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  1. I think the purpose of this particular policy is more to prevent/reduce/limit people from NOT sharing content here but instead getting them to like & subscribe to their (income generating) channel/blog/website. Putting website links in a post wel within the context of the discussion should not raise the ire of the admins I'd guess - otherwise they would have more than a dayjob checking every link to many a site or blog that members here already frequently use to share interesting knowledge ( http://www.aviationofjapan.com/ or the Tailspin blogs for instance)... As with any forum (and I used to be moderator on a tech board) it's a grey zone in which admin discretion is paramount - but you need such a policy or guideline to have tools to hammer out the excesses sometimes. Usually there's no real problem until some enterprising soul tries to stretch the boundaries a bit too much
  2. I think a more thorough explanation is given in this thread. Personally, I have a dim view of people purposefully using this (or any other forum) as their personal recruitment tool, especially if there's a financial incentive at play. Call me old-fashioned, or overly principled. IDGARA.
  3. What the blazes do you guys do with them? I've got mugs in use that date well from the previous millenium.
  4. Gave them another shot, and this time the order went without a hitch.
  5. My brother from another mother.
  6. Found a Fortress III kit for 25€ so plenty room to spare for the appropriate 100 Group Resin bits from BlackbirdModels. Big PE set for Kinetic's F-104S, and the Aoshima N1K-1. It comes with scaffolding, so wheels up it will be
  7. Drat. Alternatives, RobTaurus or Squadron?
  8. That, or one of those entomologist pins.
  9. That certainly makes it look alive. Onwards and upwards!
  10. For the Fokker G.1, I can recommend Dutch Profile 28 on the subject. Camo patterns were done in batches and differed between them (alternating patterns and colours). Your guess at the interior colour is correct, light grey
  11. Until now, the P-51B/C is only released as an Expert/Limited boxing and not the standard editions we see from the F-4F and Hurricanes.
  12. There's just one problem, all those suggestions are in the wrong scale! /runs like hell and hopes Julien doesn't catch him But seriously - no sense asking the usual suspects, let's just wait and see what they come up with.
  13. Maybe we're reading a bit too much into that 'novelty' thing. Might be a translation quirk, wouldn't be the first time it just means a 'new kit/something new' .
  14. The Vampire Economy by Günter Reimann is also an interesting read if you're in to that specific area.
  15. Ok, now you have me confused. Luft'46 is primarily those paper projects that never saw daylight imo. I'm fine with a Salamander or 335 or captured bird At least those were built and flown.
  16. Seems counter-intuitive. Being made to carry said markings while not wanting them would have made more sense.
  17. Ah, but those are actually built and flown (the Falke obviously not in operational use). I'll admit not having any affinity with or love for pipedream luftwaffle business - other than taking it for paper projects just so the designers could claim to be too busy and avoid being sent to the front.
  18. That wingtip attachment sounds pretty familiar having built a few AZ Mk.IXes
  19. I took paints (plural) to incorporate those as well.
  20. I'd just leave the trailing h off in his username. No need to go full paranoid mode
  21. 71.126? Close enough, especially with a dark grey/black base or a wash. Depending on which scheme you're doing, Ocean Grey (71.273) Dark Green Tamiya XF-81 & Medium Sea Grey (XF-83 or VMA 71.307 for a bit darker). Some other recent colour releases in different brands you can pick from here: http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resources.php?r=camo_rafww2
  22. Or a sponsorship deal with Esso. Put a tiger in your tank
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