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  1. Source http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=87212&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=249
  2. Many variants from A to E externally has no many differences (mostly guns). Most moulds could be used for all versions. USN Variants are good for US market, colorful greece schemes allows many different boxings.
  3. Let’s try to narrow list of subjects. 1) Western jet 2) wide international use 3) Lack of modern kit or marketing flaws of sale of existing kit (hello FREMS and Hasegawa) Fiat G.91 (announced) BAE Hawk (made in 1/32 scale) Mirage F.1 (announced) F-4E A-7 Jaguar? MB.339?
  4. Some aircraft has no visible flush rivets. Spitfire, Bf. 109, Fw-190 (on wings) for example. It is modern fashion to do rivets on these subjects and very bad in case of representation of real aircraft. Many modellers likes rivets because it boosts artistic expression, but it has no connection to reality.
  5. Hasegawa 1/48 P-39 on this photo. I have no account on their forum so cannot ask why.
  6. Another WA http://walkarounds.scalemodels.ru/v/walkarounds/avia/before_1950/la-11/
  7. It is curious for me - there are Hasegawa and Meng - both are very good. And there is HB - bad in all aspects and overpriced. Which arguments could be in it’s favor?
  8. I have no this HB plastic on hands, but for me it is enough. Overall reputation of this manufacturer and price (3-4 times hihgher than ARK with Quinta IP here in Russia) prevnts me from wasting time and money on further research of HB kit. I found roots of this crap - they used ancient drawings. Some of you could help us - there is La-11 waiting for restoration in Duxford - please, make photos or maybe share photos that you already made.
  9. Part 1 - Canopy And lack of bulletproof glass behind pilot's head
  10. Availability of subjects did not prevented them from errors in MiG-21 (and Chinese copies) Su-27 (and Chinese copies), Jl-9, JF-17 and others.
  11. Due soon - pictures takes time to prepare.
  12. Seems every line and detail is wrong on this Hobby Boss kit. B-team in action
  13. Looks like some parts for An-12 is here - blunt nose and tail gunner transparencies. Maybe in the future we’ll see An-12 boxing.
  14. Wow! Some flaws are still here (it is normal, because old parts are used) but there is hope to correct most others. Many new and very welcomed parts (such as outer underwing pylons). I need it badly. I want to put my dirty hands on this kit now!
  15. Yes, my mistake. In russian aviation therminology all leading edge devices are prewings (предкрылки) and all trailing edge devices are postwings (закрылки). But the fact is - division line on these blown flaps incorrectly corresponds with underwing pylon and other wing details.
  16. Thanx Unfortunately, there is no F-4 in Russia, so i mostly used my photos from Speyer Technical Museum. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2Y5w/MJ1chsNjm Of course i have many other sources but these hi-res photos made first guidance to research when i began to build my F-4D
  17. Because if you invest in the new kit today, you cannot expect on big amount of copies. Kids are not gluing kits anymore. So if you produce kits by traditional technology - steel moulds and all other things, you need to divide this cost of manufacturing by small amount of old fat maniaks.
  18. Yes, ZM F-4C/D is the best 1/48 Phantom, but it has A LOT of flaws. 0) It is actually not F-4C/D, it is F-4J with USAF parts and without refuelling probe 1) Panel lines on the nose totally incorrect for F-4C/D 2) Top vent panel on intakes is incorrect for all versions, some panel lines on intakes are absent for all versions. 3) Probes inside of the intakes are too near to the edge of the intake. 4) Intake parts and corresponding edges of fuselage parts has too rounded, soft edges and forms very deep panel line after glueing. 5) Part behind the canopy joins with the spine part by the hinge - it makes refining this area rather difficult 6) Spine part has some wrong panel lines 7) Spine part must be bigger in width because there is NO panel line along joining of spine part with fuselage, you need to fill it, sand smooth and recreate screws. Panel lines on the top of the "shoulders" are incorrect for F-4C/D 9) Intake in the base of fin is incorrect for F-4C/D - you need to make it smaller by enlarging fin base forward. 10) Plates on the top of the fin - right side is incorrect for all versions, left side is incorrect for F-4D 11) There is no any guidance for Slime lights 12) Wrong panel lines on the tail 13) Slats has soft-to absent panel lines and needs to be adjusted to wing 14) There is no black antenna hexagon on the slat of real F-4C/D 15) Slats are incorrect in length - inner slat must be longer 16) No outer weapon pylons - tanks only. For the XXI сentury kit with such price it seems to me rather bad. Hasegawa has same trouble with rear fuselage as ZM - not such obvious, but wrong.
  19. Russian D-30th - hello from sixties
  20. Anyone knows what is wrong with previous release?
  21. No nazi plane in USSR! These moulds did not go to NOVO.
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