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  1. I hope in G.W.H. in 1/48 and nice book and decal for Czechoslovak & Czech & Slovak AF - many nice (anti)camouflage options, for Czechoslovak, Czech & Slovat Tiger Meet airplanes... Eduard make a nice "patriotic collection" in both scale (Hind, MiG-21MF, MiG-15, MiG-23) - and "Fulcrum" was last from MiG´s when haven´t their patriotic L.E.. So, i hope in Patriotic L.E. in 1/48.
  2. Hmm, i have in my kit stack an Kitty Hawk Su-34 - and on the box looks very good. Early Flankers in good quality are excellent deal, i hope a KH make nice kit. Personally, i still wait when Zvezda can´t go to Flankers in 1/48, because their 1/72 are nice and accurate, but still not . Minimal twin seater from KH i "desperately" need !
  3. Parts for P-51D/K you have in Chatanooga Cho Cho L.E. - prop and Dallas canopy are included, "spy" F-6 was released later, with new tool fuselage, camera etc… But when you can build fighter-bomber D/K you can, now
  4. But this is a probably far future release. Another new type (when you don't count sub version of Bf 109 & Mustang) in "near future" was "early Merlin Powered Spitfire). I can' t wait for state of art 1/48 Spitfire Mk. V ! So, i think a downscaled Hawk was too far... IMHO - I personaly want a H-75 French air force in BoF only... because Czechoslovaks fighter pilots... Another release can me make cold...as many Bf 109 & Bf 109 variants in last time Tomahawk & Warhawk was for me most attractive (RAF,USAAF, VVS, Free French etc...many colorful camos with sometimes real huge nose arts and shark mouths)
  5. Gentlemens, Fokker Dreidecker is most famous and recognizable airplane from WW1. It is synonymous for "Red Baron" and overall for WW-1 air war. And from WnW was a gorgeous kit, not comparable with old Roden kit... I need minimal two - Verner Voss Happy Face F.I and - naturaly - Red Baron last mount ! Now please SPAD XIII & VII and i' m.happy.
  6. Allison engine Mustang/Apache was boring subject. It' s Attacker/Recon, not Fighter, with limited camos and short operational history.... Now, after release of Eduard state of art, definitive kit is announcement of Bronco a bad joke. I except highest price as Eduard offer (Bronco is expensive) and one version in box. OVERTREES by Eduard was for 10£, weekend furure for 15£. BRONCO was probably the same case as Meng - brutally overpriced. (Their Early P-40 was very expensive kit...) Maybe Bronco make engine and guns... But Ed prepare photo reccon version. (I accepted around 20-30£ for "plastic only" WW II single engine fighter kit. (Exception are new tool kits from Tamiya, because Tamiya and Eduard make state of arts kit of classic WW-2 types. N.T. Tamiya have P.E. parts too - and twenty five years kabuki masks - but not pre-cut - i don' t understand why...)
  7. Eduard announcement in Chatanooga contest a complet new tool 1/48 Curtiss Hawk (P-36 & H-75) family. As last coming a early P-40 "Tomahawk" - and mayebe whole P-40 family. I think a Curtiss Hawk with radial engine was a good news. And yup, in early stage of development is a Wildcat. Curtiss H-75 is very important part of Czech or Czechoslovak history, in Battle of France many Czech airman flying this machines against German invaders. So, i´m impressed with this news !
  8. What ? Another Sabre ? Academy and Hasegawa are still nice. Or this it is a Canadair with long exhaust ?
  9. I hear - but i not now confirmed - a Eduard make a P-51B/C - aaand one - very, very popular US fighter plane, what flying in colors of His Majesty - over Atlantic and North Africa theater…. It is a small, agile plane lookin´ as small cask of whisky with wings… and have name as one popular mark of jeans trousers, when was exported to socialistic Czechoslovakia in Cold War time… I confused it is a real - or rumor only… But i hope it is a true, not rumor
  10. I don' t saw a Mustang on Eduard web for 492,-CZK. In action is for non bfc for -20%,.and -25% for BFC members. What it is a strange pricing ?
  11. But this is a problem with "big game" in scale modelling - wait for P-38 from Tamiya, but when i look on B.G. photos on HS - surface looks - bare... In my opinion - new kits in 1/48 needs a rivets. Yeah, Tamiya is shake n' bake take it easy build, but without rivetings look - little strange. Ed' s Pony have decent riveting on frame and look it decent and realistic.
  12. In Czech is pricing: Tamiya: 480CZK, Airfix : 550CZK and Eduard (lowest price) 676CZK (Stock price is 795CZK). (1USD=23CZK, 1EURO=27CZK and 1GBP=32CZK). But - is a real true shame for Airfix their kit from last year looks side by side comparation with news "Edík" (Little Eddie - nickname for Eduard in CZ) as twenty years old stuff…. Yup, Tamiya and Hasegawa are old, but Airfix is simple obsolete. (Meng i never saw on my eyes, but pricing is same as Eduard´s Chatanooga - around 800CZK). I don´t know why - Airfix car scale Tiffy and Hellcat are gorgeous, but their 1/48 as Spitfire Mk. I or Mustang looks obsolete when you compared with new tool Tamiya BoB Spit or now Ed´s Mustang. (But Airfix 1/72 Wimpy is nice....) But only Eduard have on their WW II fighters decent riveting - when you look on newest Tamiya - P-38 (what is priced much higher as Ed´ s P-51), this surface detail here was little missing. (On 1/32 Tamiya have riveting, but not in smallest scale...)
  13. Ed´s Mustang was probably a definitive "bubble top" Mustang with parts for A N Y "D or K" version. Look at sprues - all weapons (Rocket launchers, HVAR missiles,bombs, tanks, all canopy - with Dallas for "K", all type of propeller, and Eduard was a OvTr program - so - you need a AM decals only.... I can´t wait ! Friend´s have pleease a tip for ultimate AM decal sheet with pin ups on Mustang ?
  14. When US Revell re-released their kits for €U market, i was hope for gorgeous Gato Class submarine. German subs from Revell coming in many re-releasing but Gato was released for €U market before a decade. I was in this time three pieces, but i was all sold (it is a new kit....and was many years in shops....mea culpa !!!) and from this time i still hope for re-release, (and early type with round windows on command turret) - but Gato newer re-released in EU, and now isn´t availiable in US Revell program for €U. Why :( ? It is a very good kit, with excellent fitting, better as German U-boats from Revell Germany....
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