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  1. tony.t

    Airfix 2020

    Airfix must produce a good 1/72 (or possibly 1/48, if crisply moulded and well fitting) Avro Vulcan for the international market. They can put it in an obscenely large red box for shop sales and do an intelligent, smaller, plain wrapper version designed for mail order. A pity they have ruled out (claim Aerocraft) a T.7 or other twin-seat 1/48 Hunter. Beautiful colour schemes, from all the high speed silver liveries to the Breitling tiger, with potential for the FAA types too. Maybe the Shoreham tragedy has put them off. (C'mon Revell, get the T.7 etc out in 1/32 scale. We've been waiting twenty years.) A 1/48 Hunting Jet Provost 3/3A, DH Vampire T.11 and, of course, the Supermarine Scimitar would be nice. But probably outsiders. Another such subject, sadly, is the true Westland Whirlwind - the canary-coloured egg beater. In any scale. Willbe great to see the 1/72 Buccaneer. Will go nicely with the F-4K. Now just need a Gannet AEW with a folded wings option (sorry Sword, it just looks too ugly with the wings unfurled). Tony
  2. tony.t

    Hasegawa 1:48 MiG-25RBT Foxbat

    It appears to have the revised nose parts which replaced the original nose halves on sprue C (and rendered the old little bulged antenna parts, 21-22, as unused). The old version was "moved" to a new sprue which isn't there. So, RBT definitely. But the decal placement art and one of the box tops does confuse a tad. Tony
  3. tony.t

    KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    Still waiting for Aires to do some bits. Tony
  4. tony.t

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    I remember building the first edition when 8 in 1966 but can't remember if it came with legs and wheels. undercart included? Want to pose one next to a Revell jobbie Tony
  5. tony.t

    KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    The Eduard is even nicer than in the pictures - the instruments have little lenses printed over them, for shiny dials. Tony
  6. tony.t

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    ...as would a new set of Navy type MLG wheels. Hasegawa did them in plastic in its later J79 naval boxings but Revell ignored this the first time around. Have two on pre-order so these are all nice extras which might or might not be included. Tony
  7. tony.t

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    My Feb 2005 buy only had the multipart canopy but having the one piece job as well this time would truly be fantastic. Tony
  8. tony.t

    New from TANMODEL 1/32 Su-33

    Great news. I wish Tan Model every success. The 1/32 Sea Flanker is a must-buy and, for me, likely to be kit of the decade. Tony
  9. tony.t

    Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    This is great news. The market is crying out for a good Buccaneer (or two). I wish Tan Model well Tony
  10. In for a brace of these. The digital decor might be a challenge and I must admit a preference for the testbed schemes. No doubt Begemot et al will surface with further markings options. Great stuff. Tony
  11. tony.t

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    It's possible the edge red colour was extended inwards as a matter of expediency, though probably not regulation, and it looks more like a bronze red or the brick red colour (lead?) used on ship's hulls below and around the waterline. I have no reliable info on this - you know infinitely more! Tony
  12. tony.t

    Zvezda 2019 catalogue

    (Su-30SM and) retooled Su-57 appeal enormously. The Sukhois are fairly big jets and perfectly suited to 1/72, with just some little lenses replacing the kit lumps lamps. (But a quarter inch scale Su-57 would indeed be dandy.) Tony
  13. tony.t

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    The dots look like they were tamped. And wouldn't last past the first respray - which means not very long. The darker gear door interiors (and legs) are most likely zinc chromate yellow or green. It's visible in contemporaneous colour photos, esp. VF-111 F-4Bs. Slapped all around the wheel wells too. Tony
  14. tony.t

    Hobby Boss catalog 2019-2020 - programme

    Bit bigger than you want, release of Fly's 1/32 Tunnan is allegedly imminent. Hoping Hobby Boss are crazy enough to do a large scale H P Halifax or Short Sunderland, in the vein of their startling Liberators. More likely a B-29 in a couple of years. Tony