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  1. I think a KP have Italeri kit from Bílek - they re-boxed many Italeri kits- and Hind is one from this. But Zvezda and HobbyBoss are better choice.
  2. WHAT ?! WHY POLISH ? CZECH REPUBLIC (or FORMER CZECHOSLOVAKIA) IS IN POLAND ?!!!! We are NOT Polish ! Yup, one part of Warszawa called Praga, but Praga in Warszawa isn´t our "Hundred towers Mommy" Prague or Praha... And in early 10th. century wrote a merchant Ibrahim Ibn Jacob "Prague - Frága - is city made from stone and lime over river..." Czech state is here thousand years, Praha (Prague) is here thousand years.... and in Czech really don´t speak POLISH !!!!! Yes, we have similiar history (some-times) with Poland, Czech kings married with Polish princess and on the throne was a Jagello - Lithuanian-Polish dynasty.... BUT WE DON´T ARE POLISH !!!! WE ARE CZECH ! AND WE ARE IN MID - EUROPE - NOT IN EASTERN ! OMG !!!!! Many Czechoslovak airmans falling for King and Country and you wrote - ANY POLISH SPEAKERS !!!? But yes - second high rated Czechoslovak ace Josef František flying with polish sqd. but - this is another story... (And was 100% CZECH). This project is a little madness... In communistic Czechoslovakia in sixties naturally haven´t an original Wellington - so this make from Li-2.... but in scale modelling it is a little "kinky".... But fun ! And i never saw an conversion from Dakota to Wimpy in scale modelling... Unfortunatelly - original aircraft never was not preserved to museum.... :( Good Luck :)
  3. Hi ! I love a Euro Truck Simulator 2, and i can build a my favourite trucks. Unfortunatelly all were twin axles only, so i can´t build a three axle or five axle heavy haulage out of the box (and on conversion i´m not good builder). All EU Trucks make a Italeri. But have many versions and subversions and i´m not sure what is what.... I can newest (current) types. Scania S - im not sure - it is this: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2632/7/35 This is a Scania S or Scania S is biggest type ? Or it this a current Scania ? Or - maybe i can´t need a type S (looks a italeri havent S in offer) but current Scania with light under windshield https://www.scania.com/group/en/home/products-and-services/trucks/r-series.html Or all Italeri Scania R-type is old generation and current haven´t in offer ? And Volvo FH 16 is current version or not ? I saw a only "Wiking" https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2666/7/35 and this is old type, not ? Actros MP 4 is with highly probability current (he is recognised with "hockey stick lights". I like US trucks too, but all was old kits... and haven´t high cab sleepers :/ Revell few years back re-packed a Lonestar...but today isn´t in offer :(
  4. In many non fiction movies is saying a Hitler was first politican whey used airplane in their election campaign (in prezidental election and later in election to Bundestag). But on movies are Hitler´s famous Ju-52 Immelman II D-2600 f.e. (III. reich flag with swastika and Lufthansa Marking) but i presumed it is after taking power, when was Hitler a Reichskanzler and Führer. But - what looks their aircraft in election campaing ? And Hitler was rich man, because Mein Kampf was bestseller in times after taking power, but Ju-52 was in this time a state of art aircraft, and i think is very expensive... (Yes, i know a Nazis have many rich sponsors). But used Hitler in election campaign really a "Tante Ju" or small "bussines plane" ? (In germany exist many light bussines types as He-70, Junkers F-13 or G-23... and what marking have ? I don´t think a after taking power, in Weimar republic times (after was Feldmarschall von Hindenburg election a president) have Lufthansa Aircraft on tail nazis flag with swastika... So, what aircraft Hitler really used in election campaign ? I think he have small Junkers F-13 (this is a bussiness jet/private airplane) and not "Tante Ju" - this is as today private person used a Boeing 737 or Airbus 319.... and not Learjet... And i know, few very rich peoples or rock bands used a their personal Jumbo jet too.... (Iron Maiden), but this isn´t a standard personal aircraft. And when Hitler flies on small towns but with power electoriat really he use a big Tante Ju ? I think he have a F.13... or G.23. It is true ?
  5. OK, thank you, so i ignored this. Probably have new instrument board with LCD, but demonstrator aircraft isn´t good choice for me...
  6. I like very dark blue on belly. It´s look nice !
  7. I look in newest catalog of Revell and here is a kit of Tornado ASSTA 3.1. - with new parts. What is it ? From sources i understand it is a upgrade of IDS - so - this is identical aircraft as RAF (now retired) Gr.4 ? (With LCD display etc ?) Revell have a photo of actual aircraft in "promo" marking... But this isn´t new program, no ? I hear a German Bundesluftwaffe may their "Tonkas" send to retiring and replacing it by F/A-18E "Super Hornet". (Maybe). So, ASSTA 3.1. Tornado is only prototype with newest avionics ? (LCD replacing analog ? ) I have in my stash Bundeslufwaffe IDS (with ghost marking ) and "Desert Babe" and i wait for potentionaly Gr. 4 re-box from Eduard, so i don´t understand what is ASSTA 3.1 Tornado...(prototype platorm or current operational machines ?)
  8. I don´t understand, why in 1/72 scale have Airfix in their Sabres attractive marking option - and in quarter scale two identical and boring schemes :( In 1/72 Canadair was Shark Mouth RAF Sabre (and looks pretty good), Yugoslavian (Sabre with Red Stars - WOHOOO - and isn´t what if) and when is packaged as US Sabre have Huff the Dragon from Korean War and Italian "Cavalino Rampete". And in quarter scale are two RAF - without Shark Mouth :( Sadly, when was copy-paste the markings scheme from small scale i bought it. I LOVE Sabres ! :) But renders looks good and have open a ammution hatch... I was curious for price tag, Academy is little old, but still accetable and was cheap (and have engine). Hasegawa is too nice.... But i presumed a Airfix was little high pricing as Academy and Hawa. So i waif for another markings (Yugoslavian & UK Shark may be nice !)
  9. Wildcat looks simple gorgeous. From pictures simple best 1/72 what i see... I sold all 1/72 kit, but Hurricane Mk. IIC i must have - and Wildcat may be next... Really nice with details as 1/48 kit.... Great... (BARDZO DOBRE) ! (And this later version of Wildcat in dark coat is very elegant.) I must stand up Eduard - in last two years make a complet new MiG-21 "Fishbed" series (with TWO subvariants of MF !), Fokker D.VII, Kuňkadlo (This is impresive small kit -1/72 but in dimensions of 1/144 kit - simple ultra light plane) and in prepare is Z-37 "Čmelák" - and Eduard make a 1/48 kits too, not only 1/72... And is difference when you make a only one scale, or you have multi-scale program....
  10. Hey Gentlemans, this is strange. Their website run. And "Lord of the Ring" is one of most richest people in Hollywood. (And probably most richest man on NZ). Why he can close and sold his bussiness from day to day ? WnW make best kits from WW I. And probably best kits ever. Lancaster looks as most detailed kit of all times in kit scale modelling bussines. Fokker Dr. I was potentionaly bestseller for long years. Not is a "rumor only" ? When you have not MILIONS BUT BILIONS on your bank account - why you must sold your "toy" bussiness ?
  11. I last build King Tiger Henschel from Meng. Very nice kit for reasoneable price. Meng offer for it an interior kit too. And Dragon isn' t too bad kit. I build both. When you can Porsche turret (initial) you can look too for Takom Initial production - here was a few first machines without zimmerit paste. All tanks with Porsche turret from later time have zimmerit. And with Zimmerit make models Dragon, Takom(das Werk)& Hobbyboss..and decals a.m. zimmerit offer Meng. Tamiya is old kit, i think all newest kits are better-and often with the same price. All 1/35. King Tiger offer too Zvezda (ex Dragon) and Academy but this is final production of end of war machines only... Yup - and ICM - too with interior (and ICM is in Revell re-box - both variants - with interior or without interior parts).Academy is reboxed by Eduard and Airfix. And beware - most kits have plastic tracks - but trumpeter make for it an tracks assembly jig... Vinyl tracks have only Tamiya - but King Tiger have massive heavy tracks and on vinyl don' t look good, because is plastic tracks better choice. All kits are 1/35. 1/72 and 1/48&1/57(Italeri)are for Me small.
  12. Eduard now runs an quarter scale program. I don´t little understand why people still beg a 1/72 Bf 109 from Eduard. Last year release Tamiya their Gustav 6 and who build it say - a "modeller heaven". Yup, i know, it is a only Bf 109G-6 early, but far year back release Zvezda their Bf 109F (click n´clack), Airfix Bf 109E... and AZ model whole family - with what if pieces too. For me is WW II german aircrafft unbuiltable, because have dots camos and i can´t airbrushing tiny dots on tiny model :( Quarter scale is little better and most ideal is 1/32 :) And small (or as i say kid scale, because it is models for pocket many for school kids) scale Messerschmitt´s from Eduard coming. But probably - not too soon. (I build in my whole modellers life many 1/72 Bf 109 and i can say - we have all.... Finemolds have nice Bf 109 family with Kurfürst.... little overpriced for me, but kit looks good. But we have all version in small scale... For me - Bf 109 Emil from Tamiya or Airfix, Bf 109 Fridrich from Zvezda, Bf 109 Gustav from Tamiya and G-10 and Kurfürst from Fine Molds...
  13. Because HIND is one of most popular, favourite and important subject in Czech Republic i excepted a lot of aftermarket sets from czech companies., I´m sure a Eduard make many P.E. and resin (Brassin) sets.... And when was base price of kit low, you can simply tuning it.... In small scale have Zvezda "Rambo Helicopter" (Early Short nose Hind from Afghanistan), Mi-35M (Not to be confused with import designation of Mi-24V ) with non retractable landing gear, new rotor and avionics, standard Mi-24V (this release)... And when Ed make an Löok (printed dashboard) set i haven´t problem with "flat" cockpit. This is a same case as 1/48 B-17 -. i never build this machine in quarter scale, because current kit was very old.... and inaccurate. (I know, a twenty years ago, make a Mini Hobby (With similar style of artwork when you can see in Trumpeter/HobbyBoss) but is no longer availeable -and Zvezda is more accurate in shape.... So...what is problem ? Yup, when was Zvezda´s quarter scale Hind for price around 50-100USD (Euro) i have problem with this. But for price around 25Euro ? (640CZK ?) - No problem... Zvezda have nice kits....
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