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  1. Really need a new MiG-21 series in 1/32 scale, in roughly the same sequence as Eduard have released their smaller scale offerings. However, the vista 2021 Eduard 1/48 F-13 and UM types will be super, if its PF and MF are anything to go by. A minor rudder discrepancy aside, there is no doubt that the 1/48 Trumpeter F-13 is superior to its 1/32 offering, especially in its treatment of the inner windshield and gunsight arrangement, but I sincerely hope that Eduard do something far more convincing with the F-13 and UM bifurcated inlet. It's a pity the Su-15TM Flagon didn't see Czech service, as a decent representation of those is long overdue. GWH maybe? I heard rumours of suitable "intel" being passed to the Chinese model makers. Tony
  2. I like the Thunderceptor with the butterfly tail best. Tony
  3. tony.t

    Phantom FG1

    I doubt the colours were spectrophotometrically matched fifty years ago. Still hoping somebody like Aerocraft see fit to make the chunkier FG.1 NLG leg as a drop-in replacement. Tony
  4. Thunderceptor. Designed by Loki and forged by Thor's hammer. If Kitty Hawk carry out their threat to make 1/32 Thunderstreaks and Thunderflashes I hope they also do the Thunderceptor, the variant with the big turboprop and the parasite version that was tested on a B-36. Tony
  5. tony.t

    Phantom FG1

    Yes, and the wheels. The kit comes with the USAF/FMS types (original Hasegawa kts featured metal and vinyl rubber wheels which are missing in the Revell repop) so F-4J/S type wheels need to be sourced. Tony
  6. Yeah, four Hornets vs one Su-22; must have been one heck of a battle. Interesting markings though. Looking fwd to the imminent release of the 1/32 Brassin AIM-4D Falcons. Lots of scratchbuilding in store to make the L-series rails to put them on an F-4E. Tony
  7. tony.t

    Phantom FG1

    Oh, and Alleycat generic FGR.2/FG.1 resin inlets. I have two on order. Been advised to avoid Aires nozzles as many castings are allegedly undersize. The kit parts are a bit shallow but apparently it was all sooty in there anyway. HTH Tony
  8. tony.t

    Phantom FG1

    I'm intending to build an FG.1 from one of the Revell FGR.2 re-pops recently acquired. my checklist comprises: *use wing root wells with hooks rather than blanking pieces *Hypersonic slotted stabilator (and interior canopy framing) *use relevant NLG door (IIRC both are included) *faff with the rear IP based on Aeroguide etc references *beef-up, if possible, NLG leg, give it an aft 3° rake and another scissor link (best stolen from a Hasegawa MLG link) *Xtradecals for 43 Sqn (or 111) and ditto if doing a Navy bird. If you don't want the Colonial Navy mkg use the Xtradecal Sea Vixen sheet for regulation ROYAL NAVY titles SAC do a metal FG.1 set but it's pricey and cast from soldering metal (or something equally soft) Tony
  9. Surely FAA Buccs routinely carried tiddly practice bombs on those dual ferkins ? Not that I particularly would wish to fiddle with them in 1/72, assuming I could free them from the sprues intact. A recce pallet would be nice. Can skip on nukes (if ever the S.2 carried them). Just realised the lower outer wings are cut off and discarded for the origami configuration, there being specific unblemished lower parts to fit under the top outer wings. It looks like a really nice kit. Tony
  10. Apparently, it's all in the roast and the micro-b-bubbles, or that's what it says in the TV commercials. I prefer quality tea — earl grey, lapsang etc. — or diet coke; caffeine without the jitters. And American sour mash or Islay single malt. Could never develop a taste for rye whiskey. Unfortunately the Sunderland kit windows may be a tad too small to replace with hole punched acetate sheet chads, which may be just as well. I was looking forward to this, so will see how people cope with it here, and their valued judgement as to buildability joy. Was tempted by the Italeri, but the panel lines are rather agricultural looking, so have some emotional investment in this kit all working out nicely. Tony
  11. That must have been a joy to fly (not). Dos bombas is a bit anaemic, unless there's an extra FAA-related sprue in development. Who knows? Airfix's moulding subcontractor might fluff it the way they did with the Phantoms and release some FAA boxings with a bulged bomb bay door, Pave Spike and Martels. I would like to see the recce pallet, which would stretch me to two FAA S.2s. Am guessing Alleycat or Aerocraft will provide an S.1 backdate, which would push it to three. But I really want 1/48 or bigger to adorn with artwork of women and brands of single malt. Tony
  12. 1/32 is my scale and I'll dabble in 1/48 where necessary but a new Bucc in any double-digit scale is irresistible. I do understand the greedy-guts-in-a-sweetshop syndrome but it's wise to buy one for joy assessment before committing to multiples, especially when there are very likely further boxings to follow. And still waiting o see what Tanmodel do, if anything. Tony
  13. Thanks for posting the latest. Looks good, with clear optional span wingtips and provisions for a folded wing (presumably the lower wing/fuselage part has indented "cut here" inside grooves to help separate the lower outer wings). Definitely getting one of these regardless of what Tanmodel get up to. Tony
  14. Another great subject, and great-looking build! I was thinking of getting the Nautilus laser-cut internal wooden frame for mine, but it passed me by. Think plastic card bulkheads would avoid the fuselage assembly being too "springy". Shamefully, mine has stayed mostly unbuilt for fourteen years. Tony
  15. Great build with lovely detail. Really fantastic to tag along watching. The Voodoo's T-tail very definitely has dihedral, seen head or tail on. I remember seeing them at RAF Upper Heyford in 1967-68 while living in nearby Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Fell in love with the jet (and the 18th TRS DM's daughter Jenny — well, we were just ten, and went to the same school). It has a special place in a lot of people's memories. Have you figured out how to deal with the too-thin rear lower windows piece? The fuselage plastic is much thicker than the clear windows part. D-Mold didn't deal with it either. These might need to be cut into separate windows and inserted from the outside (or thicker parts cut from an old CD jewel case). Tony
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