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  1. I agree, wheels don't make a sense at all. First, you need to use superglue to fix them, and then big chunk of them is going to be painted over. Thanks for the tip with cables length, I will double-check before cutting anything. All goes quite well, model is almost done, I just need to fit the tow cables, small grab handles at the engine and transmission covers and add some wiring to the turret. Ah, yes - machine guns are to be fitted. I will show final outcome before priming soon.
  2. Im building a vehicle from C-Squadron of 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, while the unit was a part of the 29th Infantry Brigade Group in Korea in 1951. My choice is based on the quite impressive history of this unit and acknowledgement it gained. The Unit arrived in Korea on 14th November 1950. In April 1951 it was stationed at Imjin River. Since there was a lull in the fighting, British command decided to rotate 8th KRIH back to the UK. Two squadrons, along with HQ squadron, were sent home reaching Kure in Japan when the hell broke loose. On 22nf April 1951 massive Chinese offensive ha
  3. preparing some crispy popcorn
  4. F-4G version is a must for me. Second one is F-4EJ /EJ Kai in one of those insanely Japanese camouflage schemes.
  5. for asymptomatic positive attitude
  6. or another, who cares?
  7. with zero fat water (authentic label!)
  8. Yes, the comparison is very nice. Spitfire is very subtle even with cropped wings. On the other side, Corsair looks like, I don't know why, a death sentence for the airplane being in front of it.
  9. Stunning and motivational. I just purchased F4U-1D from Tamiya and waiting now for Eduard's PEs. Too late thought to join the campaign. Your work may serve as a reference for the paint job.
  10. followed by some pickles
  11. No, wait! Fire everything!
  12. heading directly to Madagascar
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