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  1. @John Thompson : I noticed AMS have them in stock as of yesterday as well, but at 25€ you may get them cheaper elsewhere. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/lavochkin-la9-fritz-ark-models-48049-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=182290
  2. Being overseas, this year is not an option with all the changing uncertaincies (brace yourselves, winter is coming). Maybe next year I will take the plunge. For now I'll keep it at ESM and see how that goes.
  3. Generally no, if full member of all the sub-treaties and options within EU membership. https://www.emta.ee/eng/business-client/customs-trade-goods/commonunion-transit-procedure I certainly don't get hit with import duty in NL when getting stuff from IT, DE, BE, FR, CZ, or PL (to name a few ) But local Customs laws may differ from member state to member state (although they should be mostly 'harmonised'). @Tiger331 probably knows this one, but these are the general guidelines for Estonia. https://www.emta.ee/eng/private-client/travelling-postal-consignments/consignments-within-european-union
  4. Just in case this hasn't been answered elsewhere yet: https://www.highaltitudehobbies.com/flory-models-products-1 Lovely work on the F-4 and those IJN crew btw.
  5. Ooof. Well, there's some time to save up for the Op Varsity one.
  6. Zut alors! He's finished another 'eller one. Nice one Tony looks like you're getting the hang of this French bomber thing
  7. On the other side of the North Sea, the tenuous neutrality policy that kept the Netherlands mostly out of major conflicts since 1839 came under increasing pressure. Before the Great War , Britain, France and Germany were mostly content with having a neutral state on the North Sea; the British because it prevented the German Empire from having greater access to open waters, the Germans because it allowed access to trade and raw materials, and the French because it gave them a buffer on their Northern flank - Belgium, since it's independence, under treaty obligations from the major powers (Treaty of London) as a neutral country was in a similar situation. The Chief of the General Staff of the German Imperial Army however had different ideas. In 1905 and 1906, Schlieffen devised an army deployment plan for a war-winning offensive against the French and Russian Entente. German forces were to invade France through the Netherlands and Belgium rather than across the common border, in a fast campaign, forcing peace negotiations on the Western front and free resources for fighting Imperial Russia (allied to France). The adapted plan employed in WWI limited the campaign to Belgium/Luxemburg and Northern France. After losing the First World War, German official historians of the Reichsarchiv and other writers described the Schlieffen plan as 'a blueprint for victory' - setting the scene for the next war. The events in the Great War had shown that aircraft and modern warfare offered little hope of maintaining that neutrality policy - overflights from British, French and German aircraft were frequent, and border incursions around Maastricht would foreshadow what was to come. A German map from 1939 illustrating the strategic position of the Low Countries in case of air war. https://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/2438-akte-84-orientierungsheft-niederlande-unter-besonderer-ber-cksichtigung-der-fliegertruppe-und-flakartillerie#page/40/mode/inspect/zoom/4
  8. Front office built up. I based the outfit and colours on the pilot figure on the re-enactment group that held their presentation on early WWII RAF pilot gear at Duxford in 2019: Including the boots (and Yahu IP)
  9. Reason I asked about a unit is because KG.55 (at least I and II) were longtime users of the He-111P where other Gruppen already switched to the H series. KG55 were beam riders, II/KG 55 being equipped with Knickebein receivers and dropping flares for others.
  10. Were you looking at a specific unit that operated in that timeframe? It might help narrowing down the options.
  11. It is after all a mid/late 1930s aircraft, a time where developments were proceeding rapidly and planes modern at launch were obsolete after 3-4 years The French V156F variant was used in May 1940 over Zeeland, subsequent contracts taken over by the British and called Chesapeake. Azur/Special Hobby has done those variants in 1/72. Now, Brewster Buccaneers..
  12. Only thing I just did on mine is modify the intake on top of the cowling to be a bit more 'squared' (based on the ClearProp La-5 cowling), and add a strip of very thin plasticard on the bottom wing/rear fuselage join. It's very easy to sand off the sprue gate a bit too much
  13. They'll last for as long as those crazy westerners want to buy them
  14. Combat Kits, apparently. Some of the range being sold by FreightDog Models.
  15. Some progress The cowling guns and exhausts added, tail (which is... less than properly aligned in the molds). wing hatchworks reduced to the earlier 2 gun layout and rescribed. Thought about reworking the entire wheel wells, but I'll keep it at adding some strips of masking tape to mimic the canvas. Outer gun ports to fill. and some cleanup yet to do and then it's masking time for the not-so-clear parts - after all, they're 40+ year old.
  16. Hehe.. I know the feeling Good to see another classic appearing. If I'm not mistaken, the F-4F is Norm 72 RAL 6014 Gelboliv - upper surface colour RAL 7012 Basaltgrau - upper surface colour 9006 Weißaluminium - under surface colour Or, shake things up and do Norm 81:
  17. Busy finishing up some left-overs from other GB's, and hacking up the incomplete kit-bits. Progress report next week. Op zn Beugelsdijks: rustâââg!
  18. TSR-2 is certainly one to take your time with As far as NMF finish is concerned: My vote also for the AK Xtreme Metal series. Sprays beautifully, and properly cured, resists masking tape just fine. Only thing I'm not entirely happy with is their black base, so I've taken to use Tamiya X-1 Gloss black for that.
  19. Great choice of subject Although if this is supposed to become a WIP thread, it might be advisable to have it moved
  20. IIRC, Hobbyboss' attempt at a 1/48 Dora-9 is one of the better ones. The Northrop A17 might serve as basis for a conversion to DB 8A-3N.
  21. In again. The Experimentals were also allowed, right? XP/XF and all that...
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