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  1. Čmelák have in Czech Republic a cult status. Every boy know it and is a movie star in popular movies from ´70 & ´80, is widely used everywhere in former Czechoslovakia.,, But it is a simple, colourful and peaceble small aircraft too. No bombs, no guns, no death.... And Servus, Hoši (Hi, Guys) is L.E. with two bumbles in one pack... I like Spitfire, but i have L.E. from last month, so "Čmelda" (Little Bumblebee) is logical choice... And yes, i´m too awaited a 1/32 version for Infinity (HpH) and 1/48 from MACO. Bumblebee is this strange season bestseller ! I think in us (former Czechoslovak
  2. Italeri go down water... Why released old tool kits ? Next years coming new quarter scale "Kurfürst" kit from "Ed" and probably Tamiya Lightning.... And Academy P-38 is more accurate as old Dragon tool :( Bf 109K from Hobbycraft is too ancient.... In history made Italeri many great kits of helicopter and now still go on the way of re-released and re-boxes :(
  3. Trumpeter have newest kit of Bear, not ?
  4. Horrray ! I need one ! And Tirpitz killer with Tallboy super bomb please too
  5. OMG a selector/pump or what it is a apperature, may be in November "Spitfire Story - Tally Ho !" a Mk. II dual combo... So, later write to Eduard, and i´m sure he send it a new part... So...where is problem ?
  6. Woow ! Czechoslovak 68th squadron ! SUPERB !
  7. This is Spitfire Mk. I "late". In "the Few" you have fuselage & wing and small parts for "early" (without armor) configuration, here not.
  8. I wonder if Zvezda released a full range of Il-2 - straight wing, swept wing, full metal, wood/metal... Twin seater w. straight wing released a Eduard only a many years back as L.E. (from Accurate miniatures plastic), Accurate isn´t bad, but have few errors (naturally - look as Sturmovik), Tamiya is very nice, but when i remember, it is a final production batch aircraft and is very expensive... Zvezda have goog pricing, so i hope in many variants - a NS 37 (BFG under wings :)))), torpedo etc... it is a same case as T-34 in AFV... And have engine and open bomb bays in wing ! (i don´t understan
  9. Yup, this is nice, very colourful, but this is a "anniversary" scheme a same case as Tiger meet. But IMHO for many modellers are most attractive in combat used aircraft, before "(air)show aircraft". Or some times a squadron - for me it is a Jolly Rogers (for example). And naturally - Japanese F-4EJ never used in combat, so for me is more attractive a combat machine, with kills. And i know a japanese company, must make a "japanese" box, but why in two different boxes ? So, one with japanese and one with non-japanese camos were more logical. Sometimes is relax when you can build a kit straig
  10. Sniff, i can WnW super tool Lanc I hope in quarter scale Lanc from HK, but still nothing
  11. In 33Ł was a little expensive... Academy have very similar config (gun bays, and have an engine and trolley), Hasegawa have crispies details and in last Eduard L.E. nice decals, P.E. and resin. I know, this is a another version, but price tag around 25Ł was better... So, i see. Sabre is one of my beloved aircraft...
  12. I desperately need a new tool 1/32 aircraft from Tamiya. When WnW was dead, Tamiya is last high class company in big scale bussines... In quarter scale makes in last years many types, but in 1/32 - nothing new (Korean War Pony i don´t count, this is a few new parts... not new tool kit.) P-38 will be best...
  13. The kit looks very good on first sight... But - it is a inatractive japanese, never in combat used version. I know a domestic market, but why in two boxes ? Vietnam Aces or Israeli Phantoms were most attractive subject... But Japanese EJ ? Phantom is an US origin, because he NEED a US version & decals in box... Or Turkish big shark mouth Phantom´s looks too damm good ! (But Phantom II is "cursed" type - he have many plastic incarnation, but very often with non-combat AF... (Revell F-4F, now FM F-4EJ etc...). Vietnam War and Mid East wars markings and version are still ignored (not only IAF
  14. Hmm, twin engined aircraft used in Pacific.... I´m sceptic now for new 1/32 from Big T, but it is nice, when release new tool big scale aircraft kit.
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