M now!

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The initial tranche of F-4E destined for Iran were Block 46 and commenced with s/n 69-7711, given the IIAF serial 3-692.


Blocks 47 (69-7727 (IIAF 3-708)), 51 (71-1094 (IIAF 3-723)), 52 (71-1102 (IIAF 3-731)), 53 (71-1116 (3-745)), 54 (71-1130 (3-759)),55 (71-1143 (3-772)), 56 (71-1153 (3-782)), 57 (73-1519 (3-796)), 58 (73-1535 (3-812)), 59 (73-1550 (3-827)) and 63 (75-0222) followed - additionally Iran received some Block 42 airframes on loan from Sept 1972, some returning to the US the following year, the remainder in 1974.


All surviving F-4E airframes from the early Blocks were retrofitted with the slatted wing modifications (except the ones used by The Thunderbirds, I think).


I hope that doesn’t confuse things for those interested in the IIAF/IRIAF airframes (although would only relate to those in IIAF times)



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Thanks Rick.... 

So Block 42, 46 and 47 were hard wing originally?! Or all above?


I need an excuse to buy one... you see! ;)


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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/48 - McDD F-4E (early & late), EJ/EJ-Kai, F/F ICE and G Phantom II by Zoukei Mura - F-4E (early) released - next boxing: F-4EJ

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