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  1. Bella Machina! But then the Italians always had an eye for gorgeous industrial design. I'm off to Wikipedia to find out more about this aircraft. Brilliant work!
  2. Is that the wax trapped in the panel lines? If so it's a nice effect for a seagoing bird. I'd be proud to have it in my cabinet! Note to self, wax a plane...
  3. Thanks, The paint is Humbrol Aerosol 29 brown and 163 green, I used Citadel Chaos black for the undersides, again an aerosol. The black demarcation was done with Tamiya tape, the camouflage with blutack worms and masking tape in between. You can see a mistake I made on the stbd wing where there is a hard edge and it looks like a splinter camo effect. Under carriage is a complex thing, I must admit it was very wobbly building it up and I test fitted a lot. I used blu tack to hold down the wheel attachment and the aft most upper part onto a bit of card, then added the upper brace and the other leg blu tacked down similarly. This then allowed me to add the other bits with it 'jigged'. Sounds cleverer than it was! The only annoying thing was having to add it before the build was finished, which makes handling hard, and I left the wheels off until the end, the legs are flexible enough to allow this. I bet yours will be a corker!
  4. Well good luck! The best hint I can give is to join the fuselage halves separately and to test fit everything lots! I used 2 self adhesive 5g wheel weights for cars behind the cockpit tub and it's quite firm on it's nose leg. This is useful as that is where I got the hint about modding the undercart so it can be installed later. The nose leg main moulding is quite strong enough to be fitted early on. https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/aircraft-kittyhawk-jaguar-gr1gr3-build-review
  5. Oh yes, that does sound rather... Obviously I mean I have been using this technique to do exhaust staining, but if it was the other I'm sure we are an inclusive community.
  6. I've already put this up once before but couldn't resist showing you all this that someone with much better skills than I photoshopped for me. I can't believe it's my kit!
  7. Boots cheapie stuff. I was shopping with Mrs. At Sea and was stood ate makeup counter and thought I wonder... Cheaper than Tamiya Weathering powers and surprisingly easy to work with. I have a tray of blues and silvers which work for jet pipes too!
  8. Nope, it's tucked away safely in the Squadron Navigation room on base under armed guard.
  9. The green ring around the fuselage roundel is not your eyes deceiving you, Airfix print the decal with a very wide carrier, which is sized to represent the overpainting of the yellow ring I presume. If so it's very clever of them as it does make life easier.
  10. Ahhh, wasn't aware of that, oh well. Regarding the panel lines they aren't as horrendous as folklore would have it, I gave mine 2 coats of Halfords grey primer to dull them down which seems to have worked. No worse than an Airfix kit in that regard. Thanks for your kind comments.
  11. Black brown & green to my eyes! I think you meant great, in which case, thank you!
  12. The joy of this hobby is you learn every time. That looks a lot better than my first go when I came back to the hobby. Every day is a school day but there is some talent there so I say go for it! One thing I did to get better was to build a lot of one thing, Spitfires and Hurricanes are goof for this because there are so many versions to work through. Doing that you learn the quirks of the kit, and can the concentrate on the finishing and techniques to paint, decal & weather etc.
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