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  1. Would be interested to see a side-by-side comparison when it comes out. I have the Kinetic 1/48 Su-33 Sea Flanker and was thinking of adding some Su-27/30 variants in the same scale, but don't want to go mental assembling teeny detail. Interesting development. I might have to look at export schemes. Tony
  2. Don't forget about the unnecessary chromed parts or radio control. Tony
  3. Any sharper pictures of the plastic available? I so want to support this venture and expect I'll be in the second or third wave of buyers. A lot of much-wanted new stuff hitting three figures, and that's where the hobby is nowadays — such a long way away from the bagged blue plastic Airfix 1/72 Spitfire I bought from the RAF Acklington NAAFI in 1965 for <10p. Was so excited to build it my 8 year-old legs worked like crazy pedalling the 20ins bike back home, such that I crossed a red light and got buzzed by a Blunty on finals. So, not much has changed in the last 56 years except that the kits, detail and the price have got much bigger. Tony
  4. Have pre-ordered a copy from the big H, price unknown at this time. I'm guessing about £70 with the 10% discount, but am willing to pay a little more. It reminds me of the very recent Airfix Buccaneer: I would have bought two had the price been £50, but me having two likely wouldn't have made Airfix or the retailer any more profit (and please, this is not an invitation for more economic 'splaining); just a comment that I'm a greedy so and so who likes to have his cake and eat it, as kits are like the wife's shoes: two pairs of her favourites always — one pair to wear and one pair in the shoe stash. Tony
  5. Probably true, but if the new releases includes a jet aircraft I would be delighted (and inevitably broke!) should Tamiya follow-up its remarkable 1/48 F-4B Phantom with an F-4J. I used to be strictly 1/32 but along comes a Meng F-4G Weasel on the heels of an Airfix Buccaneer S.2C and 1/48 is becoming so attractive: such stonkingly good kits. And the outsider — a quarter inch scale LTV A-7E SLUF — would swing it for me too. Oh yes, it definitely would. Tony .
  6. Looks nice but just a teensy bit too pricey for me at the current £-$ exchange rate, not counting travel and import levies. But at the right price point for those routinely buying Tamiya props. However, let's not go down the economic 'splaining or whining route: it's going to make a lot of people very happy. I'm looking forward to the 1/32 Revell Hurricane at £40 all-in and we'll see what Mr Wallet thinks about the Kotare kit after he's had a good cry about being emptied for the 1/48 Meng F-4G. Tony
  7. Funky. I was thinking of getting some crazy prototype stuff in 1/72 and so this ticks the box quite nicely. Well done H & Sword! This and the long awaited Dora Wings Fairey Delta FD.2 Tony
  8. Pre-cut vinyl might appeal more for the strap and other doubler plates, but there are some chunky bolt heads in the places it attaches to the wing box which would be visible even in 1/48th scale (but we can't have everything!) Looking forward to this kit, especially seeing the plastic and instructions. Tony
  9. Nice to know this isn't a fiction. Along with the RF-4C/E the F-4G AWW is my favourite J79-powered variant. The ventral beef-up strap seems absent although the doublers near the airbrakes — applied at the same time — are there. Etch seems the obvious remedy. The canopy looks right even if the fuselage isn't much widened between the cockpits. Am buying, asap Tony
  10. Does this mean it's borrowed from a Hasegawa kit artwork as a joke? I'd be disappointed but it got us fooled for a bit! Tony
  11. Sort of, but I can live without the bulge in the fuselage as it's mostly hidden by the vari-ramps etc. The issue for me is the resultant almost parallel-sided canopy hoods (which should be noticeably wider at the rear of the front hood and wider at the front of the rear hood). It also seems to throw off the windshield width a tiny bit. If you go to Hypersonic's website and look at the canopy hood detail sets you can see the difference more clearly between Hasegawa, Academy & Z-M by comparing the resin insert bits. Whether it's worth worrying about is purely subjective. I am hoping the Meng F-4G announcement isn't a practical joke — which, of course, is entirely possible! Tony
  12. If all you make are 1/48 Z-M Phantoms you probably will not notice. If F-4s are not one of your favourites you won't care. Trouble is, I see it and so can't "unsee" it. Fixing clear parts is beyond my modelling ability. Tony
  13. Interesting to read what it says on the mock box top: separate rudder, LE slats and TE flaps up or down, turned metal nose pitot etc. Doesn't mention the inlets or if the "ALQ-119" is just that or the Southern Watch era (updated-to) ALQ-184 version, but ALQ-131, AIM-7Ms plus (Maverick, Standard ARM and) HARMs included. All of that is very encouraging, offering the possibility to model the earlier years at George, Spang., Clark Field and Sheikh Isa, as well as the box-top Nellis and SWatch scheme. Regarding shape, subjects like the F-4 and F-111, which I love, need to be absolutely spot-on. The box art, at least, with that reflective swirl down the canopy, strongly hints that Meng understands that complex geometry. Thus far, the Meng kit is definitely looking to be one of the most interesting 1/48 jet kits to emerge since the recent Airfix Buccaneer. With regards the Z-M kit, there's a bright side: two Wild Weasel F-4G kits coming out close together should encourage some great AM decal sheets. Tony
  14. Quite stunning news. A kit I've wanted for ages with an accurate exterior profile (and, hopefully, also full intake ducting). The Z-M's canopy profile rules out that avenue. Assuming this is real, I wonder what the price will be? Tony
  15. Just caught up with this: lovely build Al. Bought one years ago with some Eduard pre-painted etch for the pit, but the Nautilus bracing looks essential. Will go that route now. Caracal have been threatening to make decals for the kit for a long time and that may be part of my inertia. Tony
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