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  1. This morning I compared the Airfix Buccaneer and Phantom kits, now that both are to hand. Both need a box 20% less wide, but hey-ho. F the storage, put a tiny kit in a small suitcase-long box with inadequate width so instructions and decals have to be curled. Yeah, that's clever. But comparing the plastic, the Buccaneer surface detail is so exquisite compared to the rough-as-guts Phantom. Why Airfix? There are kits made for gentlemen and others made for hooligans. Tony
  2. Maybe Antti, but you could start with a pair of Tamiya F-4Js built as VF-31 Felix the Cat Saratoga and VF-102 Diamondbacks Independence examples in prep for some F-4K Omegas from the Ark. Passes the time. And Alan Wilson's S.2 Buccaneer. Sort of, everything waiting for the Hong Kong Models Spey Phantom — though you may need to hurry as the F-4K/FG.1 is allegedly a goer for around mid-2020. Tony
  3. I've been told with a modicum of reliability that there exist those on BM who consider a short-nose conversion from a rotary cannon Phantom version perfectly doable with a Flightpath nose, filler, elbow grease and yoghurt pot plastic scrap To quote a certain Colonel, "oh, the horror, the sheer horror". But I would have loved it if nine years old. Me thinks better to wait for the Hong Kong Models plastic or Alan Wilson resin examples. I'm figuring £275-3oo for the HKM edition. C'est la vie. Tony
  4. Thirteen years ago I was reliably told by someone connected with the TSR.2 project that most of the avionics on display behind opened hatches on the flanks of the museum examples is a mish-mash of spares made "to look the part". Meteorological black boxes and so on. But that they've existed like that for a long time makes for an accurate model of what survives. I would relish a 1/32 TSR.2, if affordable. It may cost a bit more (says he potentially inflating things) but investment cast brass LG legs might be nice. The quirky undercarriage is an essential part of its character. Tony
  5. tony.t

    Airfix 2020

    "Big" meant the LIDAR'd 1/72 F-4K a couple of years ago. The "?" did mention a new tool announcement, which rules out a third party repop. So, "big" could be: a/ as in impressive subject b/ as in small scale but large gangly aircraft c/ as in big scale I do wonder if the above criteria mean: a/ 1/48 F-4K / FG.1 Phantom b/ 1/72 Lockheed Hercules or Boeing B-29 c/ 1/24 Griffon-powered Spitfire A 1/24 E E Lightning would be wonderful, and life changing etc., but not mid-Atlantic enough. Probably too soon after the Hellcat for supersize scale anyway. Tony
  6. tony.t

    Airfix 2020

    The Sea Hawk was very likely 1959, as I recall building one — well, watching my Dad build it for me — back around 1964. I wanted the Bundesmarine scheme with the funky crosses and he persuaded me to opt for the FAA or Dutch options. Really, the Sea Hawk needs to be 1/32, which tragically Airfix refuses to engage in (apart from repopping some cars and the esoteric stuff that went with their polythene figures). Mostly interested in seeing more jets from Airfix. Would like a Scimitar and Sea Vixen in 1/72, along with — yeah, I know — a new tool Vulcan B.2 I think only the middle subject might make it in 2020-2021. Repopping the 1/48 Javelin FAW.9 and Lightning F.6 might be handy. Tony
  7. Not holding my breath, but it would be nice. Putting my money on the Dora Wings 1/72 example, but go on AZ Model — prove me wrong and get the FD.2 out sooner Tony
  8. It does resemble hex chromium with its slightly irridescent pale lemon colour. That would explain the reference to 'unpainted' as hexavalent chromium isn't paint, it's used to treat prepared metal surfaces against corrosion. Fascinating insight. Thanks for the fantastic diagrams John. Tony
  9. Truckie things are modelled in 1/24-1/25. Army creepy crawlies are modelled in 1/35. 1/32 aircraft kits offer the right heft and detail, and we are seriously overdue some eggbeaters, especially the canary coloured Westland Whirlwind (to go with the missing Jet Provost 3/4) and Sea King (to go with the missing FRS.1 SHAR). Was looking at some 1/72 kits in the stash today and thinking "how the heck" those tiny canopy parts are going to get neat framing. Must add bendy 1mm tape and dolly size tweezers to my basket at the big H or Wonderland. Tony
  10. I usually watch dawngrocerystore on eBay. They are often one of the first to stock new Kitty Hawk kits. Got my 1/48 Voodoos from them and they had them long before any kind of unofficial release in the West. Ditto the 1/32 F-5s. It's a Chinese retailer and they're very good. Tony
  11. Sorry to divert the Italeri repop thread slightly with the FG.1. I'll shut up after this post. Thanks for all the perspectives. I have an Airfix 1/72 FG.1 (the panel lines on which do look a little unrefined) so I will very likely get the 1/72 Italeri for direct comparison and then decide whether Phantom #3 will be Airfix or Italeri-Fujimi. In actual fact, that may be determined more by which is closer to the Airfix Buccaneer in terms of surface finish, as I very much want to build a gaggle of jets from Ark Royal. Tony
  12. Ooh, those look good! Tony
  13. It's a shame Meng omitted them from its Deuce kits. The only approach that comes to mind is careful lengthwide xactosaw cuts to hold the etch (or plasticard substitutes) in place. Failing that I'd go for butchering Maverick missiles, mostly by filing the fwd missile body into a more conical shape and reducing fin size a tad. HTH Tony
  14. So that's where the 1/72 Italeri F-4K comes from, presumably also to be around £30 a box... https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=&product_type_id=all_aircraft_kits&code=&scale_id=956&keyword_search=Phantom+FG.1&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=asc&save_search_name=&save_search= Is there any reason still to buy the Fujimi/Italeri instead of the Airfix? Tony
  15. Would buy this to build one of the fire eaters from the film Always. There might be a set of cowls with closed flaps and, wayhey, pigs might fly and there's an optional set of tinted canopy parts. It looks pretty good overall. Tony
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