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  1. Isn´t Valiant short-run kit ? And i have a very long time ago an Nimrod... and this is a really nice kit (only decals are heavily rasterised). But i not sure isn´t a short run ? And 1/48 TSR.2.... Many kits Airfix still have in production, despite are vintage, but this three types were sold relative short time (and maybe a 1/48 Merlin helo). But re-release Nimrod was by nice (with better decals, i remember a one have a huge naked lady nose art.) I little understand, why was Vulcan presented this year, when release date is very far - a next year this time Hellcat was announced in Telford and on beggin on summer holidays was out. But is nice seen it as new kit and for me Must have (A Vulcan look for me as Batman - shape of its wing look as Batman´s cloak - and - it is a real Batwing !) Now a new B-29 Superfortress please ! (Academy is nice, but little old and all famous WW II bombers was in last decade released from new tool. Only B-29 is still forgot - despite it is a first real strategic nuclear bomber not only for USA but for Britain,USSR and China too.
  2. Hmm, this look a aircraft with Blue Steel Nuclear Missile. Bomber with convenctional payload from Falkland Wars coming later ?
  3. I bet on this: https://www.scalemates.com/cs/kits/esci-4009-vought-a-7d-h-corsair-ii--966154 Or re-box of HSG kit...
  4. I build many FW-190 in 1/72 (Italeri, Revell, Airfix and Eduard) and airfix have worst wheels (looks as printed into soap). But i'am a builder, not modeller But overall i'm not compared all kits... Maybe make Eduard metal legs for their Butcher Bird. Look for it !
  5. Conversion is only way to early B-17 in quarter scale. Unfortunately, isn´t a ´90, why Academy - Minicraft released their completed family of B-17. But in small scale. I know, early Fortress is beautiful bomber and fight in early stage of Pacific campaign... but F or G was better choice for "Milking cow".
  6. I don´t understand a lobbying for "early" Fortress as B/C/D. You need a complete new mold for fuselage, tail etc... Completely different aircraft and economical suicide. Monogram know why don´t make this version... Maybe as resin or 3D printed conversion set ? But i can´t see a price tag.... for huge aircraft as Flying Fortress.
  7. I read a kit was is very difficult to build, may be a horror to build. I have it, and first when i saw it have a 300 parts only, i can a quick build. But i when read a negative experiences (and tested it on air intakes for clima/Life support system beyond the tails - i lost my will can build this kit Maybe i test it - Super Bug is a really my favourite jet.... but i was very sceptic....
  8. "Kukuruznik" will be nice in 1/32
  9. B-17C and early (after) war versions are in biggest scale (as 1/48 or 1/32) economic suiccide. When fall Iron Curtain and in Czechoslovakia coming American and British Movies, one of i as kid seen was a Memphis Belle - a hollywood movie from early ´90, not famous document A tale of Flying Fortress from 1943 - . Many years back, when i saw this movie first time i read a memories of their commander Cpt. Morgan - and i have it simple - OD/NG B-17F - and NMF B-17G. Shiny Flying Fortress, with typical "chin" turret and best with nude pin up girl in life size nose art is for me a symbol (with shiny Mustang and T-bolt) of USAAF in ETO, when devastated nazis Germany... It is a for me an American symbol - a very independent, very ostentatious, very sexy and very shine and elegant. Yup, in real was aircraft dirty, with oil leaks, with patches and no chrome-shining as to-day warbirds. But Pin ups, comics heroes, slogans, pop culture links (as song names etc...) - make for me US WW II aircrafts still very atractive (despite a "blood work" with metalics paints...). Early B-17 was too booooring, with limited operation usage in PTO, without nose arts, mission markers, kills and typical turrets. Yup, early Fortress is very elegant aircraft, very aerodynamics - but it is suitable for small scale, when you completed a whole range of B-17, because is still small. But i was very sceptic for high sales of this versions in quarter scale, or 1/32 ! 1/32 is very expensive kit, i hope in lowest price in quarter scale, but still around 100€/100USD and GBP. And it is a little huge "piece of furniture...." Look - we wait for 45 (UPPPS) years of new tool B-17 in quarter scale. Every years we can buy a brand new Bf 109, FW-190, Spits and Mustangs, maybe thank you for ICM or Airfix a medium bombers, especially with German origin as Dornier, Junkers or Heinkel series.... But "Viermotorige" wasn´t attractive for model companies in quarter scale. Because are big, many modelers bought one box and one version (i was very sceptic a lot of people bought B-17G and B-17F, probably bought one box...). Maybe in 1/72 modellers make one B-17, one Liberator etc.... and this is all. Spits, Mustang or Messer you can sold with big quantity. Mr. Šulc from Eduard write they sold for one month 6700 Mustangs.... And this is for first release... This is a milking cow - and for this reason model companies ignored a Heavy bombers.... Because probably they not sale many kits.... Very optimistic - two for few modelers, one for many... and none for "most many". (Too huge, too expensive, too innacurate - many many reasons....) And i thing a wifes, girlfriends of moms don´t like a huge boxes with giant bombers (and when you can build it, they probably prefer big and shine aircraft - but only one !) And - don´t forget what if are released a quarter scale Liberator, Lancaster or Super Fortress ? We need a space for it !
  10. When have big scale Fortress shape errors we can hope all were in quarter scale deleted. Old Monogram kit is relative accurate and was a little shame when new tool kit isn't. So, i hope a new Hk was better as giant scale sister. I was sceptic and don't hope any company waste their funds to another quarter scale B-17, when ignored it 45 years :/
  11. On renders look it as relative simple kit with basic interior. Probably very place for after market for detail maniacs. But this is good direction for HK. When make relative simple,accurate and good priced kit of B-17 (and later B-25J and maybe Lanc)so their have a "milking cow". But i curious what Tamiya. A decade ago goes rumors about "very soon released B-17 in quarter scale and this kit wasn' t released. So-maybe now ? And "Memphis Belle" coming soon ?"
  12. Liberator haven' t a for this aircraft typical wing profile... angle of wing is totaly wrong. This kit is relative cheap - but very innacurate. On HK Lanc is here a lot reaction... WnW have minimal better surface. I wait for P.J. gem...
  13. Huh, this is a crazy, now we have a new tool Kinetic and now another "Starf" ? I bought Kinetic soon. AMK make Tomcat a very long time, a kit still isn´t released, logic step was most popular "A" (especially with ´Nam decals) - and now - Starf.... Huh.... Why ? Why ?
  14. Hmm, i don´t understand what it has common 1/32 Lancaster or Liberator from HK and HB/Trumpeter with C-17 from Kinetic ? Liberator is piece of crap and parody of this important type and Lancaster from HK isn´t competitor for WnW master piece. So last - who make 1/32 scale, probably don´t make small scale. I for C-17 wait, at last year i bought all 1/72 scale - without modern heavy bombers as Victor, B-2 Spirit and Tu-160. Simple - 1/72 scale jet bombers are still big (and Blackjack is simple gigantic)... Only competitors for C-17 are Modellcollect with their B-52 series...maybe...
  15. Hallleluuuyah !!!! Thank you modelers god ! At last !!!!
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