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  1. AFAIK the later boxings have MF type parts and the original PF parts are not included. A new tool MiG-21PF is really needed in 1/32 scale — it's such a pity Eduard does not wish to do this or any other large scale Fishbed variants. It's one of the reasons I was partly, and somewhat reluctantly, drawn back to smaller scales. The 1/48 Eduard PF kit is so very good. Tony
  2. I'm using X48-186 in conjunction with uncorrupted ROYAL NAVY titles from the Xtradecal Sea Vixen sheet, but note the latter is now oop. We could use a reprint of some of the older stuff and a chunkier NLG leg with the extra scissor link from a firm like Aerocraft. Tony
  3. Please ask them if they'll produce the Hughes Falcon L-41/42/43 launch rails and AIM-4D missiles for 1970s-1980s JASDF F-4EJs. Even just the launch rails would be nice — they were in use for such a long time. With these, and maybe some ca1968-1973 ECM pods, the kit would be the go-to F-4E hardwing. Cheers Tony
  4. The vortex generator type tabs on the fin are etched parts that fit into little slots. You need at least those etch bits. Am warming to this kit, but still eager to see the engine sprue so we can check for intake ducting. The Italeri kit looks like it'll build into a more solid model than the quite flimsy 1/32 Revell. Tony
  5. You need to talk to a contemporanious Crew Chief but I've heard (yeah, we know about those theories) that the paint peeled a lot around that area, and as an anti-corrosion measure the CC's would touch-spray the offending areas — but a gazillion other things also needed doing so retracting the door that could bang on yer head and the fact spraying 36622 into the wells showed up recent leaks, probably meant the but behind the door was neglected. Thin at one end, thicker in the middle, and thin at the other end. By An Elk. Tony
  6. Sergey, F-4C/Ds don't have slats. The leading edge hinged devices are blown flaps. Z-M goofed the canopy profile — it's too parallel in plan view, like the canopy of a MiG-23UB or Su-15UM. I hope Z-M get this right if ever they do 1/32 Phantoms, which would be gorgeous. Tony
  7. Zacto, AMS and Renaissance all make nasal corrective parts and the last two make plugs to lengthen the drop tanks. I'm transferring the Master Details Deuce burner from my unbuilt D (which will be Armée de L'Air) to my intended CT ANG F. Res Kit hopefully will make some nice wheels and Eduard will inevitably provide cockpit placards that look more realistic than the Trumpeter bubblegum machine versions. I just hope Trumpeter have retained the angled AAR probe and the SUU-21/A practice bomb pods. The stores options appear to be an 87 jammer, rocket pods and Sidewin
  8. Connecticut ANG here we come! Just need a Master Details Deuce A/B mod, plus nose and drop tank inserts and, of course, the right decals. Interesting that the specs indicate an etch sheet for seat harnesses, vinyl tyres, plastic-only landing legs, and 7 sprues fewer than the F-100D kit. Guessing they've ditched the unnecessary engine and trolley (or it's a typo, ditto with around 240 fewer parts). Great news after a very long wait, Tony
  9. The spare parts link doesn't work properly on my iPad 2 (something that's happening more and more often). Great idea to suggest a Mk.VI.f to Revell, using their existing tooling. However, I need to leave that to those who know all about markings. Frustrating, as it's such a fine looking kit! Tony
  10. Indeed, the unused may not be included in the parts total, but the Revell website photo showing a pile of parts seems to offer only the horizontal tailplane. Looks like I'll have to buy both TFX and Mk.I kits from which to make just one Mk.VI NF model (and waiting for some great deal to facilitate that), or holding off until Infinity do their 1/32 Beaufighter. Revell's policy may be a sound one to maximise sales, and I genuinely wish them well as it looks to be a fabulous kit. But all they needed to do was include the Observer/Navigator's bubble hood in the TFX boxing
  11. Yes, you're right, which means the parts reduction is hitting airframe options harder. Do Revell have a for-a-fee spare parts department? I think I'm going to need the original TFX kit with the new clear sprue. Tony
  12. Superb craftmanship aided by innovative use of an autoclave airing cupboard. Tony
  13. Just remember that most of those early flat nose FMS RF-4Es were essentially RF-4Cs with dash 17 engines, lacking the E No.7 fuel cell (which you can't see) but retaining the C port fuselage RAT and red stripe. Those decals do look enticing! Tony
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