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  1. I remember seeing a lot of early 1970s pics of the Coningsby-based FGR.2 strike squadrons on deployment to Akrotiri, Cyprus, and the liklihood is they relied on aerial refuelling. IIRC that would have been No.6 & No.54 Squadrons. Not sure the OCU or recce unit, No.41, did that but others know more. Tony
  2. The SUU-23/A rotary cannon. I'm glad for the spare nosegear and stabilators. Means you can build either variant, which is handy. Tony
  3. MLG struts for the 1/48 ICM MiG-25 Foxbats (preferably with pins to help fix the wheels, replacing the cone protrusions on the kit parts) Replacement tail wheel (with a bit of extra strut length) to replace the flimsy moulded-onto-the-fuselage tail wheel of the 1/32 Hasegawa Ki-43 Oscar. (In fact, a set of generic tail wheels & struts would be good.) I would also buy a MLG bow and tailwheel set for the Roden 1/32 O-1/L-19 Bird Dog. Great stuff. I have got the Aerocraft Eurofighter and I-16 gear and it's superb — essential, really. Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks, but not me. Maybe it's my 7yr old iPad 2. All very blank screen. Will try again next week when iPad 2 steampunk might intersect with it. Tony
  5. Very nice indeed! Have yearned for a bigger scale Skyrocket ever since reading William Bridgman's The Lonely Sky. A desert island must. Anyone know what the price will be for this kit? Unfortunately the suggested social media sites are outside my normal behaviour pattern. Is there a JETMADS website? Thanks for the news — much appreciated. Tony
  6. Just what I was thinking but we'll have to wait for a reprint from Caracal — I believe the SR-71 sheets are all but gone Tony
  7. Nice to see the F-100F is still in the catalogue. Have wanted to do a 1/32 Connecticut ANG camouflaged beast for forty years. Tony
  8. In the drawings the MLG retracts rearwards and the top of the leg is offset inwards. I imagine one bomb and t'other side being a big fuel tank. If it doesn't look right there's something wrong going on — and this asymmetric beast looks like trouble for everyone concerned. Tony
  9. Reading the box top, it's an all-resin kit, not short-run plastic with resin accessories. Shouldn't be a problem in this age of wonder adhesives, although I personally give cyanoacrylates a wide berth. Interesting that the Mk.XV Mosquito high altitude interceptor variant was built specifically to counter Ju-86 reconnaissance. Tony
  10. It was hard work accessing the site and I'm not as familiar with past releases in the smaller scale, but it's easier and clearer now. Probably demand. I mostly buy 1/32 aircraft, but the 1/72 Vulcan will be irresistible and the 1/48 Javelin repop something not to miss (the second time around?) But yes, I'd love to see a more British Cold War jets in both popular scales. Tony
  11. I'm jealous that you can actually tell what's in what scale. Am guessing the Javelin is a 1/48 re-pop. Nice, but I'm still waiting for a Sea Vixen I preordered from Jumblies last March or so. Will wait this time. Gives me time to catch up with the silver Walrus. Tony
  12. No, Alfisti has done it right. The S35E panel for the SKa24 wing camera is that shape. Love the Draken. Great job Tony
  13. Horse, bolted, gate. I'm just waiting to see how long the 1/72 B******* thread survives the gauntlet through pre 15:00Z 06-01-20 flak alley. Tony
  14. Well, I'm happy with the 1/72 Vulcan which we've known about since November. And the slightly overdue repop of the 1/48 Sea Vixen, which I preordered nine months ago. Tony
  15. I thought this was the Rumourmonger forum, and not subject to petty embargo. Otherwise there's no point. You heard it here last Tony
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