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  1. Huh i have mine, but i surprised and in quarterscale it is a huge model how compact Lancaster was... it's long and sleak... it is my impression or fuselage of Wimpy was taller ?
  2. I hope many years in new "Snake from Nam". Unfortunatelly it a 1/32 not 1/35 (I don't understand why.). It is a big difference beyond 1/35 and 1/32 ? I prefer a AFV scale and Snake is last type what isn't availiable to Nam collection - or AH-1... (Amt Whisky Cobra & Academy Viper). And Huey Cobra especially is green? elegant and deadly as real King Cobra - for me still lookin' Attack Helo ever... yup, modern twin engines are too nice but Huey is still most beautiful. Btw exist AH-1 with pin up girl ?
  3. So, when is Boeing complet bad, i build only "G" , never bought an "Memphis Belle" and investment funds to Lancaster. But it very sad a B-17 isn' t good. In my eyes looks as "Boeing". I was very sceptic an accurate 1/48 Fortress was released on our lifetime :/
  4. I don´t undestand this "nick picking" and "scepticism" over every new kit. Monogram B-17 is obsolete, vintage kit. I bought a HKM B-17 and it is a Fortress. Look it is as fortress, now you have many AM sets.... and you can build an B-17 in modern style... Lancaster is the same case. A nice kit, for reasoneable price tag, with full rivets and nice detailing. A 40 years NOBODY can make 1/48 Heavies or "Viermotorige". For me don´t exist a B-24, B-26, B-17 or Lancaster because i can´t build a kit older as me ! Lancaster in render looks as Lancaster, i pray for Modeling Gods for quarter scale Lanc from "Fix" but - not... B-17 from Tamiya was rumored a twenty years ago, but where is ? I understand a few people was a fanatics on this type and must have an absolute accurate kit... But nobody make it. "Viermotorige" moulds are expensive in quarter scale and nobody can make it. I wait for WnW gorgeous lancaster, as my last kit for Farewell in scale modeling - but where is WNW ? So, i can´t wait for hypotetics Fortress by Tamiya (they not make a P-38J or Me-262B !!!! )or lookin for obsolete and expensive their Lancaster. We live in strange times, with strange Pandemics, and isn´t time a wait.... Viermotorige can´t producers make, because every bought one and this is all. Producers make most favourite Mustang or Spit or Butcher Bird or Mess, because they sold many times with many variants and L.E.. Medium bombers make systematicaly one company (ICM) but not Heavy bombers.... Medium bombers are better choice for model companies... And when we are realistics, we must say a many traditional companies live from history.... re-released old kits, from new moneys.... Revell, Italeri, Heller.... few new kits and re-boxes of re-boxes.... Airfix run in small scale, Tamiya make a one -two new aircraft in year.... and Hasegawa in last times nothing :( Only who makes a real new kits from real new tool are Asian and post-communistics Europe companies.... (Czech, Ukraine, Russian (Zvezda). But "Viermotorige" make a HK only :( And when you can build a 1/48 you can´t bought a 1/72 or 1/32. (1/32 Heavies are for Lords in Manors...but are Lords scale modellers ?). (
  5. This is the same boxart as prehistoric Kagnam re-box... New tooling will be nice, but when they released a really new tool, when used old boxart ? I hope in new tool 1/35 AH-64 ideal an Apache Guardian, but when their really released a new tool...this is a question Kagnam in current re-box is strange choice...Toy like kit
  6. Huh, i wait for Eduard or Special Hobby small scale Tempest. I think, when downscaled their 1/48 or 1/32 kit, have nicest surface details as Airfix. But 1/24 Tempest will be nice side by side Tiffy.
  7. Hmm, i can build this aircraft because their call sign is my monogram :o) And have on nose gorgeous Gunfighter Lady with two big Colts. And czech weapon producer Česká Zbrojovka this month bought a famous Colt Company. Pistol Packin Pamela hear most sexy as "Mama". Because - Pamela Anderson, not :o) (Who don´t have their poster over bed isn´t a teenager in mid ´90 :) ) But as say "Swan from Avon" Plans are - Plans only.... I haven´t a decals and i haven´t a kit :D I have only - Plans....
  8. How is main difference between Mk. I and Mk. III ? I think a visual difference ? Mk. III have more bulged nose bubble ? I can build Pistol Packin Mama AR-P (ME326)... I know a Mk. III have any type of Merlins, but often was Mk. I and Mk. III in one box... And who know why HK released Mk. III ?
  9. Price tag is the same as their Boeing.... I many years wait for quarter scala Lanc from Airfix, but Airfix probably can´t our moneys.... Their smale scale Lanc are best... But. thank you for HK....
  10. At Last ! Thank you a scale modeling gods or elves !!!! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10761488 And price is - simple - nice :o)
  11. Huh, i now look a price (convert from GBT to CZK) and - it is a with few crowns a 3000 CZK. This is a incredible - and i hope a price is a mistake. 1/32 Phantom II from Tamiya cost 3299CZK (approx 115GBP). and Tomcat is near 2000CZK. I really don´t know a quarter scale Phantom from Tamiya goes on shelf of this totaly out price tag... it is still a quater scale and in this case you can have a 3x F-4 from Academy... And i don´t know a Tamiya offer was 3x better as Aca, especially Academy have often Cartograf and Tamiya their signature "fat decals". So it a great - 100GBP for kit, 20GBP for AM decals...Yup, yup. The price tak must be mistake - or Tamiya can test a loyality of customers ? I´m Tamiya fan a near 25 years, but 100GBP/3000CZK is CRAZY !
  12. Oh no, another short nose - canon lose - Phantom... I long awaited a "E" from Academy, but what they released - "E" in 1/32. So only choice is still "XO" Hasegawa or expensive Zoukei-Mura... Tamiya is Tamiya, but i think a twice higher price as Academy is twice better kit (and i have short nosed Phantoms in gorgeous Good Morning, Da Nang from Eduard with lot of resin and big decal sheet...) I don´t understand a ignored of "E" version - widely used, still in active service, many attractive camos, with lot of kill markings, shark mouths etc... Israeli desert camo, Turkish "Megalodon" mouth, and many "meets and anni" camos from Japan and Germany... But Tamiya isn´t too cheap, 100GBP is...hmmm, very much for quarter scale Phantom... And "J" P-38 still not.... Strange choice... Yup, Phantom is very popular, but only missile armed "B" is real attractive as "E" ? I don´t sure with it :( And with Tamiya strange politic, i can´t awaited a "E".... when they don´t release "J" P-38, why they released a "E" in quarter scale :( ? Not funny :( Very sad.
  13. Thank you very much Polish Friends for decals and box art of most sucessful Czechoslovakian fighter Ace - the famous Night Hawk Karel "Kut" Kuttelwascher and his legendary "Night Reaper" fighter ! I can´t look for AM decals :D :P ! Will be choice between full black or combined (green-gray on top and black on belly ? His aircraft is still a little mystery.... And in Mk. I (you probably planned it too, no ?) will be Czechoslovakian Pilots or you can co-op with Eduard ? I read a in 2021 may be a limited edition with your parts for CZ AF in RAF, but this is a small scale, quarter scale will be better :o) But Mk. IIC is gorgeous, i can´t look for old Hawa...
  14. When you have a biggest scale kit, (1/48) a surface without rivets looks strange. When i compared a new Spitfire Mk. I with any kit of this type Eduard surface looks most detailed - and rivets are under surface and over surface. Yup, in small scale Emil are holes. But in 1/32 Tamiya WW II are holes too. And when you have a really big piece of aircraft - as WW II bombers are good in small scale. Yes, you must make it ideal an artistic patine of surface, but when you make it good, result is gorgeous and model looks more plastic. (For example - graphic in video game is simple a virtual space, surface, avatar and stuffs creation, but PC graphic and artist renders and coloured hyper - realistic.) Surface details on model kits a are details in real 3D model, not only virtual 3D render. And still looks surface with all details better as without. But i know a Czech Republic is the same case as South Korea in video games. (In Britain it is more "hobbyist" in Czech more "artistic and competition" style and this is a difference. (In new gaming consone and hi-tech PC HW is discussed now a HDR, raytracing etc.. and when you make a patine on surface a kit a you creation a picture on real surface.) Our brain and sight make an non exist surface details... And modeling style are hobbyist (old time scale modeling) and artistic (modern style of scale modeling). And kits with rivets are most suibtable for artistic style.
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