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  1. Hello, is Su-27UB Ukraine really canceled worldwide, or is Canceled for PRC only ? I found different info... Thank you very much.
  2. )I'm not sure a WnW was underprized. WW1airplanes was small and not too construction difficult as WW2. I have only Camel and Fokker D.VII ( i planed a whole collection but WnW going OOB)but when i bought it, i must say... nice...but little overprized. A price tag around 50%(50€/$/£) as is tagged Dr.I by Meng (or WW2 biplanes by ICM)is more realistic. 350€ isn't bad price, HK lanc cost this money and re- boxed WnW (Border) twice ? F.E look at price tag of B-24 in 1/32 from Trumpeter. 120$. I read a review of quarter scale Lanc on Modeling news and here was a point: Why i detailed interior when i cant seeing it ? Many modellers throw 50% plastic to bin and used AM parts for interior, engines, metal carriage, turrets etc.... and you have soon a 1000$ price tag But when you haven't a clear fuselage (and who build clear fuselage kits ?)you can't installed many parts because you can't see it...In Lanc you see a liitle to pilot seats, bomb aimer bubble and turrets. Interior is dark... this isn't Boeing or Liberator with big windows for side gunners...and open bomb bays....(very good it is make in 1/72 wimpy from Airfix - you cant install this and this because you can't see it.) Yes, i wan't a WnW Lanc and i "pray for it", but 700€ is too high from first suggested 350€. And still is little confidental it is a limited release.... for 700€ must be this kit a shakes n' bakes without any issues and flaws. I hope a be... but Price... I'm sad from it
  3. Isn't announced price under WnW label around 350$ ? 700$/€ is totaly crazy and it is most expensive kit of all times. Yup , have a nice surface details, but the price tag is crazy. Meng have their WnW Dreidecker for -100% lower as was price tag of fighters under WnW and here is another -opposite - situation. Price tag is more higher. I planned a WnW Lanc and HP 0/400 was my last airplane kits, but with this exclusive price tag - i don't crazy.... it is a still a plastic kit... (and airfix have a pronnounced/ stressed surface on their 1/24) Tiffies & Hellcat and price was a 10% of 699$. This is a probably good times for scalpers when sell it for top notch prices... but not for ordinary collectors/ modellers. A little sad.... Lanc looks still good, but i probably dont' bought it, despite it is a my dream kit. But 400$/€ is still my limit in my mind... and it was a be in my stash to my death, because a 700$ kit is too expensive for build... Maybe a investic plastic ? (I am a AFOL & can understand a 700$/€/£ price tag on gigantic LEGO set with thousands parts, but 700$ tag by plastic kit (300-500 parts ? ) is another league around 6000 10 0000brick...) I'm curious i see a three of this kits really builded... Probably it is a never builded kit. But yup, maybe aspired a Holy Grail of scale modeling, as you bought an Rolls Royce Phantom extended platform or Bugatti Chiron... a real Culinan...in plastic...
  4. I bought it today and here was many new tooled parts. Cockpit have twin yokes, new instrument panel, fuselage is new, wing parts are new with reinforcement, bomb bay doors,fuel tanks,tail,cuffed propellers, cowling and probably a wheels too. And naturally, are here a pylons and newly tooled cold war/vietnam weapons set... Simple a 50%-75% of kit is newly tooled. I only missing a CIA scheme with gloss green/white... It looks very attractive, but in kit is a Vietnam SEAC scheme only. And i don´t found any info a Counter Invader was longer as early variants a gun nose was the same as in WW II/Korean war variants no ? Wings was different (and in kit is different) and tail fin... I think it is a good choice to have an "Counter Invader". ICM make me happy with their news ´Nam stuffs (Huey Cobras in big scale and now Counter Invader and probably soon a Bronco too.)
  5. It is a limited edition with book (in Czech), and resin (brassin) conversion parts for "D" version. Mr. Šulc wrote in last info a next year released a Hind as "V" version (Mi-35 but bevare - this is a export designation for Mi-24V, not Russian highly modernised Mi-35 with non retreacteable gear and different rotor and avionics). And i´m sure a PE parts for "D" cockpit was included in this "HInd D". But when you can, be quickly a 1/72 Hind L.E. was quickly sold out. I presumed a same situation with this quarter scale kit. Simple in this box you are have a Hinds from times of Cold War and begin of democracy in Czechoslovakia and later Czechia and Slovakia. Mi-35 or Mi-24V (current machines in service) was delivered as part of de-blocation of Russian debt and all have Czech NATO camo (green-gray). But in this first boxing are early Hinds. And no, don´t exist another boxing without book, is only this L.E. with book.
  6. This is good "nitpicking". On modeling news or Polish model web are "Lanc" build and look as Lancaster. I don't see inaccuracy. Life is too short a make stress with not exist problems... But still not Grand Slam /Tallboy special or Dambuster. In 1/32 have Specials in one box...
  7. I can' t buy a vintage, total obsolete kit, when new "Delta BUFF" in current standard is near... and i haven't patience for chopping, putting, rescribing etc. kit oldest as i :). But how about B-52 from MC ?
  8. Hi, i can to my collect a 1/72 B-52. AMT/Italeri i have two times, so, i sold it, is still widely availiable by Italeri, but it is a thirty years old kit. How about B-52 from Modelcollect ? I read a first kits have a innacurate in nose section, but when i remember a producer fix it ? I look probably of last re-furbished (current) B-52H. (Yup, i look for ´Nam point nose, high tail version too, but a MC still don´t release a early "Delta" model not ? So, have MC B-52 still shape innacuracy, or they are gone and kit is overal OK ? I never saw it physially, i have in my "stash" only B-2 "Spirit" from MC.
  9. No, Tamiya offer is Vintage kit from early ´80. Don´t buy. I think a most attractive choice is Meng Mk. IV with Nochri Kal mineroller. Looks here: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/07/mengs-new-135th-scale-israel-main.html or here: https://armorama.com/news/merkava-mk-4-4-lic-with-nochri-kal-mine-roller-system Or Mk. IV with Trophy system, too from Meng. Meng Mk. IV is newest kit of any Merkava today... Meng Mk. 3 is their first kit... and haven´t anti-slip surface. But it is a best Mk. III - review here on BM: And Merkava Mk. I and Mk. II made few years back by Takom. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2017/10/inboxed-takoms-new-35th-scale-merkava.html IMHO: Best offer of current time"IDF Stuff" have Meng. First version of Merkava Mk. I & Mk. II Takom Academy Mk. IV is cheapest but not too good as Meng. Don´t buy their Mk. III, it is a prototype. And from HobbyBoss/Trumpeter i´am a bit sceptic about accuracy. So i suggest: Meng Mk. IV with Nochri Kal Mineroller Takom Mk. I & Mk. II Meng Mk. III with Nochri Dalet Mineroller because with minerollers looks monstrous and gorgeous... Maybe you haven´t your shop, but it is a better choice.
  10. When you disappointed an Airfix Twin stage Mossie in small scale, wait for Special Hobby offer...
  11. Yup, but Eduard is better as Tamiya in many aspects. (Surface details, extra parts for subversion, coloured metal parts, thinner decals...when i can compared a Mk.I from this two companies. Naturally i'm Patriot but Big T i like too. But 1/32 Mk.I or Mk. V by Tamiya...
  12. Ok so in this case is Flash white low viz with Red Fox head a Winner....from this first box. Thank you very much !
  13. I need suggest please. "Falkland Raider" i can build from this initial release or is better wait for second rebox ? I know a bomb payload is on parts in first box too, but probably not decals ? Nuclear bomber in Flash White is attractive too... but it is a great Monster...for two pieces
  14. I'm sceptic for Big scale new tool Phantom II. I hope in Academy, but this is a rebox only of Revell kit. Phantom is popular subject but too big and expensive.
  15. OMG, not another Mk.V... Please ! Eduard have now a Mk.Vb and Mk.Vc released a two weeks ago as part Eagle Call (USAAF). P-38J is better choice for Tamiya.
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