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  1. Hi, i look for a 1/350 Iowa class Battleship - simple a USS Missouri. Tamiya and Monogram (now re-boxed by Revell) are old kits, after modernisation in ´80. I can a WW II - but only one kit is from Very Fire (and Trumpeter in "Wiking scale" 1/200). I never heard about Very Fire and don´t know how accurate and moulding quality is. Is their Missouri good kit ? I´ am a weekend builder and can nice "Old Miss" out of the box. Another variant is a Trumpeter 1/200, but IMHO is a too big - and we know Trumpy/HB how have problem with accuracy... It´s Very Fire Missouri good kit ?
  2. Huh ? All problems are in this short piece of hump ? This can be simple corrected a resin AM parts, no ? It is a little shame, super bug was prepared three years, and can be released without bugs.... but first impressions over open box are (for me)good. Relative small parts count, when isn't here a build issues (who know) - and you can build a really HUGE Supersonic in few days... New plastic looks good and isn' t here surface issues as in revell classic white material Made in Poland...
  3. AlCZ

    Duke of Edinburgh ship ?

    I look for relative cheap plastic kit, ships are beautiful, but expensive and hard to built(many p.e. wooden decks etc..), when you can a good looking kit... A few years ago i can built a whole WW 2 Japanese fleet, (Japanese ships are beautiful)but when i saw a price tag i forgot it on 1 minute...
  4. Pin up and colorful anti-camos where for me a reason why i was collected USAAF. Luftwaffe is for me a "cemetry art" - too many crosses and dark tones, R.A.F. i like, but was a little boring-only US is great. But very complicated for their NMF... But - gorgeous. Simple gorgeous. And when you have for your personal bible a great american pin up & gil elvgren complet pin up, when you love A.Vargas and your Girlfriend call "My dear Pin up Lady" - you must be a little shocked...It is a little piece of absurdity... And when you look in last USAAF kits - nosearts with Girls isn't presented on boxarts and in decals too Animals and signs are tolerated, but pin ups not. (And you must looking for AM decals... ). I'm little frustrated from this.
  5. It was a english text sticker, in kit from czech distribution. I maybe bought it as curiosity. (No kidding - a pin up camos are really nice - but i two months back sold all 1/72 kits...) I think it is for US market warning.... But it is - strange
  6. Today i saw in my favourit model shop a special/limited of Airfix 1/72 B-17. On box is round sticker and on box are added two NMF B-17. With - pin ups. One is a classic Vargas girl, in light nightdress and second is here a full naked - or with blue panties. Both pin up nose arts are VERY GOOD printed, very very detailed... For me is a B-17 a symbol of USAAF and American life style... Don´t forget - Esquire, Playboy or Penthouse coming from U.S.A.. (Yes, i know, in WW 2 exist a Esquire only - and here was a pin up girls.) American warplane from this time must be - BIG, SHINY and with BIG Pin Up, especialy when it is a bomber. Many airman in WW II was very young, why don´t speak - a "Virgin Mochitos" and they flying, fight, kill and die on Sky over Europe. Many never have a Girlfriend, many have Wife and Baby... They flying with Big Shiny Bombers over Germany or Japan - With Big naked pin up girls painting with full frontal nudity - topless, with bare buttocks - and Very Sexy. When i was a boy, and i live in post - communist era Czechoslovakia a symbol of USA in WW2 for me was a Memphis Belle Bomber, from famous 1991 movie. On one side with a Ginger telephoned with her lover, on other side a really BIG blondie with big - breasts... (t.t.es, b..b.s). And today - i saw on this new L.E. B-17 - a small sticker, with B/W photo and text - This camo isn´t suibtable for person under 21 years !!! YES !!! TWENTY ONE !!! I read this for second, third... - no this isn´t a dream - really !!! I know, when you under 21, you can´t drinking.... in US... But - you now you can´t - in our internet - youtuber - rap and i-net celebrity - who often build it´s glory on big breast a big buttocks - build a 70 years old bomber, flying in WW 2 post-teen Airmens.... I´am shocked ! In my country on end (before fall of Communism) was on three MiGs and one Frogfoot attack Airfplane pain (for very short time) a WW 2 style pin ups.... In MiG´s Topless, one too in negliché, and Anča (Annie) on Su-25 (Never flew with this Nose arts) have big bare butt - in this time, when regime colapsed it was a symbol of rebelion, agains puristic regime, who censored nudity... And now, in 21 century, in England, was really pin up (1cm long) not suibtable for 21 old persons ? YOU KIDDING AIRFIX ?! In 21 years have many people first Kid ! Are in half time of University (2-3 year), and in WW 2 was many of this guys who flew pin ups decorated bombers and fighters - DEAD !!!! In past time i read a memory of one british Lancaster pilot - I was 18, i can flying with twin engined monster in night over Germany and kill peoples -and naturally - be killed - but i can´t drink and drive car ! What is bad on nice young - and naked - girl ? Especially when is she only painted on Airplane - on - after 75year later - printed in decal sheet ? Two years Playboy banned nudity on it´s magazine -and now are nudity back - because Playboy without nudity isn´t playboy and topless or naked girl isn´t porno... AIRFIX - Please - removed a text from box of L.E. B-17... it is a SHAME ! BIG SHAME !!!! Be normal !
  7. AlCZ

    Duke of Edinburgh ship ?

    Hmm, this ships don't exist as injection plastic kit. I hope in Trumpeter/Hobby Boss. Thank you.
  8. AlCZ

    Duke of Edinburgh ship ?

    Hi, i looking for kit of ship which was under command of H.R.H. Prince Philip in WW 2. I think he was a captain on Destroyer, no ?
  9. AlCZ

    72nd scale Tamiya Bf-109 g6 ?

    It is Tamiya - one box with main version - and finish ! When You need a more version & subversion, you must wait few years to Eduard offer. Tamiya have their style and i don't think he release a surprise. But this looks and shake and bake build - few parts with excellent quality of mould...and only problem was a german camo with dots. Thumbs up !
  10. AlCZ

    Airfix for 2019

    Why arrogant ? Old kits are old kits. And when it is a vintage kit, it' s little a example of arrogance still re-released new kit. Eduard is more small company as Airfix and is younger - after two decades make a Tempest in quarter scale a five years back make limited re-release and today he make complet new tool Tempest with state of art surface details. Or Tamiya new tool BoB Spitfire. They have nice & shake n' bake Mk.I but make complet new tool what is much more shake n' bake with many clever (landings gear)construction solution. Tamiya and Eduard leads the way, and Airfix desperate need money and re-release realy very old kits from deep of Cold war era. Especialy when new tool Black Widow can be a realy bestseller. Yup, make it a HobbyBoss, but Airfix have best name... New MiG-23, Vulcan, Hs-123... When airfix was reborn, and make new, cheap and relative accurate kits for few bucks, and i bought all new kits... - many 2x, Mustang 7x... Old kit i never bought... I think - when you need a money, you can sold a new, high quality kits...not real museal tools
  11. AlCZ

    Airfix for 2019

    I know a Airfix have a huge cultural impact in UK. I'am Britophile. But re-release of ancient kits i hate. This is big problem and Airfix isn't one who make this... When a have an "attack of nostalgy" i don' t bought the same kit when I build as Kid, but the same type with the same camo... But many people ( a laic Public)bought kits from the "traditional company" - and sometimes the SAME kit. Yup, a two decades old kits (Tamiya, Revell, Accurate)etc. this isn' t problem. But 40-60 years moulds ? Yup, sometimes it is a only choice (WW2 allied Heavy bombers,) but when You can leads childern to scale modeling, this is a bad choice... Nostalgia is good, but not in scale modeling...
  12. AlCZ

    Airfix for 2019

    HK & WnW released 1/32 Lancaster for hundred €£$. It is a not only large or huge piece of kit, it is a gigantic kit, with wingspan overall 1m. The same example Handley Page O/400 bomber is. When we have now a 1/32 Heavy bombers, why in "royal size" must bought a 30-40 years, maybe 50 years old kits ? Su-34 "Fullback" isn' t a small aircraft and now was released a two companies (kittyhawk/hobbyboss), the same reason is US C-HET truck n' trailer (meng/hobbyboss), Yak 130 etc... H-B released a 1/32 B-24 (unfortunatelly with fatal wing root flaw)... IMHO - Airfix didn' t release a many peoples awaited 1/32 Hellcat, he must make it in car scale... i have both Tiffys in stash, i don' know why i build it. Hellcat is my favorite naval fighter, i probably bought it, but is is a huge, atypic scale (for aircraft). And Airfix make it. But most important and iconic british and US bomber in quarter scale weren't released... in 1/32 isn' t problem and in compact scale is ? I don' t understand why is 1/48 WW2 Heavies ignored... a twenty years ago go rumor a Tamiya may released a new 1/48 Boeing. We have 2019 and new tool 1/48 B-17 still never released. We have a expensive B-17 from Hk, ugly B-24 from H-B (this is a really shame, make this parody on most numerous heavy bomber,) and too expensive and gigantic Lanc. But quarter scale not... Many people bought 1/32 "Viermotorige" and 1/48 not ? Strange decision...
  13. AlCZ

    Airfix for 2019

    Hurricane Mk.IIC is important version. Yes, make it Hawa & Italeri, but Hawa is no longer available and Fix BoB Hurri is much better as Italeri offer. But - when it don' t make Fix make it cannon Hurri (or Hurribomber and other variant) our little Ed.... In future... Long nose Blenheim is one of important bomber of first phase of WW2. And in small scale Airfix long nosed Blenheim have... And yes, i wait for quarter scale "Rider on the Sky" - aka Wellington. Their 1/72 is very nice. Ancient (in Czech language we say "old murder")P-61 is too niiice. Big ugly "Spider" in new tool be a most better choice... And He-219... Victor exist before releasing of new Fix too (from Matcbox). Airfix Vulcan is 40 years old kit... and new be better... Re-box of Academy AFV.... yes, in UK is Airfix a Toyshop suppler, but from adults modeler - who can bought a Academy AfV- then have it. Nothing interess. But i understand - this is for Kids...and Toyshops... Abrams, Hetzer, Škoda Lt-35, T-34 family and Panzer IV are excellent kits. And now prepare Academy Late production "Garfield"- i curious ! Tiger I, Königstiger and M-10 are better choice from another companies... (Tiger I from DML, maybe now HobbyBoss, King from Meng and Takom and Wolverine from Tamiya...) AIRFIX is British company - so curious i waiting from him a BRITISH types... 1/48 Lancaster & Halifax & Boeing & Liberator. And Superfortress/Washington/Bull ! 1/72&1/48. 1/48 new tool Lanc (minimal) must be a Gold Mine ! In 1/72 we have fron last Decade three new tool kits - expect Airfix, in 1/32 - TWO (Uggh)and in 1/48 venerable Tamiya only...
  14. AlCZ

    Airfix for 2019

    Total disappointement... Still: No Hurricane Mk.IIC 1/48, still no long nose Blenheim, still absence of New tool Vulcan. MiG-17 - niice, but only 1 variant Quarter scale Tiger Moth - very good - but that is really all ?! I hope in another quarter scale RAF bomber...and nothing ! Hornby don't need a £ ? I probably buy a one Tiger Moth and car scale Hellcat, maybe Griffon powered Spit...
  15. Hmm. I wait a 20years to new tool 1/48 U-2... and now new quarterscale was bad