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  1. At Sea

    Airfix 2020

    Supermarine Scimitar 1/48 It fits with the Sea Vixen & Buccaneer releases. Not currently kitted in plastic. Would sell well. Fits Airfix’s live of all things EDSG!
  2. At Sea

    Airfix 2020

    That's okay. My accurate maths is rubbish, but my general ratio stuff is pretty hot due to my work.
  3. At Sea

    Airfix 2020

    So 1250cm is 12.5 Meters. I suggested that he meant 1250mm which is 1.25 Meters. 21 x 144 = 3024 1250 x 24 = 30000 So 125cm or 1250mm.
  4. At Sea

    Airfix 2020

    I think you mean millimetres. But still a lot of white paint!
  5. At Sea

    Airfix 2020

    I would buy: 1/24 Spitfire new tool. 1/24 Lightning! 1/48 Allison Mustang. 1/72 Nimrod re-issue. 1/72 Stirling new tool. 1/72 Hercules new tool. But what I really really want is a new tool 1/72 Vulcan.
  6. Don't panic on the canopy... I think I have a spare Italeri one. It may not be perfect but you can fettle and fit it with your skills. I'll have a look.
  7. PM me an address. I have a couple of duplicates so its no issue.
  8. I'll have a look about as I'm pretty sure I have some nice F.3 ones that I'm not going to use. 111 with a black tail & spine. 25 with a silver tail stripe. 11 with a grey tail. 41 from the FJWOEU I'll get some pics if you are interested.
  9. I love the look of the Allison engined Mustangs. This is a perfect rendition of one and looks just like it jumped off the page of the ole 'Super-Profile' book I have.
  10. It had gone when I returned. However I believe it was this one... https://tanks-alot.co.uk/product/chieftain-tank-mk-10/
  11. Gloster Meteor. 1:48 Airfix kit kindly supplied by @Duncan B.
  12. Just off 44 Berth Southampton Docks is a Chieftan Tank and another AFV as well as a Sherman on a pallet. The Chieftan is sat on its tracks not on a roller pallet so I'm guessing its self propelled. Will try and get some pics tomorrow unless its loaded tonight...
  13. Yes indeed. Southampton to be precise so very big ships and very narrow channels.
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