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  1. my bad - don't know how I came up with that the postage is FL after all...
  2. http://www.prontomodel.com/DettaglioArticolo.aspx?CodInterno=TM72/2109 That one? I have ordered directly from Pronto before (the current owners of the Tauro range). Just an idea...
  3. Parametrised decision making here, usually 3 params: a) do I like the subject/kit? b) how big is the box c) does it have a reasonable price tag
  4. Nice effect You may just have given me an idea how to handle the reverse - i.e. darker patches of touch-ups.
  5. Received a warning that expedition might be subject to 'industrial action' at RM.
  6. That looks good. Hmmm. Maybe keep an eye out for one after all...
  7. Excellent thread here with lots of reference material:
  8. That still leaves Monogram, Testors, Italeri, Hasegawa & Esci.
  9. different spine is needed regardless, boom tanker receptacle. Incidentally, most Air Force F-4's in 1/48 are from the previous millenium, we could use a new Rhino with 21st century tooling.
  10. Bonkers. They really need to set aside their pride and just buy themselves US-2s. Or license-build. I don't care. But this is just a stupid idea.
  11. Sorry! been a bit busy with life lately More later.
  12. FAT32 had a 4GB limit per file. Assuming Enzo uses Windows, that formatting option is not even standard anymore since XP went the way of the dodo Standard is NTFS and that has none of those issues (it has others, but that is for people who are going into PetaByte territory). I suspect those '4TB' SSDs are not 4TB but the controllers on those chipboards have 'fake' firmware on it (as linked above) so it reports more than the actual size. Guaranteed dataloss. Run very far and fast!
  13. A decent, mainstream 1TB SSD is around 100€ over here. Anything significantly cheaper has that certain 'if it sounds too good' vibe, and certainly is not something I'd trust for storing things permanently. For the rest: what @Moggy and @Rob G says: backup is something different from plain storage. I'd keep one platter HDD off-site as well once synced.
  14. Congrats to @Procopius and Mrs. P. Sales items. 9 € for the Eduard, 12€ for the Sword AEW and 19€ for the ICM 215 nightfighter (Leeuwarden based) From further afield, plastmodel order. Well packaged and fast delivery. And I guess cheaper than the Eduard Wine Women and Song box as well: Was watching a very interesting presentation on Paul Woodadge's WW2 Youtube channel on the Market Garden Flak suppression bombings by the 8th AF Bomb Groups tuesday evening ( Link for those interested ) and had to get the book in question.
  15. I wouldn't bother anymore. Or the ZM:
  16. I dunno... baseline prices for sending stuff across EU tend to range between 8 and 16 Euros. Not much difference.
  17. DrawDecals are based in Canada. My last order: Subtotal: $28.00 Shipping: $15.50 via Global Post Air Mail So a bit more than a tenner per sheet eventually.
  18. I'd also say: discard this particular idea of oversimplification and look at the logistics involved in bringing just those two bombs over enemy territory. Both the A-bomb and the B-29 were the biggest, most expensive projects during the entire war.
  19. There is more on this page: https://toflyandfight.com/363rd-fighter-squadron/ https://toflyandfight.com/p-51c-profile-berlin-express/
  20. What timeframe are you referring to? The yellow outer ring re-appeared in several iterations. even on 2TAF upper wings after Jan 1945. In May 1940, the yellow outer ring was ordered to be added back to fuselage sides (along with the introduction of fin flash) to make the markings more conspicuous.
  21. @MarcV I've seen the ZM one listed at MBE but the Meng kit is a bit of a surprise one! They do list the Super Hornet (which is LS-016) so who knows.
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