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  1. Just bought the new 1/32 Revell Pony and am looking forward immensely to Revell's new 1/48 SR-71 Blackbird. Instructions still not yet up on the Revell.de site, but maybe any week now. As a general observation, no, kits are not not cheap, but the prices of new tool items are nonetheless quite reasonable. If you're not flush enough to buy this beauty I believe Revell are shortly releasing a 1/100 scale snaptite SR-71A which might better suit your pocket Tony
  2. Huff, pant, gasp, wheeze, phewww. Is it here yet? Whot!? Way fewer parts than a bag of rice and costs much more!? And you can't eat it?! Wonder how long the bobbyhoss U-2R takes to arrive to join us: it's been on a holding circuit over the China Sea for six years. Better get the space helmet back on. Tony
  3. Are we there yet? Anyone seen the test shot sprues? Somebody posted some inspiration on LSP, URL copied here... Tony
  4. Looking forward to the Eduard Type 32 and especially the Rufe/Suisen II. Have the Tamiya Type 21 (with the fiddly MDC floatplane conversion) and Hasegawa Type 52, both in 1/32nd scale, but nobody's yet done the Type 32 in big scale or a straight kit of the Rufe (except for the giant Trumpeter 1/24th scale kit which now, sadly, appears OOP). This Eduard series looks to fill some important gaps with a nice new kit. Well done! And thanks Eduard for the Fishbed re-pops too. Tony
  5. The QRC-160 ALQ-71 can be found in the Trumpeter F-105G Weasel Thunderchief kit, on the missile sprue E. Tony
  6. Just looked the Xuelong icebreaker on wiki which says 74ft beam and 548ft long — jeepers, in 1/72nd scale that's a barmy foot wide and 7½ft long! Really!? It'll break the ice in more than one way. Obviously aimed at rich Chinese kids who can play with it in the indoor family swimming pool! Hysterical to see the Devastator yet again, but sad to see it's the only alleged 1/32nd scale offering. Looks like Revell will get my money next year, with its 1/32nd scale Bf 109 G-2/4 (a new variant derivative of the G-6 kit) and all-new Hawker Hurricane II (which is rumoured to have been designed by one of the best designers out there, à la Mustang). Happy bunny overall, Tony
  7. My thoughts exactly. Hope they offer a Sigint "farm". Always looked the funkiest that way. Tony
  8. The Eduard set seems to match the Su-11 cockpit fig quite well (well good enough for me in 1/48 scale). I'm assuming they did some proper research, with the exception of that complicated gunsight hanging down from the canopy bow. Can't recall if it's in the kit. Must check. Some colour clues can be found looking at the not entirely dissimilar Su-15 cockpit. I'm similarly interested in cockpit photos of the Su-9U Maiden, for which there doesn't appear to be anything. Tony
  9. Complete with XAIM-47's and peeps in silver Gemini era suits, chrome plated. For now, just wondering exactly how huge the SR-71A box will be. Revell like big boxes. Tony
  10. Resemble is the right description. It looks more A-12 to me, or something between that and the SR-71. I built one too, and as I said it was a work of art for its day. I didn't realise you could still casually buy one — I would imagine it takes a very determined search knowing exactly what to look for and what you're buying. And on preliminary viewing the Revell is far better than the Italeri/Testors kit, and I bought both SR-71 boxings in the 1980s (the Italeri box being deceptively small, and the Testors coming in a giant box with low viz red decals). Now, that's not to say that the prospective Hypersonic-Gaspatch edition won't go one step further. The only plus for the Italeri/Testors kits was the option to build a twin-stick with the raised rear cockpit. Tony
  11. Thanks for the link. Beautifully elegant model (but the MLG buckets should be orange). Love the complete NLG well and engine inlets, and the accurate nose contours — how can anyone seriously ask why is this an improvement over the Testors/Italeri offering? The latter came out about thirty-six years ago, and although it was a work of art for its time (I built one and started another, so I know exactly how much I spent on Milliput and emery paper!) but was let down very, very badly by its appalling nose shape, shallow nose gear well and rather lustreless cockpit tub. I hope a YF-12 follows. Tony
  12. I'd like to see a VI.f before I die. And a Vampire T.11 Tony
  13. The concept is gorgeous: WingNutWings quality but with no rigging! Win-win. Tony
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